Prince Michael of Kent – another Royal mess

The Queen’s first cousin Prince Michael of Kent has been accused by a Sunday Times/Channel 4 Dispatches investigation of peddling his royal connection for access to Putin.  It sounds an extraordinary tie-up but Prince Michael is a fluent Russian speaker and is related on both sides of his family to the last Tsar, Nicholas 11, assassinated in 1917 by the Bolsheviks, to whom he bears a strong resemblance. The prince is one of a small number of Britons awarded the Kremlin’s highest honours, the Order of Friendship, for his work on Anglo-Russian relations. Others include George Blake, the British double agent.

   He does not receive taxpayer-funded income from the sovereign grant, though the Queen personally pays his substantial rent at Kensington Palace and he retains his honorary military titles. His lifestyle is financed by acting as a consultant for business clients and his personal company, Cantium Services, has made more than £2.2 million, over the past five years without paying corporation tax because it has been operating at a loss.

 His father, Prince George, Duke of Kent, who was killed in a plane crash weeks after his birth, had a louche reputation with tales of multiple affairs and a cocaine and morphine addiction.

  Prince Michael, 4 July 1942 7.35pm Iver, England, has a secretive, deeply buried Sun Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th square an Aries Moon in his IC – so he is strongly linked to his family forbears and their largesse. His Moon is also trine a tricky, can-be-ruthless Mars Pluto in Leo which may have given him an inclination to mix with powerful and less savoury characters. His social butterfly Venus in Gemini is conjunct Saturn Uranus on his Descendant making for changeable close relationships.

  Relocating his chart to Moscow puts his Sun Jupiter in his 7th for a sociable connection and wilful Mars Pluto in the secretive, financial 8th.

   His relationships with the senior Royals – Prince Charles, Prince William and the Queen – are under stress this year into early 2022. The Queen is fond of him but will not be pleased at yet another Royal sleaze scandal landing on her doorstep.

  Prince Michael’s Mars in Leo is being buffeted around this year by tr Uranus square and tr Saturn in opposition for major setbacks and high insecurity; tr Neptune is in an undermining square to his Solar Arc Midheaven and his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Neptune for much the same slump effect. Plus his Descendant and Gemini planets are being rattled by the Eclipses late this month and in June.

  His haughty wife, Princess Michael, 15 January 1945, Sydney, AU, isn’t looking too chipper either with tr Pluto conjunct her Capricorn Sun till this December and tr Neptune eroding her steely Solar Arc Mars opposition Saturn. Her relationship to her husband looks less than rapturous through this year with aggravations from this August onwards for a few months. The consequences may well impact on their lifestyle in ways she finds irksome.

Pic: Allen Warren

3 thoughts on “Prince Michael of Kent – another Royal mess

  1. I have no idea who this fellow is, but sheesh!!!…. he sure seems to have created a cushy life. Wish I had a royal lineage and a benefactor Queen to pay for MY rent!! Honestly.. what does he actually DO?

    I’ve started watching Boardwalk Empire.. a 5 season take on Atlantic City, Prohibition and the burgeoning illegal mafia type organizations. As I dive into some of my own research into these folks… Al Capone, etc….. I am made aware of how much of our world operates here. Whether it was during Prohibition, or now, in Syria and Lebanon with drug cartels, or even with the obscene wealth gained by Bezos or Zuckerberg… there is this whole other world that is operating with impunity and is destroying lives, culture.. even social democracy.

    In the first season of Deadwood, all these opportunistic lawless people come to Deadwood.. the last town of the Wild West. They open saloons and run drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc. Nothing new. In the second season, the second wave arrives, wanting to claim their piece of this pie. Suddenly.. the FIRST key people think, “hey.. we have to create a government and give ourselves all these important positions of Mayor, Police Chief, etc… so that WE are the ones in charge and hold onto our power!”

    So there we have it… now the government is BASED not on democracy and representation for the people, but on power and back room deals that the few can profit from.

    Sorry if I went on, but this article by Marjorie has triggered me. Along with this tv series of the rise of mafia style families during Prohibition. I guess the continued gift of Pluto in Capricorn (governance, integrity) is that this rot gets revealed?

    And the rest of us just try to make it by carving out a life with love and meaning and, hopefully, some simple security.
    No wonder people voted for Trump or for Johnson…. either you received even more support from government to increase your wealth obscenely…. or you are just Done and it’s a flip of the finger.

    I am overall an optimistic, joyful person!!
    However…. wow… this is a very difficult time…. all this crap underneath us all!

    I certainly cling to astrology… and thanks Marjorie.. to the balm of your writing…
    to try to stay in my centre.

    and thanks also to ALL of you for your comments and sharing.

  2. marjorrie,

    Good morning, Happy Mother’s day !!!!

    would you be kind enough to look into Mr. Trump again; the Bigggest scammer known to me atleast , seems to have Regained the complete control of Republican party
    do you think he will never face any consequences of all ILL that he has put the entire country thro’
    and if his stars going to get him when???
    thanks as always,

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