Labour – sent back to the drawing board for a rethink ++

Labour are licking their wounds after a humiliating defeat at Hartlepool and losing control of seven councils to the Tories, who gained 12, though Labour candidates did retain two major Mayoralties in London and Greater Manchester.

  Capricorn Research tracked back on Labour’s history and indicated the 27 February 1900 chart was the most accurate.  It certainly showed up the defeat to Maggie Thatcher in 1979 with tr Saturn opposition the Sun; and the 2020 Brown defeat with tr Neptune conjunct the Mars; and the 1997 win for Tony Blair as Solar Arc Jupiter squared the Pluto. But the 12 February 1906 chart has also has its indicators – tr Neptune opposition the Pluto when Maggie won; and tr Pluto square the Mars when Brown lost. Though not much when Blair won. So the 1900 definitely produces more information though the 1906 isn’t completely useless with tr Neptune square the Pluto for this year’s slump.

  The 1900 LP chart is rattled by the Eclipses hitting on its Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius opposition Pluto – and Neptune – in Gemini – so a slipping and slithering year with setbacks in 2022 from tr Saturn conjunct the Mars and then in 2023 conjunct the Sun and square Pluto Jupiter Uranus – none of which looks upbeat.

  It will benefit from tr Pluto moving into Aquarius though not instantly and really won’t get its mojo back until 2028 on this reckoning as tr Pluto is sextile the Jupiter and Solar Arc Jupiter is sextile the Pluto.

  Keir Starmer’s leadership chart, 4 April 2020 10.45am London, always did look disastrous with an 8th house Saturn Mars square Uranus which will move to exact in an explosive phase in late 2022.  Before then it does look more upbeat mid this August to late November, but overall it has the feel of a dead-end so he may not last the race at the helm.

  Starmer’s personal chart, 2 September 1962, is very tied together with a healing Water Grand Trine of Jupiter trine Neptune trine Mars, formed into a talented Kite by Jupiter opposition Sun Pluto Uranus in Virgo. He’s undoubtedly got ability and does have a ‘leadership’ North Node in Leo but may just be in the wrong job.  His Neptune is on the focal point of a T Square to Saturn opposition his Node so he will be idealistic but will possibly lack the ambitious killer-edge needed for politics. And he has a tricky Yod of Mars sextile Pluto inconjunct Saturn which will throw major stumbling blocks in his way through life though it isn’t highlighted at the moment.

  He’s floundering around this year into 2022, is discouraged late 2022; and hits a wall in the middle of the decade.  

Add On: There aren’t the same stresses on the Labour Party 1900 chart that there were running into the split from the Gang of Four which led to the creation of the Social Democrat Party in 1981. At that point tr Uranus was opposition the Solar Arc Sun and square the LP Mars for an almighty disruption. Plus tr Neptune was undermining the LP Mercury square Neptune.

  At the moment tr Neptune is quarter of a cycle further on and again muddying the waters as it is conjunct the LP Mercury and square the Neptune next year. Tr Saturn will conjunct the Mars in 2022 and tr Uranus will square the Mars in 2025 – all of which will cause unrest though nothing that suggests another breakaway party.   

18 thoughts on “Labour – sent back to the drawing board for a rethink ++

  1. I don’t know about the first flight to Magaluf, but it was pretty stupid of Keir Starmer to try and force a remainer on them. Listening to the electorate and their wants and needs is probably better than always trying to appease your membership. Up here in the Northeast old school Labour would be more popular than today’s wokedom. I don’t actually support Boris, but I don’t think anybody else in any party has much to offer either. If the working class feel that the tories offer more than any left-wing party, then it should be a wake-up call!

    • I have no idea what Labour offer under Starmer. Not a clue.

      If I don’t know, I guarantee the average Daily Mail / Sun reader or whatever the working class voters read have no idea.

      I don’t see how *anyone* can vote for a party which hasn’t said what they intend to do. And that’s essentially what happened at these recent elections.

      Starmer’s reshuffling of the shadow cabinet seems classic example of a Virgo missing the bigger picture and being more interested in the cleaning up and fixing of Labour.

  2. Nice thought Sarah but David Milliband seems to be doing quite well where he is at the moment. I do wonder about Angela Rayner, though, who has a lot of support in the party following Starmer’s ill advised moves against her. In view of her alleged ambition to lead Labour it would be interesting to know whether her chart indicates that this could be a possibility in the future.

  3. Thanks Jane, yes I agree on things changing. I am convinced that Uranus in Taurus, in the meantime, is finally bringing environmental issues to the fore. (Or would like to think so)

    • Yes I would like to think so too. Your comment prompted me to have a quick look at environmentalist movements and a bit of history. 1895 is an interesting year – National Trust founded, a big clean up of sewage in the River Thames, and a paper on the influence of carbon dioxide on atmospheric warming (!) by Svante Arrhenius in Stockholm. In January 1895 Uranus and Saturn were in Scorpio, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter in Gemini – air and water.

      I’m wondering about patterns. The National Conservation Commission in the US was founded on 8th June, 1908 – Pluto still in Gemini, Sun Gemini. Uranus was then in Capricorn, opposing Neptune, Venus, Mars and Mercury and NN in Cancer.

      For Uranus in Taurus, with Neptune in Pisces as we have now, there’s Thoreau’s “In Wildness is the preservation of the World”, 1851. Saturn and Pluto also entered Taurus that year.

      It’s quite dispiriting to see such a long history. But we can always hope, and do whatever we can as individuals.

  4. Pluto can represent extremes of power and domination v. powerlessness or manipulation. Now that Sun/ Pluto Starmer, who in his quest of asserting his dominance over the party, has been captured by Peter Mandelson (he probably sees Starmer as a transitional leader), could the ‘heir-to-Blair’ David Miliband return to UK politics…? Just food for thought as it does seem extremely unlikely.

  5. Linda, You are obviously a supporter of Boris and co, from previous posts, Do you agree with one corner of opinion that it was mostly the nationalistic right wing Brexiteers who got the conservatives across the finishing line first, The very people who voted us out of Europe while waving their Union Jacks at the airport waiting for the first flght to Magaluf

  6. Marjorie,
    Starmer has Saturn on the focal point of a yod, inconjuct Sun Pluto sextile Mars. You haven’t considered that.

  7. Whatever side of the political divide you support, it ill behoves any mp or prospective mp to blame the electorate for not voting them in. Labour has a lot to learn.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. With the bad aspects for the Tory Party as well perhaps the country might be battling with some other, as yet unimagined event, in the next few years? Can’t accept all of what you said Ancient Mariner. I too value the truth and your right to make your views known. However the damage to the public finances was due to a worldwide fianancial crisis in 2008. The incoming Tory led coalition used austerity as an excuse for savage ideological spending cuts to public spending when a policy of public investment,in my opinion, would have gradually reduced the deficit (which with the pandemic) is now sky high under the Tories). It is arguable that the extremely high number of COVID deaths in this country could have been alleviated if there had been more ‘unnecessary’ spending on up to date protective equipment, NHS bed availability and the like in the years running up to the pandemic. I agree that some of Brown’s fianancial policies were not good but there are now a number of economists who would say that the long austerity period launched by the Tories was damaging, especially now that the goal of eliminating the budget deficit has been abandoned, although money now appears to be being splashed around like water.

  9. Thanks Marjorie. Depressing indeed.
    Is there any way astrologically of looking into the possibility of a progressive alliance between Labour/LibDem/Green in England? It’s the only way forward for the country now I think, although the damage from over a decade of Tory rule will take years to repair.

    • What about the damage the last Labour government did? Robbed the private sector pension system to fund unnecessary spending. Used the Private Finance Initiative to hid the vast amounts of money that Brown was spending, which he knew he not get away in any other way, and left the incoming Tory Party with no alternative but to institute a restrictive financial policy in order to repair the damage done to the public finances.

      I do not have any particular political views nor support any political party, but I do value the truth.

    • I agree, LisaV, that this seems a viable possibility. When Neptune enters Aries, Pluto is in Aquarius, and Uranus in Gemini, the collective ‘atmosphere’ will surely shift again. What’s less certain is how those changes might manifest. Things are changing quite radically globally in terms of work, trade, technology and migration – and so on. The old political structures must also change to reflect reality.

      For instance, George Bush has recently said that the old Republican Party is in danger of going extinct, owing to “Trumpism”, conspiracy theories, and so on. Political parties that embrace conspiracy theories and populism have appeared in Bulgaria and Romania recently. The old European left wing parties in France and the Netherlands, for example, are challenged to reinvent or reinvigorate themselves. And so on. Some of this reflects Pluto in Capricorn. Some of it, I suspect, is about Neptune in Pisces. Neptune had just entered Pisces in 1848 – the ‘year of revolutions’ in Europe, and the year the Communist Manifesto was first published.

      At the moment it’s impossible to see the wood for the trees. I very much hope something fresh and co-operative emerges eventually.

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