Joe Biden – can he grasp his King Lear moment? ++Biden aides in turmoil

  The media are in no doubt that Joe Biden needs to throw in the towel and retire from the presidential race. The FT called the debate “a sad spectacle for America, and for the world.” Polling has suggested a generic Democratic opponent would be better placed to win than Biden. But the indications to date from the Biden camp don’t suggest a willingness to do the statesmanlike thing. “Behind the scenes is a team whose arrogance, stubbornness and lethargy have walked America into a crisis.”

  Biden’s Term chart, 20 January 2021, has survived the disruptive Solar Arcs of Saturn square Mars Uranus which looked ominous in prospect; but has a morale-dampening Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Jupiter exactly now, as questions loom large about his competency. Plus tr Pluto is heading to conjunct the Aquarius Sun from 17th July till early September as more challenges mount.

  Heat is being turned on Jill Biden as the one to get the message across but whether she is open to persuasion seems to be in doubt. Born 3 June 1951 8.50, Hammonton, NJ, she has a hard working 6th house Sun, Mars, Moon in Gemini with her Sun trine a 10th house Neptune and sextile an 8th house Pluto = super-ambitious.  Her 10 degree Libra Midheaven is exactly conjunct this October’s Libra Solar Eclipse for a crisis of direction.  She looks discouraged at the moment with her SA Saturn opposition her Moon. Tr Pluto is opposition her Moon/Saturn midpoint from July 17th till early September which will make her feel alone and having to struggle to make progress under her own steam. Tr Uranus will also square her Venus/Saturn midpoint July 9th to early August, and again through October, which is equally downbeat emotionally, hinting at relationship problems.

   She will get a boost from two Jupiter midpoints in September/October and another New Year to March 2025 – but whether that is relief at being out of the fray or a chance of winning??

 What is clear is that the grandees of the Democratic Party are on red alert over the next few weeks.  Barack Obama has tr Uranus square his Uranus and North Node at 25 and 27 degrees Leo. Bill Clinton has tr Uranus square his 26 degree Leo Sun; and Nancy Pelosi has tr Uranus conjunct her 26 degree Taurus Mars plus tr Pluto opposition her Pluto and square her Saturn. Maximum agitation and stress all round. Michelle Obama looks both relieved and pressured through July and September and less than jubilant across the election and result.

Kamala Harris, the VP, 20 October 1964, 9.28pm Oakland, California, has one Jupiter boost and nine less helpful midpoints causing upsets and discouragement between now and early 2025. Her Jupiter in Taurus could bring her some hope but since it is tied into a Neptune opposition it could pull on the other end and bring a setback.

 Trump’s Mars is also at 26 Leo so July will find him in fighting fettle as well.

 The Democrat Convention opens on 19 August on a Leo/Aquarius Full Moon with an exact square to Uranus at 27 degree Fixed signs so does hint at an all-systems-change moment.

  Of the two top possibilities for a Biden replacement, Gretchen Wilmer, 23 August 1971 8.50 pm looks most upbeat across the Democratic Convention in August with tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter till late September; with her Solar Arc Moon conjunct her Jupiter around election time which would be a plus point for public favourability. 

 Gavin Newsom, 10 October 1967 5.13 am San Francisco, does have tr Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven at the election; but that apart has the September Lunar Eclipse rattling up his Uranus, Pluto, Ascendant conjunction and the October Solar Eclipse opposition his Saturn – neither of which look too upbeat.

 Even more of a swamp than usual.  

  Two extra thoughts: The USA chart has the Solar Arc Saturn  conjunct the Mars at the moment and moving to exact exact over July/August which is an aggravated influence hinting at major setbacks and panics running over the next fifteen months as it moves to form a nerve-stretched, panicky square to the USA Neptune in 2025.

Joe Biden’s chart is staggeringly stubborn with Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio with Mars square Pluto and a Taurus Moon also square Pluto. The possibility of him letting go voluntarily is negligible. But August does see tr Uranus opposition his Sun which will make an effort to shift him onto a different track.

See previous post 2nd July 2023: Joe Biden – ignoring the shipwreck of age


Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.”

“Men must endure

Their going hence, even as their coming hither.

Ripeness is all.”

I am a very foolish, fond old man,

Fourscore and upward, not an hour more nor less;

And to deal plainly,

I fear I am not in my perfect mind.”

Add on:

  Biden’s closest advisers are also hanging onto the mainmast through a hurricane-force month ahead – 8th July to 7th August – as tr Uranus hits 26 degrees Leo. Mike Donilon, Ted Kaufman and Ron Klain are panicked at the moment and into July all three have major disruptions approaching.

Ron Klain, 8 August 1961, born four days after Barack Obama like him has tr Uranus square his Uranus now; tr Uranus square his Sun/Pluto midpoint and his Uranus/Node midpoint both suggesting major upheavals from July 7th into August – and tr Uranus square his North Node in August/September. He does have an upbeat tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter July 17th to early September which either indicates a ‘whew thank heavens that got settled’ and could see him throw his energy behind a replacement – or not.

 Ted Kaufman, 15 March 1939, has a panicked tr Uranus square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint at the moment; plus a considerable jolt now up to July 20th from tr Pluto square his Saturn/Uranus midpoint. And like Klain he has the turbulent tr Uranus in hard aspect to his Sun/Pluto midpoint from July 7th into August. With no birth time it is impossible to say whether his Mars is 26 or 27 Sagittarius, the latter if an evening birth – and if so is having a panicky-failure slide through October and on till February 2025. Though he does have a Jupiterian uplift  late December to mid March from his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

 Mike Donilon, 25 December 1958, has his Uranus/Pluto midpoint jangled at the moment for an applecart-upsetting few weeks, into July when he gets the tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Node midpoint pointing to upsets within his close community. September to early October he has tr Neptune square his Saturn making him highly uncertain and confused.

  US politicos freaking out.

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  1. Dear Marjorie,

    Great post as always and vibrant comment section!
    Sorry for the late comment. Could you also in your upcoming posts check Hillary Clinton’s stars and if they can favor her this time around ? Seems a Biden/Hillary or Hillary/Harris ticket is winning over Trump/Vance!!
    Even comments section were silent on this out-of-box combination!
    Thank you in advance for your time and guidance!


  2. The Democrats in Congress could abandon The Democrat Party and form a new party, with their own candidates. Abraham Lincoln did this, when he left the Republican Party. I cannot remember the reason why. But I do know that it was because you can’t have a coalition government in America. His new Party was made up of both Democrats and Republicans. Just a thought.

    • Lincoln was instrumental in forming the Republican party. It attracted anti-slavery Democrats and Whigs, Free Solers, abolitionists, nativists, etc. He was the first Republican president.

      Andrew Yang formed a new party after the Dem/Media machine determined that he and Tulsi Gabbard were not to be included–it is the Forward Party. Not left, not right forward. They endorse themselves, Dems, Independents and even a few Republicans. I liked Andrew and Tulsi.

      Dont you think it is weird that Pelosi keeps saying he has to make up his mind when he is clearly saying he already decided that he is running….many times!

  3. As a Democrat and as a Biden / Harris supporter, I’m not sure what the solution to all of this should be. Everything appears to be so uncertain at the moment.

    While I’m thankful that President Biden has done so much for us over the past 3 and a half years, I know he’s facing immense challenges right now: his age, perceptions about his health, Gaza, cost of living, etc.

    The news media has been relentless in their negative coverage of Joe Biden, wealthy donors (like Abigail Disney) are withdrawing their support for Biden, and some Democratic Congresspeople and Senators are urging Biden to step aside and release his pledged delegates.

    I have a lot of empathy for Biden because I imagine he feels betrayed and unappreciated. However, at the same time, I am worried that Biden setting himself up for a colossal disaster given the opposition he’s facing.

    I’ve noticed many African American Democratic voters are still solidly backing Joe Biden and many have expressed their concern with calls to replace him because many of the pundits have suggested Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and and editorial from The Daily Beast even suggested Al Franken (which is ridiculous). Hardly anyone has suggested Kamala Harris as a successor.

    Many data analysts, pollsters, etc. have warned the Democratic Party that replacing Biden (should he step down) with anyone other than Kamala Harris as the nominee would be political suicide. African American voters are the core base of the Democratic Party and Democrats cannot win without their support.

    Anyway, I don’t know what the answer is to all of this mess. I just hope my Democratic Party can get it together before the general election. The threat of fascism has become more imminent than ever.

    Donald Trump has certainly had a very lucky summer so far, that’s for sure.

    • You do know that The Secretary of State is considered equal to the Vice President if The President is unable to continue as President. It isn’t just a given that it has to be Kamala. And the only reason that the Secretary of State didn’t displace LBJ, was that he wasn’t born an Americsn citizen.

      • @Linda,

        Yes, I already knew this. However, still, it most definitely be Kamala Harris taking the Presidency if Biden stepped aside – because Democrats wouldn’t dare try and tick off African American women voters (the core base) by overstepping her.

        It would really behoove white people (especially white Democrats) to realize this fact.

        • And my response wasn’t intended to sound pointed or sparky. I’m just boggled by how our news media keeps drafting names of people they would like to see as Biden’s successor rather than actually speaking with voters (especially African American voters).

          Many African American voters I’ve spoken to in person have told me they do feel like they’re being taken for granted by our Democratic Party sometimes….so, this is another reason why I think bypassing Kamala Harris would only add more fuel to that fire.

          Many pundits claim Harris is unpopular with the electorate and some of them claim that even African American voters don’t like her. I’m not sure if I believe all of that.

          The Grio just released a poll from The Black Futures Lab where Kamala Harris had a 71% approval rating with African American voters…and her approval was higher than Biden’s with the Black Community.

          I know polls are not always accurate, but since it’s one of the few metrics we have to go by, this certainly debunks some of the anti-Harris narrative promulgated by mainstream news media.

          • Plus Chris… the only way the only way to hold on to the campaign koffers is for VP Kamala to become the nominee

      • Linda, in this case the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is not a politician but a diplomat by background. You don’t throw a non-politician without considerable experience running for office into a last-minute race for the highest office in the land. It just isn’t tenable in any way, especially in such a high-stakes race.

  4. emc1–How does it look for Kamala Harris over the election? Not sure, but I believe Marjorie said her prospects were good.

  5. My belief is that the Democrat who could win against Trump is Andy Beshear, who won the governship of Mitch McConnell’s state 2x. He is a bit young, but Trump would have a hard time picking him off. Putting in Gov. Whitmer as VP would be a better idea than having her head the ticket, as Trump already won some points putting her down. They would be awesome combination and their relative youth would serve them well in swing states. You don’t need a 3x billionaire like Pritzker or shallow pols like Newsom and Harris. Harris’ affair with an older, married man Willie Brown, which got her a start in politics, may be fine in California but not elsewhere.

    • Why, oh why, are the Dems so anxious to change horses during the race? It’s really late in the game to do that.

      • No choice. Pluto has a way of bringing whatever is hidden to the surface. And Joe Biden’s election time transits are not supportive of a win. Uranus opposing his Sun. Mars /Pluto opposition squaring his Moon… Compare that to Jupiter conjunct Trump’s Sun (Yes, Jupiter is in it’s detriment, retrograde etc.. but still..). I’d like put a different spin on all this but I’m beginning to face facts. The party either finds a candidate who can hold their own against Trump, or face the consequences.

        • The positive about replacing Biden would be Trump totally disabled against using age, poor cognition, etc. in the election. But, age could be used against Trump. That seems karmic, Pluto. I like Roy Cooper, he’s been a good governor in my state. He knows how to bridge the political divide and would be good moderate choice as VP for Harris. He got elected twice in a purple state.

      • Larry, I was hesitant too, but have changed my mind, especially after watching the Stephanopoulos interview last night. I don’t think Joe can win and the stakes of a Trump victory are too high for the nation, survival of US democracy and the balance of power in the world to indulge Joe in his desire to run again. He’s well past his peak.

        Several astrologers have said neither Biden nor Trump will be on the ballot. Marjorie too forecasts major fireworks at the Republican convention. Maybe a disqualifying Trump meltdown comparable to Joe’s? We’ll see in the next few weeks.

      • Biden said he waits for the god allmighty to come down to tell him. That can take a long time. What about the god Mercury? In Jill Biden’s chart there is a Mercury tr trine Jupiter (ruler first house) and a Mars tr conj Mercury (ruler 7th) and at the same time Jupiter tr Mars. All this weekend. Good luck, Jill, go for it!

  6. GD: was listening to an interview btwn Amanpour and Marine Le Pen. Le Pen spoke only French. Certainly her comfort zone. Amanpour focused on the former Front National and today’s National Rally parties, in terms of both being far right.

    Le Pen responded that the term far right applied to her is pejorative. She defined her National Rally party as being between central left and central right. Amanpour looked astonished and incredulous.


    Trump came up in the conversation as well.

    Well, maybe they are both between a rock and a hard spot, eh?

  7. Please explain the astrology behind the media collusion with the White House to cover up the years long decline of Joe Biden despite the abundant evidence that we have all seen. The exaggerated realization–oh no he is senile!–by the media was so ridiculous. I can somewhat understand the Machiavellian motivations of the White House cover-up but the media were supposed to our mechanism to keep the establishment as honest as possible…not collude because their politics deem him to be the lessor of two evils. That is not their role. If they want to be activists and lobbyists, come clean and identify as such. I am so disgusted.

    • Maybe something to do with huge donations from the arms lobby for meddling in Ukraine? It benefits the arms lobby in US to keep Biden and it is evident from Iraq war how powerful they are. Trump wouldn’t have poked Putin.

        • What about Trumpy well-known mental decline, word salad and dementia?

          You’re right. Trump wouldn’t poke Putin. He would lay down before him as he did in Helsinki and ask, what now, master?

          • It was pretty unbelievable that a US president would go belly up w/ Putin a few feet away. Not sure how much the media replayed that one. If that didn’t put Trump’s character in a snap shot to be saved forever not sure what else would. There are others to choose from, mocking someone w/ a disability, disparaging a POW as not ” a war hero,” because “he got caught.” Better yet, if he wins, he’ll be a felon and commander in chief of the military, while one can’t even join the military w/ a felony conviction.

    • Back in 2019, my sister in law was a long haul truck driver. Her route was from the Texas/Mexican border up into Michigan. She’s a rabid Trump supporter so I didn’t believe her when she said that there were hordes of illegals walking along the highway in Texas. 5 years later, I realize that she was telling us the truth!!! My bias was so entrenched that I refused to listen to anything except (gag) MSNBC and other liberal left wing news media. Now I stick with Marjorie’s astrology blog and Peter Santenello YouTube videos because the news media is just feeding us propaganda, unless maybe telling us what time is sunrise/sunset, and information of that nature. Thanks

    • None of this has anything to do with the sad state of media coverage. And the is what we depend on to keep us informed when our leaders go off the rails. We need to be able to count on it to at least try to tell the truth regardless of who is in office.

      He has had the fewest press conferences since Reagan! Where is their push back….That is their job. Two weeks ago they were calling actual footage of Biden cheap fakes! No. They played along and now it is so obvious that they have to pretend to see the mental decline for the first time or completely lose their credibility. Well they have lost it as far as I am concerned. Who is running the country. Ask that. Ask that of Joe Biden not Karine. He should be in that press room answering that question. And if he is not doing it after that debate debacle it is because he obviously can not do it. And if he can not do it how can he be running the country. Joe Scarborough asked the right question. If the CEO of any company put in that performance would you trust him to continue in that position let alone run a country.

        • I do not know what you are talking about. What needs to change is the media pretending they have not been covering up Bidens mental decline and do some soul searching why they abandoned their principles and became activists. It started way back. Maybe when Lester Holt said journalistic fairness is no longer needed. Maybe further back. Not sure. I expect it of politicians and their operatives. Journalism is the only profession enjoying constitutional protection so they can be a check and balance on governmental power. They failed. They failed badly and have not owned up to it.

          • Thank you. Two years ago, my bio esthetic dentist was saying that Biden was senile and that it was abusive towards him to cover it up when he so obviously in mental decline. I dismissed my dentist’s comments about Biden as ugly fake news. Once again, I got gaslighted by liberal media, which up until the last several months, I believed was telling me the “truth” lock, stock and barrel. Boy do I feel foolish!

  8. September’s Lunar Eclipse, 25 Pisces, caught my attention. There’s a Kite formation, with Moon 25 Pisces opposing Sun in Virgo, the focal point. Sextiles to the Moon come from Uranus 27 Taurus, and Pluto 29 Capricorn. Curiously, the chart for the US Federal Government is 17 September, 1787, one day before the eclipse on 18th September. That chart has Sun (leader?) square Jupiter (legal themes? Also a general or leader?) at 25 Gemini. Jill Biden’s natal Saturn is 25 Virgo, so it could be a meaningful eclipse for her.

    Looking around a bit further, Ronald Reagan’s chart for the start of his political career as Governor of California, 2 January 1967, has Pluto 20 Virgo, Uranus 24 Virgo, and Moon 24 Virgo opposing Saturn, 24 Pisces. September’s eclipse could draw attention to that era as a whole. The following Lunar Eclipse is in Virgo next spring, 23 Virgo opposition Saturn at 22 Pisces. Ronald and Nancy Reagan were said to be guided by astrology, which may explain the unusual timing of his inauguration as Governor – 00.16 hrs PST. There was some controversy about this at the time, and accusations of “star-gazing”.

    Something’s brewing, whichever way we look at it I feel. It seems bigger than just the turmoil in the USA. That eclipse also highlights various charts for Russia, including the end of the monarchy, and the Mars, 25 Pisces, for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  9. I still feel what I have suspected all along it will be impossible to keep the country together in the case of a trump win and beyond given his authoritarian tendencies those of the Republican Party , Blue states will simply reject efforts like project 2025. At some the point federal system will dwindle to cooperation like matters of international affairs National defense etc. states will pick up a larger role in taking care of their constituents Nevermind financing Red states

  10. With today’s Supreme Court ruling, it appears Biden can now order the Navy Seals to take out Trump. Then he can step down with immunity and let someone else take the Democrat ticket knowing he has been of great service to his country !!!

    • I’m sorry, I think you are trying to be humorous but it fell flat. No one should joke about killing a former or current president, I don’t care who it is. It’s tasteless and says more about you than anything you are trying to say and brings down Marjorie’s site where she kindly allows you and others to participate.

    • @Gnarly Dude
      Agreed however you can surmise that Biden who is an old school politician and a decent man would never undertake anything like it unfortunately ….but hopefully most of the electorate is so outraged about this decision, it will work in Biden’s favor.

    • It’s such a puzzling decision that SCOTUS has made. As a non American “no one is above the law, not even the President” is something I have heard regularly over the years. I have always thought it an admirable rule.

      Let’s see what Judge Chutkan makes of it.

      By the way, I think the majority of contributors to Marjorie’s site understand that your tongue is planted very firmly in your cheek regarding your comments about taking out Trump. Trust me, you will not be the last person to jokingly say this. Late night comedians will have a field day.

    • GD: Drompf has already called for a “televised” military tribunal of Liz Cheney. There’s something intrinsically wrong with that. True leaders should be bringing the people together, not isolating them on TV and executing them.

      • Yes. Interesting that his own recent trial did not allowed the television cameras in.

        I’m really not sure how much more there is to say about Trump these days. His mars/leo ascendant on Regulus really does want to be the king and have it all his own way.

        I am just hopeful that once all the outers move on to Aqua, Aries, Gemini – the zeitgeist will move to people feeling more positive and optimistic and that will get them out of the fearful / security-minded mentality that has been notable during Pluto in Capricorn / Uranus in Taurus

          • Good luck Larry. Interesting times ahead – who knows how the working world will change – fingers crossed for you

          • GD: When Drompf was initially elected, the mgmt at Lockheed Martin were cheering in the staff meetings.

            Nicole: Agreed on the show trials. Hardly fun and amusement but for feeding the animals at the Colloseum. Gladiator games. Bannon will be handing out loaves of bread.

      • Also prosecuting Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Pence and the January 6th Committee. Show trials coming for opponents of Dear Leader if Trump isn’t stopped at what may be the last free election in the US.

  11. Looking at Inauguration Day, 2025 is interesting. Whoever is President, they will have Sun 0 Aquarius, conjunct Pluto 1 Aquarius representing the President, and their Presidency. Powerful, although Pluto’s tough transformative energies may overwhelm the Sun, representing the President, for a time? Can Pluto take the Sun into the underworld for a while?

    Mars will be retrograde at 24 Cancer conjunct the USA natal Mercury, also retrograde at 24 Cancer, opposing Pluto, 27 Capricorn for Inauguration Day. Many possibilities, with ‘look back in anger’ perhaps being one of them? It could also be worth watching this October Full Moon, 24 Aries which squares Mars in Cancer, direct at 22 degrees. Mars rules the Cancer Moon, the Moon is in Mars own home. Angry emotional outbursts? Clues about what’s brewing?

    I suspect tr Mars is meaningful for the US at the moment. It turns retrograde at 6 Leo, right on the US Nodes (the people, alliances), on 6th December. There could be military implications, arguments, and high energy bubbling up in the wider population. Mars retrograde is not a favourable time to start a war or other conflict, according to traditional astrology.

    We’ll be able to see Mars conjunct Jupiter in Gemini in the August night skies this summer. It’s a moment of visible astrology and high, possibly impulsive, energy just before the Democratic Convention – and much else.
    An old-school “signs and portents” symbol perhaps.

    • Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn from September-November for the final time this cycle represents the last gasp of hyper-aggressive Reactionary Conservatism, and its turning out to be a real doozy.

      Being that Pluto is at the anaretic 29 degree, what we are seeing now is not the start of something new—e.g. a sustainable wave of Reactionary far-right politics, but rather an overripe energy, much more like a fruit ready to drop off a tree.

      Pluto moves into Aquarius to stay for the duration on Nov 19 and won’t look back to Capricorn again for another 230+ years. Capricorn represents the elite movers and shakers in business and banking and looks to the past and established ways of doing things with reverence, empowering religion and other traditions. Defying norms and old patterns is an anathema to Capricorn.

      Aquarius represents the common people, and a break from established norms. The Sun at 0-1 Aqu in the Jan 20 Inaugural chart is a mainstay in U.S. Presidential administrations since FDR and Congress moved it up from early March, so on its face, this is just part of the structure. The novel factor here, this time, however, is Pluto in Aquarius.

      I think we are going to see a highly engaged population in the U.S. at this time, no matter who wins. If Biden holds out, I think we could see an active push from both Democrats and an emerging grassroots Left to reform the electoral process and other aspects of governance to both check and overturn the gains made by far-right Reactionary Conservatives in the GOP under Trump, pressuring Biden to act on their demands. Court and legislative reforms may be high priorities, ensuring that more voices and opinions are at the table.

      If Trump wins, then expect highly aggressive and massive protests that will directly challenge his legitimacy and oppose the extreme Reactionary “Project 2025” agenda adopted by the Republicans. I think anything borne of the far-right during this time is going to run into powerful headwinds and ultimately run out of steam. A Trump loss in November will send the Republican Party into years of acrimonious infighting and chaos.

      • If Trump wins and there are massive protests the Insurrection Act will be invoked and that will involve the Military. Trump came close to invoking it during the BLM protests and was talked down by Mark Esper (and honorable man) who was the civilian lead of the Armed Forces. No Mark Espers around to curb DJT darker impulses this time, so USA will have a real mess on its hands if the Insurrection Act is invoked.

        • LizM,
          It could indeed happen that way. And, we won’t be in Pluto in Capricorn territory anymore by that time, so structural tyranny against the people will not endure, no matter how hard the far-right attempts to overreach and lock things up in their favor.

          While Pluto in Aquarius by no means guarantees a peaceful resolution to power struggles, the one thing it doesn’t support is a tyranny of the elites, which Trump is, no matter which way he and his allies try to spin it.

          I think we may see a situation where the military may refuse to attack its own citizens, or where multiple members defect and join or align with the “resistance” in whatever form it takes.

          I see Trump as a man who is increasingly isolated on an island of his own making. His bluster, bravado and narcissism will be his ultimate downfall. The only question is whether he is defeated in November at the ballot box, or forced out of office by American citizens at last jolted out of their stupor by the final gasp of the elites at imposing their will upon the nation and the world.

        • It could be worth noting that DJT has his natal Venus 25 Cancer, conjunct chilly Saturn, 23 Cancer. So October’s Full Aries Moon, and tr Mars transiting those degrees in October, January, and next Spring seems like a very testing time, not least financially, and perhaps with his family. Mars hitting Saturn three times could be underlining a message, and requires self-discipline and restraint. Imagine!

      • “Aquarius represents the common people”.

        I interpret Aquarius as representing *groups* of people, not the “common people” as an amorphous group.

        Pluto in Aquarius could also empower MAGA supporters/KKK, etc too, as they are all “groups of people”.

        Groups of people fighting with the state dying will lead to a very bloody war.

        • Indeed, UM. The Third Reich, 30th January, 1933, has Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius. But also Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Cancer. And more or less Algol at the ascendant, 24 Taurus. Not sure the exact degree of Algol for 1933, but it does move slowly, so nearby.

          • Jane, would you date the Third Reich to 30th January 1933 (when Hitler became Chancellor) or to 23rd March 1933 (when the Enabling Act, which allowed Hitler to make any law, even constitutional amendments, without consulting the German Parliament, was passed)?

            Which date’s chart better defines the Third Reich?

          • Hitler and the Nazis = Pluto in Cancer tribalism run terrifyingly amok. Essentially, my tribe is better than yours and we will annihilate you (Pluto) to create and ensure our security as a race (Cancer), which is basically what Hitler did to 6 million Jews in Germany. Same with the American Ku Klux Klan and other racial/nationalist supremacy groups that saw the zenith of their power and influence during the 1920s and 1930s.

            Point taken that Aquarius does rule groups of people, rather than people in general per se.

            It’s likely that there will be activity on both ends of the political spectrum. Where Aquarius does differ from Capricorn is an impulse towards decentralization and “breaking away” from control, vs centralization and imposition of control, which is very Capricorn.

            Thus, Trump back in power suggests a re-energized Democratic/Progressive Left in the US, incensed to the point of Radicalization, that aggressively organizes and rallies to thwart his and his allies’ attempts as imposing their controls (e.g. Project 2025) on the masses.

            If Biden wins, Trump likely tries to stir up some kind of Conservative revolt. Eventually, this could become a secessionist movement that gains steam in one or more locales where the ideal of such has long been tossed around (e.g. Texas).

            An even bigger wild card in all of this is the U.S. Uranus Return in 2028, the next Presidential election year. I think what happens in November may give us more clarity as to the overall direction of things in the U.S during the next several years, to this end. What irony that the country might tear itself to shreds with Donald Trump, of all people, being the principal instigator of such dreadful chaos.

          • @Clarence, I wouldn’t interpret “race” as being represented by Cancer, but by Aquarius.

            Cancer is about the home/homeland, i.e. territory which can be owned/occupied (and which is mine).

            Aquarius is about groups of people and people belonging to a particular race would fall into that category.

            Thank you for agreeing with me on the representation of Aquarius above.

            I agree with most of your points in the post above.

            Re the US’s Uranus Return, I would point out that the US has been at war on both its previous Uranus Returns. The first was the US Civil War and the second was WWII. It’s not something to look forward to.

        • I haven’t delved that deeply, but think 1933 seems to work.

          The National Socialist Workers Party aka the Nazis, was founded 20 February, 1920. A Pisces Sun conjunct Uranus, and Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Leo. For that Third Reich date, transiting Neptune in Virgo is one degree passed founding Saturn 8 Virgo, approaching the opposition to founding Mercury, 11 Pisces. 1933’s South Node, 7 Virgo also connects with that Saturn, and ideas of the past. January 1933’s Saturn and Sun in Aquarius oppose 1920’s Neptune/Jupiter Leo conjunction. And if you look at Germany 1871, which Marjorie uses, you see Venus 7 Aquarius, MC 10 Aquarius – linking with 1933’s Sun and Saturn exactly, plus the 1920 Neptune and Jupiter Leo conflagration….and tr Uranus in 1933 was conjunct 1871’s Neptune. A lot of Neptune in this isn’t there?

  12. AJ: I like Joe Biden. He’s done an admirable job–with many accomplishments–over the last four years. I would absolutely vote for him again should he remain in the running. As for the parallel you draw between FDR and Biden, the former had physical health issues while Biden appears to have cognitive issues. Big difference, especially as it pertains to the ability to govern effectively. FDR’s mind was sharp right up to the end.

  13. In America both parties are collapsing from their attempts to control the country. The current candidates are both crooks but party fanatics turn a blind eye to the realities of their chosen hero. Neither of these men should have ever been president in the first place, much less be running for a second term.

    At this time the combined efforts of these two presidents have added over 12 TRILLION DOLLARS to the national debt.

    That is NOT leadership.

    What is it you don’t understand?

      • Country/territory US foreign-owned debt (January 2023)
        Japan $1,104,400,000,000
        China $859,400,000,000
        United Kingdom $668,300,000,000
        Belgium $331,100,000,000

      • Thanks Marjorie. Have you ever looked into the potential for cosmic catastrophe? The Nemesis, Nibiru, Planet 9, etc. scenario where a binary sun in a small solar system crosses our orbit every 6,000 to 12,000 years?

    • No, Joe Biden is NOT a crook. There is a absolutely no proof of these allegations.

      That’s a fabrication of the right and right-wing media to equate him to the truly criminal and corrupt Trump and “both sides” the parties. This is a false equivalence.

      • I vividly recall the Clarence Thomas hearings to become Supreme Court justice under George Bush and how Biden seemed to relish and enjoy the bullying that took place against Anita Hill. And I also think that Ashley Bidens diary is another whole issue, but I guess we’ll see how all of this plays out. I was upset about this conversation topic and I flipped three times in a book in a metaphysical bookstore today and it said the way you’re thinking about being afraid of the future is what you’re actually creating for the future and I felt better because I snapped myself back into reality. None of these people are as saintly and great as we are projecting them to be, in my opinion. Thank you

      • Let not your blind faith lead you astray. For you will rue the day when you know how the Judas goat has deceived you.

  14. Andre said: “All comparisons with healthy and younger candidates who lost debates,… are beside the point.”
    No, that is exactly the point; looking to history, debates don’t predict the outcome of the presidential race.

    Biden stepping down would only help Trump. You underestimate the incumbency card as well as some others. To leave an open seat would create an internal party crisis that could not recover in time for the election. Also, VP candidates have little influence over voters in their choice of President. I say again, in the last 25 years, no incumbent seat that was open has won an election.

    President Biden has been experiencing the Pluto square to his natal Moon all year, and it has indeed been a powerful influence and has taken its toll. Aside from the challenges it has been also deeply transformative too I would wager. It could lead to even greater emotional strength and resilience, qualities he already possesses in abundance given everything he has endured in his life. I also think Pluto will keep him from stepping down, the power of the presidency is not something he will give up willingly.

    If you watched or listened to his speech the day after the debate the contrast to the night before was stunning, the ‘old’ Joe was back. Will it hold? Only time will tell.

    Biden has openly said that it was his decision to run again because he does not want to see Trump elected. He is also frank about his age and related decline so he is not trying to fool anyone and is aware of the risks he faces to his health.

    Your take that the only parallel to FDR is that he is Joe Biden’s hero is myopic. Then to argue that President Biden is unfit to finish his term or run for re-election is deeply flawed and overlooks significant historical context and current realities outlined above.

    Despite severe health problems, FDR led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II, securing four terms in office. His leadership was instrumental in significant achievements such as the New Deal and the establishment of the United Nations, demonstrating that physical condition alone does not determine a president’s capability to lead. Similarly, Biden’s track record since taking office showcases significant legislative successes, including the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and initiatives to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. These accomplishments, along with strides in foreign policy and climate change, affirm his ability to govern effectively.

    The criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris underestimates her qualifications and potential. Harris has a distinguished career as a U.S. Senator, Attorney General of California, and District Attorney of San Francisco, with significant contributions to criminal justice reform, healthcare, and economic policy. Her selection as Vice President is based on a robust record of public service and leadership, not merely symbolic. Historical precedents show that vice presidents often face scrutiny and skepticism; Harry S. Truman, initially underestimated, became one of the most consequential presidents in U.S. history. Harris, similarly, has the potential to rise to the occasion if required.

    The argument that Biden should step down purely due to age ignores the reality that political leadership is not solely a function of physical vigor but of experience, wisdom, and the ability to navigate complex challenges. Leaders like Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela made significant contributions later in life, demonstrating that experience and strategic acumen often increase with age. The Democratic Party has a robust process for selecting candidates, and Biden’s decision to run for re-election will be tested Nov. 5th, allowing voters to decide based on his performance and policies rather than speculative age-based arguments.

    Calls for a new generation of leaders are not inherently problematic but will come in due time. Though it should not be predicated on unfounded criticisms of current leadership. President Biden has articulated a clear vision for America’s future, focusing on unity, economic recovery, climate action, and restoring democratic norms. His administration’s actions reflect this vision, addressing both immediate and long-term challenges. Disunity and premature calls for replacement will harm the party’s chances in the upcoming election. A unified front, recognizing both the achievements of the current administration and the potential of future leaders, is crucial for electoral success.

    Historical precedent shows that effective leadership can transcend physical condition, and the accomplishments of President Biden and Vice President Harris speak to their capability. Speculative arguments about age and physical fitness should not overshadow the substantive policy achievements and leadership qualities that define effective governance.

  15. Trump’s Mars and the USA Moon both have tr Uranus squares in the coming months, while Biden will have tr Uranus opp his natal Sun. It makes me wonder if there is a sudden event brewing that impacts the whole nation.

      • 2016 proved that the astrology community is NOT objective on it’s insights concerning usa politics. Only a couple ov big name astrologers called the election correctly, among hundreds. Reading through these comments and article, it becomes apparent that the same 2016 subjectivity is still alive and kicking in pop astrology.

        • An astrologer I worked with did not use either birth chart for each candidate in 2020.
          I had a reading and asked him about the election as I was so anxious. Instead, he looked to America’s chart (I think it was Sibley) and he predicted Biden winning based upon where the nation as a whole was headed. That put my mind at ease.

  16. FWIW, NATO et. al. are concerned about stability of changing horses this late in the race.


    “Europe, in particular, has never really moved on from Trump 1.0 and has held the view since 2020: that if it could happen once, it could happen again. That has been at the heart of European strategic thinking since Trump took office in 2016 and has continued through Biden’s presidency. The concerns that America’s allies have are that the most powerful country on earth cannot provide the one thing they most want: stability….diplomacy at this level is often seen in zero-sum terms…”

    Reviewing comments and astro-interpretations from another site, Biden-Harris is here to stay…but likely not be the final pairing at the end of the 2024 term.

  17. Ok…this blaming of Obama’s mocking of Trump for his rise is absolute nonsense. I’ve even seen articles written with this crap. But let’s entertain this myopia for a minute. If Felon Don is so thin skinned that a prominent black man mocked him into running, then so be it. Good I say. Because he’s digging the GOP’s grave along with his own quite efficiently; losing elections up and down the ballot since 2018. Well then thanks Obama! 🙂
    So please dispense with this joke attempt at rationale that sprung from self soiling fear. But this might just fall on blind eyes given polls and subsequent over panicking. Smh

  18. Saturn transits can be defining so I’m drawn to the significant Saturn transits that both President Biden and his wife Jill are undergoing. His, with T Saturn at his Pisces IC, may suggest the current personal/professional challenge (limitation, weakness) he is facing, potentially a turning point in his life/career. Hers, with T Saturn in her 3rd House and squaring her ASC-DSC, may reflect the need to make serious or difficult decisions affecting her marriage/husband.

    For emphasis on the day of the debate: The Moon was in Pisces, potentially highlighting a sensitive or debilitating concern. And T Saturn was only days away from turning stationary retrograde, possibly triggering the show of difficult circumstances that President Biden and his wife must contend with.

  19. If –

    Rudyard Kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    I still have faith in President Biden – not blind faith, but faith based on almost three and a half years of skillfully navigating treacherous seas. Thursday was a blow, for sure, but if anyone with a chart with Sag rising and a Sun stellium in Scorpio can rebound, it’s this man. I’m riding’ with Biden.

  20. Regarding Joe, on The New Yorker’s website there is an article by the editor, David Remnick, saying for Joe to insist being the candidate would not only be an act of self-delusion but of national endangerment as well. And The New Yorker is very pro Democrats.

    Regarding the UK, there is an article as well: “Britain Awaits a Wipeout Election”. It asks: “After fourteen years of Conservative rule, how till Labour pick up the pieces?”

    Very important questions, and if I remember well, Marjorie says it will be a very bumpy ride for Labour, but then a bunch of planets in the next few years will get out of the unfavourable position for the Kingdom, and the shift will be palpable. And, if I understood correctly, good for the UK.

  21. Trump is The Shadow. It is a part of the collective psyche of a nation the nation rejects. It then finds its way to reveal itself. It is also very visible here, because behaviours that are the same as Trump’s in a party people support are brushed off in a variety of ways while Trump is condemned. Let’s not get into judging the right or wrong for now.

    As long as the part is rejected, and not integrated into the personality, it will keep appearing and, likely, cause problems.

    I just wonder why is it that it all started under Obama, when he mocked Trump. Obama also had a snarky streak at times, that probably pushed and rubbed certain people the wrong way. Someone mentioned is America ready for a president of different colour or a woman. Wasn’t he proof America was, even though he was of mixed heritage?

    • “Someone mentioned is America ready for a president of different colour or a woman.”
      I had asked a similar question. It is possible that somebody else may have as well.
      I just wonder if Obama was the flux, the exception that proved the rule about the US preferring a Pale Male Stale/Straight White Man as President.
      After all, Trump was the President that succeeded Obama. Was he elected as a reaction to Obama?

      • Never underestimate the underlying racism in the US. We’re seeing it at its worst right now. I’m saying that as an older White woman who grew up on the edge of the South amidst the civil rights movement. My older sister was a civil rights worker in Mississippi and my mother almost her teacher job because of that. Because of my own activism, I was threatened by a “frenemy” with a cross-burning in front of my house when I was 13. I’ve never forgotten that.

        A lot has changed in the US since then, but a lot hasn’t. Trump and his movement gave permission for every racist to crawl out from under the rocks where they were hiding to display their worst instincts.

        And the Supreme Court just gave Trump and his minions all permission to act on those base instincts with near complete immunity.

        • Almost every Black man I have spoken to recently has informed me that they are voting for Trump. Shocking? Yes, to my perspective. But a lot of Black Americans admire and respect Trump’s attitude and so called business savvy and believe that the Democrats are weak and want them dependent on handouts from the government. Black men generally are prolife and conservative, at least the ones that I have had conversations with -all across the USA. I no longer assume every American of Color is a Democrat, because that assumption has been proven to be false. Black celebrities openly say that Trump is their best choice for president.

          • Yes Jody, there is a hashtag on Twitter that I won’t repeat and it’s all Black men voting Trump this time. I said here before that they see their replacements coming across the open border and their jobs disappearing, money given, housing given and they are left in the dust. Supposedly there has been a significant jump in the polls of young Black men voting for Trump.

  22. I don’t know which is more disturbing- Biden’s decline, or the denial of it! His lovely wife spoke after the debate. She literally said on national TV- ” Joe, you did great you answered all the questions!” This is the president of The United States of America! It was as if she was praising one of her young students for doing well. Jupiter will conjunct President Biden’s 7th house Saturn – I believe Dr. Biden will help him see that the best thing for the country is for him to step aside. The New Moon in July will shift the country- and VP Harris needs to take over- now. The Mars conjunct Uranus will fall in Biden’s 6th opose his Sun- He will step down, if he dosen’t Trump is gping to take the White house. The democrats always seem to shoot themselves in the foot! They could have resolved this long time ago! When the money stops coming in they will act. The sunglasses have been ripped off, the Sun is shining bright and there’s no shielding from the truth- Joe needs to go for his own well being too! The gaslighting of this issue won’t work- Our allies and our enemies
    saw a very weak, confused leader of the free world. Our security is at risk. I am not a Trump fan, But this is ridiculous to defend that debate performance of Biden’s! He is not able to finish a sentence! Pluto is sq his Moon- its over! Let go -Scorpio Joe.

    • I do wonder if that Pluto squaring his Moon means a woman is controlling him? Jill talked to him like a child after the debate. Instead of letting him retire in dignity, she’s not letting go of the power for some reason. Someone has to be the adult and take his car keys away. Had to do it with both my parents. What I can’t understand is Dems thinking he’s the best they have. There are plenty of people out there that can do the job. The interview last night with George S showcased the denial Biden has despite George being very frank and upfront with him. But I believe that’s typical in dementia.

  23. Isn’t Neptune conjunct fixed star SCHEAT right now? Doesn’t that bring misfortune? After years of the rest of the world wanting USA cut down to size- now it is happening and they don’t want it anymore? (I am proUSA btw). The rest of the world will now have to deal with the rise of China and the Rise of Putin. Good luck with that.

    We are not talking about the word salad and the lies coming out of Trump’s mouth. Trumps word salad is horrible and is very noticeable when he does not have a teleprompter.

    Dark money and the Oligarch’s in play. I have also studied European history – if things get too imbalanced here things will happen. Plenty of precedent in European History. There is a problem with Christian Nationalism.

    Pluto – we cannot expect USA to be what it was before. Looks like those days are gone.

    I would take old over word-salad crazy anytime. We’ll see how it all plays out. Meanwhile, I am making plans to end up in another state if it does not play out in the country’s favor. Dr Timothy Snyder has an interesting take on what will happen. He writes extensively on this subject. Yale Professor plus an author.

    So Pluto at 29 Capricorn while all this is going on this fall. Neptune at 29 Pisces all Summer. From the little I know about Mundane Astrology – these are ending cycles.

    Rise of Pluto in Aquarius may not be sweetness and light and justice. Could it not as easily be the rise of Technology Plutocrats?

    You take a country like USA for granted, then it is replaced in leadership by a Country like China and Russia.

    We are living in interesting times.

    I get a real laugh out of the fact Governor Noem cannot visit 40% of her state – Indian Reservations. Most of Oklahoma is an Indian Reservation as well. An Indian Rerservation 1 hour from where I live in the mountains.
    Our European friends do not understand the Reservation System in the USA and how they are a country within a country.

    Well, at least all the blue States can stop sending their money to Red states if this all goes down badly. Blue States were getting tired of subsidizing them anyway.

  24. Biden is personifying the dying days of in both America and the UK’s Democracy. Power is more important than the people. Ideology in the parties has taken over from their Governance. I see both our country’s future in the balance. America and the UK do not look like the bastion of fairness or intelligence political arguments anymore. Appeasement for all minority groups and ideas has left both our country’s dispersed. There is no cohesion, no shared future in our two party systems, as they have become engrossed in “their” power. Our freedom is at stake, not theirs. If Biden really cared about his country, he would have stood down, let another Democrat take over. Hitler was one man who brought WW2, the biggest change in the 20th century. Putin is the first one man changing Europe. The irony is that the world hasn’t moved on from the tyranny of one Leader, as America the free world, is experiencing the power of one man on its own door step.

  25. Americans defending Joe Biden right now remind me of U.K. remainers in 2018 fighting for a second referendum. Same understanding of the dangers ahead, same frustration, same “copium”, same tsunami coming from the other side.

    • It’s very odd.

      They’re acting like criticising Biden means Trump will win.

      In reality, keeping Biden in place guarantees a Trump win. In the debate Biden looked like he would pop his cloggs at any moment.

      The contest is now a Kamala Harris v Trump race. Kamala has NN conjunct the ascendant and Saturn conjunct midheaven – fate and sudden responsibility. Tr Mars is approaching a quincunx with her NN, as is tr Saturn and Neptune. Finger of God forming there.

      Whereas replacing Biden with a fresh vigorous Democrat changes the contest into “Lets turn the page and have a fresh start” v The Dinosaur.

      Perhaps the problem is there are no fresh vigorous Democrats who can step up?

      • Actually, Finger of God already in place.

        Kamala has Asc and NN at 24 Libra. Tr Uranus is at 25 Taurus, tr Neptune is at 29 Pisces, both forming quincunces to her NN.

        Tr Mars will be at 24 Taurus on 13th July with tr Saturn at 19 Pisces.

        The Yod with her NN forms again on 29th March 2025, with tr Saturn at 24 Pisces and tr Uranus at 24 Taurus.

      • I see solar arc Pluto, in Kamala’s chart, conjunct her Neptune, ruler of her midheaven which can signal disillusionment. And I find it interesting her SA midheaven is opposing Hillary’s Sun which is 2 Scorpio. Maybe Hillary is going to throw her hat in the ring? Also, I think Trump’s SA ascendant is now 14 Scorpio which was considered Hillary’s ascendant until her illegible birth certificate was found. No way do I think she is Gemini rising, she is fixed and stubborn which could just be her Scorpio Sun but there is more to it than just that.

        I do like looking at progressed Moons, I believe they interact with other charts. As an example, when my daughter broke up with her first boyfriend, his progressed moon was square her Pluto. I don’t have astrology software anymore but would be interesting to see the progressed moons of all the players now and on Election Day.

  26. Jupiter is the ruler of Biden’s chart with his Ascendant at 3Sag11. We’re now in a 12 year Jupiter Gemini cycle.

    Twelve years ago tr Jupiter was in Gemini on the day of the election [6Nov12] at 14Gem40 retrograde and it will be in that sign again come this November [5Nov24] at 20Gem09 retrograde.

    Twelve years ago the contest was very tight between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama which was reflected in all the polls. Romney’s Ascendant is 1Gem1, [Sun Pis, Moon Sco].

    Tr Mercury, ruler of Gemini, stationed at 4Sag14 retrograde on the day of the November 6 2012 election.

    Tr Mercury will be at 3Sag01 on the day of the November 5 2024 election, conjunct Joe Biden’s Ascendant, and 1 deg and a bit away from where it was placed 12 years ago.

    And of course Donald Trump is a Gemini Sun/Sag Moon. Lots of connections between Gemini Mercury/Sagittarius Jupiter involved in these two elections 12 years apart.

    As a personal observation and an interesting coincidence imo, and perhaps nothing more than that, when I was researching this information…I discovered that Romney’s natal Moon and Jupiter are at 27Sco conjunct Joe Biden’s Sun with Obama’s MH at 29Sco.

    • An omission in the above post is that Mercury rules Biden’s MH [19Vir54] with tr Jupiter in Gem squaring that position on the day of the election.

  27. Gretchen Witmore and Josh Shapiro gov of Pennsylvania would be an inspiring duo. Aside from top Dems and big donors putting the pressure on Biden to drop out, the polls that will come out soon will likely show his support declining lower which will be more pressure for him to step down. I have to wonder if Biden actually saw a video of the debate?

  28. AJ, thank you for your thoughtful analysis; it’s very helpful.

    I’ll admit to having done a little “Democratic bedwetting” myself after the debate, but you’re right: ditching Biden would be a disaster, and for would virtually ensure a Trump victory in November. The primary/convention system makes it nearly impossible anyway, and the few times “switching horses in midstream” has been tried, it’s led to overwhelming defeat. The idea is a nonstarter.

    Furthermore, bad though his debate performance was, Biden did bounce back the next day in that North Carolina rally (maybe he had a bad reaction to cold medicine on Thursday?), and early reputable polling is showing that he’s actually gained a point or two on Trump since then; plus, his post-debate fundraising has been record-breaking. He ain’t dead yet.

    Old Biden certainly is (although NOT “senile,” as Lisa points out), but he’s also someone who appears to be at his best when he has a challenge to overcome, and who seems to thrive on a repeated pattern of exceeding expectations after setbacks that would crush a less determined (and/or “stubborn”) man.

    I believe he’ll come back from this as well, at least long enough to, like FDR, secure the White House; and after that, if he bows out, Pres. Kamala Harris (who is much more competent than she’s given credit for being), will be able to pick whoever she wants as VP.

    The most important thing is to keep the levers of power out of the hands of the gibbering MAGA hordes. To do that, we have to redouble our efforts to get out the vote for Biden, and especially NOT listen to well-meaning (mostly) advice to “ditch Biden.” This includes from our British friends, who seem to suffer from a particularly strong, panicky cultural horror of old age.

    Biden is old and he had a bad night, it’s true; but that doesn’t justify comparing him to Lear.

    • Yes, it does, as his opponent is Trump. He’s not just “old,” but old and competing with an insane, aggressive person, and needs all wits about him, as the US future of democracie is in the balance.

    • Hi A122
      Queen Elizabeth leapt to mind when you cited Brits as age phobic. Thot we Americans had a lock on that.

      Love the idea of KH choosing whomever she wants as a VP. Of course, it would be some handwringing re-election precalculus . But just the joy of unfettered choice lifts my Saturday night…

  29. Strange in a world obsessed with minority rights to the extent that women’s own rights are threatened, they never see their own appalling ageism and their own dislike of the mentally impaired elderly. Much is wrong at this time in history. Right now for me, the Presidency is anyone’s, I no longer care.

  30. Hi Everyone,
    Not sure how many of you are aware of “Project 2025” . Written in preparation if Trump wins and how America will be changed. Reading just some of what is written is unbelievable and all I could think was Handmaids Tale.
    For anyone interested here is a link
    Apologies not very astrological but as an avid reader of this site, I felt that some of you would have an interest or more information/ knowledge of this especially those who live in USA.
    Thank you

  31. The biggest concern I have with Trump being reelected, is due to his
    malignant narcissm. Malignant narcissists are extremely gullible people.
    Manipulative people in their orbit recognize this, they ply the narcissist
    whispering rumors into their ear, knowing the narcissist will become preoccupied
    with the new perceived threat. This allows the manipulators to work behind the
    scene in private, in Trump’s case, corporate lobbyists alone have entrenched power.

    Trump is responsible for the extremely vocal and insanely cruel rhetoric that US
    elected representatives now hurl at the public on a regular basis. A divided poplace
    is too busy fighting amongst themselves, to notice the slow creeping takeover of
    all our elected political platforms.

  32. “Trump can punch my mother in the face and put his hands on as many women as he wants.
    All I care about is how he runs this country. I was doing a lot better under Trump and so was
    most of my extended family. I couldn’t possibly care any less about what he does with his
    business or his personal time. I care about this country and my finances and both are in the
    gutter atm”. – brz85, posted today on an extremist alt right leaning online forum.

    I think that is a big issue right there with this sort of post. I searched online and found a very
    informative article about all the economic chaos Trump created in his own life, back in the 1980’s
    and 1990’s. Trump was addicted to borrowing millions and millions of dollars on a whim, buying
    up extremely overpriced failing businesses of all kinds. Banks were enamoured with Trump,
    so the went along with him, writing him loans in order to pay off previous loans. It was disturbing
    to read about just how reckless Trump was with his borrowing and spending. Eventually he got
    into such a mess that he had to borrow money from his father and his siblings. Trump is such a
    malignant narcissist that he refuses to accept reality. Right now, Trump is paying 5 million dollars
    a month for his legal expenses. I am truly terrified if he is reelected.

  33. I don’t think that the US would want to re-elect a president that shows already obvious signs of dementia just to watch his decline for the the next years.

    • Does he show obvious signs of dementia?? He shows signs of old age, but not dementia.

      I cared for family members with dementia until they passed. My friends have elderly parents with dementia. Many yell at everyone and babble incoherent nonsense the way Trump does.

      Joe doesn’t present like a dementia patient. He presents like a competent elderly gentleman with a stutter.

      The PRESS wants us to think he has dementia.

  34. Joe Biden has Moon at 0 Taurus 59.

    Tr Pluto is square his Moon, and it’s a stressful aspect. When tr Pluto squared Sinead O’Connor’s Moon, she died. When it squared Boris Johnson’s Moon, he was about to be censured by Parliament, and he resigned as an MP, permanently ending his political career and preventing a comeback. When tr Pluto was square King Charles’ Moon, he was diagnosed with cancer.

    The square to Biden’s Moon becomes exact on 20th July, and then again in December.

    Am puzzled by Jill Biden’s chart. Tr Jupiter is conjunct her Moon conjunct Mars and is sextile her natal Jupiter.

    Is this LUCKY for her?!!! Is she enjoying this situation? Maybe cause she’s in charge?

    Kamala Harris has her North Node conjunct her ascendant. It usually indicates fate intervening.

    • Jill Biden’s chart intrigues me as well. Like President Biden she has a Sagittarius ASC, so I figure Jupiter transits may particularly influence her individual presentation and interaction with others or the public.

      Perhaps T Jupiter conjunct her Moon-Mars reflects an increased need and drive to protect, defend, and fight for her husband (Mars). With Jupiter highlighting her 6th House planets and natal Jupiter conjunct her IC, her natural assets as her husband’s helpmate and ‘motherly’ guide may be more important and more visible now.

      Of course the caveat for Jupiter transits, even with positive aspects, is to guard against overconfidence and unrealistic goals.

  35. Marjorie could you please do an analysis of another birth time(6:37am)(Scorpio asc.) for Joe Biden and compare to his currently used time which is in Sag?
    The alternate time would also put his moon in Aries instead of Taurus.

  36. Back in 2012 Barack Obama’s first debate with Mitt Romney went very badly and the general opinion was that he lost that debate. Obama went on to win the election. Obama came back more strongly and aggressively in the 2nd and 3rd debates and consensus in the press was that he won those debates. Still early days for Joe. An early stumble doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all over.

  37. Southern Californian (but native Virginian) and life-long Democratic political activist here. Gavin Newsom wouldn’t be the choice. He can’t win nation-wide because of the ingrained perception that he and all California Dems are far-left, even though that’s in fact not the case. He’s actually done a great job as governor, navigating the ups-and-downs of our often volatile economy and numerous social problems. But nationally there is so much prejudice against California Democrats that California is often called “the left coast,” a real killer for a Dem pol in other regions.

    I wish Joe had opted not to run, but I’ll back him donate and work for him if he stays in the race — or whoever is the nominee. Trump is too much of an existential danger to the survival of democracy in the US and our support for other democracies against Putin. If Trump wins the US will in effect be inaugurating Putin, who owns Trump.

    • Isn’t California the 11th largest economy in the entire world?

      Putin does own Trump. A lot of people don’t know that.

      • Actually, 6th or 8th largest economy, depending on how you measure it!

        I was a Newsom doubter, dismissing him initially as a “pretty boy,” even after hearing him speak at the California Democratic Convention, but voted for him because the alternative was a hard-right Republican. He put in the work as lieutenant governor, building his visibility and honing his political skills, and certainly surprised me with his competence, especially during the worst of Covid. We had one of the lowest death rates in the US from Covid, despite challenging circumstances in high poverty communities. His image belies his competence.

  38. I’ve been asking for a Whitmer reading forever….finally. Appropriate timing I guess. Everybody was paying attention to the shiny object that is pretty boy Gavin Newsom while not seeing Gretchen flying below the radar. She’s a powerhouse and I saw it. She won her State re-electon by an even wider margin. Gavin is fine but I’d rather take my chances with a Midwestern Dem than a West Coast one at this time. Seems she’s in good stead should Biden be moved out. A Whitmer/Buttigieg ticket is my dream. But even if Biden is still at the head, he’ll still beat Trump. So I’m cool.
    A little bedwetting was justified given Biden’s debacle, but time to gather thy nerves and refocus.

    • As I just posted about Newsom, I agree that Whitmer would be a better choice. Gavin can’t win and probably couldn’t secure the nomination because of anti-California prejudice. He’s also viewed as too much of a pretty boy, though he’s really honed his political and policy credentials and is a hard worker. He’d make a good president — if he could ever get there, which I doubt.

      • I think the crucial question is, is the US ready for a non Pale Male Stale/Straight White Man as President?

        Will nominating a woman throw the election to Trump?

        And why don’t the Democrats have a second and third line of leadership built up? I can see why the Republicans don’t, because Trump won’t let any rival possibly build any base within that party. But surely the Democrats should have a second and third line of leadership candidates built up.

    • Love the video posted by Gmac Cash called “Gretch Did” . Not posting the video as I always go into Spam when I do. All on this site – check it out. Whitmer is going to be around – I am not saying in 2024 but I like her. Nobody’s fool.

  39. Not to detract from Marjorie, but Steve Judd has a very interesting video re the astro energy surrounding the upcoming conventions and election. Much of what he says mirrors Marjorie’s analysis. Especially disturbing is his prediction that there will be subversion (or an attempt thereof) on election day…..someone trying to derail the results. Gee, I wonder who that could be. Google: Steve Judd–Build-Up to the American Elections–you tube

  40. Joe will be in a complete fog on this nite….he’s in his Neptune return. Three dementia
    indicators, Franke, Fisher, and Blok are aspecting his natal Sun and Ascendant.
    A Full Moon on this nite forms a Grand Cross with his health axis, 6th/12th, tr Uranus.
    Natal Chiron is activated by the Grand Cross. Click link below for his biwheel then use
    magnifier to enlarge.

  41. I cannot understand how the Democrat aren’t more forceful and verbose about Trump and his party and what they’ve done and will continue to do if elected. They are so quick, however, to come down forcefully on Biden. Democrats have always been their worst enemies. So many issues of how far apart the two parties are, women’s rights, climate, affordability for the everyday person to live, esp. young people just starting out. Why don’t the Dems capitalize on those issues, screaming it from the mountain top every day, instead of worrying about Biden’s goofy presentations? He has issues, but look at the alternative. W/ all of Biden’s Scorpio, I doubt he would give up, but he can also resurrect himself, which I think he can do.

  42. AJ, USA here. Thank you. Biden was terrific the next day at a huge campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. Check it out on YouTube.

    Not everyone does well in debates. Biden presented facts, Trump lied his way through. The second half of the debate saw a more focused Joe who named Trump a convicted felon and a whiner. Trump got angrier and angrier. Showed in his facial expressions and high coloring.

    The election is 5 months off.

    To quote the baseball great Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings.”

  43. “What is clear is that the grandees of the Democratic Party are on red alert over the next few weeks. Barack Obama has tr Uranus square his Uranus and North Node at 25 and 27 degrees Leo. Bill Clinton has tr Uranus square his 26 degree Leo Sun; and Nancy Pelosi has tr Uranus conjunct her 26 degree Taurus Mars plus tr Pluto opposition her Pluto and square her Saturn. Maximum agitation and stress all round”

    Thanks Marjorie. I looked at Franklin D Roosevelt’s natal chart (30 January, 1882) after reading the comment by AJ. The Democratic Convention’s Full Moon in Aquarius, square Uranus in Taurus is right on Roosevelt’s natal Pluto 27 Taurus, square Mercury 27 Aquarius. Biden’s natal Scorpio Sun, 27 conjunct Venus 28 and Kamala Harris’ natal Saturn, 28 Aquarius, chime in. Trump’s natal Mars is 26 Leo.

    FDR’s ‘ghost’ chart is also involved in the Jupiter/Saturn square on the day the Democratic Convention begins. That square seems to have a confused, mutable, legislative feel, and could also connect with the idea of leadership with kingly Jupiter and structural ‘wise old man’ Saturn – King Lear? FDR’s natal Uranus in Virgo is 17 degrees, the August square 17 Pisces and Gemini. Biden’s MC is 19 Virgo. Trump’s natal Uranus is 17 Gemini, so his chart is also triggered.

    Certainly, business as usual will not be an option this summer. August’s ‘all mankind’ Aquarius full Moon looks as if it will bring quite a few situations to a head in our world, perhaps underlining or releasing the meaning of the Uranus/Mars/Algol moment in July?

    • Uranus/Mars/Algol in Mid July – that is conjunct Trump’s MC I think. July 11th is the Day he is sentenced. A few days after that is the Republican Convention. DJT is a wild card. So who knows how this will manifest. DJT likes chaos.

  44. Looking at the Solar Arc chart for the Democratic Party 8 January 1828 I note that transiting Uranus is conjunct the SA Mars/Jupiter while transiting Pluto is activating the SA Sun/Neptune opposite Saturn. The latter will be particularly noticeable as Pluto will be tracking back and forth over the progressed Uranus of the Democratic Party as well in the latter half of 2024 into 2025. Power structures being shaken up it seems.

  45. The Democrats might want to ask British Conservative Party for advice about the wisdom of ousting a leader in the run up to an important election.

  46. I watched the debate and was disappointed in Biden’s performance, as was everyone else. Yet Trump was in fine form, dodging questions and spewing lies and falsehoods for 90 minutes, and most people outside the MAGA echo chamber saw that.

    The truth is that debates don’t predict the outcome of the presidential race. Democrats calling for Biden to step down after one debate loss are more shortsighted than MAGA supporters. Despite the debate, Biden’s polling and donations have increased compared to Trump’s, which has infuriated Trump. Only time will tell if this trend continues.

    History proves that debates have nothing to do with the end result. Hillary won all 3 debates. In 2004, Kerry outshined Bush, Obama lost to Romney but still won by an electoral college landslide.

    Biden cannot step down; that would be a disaster to lose the incumbent advantage. There is no heir apparent, and to leave an open seat would create an internal party crisis. In the last 25 years, no incumbent seat that was open has won an election.

    Compare this to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s last presidential campaign in 1944, which was marked by significant concerns about his frail health. FDR’s health had noticeably deteriorated due to various ailments, including severe hypertension, heart disease, and the effects of polio, which he had been battling since 1921. Despite his deteriorating condition, Roosevelt’s team managed his public appearances carefully to maintain an image of vitality, while subtly addressing opponent Thomas E. Dewey’s questions about his fitness for office. Ultimately, Roosevelt won the election with a comfortable margin, but his health continued to decline, leading to his death just a few months into his unprecedented fourth term.

    Biden is almost youthful if you compare him to FDR in his final days.

    • Democrats are in deep denial at this point. Is Biden fit to finish his term? Barely. Is he fit to run again? Absolutely not. He will not be able to escape this basic reality between now and the Democratic convention in late August, when he must absolutely be replaced as a candidate. All comparisons with healthy and younger candidates who lost debates, whether they were incumbents or not, are beside the point.

      The only apt comparison is FDR’s reelection in 1944 for his fourth term. FDR is Biden’s hero. He is ready to die in office like him. The stakes are as high now as they were then. Thank God FDR was reelected, although his physical weakness at the critical Yalta conference in February 1945 may have handed too much power to Stalin in the postwar period.

      The difference this time is the vice-president. Truman had a reputation for integrity and good judgment after having fought wartime corruption in the Senate. The investigations of his committee almost led to Senator Bush’s indictment (Bush 41’s father) for doing business with the enemy in wartime. Kamala is not VP for anything she has accomplished but for who she is, a black woman. She is unpopular. If Biden stays on, Trump’s winning argument is that a vote for Biden is a vote for her because she will obviously finish his term. The racist and misogynist overtones of that argument will be plain to see but will not make it less effective.

      Beware the vice-president because she brings doom. The bottom line is she must be taken off the ticket as well. Someone should tell her she would make a great Supreme Court Justice and perhaps the next Chief Justice of the United States, but for that to happen Democrats have to win the White House again and they can’t do it with her. Democrats have great alternatives with Whitmer, Newsom, Buttigieg and Shapiro. Let the winning team take the field. Let a brilliant new generation take over. Right now, Biden and his advisers in the Democratic Party are driving the whole world mad. Enough with Pluto in Capricorn.

      Biden was Pluto in Capricorn at its best, a good and low-key, effective, experienced leader. Trump is Pluto in Capricorn at its worst, a corrupt, incompetent tyrant. They are both men of the past. Let’s bring in Pluto in Aquarius, a man or woman with a great vision of the future.

      Pluto’s return to 0 Aquarius this summer, square Biden’s Moon, will make him age even more. This good man has suffered so much. He has given everything he could to his country. It is time to go gracefully and with dignity because that will be the right thing to do. It will be his last and greatest service to the world.

      I thought he could, he should, and he would be reelected. I now see that is impossible. More people should accept it although it pains and saddens me to say so.

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