France – teetering on the brink

Marine Le Pen’s far-right RN is on course to win 33.2% of the vote in the first round of the snap French election, with a left-wing alliance behind on 28.1%, and the Macron alliance on 21%. What she wants from round two this coming weekend is an absolute majority of 289 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly but projections suggest they may fall short. If Macron fails in his hope that the electorate will come to their senses and vote for centre-ground candidates he will be left as lame duck for the next three years alongside the first hard-Right government since the Second World War.

 Much of this was covered in the previous post, copied below, apart from the leftist Jean Luc Melanchon, 19 August 1951 8.20 am Tangier, Morocco.  He has a determined Sun Pluto conjunction in Leo with a rebellious Uranus in his 10th square an over-hopeful Neptune opposition Jupiter. He does have his Solar Arc Jupiter almost conjunct his Midheaven and transiting Jupiter aiming to cross into his 10th from May 2025 for a year thereafter which looks successful if not now then soon. He looks deflated now and stuck from July 17th onwards.  But he is in better shape from mid 2025 onwards with a lucky break coming his way.

  Although Le Pen and her protégé Jordan Bardella have glimmerings of cheer this year alongside admittedly huge frustrations and a few disasters, nothing that follows looks anything but catastrophic for several years ahead.  Macron may be proved right if his assumption was to allow them a seat in the power circle if only to prove what a failure they would be.  

Post June 10 2024.

France was always due for an almighty upheaval this year running alongside panic and disappointment as Emmanuel Macron calls a surprise election in the face of considerable losses in the French sector to the far-right in the EU election (overall the centre-right was the winner). All of which coincides with high-stress turbulence on Macron’s Presidency charts – with the astrology being satisfyingly precise, even if all else looks like chaos.

 Neptune is opposing France’s final degree Virgo Sun and square Emmanuel Macron’s final degree Sagittarius Sun from May 3rd to early this September, then on and off until January 2026 – leading to a sinking feeling and a fair amount of confusion. In addition France’s revolutionary Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars in Scorpio is taking a fair pounding from tr Uranus opposition the France Mars running into and over the 30 June/7 July election; with the Solar Arc Sun square the Pluto and Uranus over coming months into early 2025.

  It will be a roller coaster ride for France and elsewhere. Early July is already on red alert for the Trump trial sentence and the GOP Convention with the approaching Uranus Mars Algol conjunction on the 15th. And the Paris Olympics opening on July 26th.

  Macron’s initial Presidency chart, 14 May 2017, has a destabilising Solar Arc Pluto exactly square the Uranus to within four minutes of a degree as he made his shock decision. And his 2nd Term chart, 13 May 2022 has tr Uranus conjunct the Sun and square Saturn now for another massive jolt.

 He will remain president until 2027 but lost his party’s parliamentary majority in the 2022 elections. His dramatic move is seen as a huge gamble, which could result in more losses and potentially hand right-wing Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella more power. The president has presented it as an existential choice for French voters: do you really want to be governed by the far right? Most analysts predict that the far-right party may emerge with more MPs, but will probably not win enough seats to give it a majority, meaning the next parliament may be even more ineffective than the current one.

 One analysts suggested “It could be that he is looking at a neutralising “cohabitation effect”. If – for example, Bardella were offered the job of prime minister, two and a half years in government may be just enough time to render the far right unpopular too.”

  Macron never did look the right man at the right time for the last election with tr Saturn heading downwards through his lower-profile, less successful First Quadrant – and presently sitting at the nadir. Plus tr Neptune square his Sun and Mercury now into early 2026 will be confused, indecisive, not winning.

 Marine Le Pen, 5 August 1968 11.20am Neuilly Sur Seine, who has cleaned up her party’s image in recent years, pulling away from its former racist, anti-Semitic slant, looks seriously rattled at the moment and jubilant from 8th July onwards with tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint into early August, repeating success in October and disaster in November and both pluses and minuses in spring 2025. September to late November she has the trapped, frustrating tr Pluto opposition her Mars – so not everything going her way. She has a hard, challenging chart with a Keo Sun and a Saturnine yod inconjunct Pluto Uranus in Virgo sextile Neptune and her Saturn square Mars in final degree Cancer. Her 2026/27 look like disruptive, nerve-stretching, grind-to-a-halt years.

France does not look overly enamoured with her this year through till February 2025 with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mars.

  Her young protege Jordan Bardella, 13 September 1995 3.42pm Drancy, France, a Sun Venus in late Virgo opposition Saturn, sextile Pluto and trine Uranus Neptune in Capricorn is rapidly rising in prominence despite being 28.  He has the same mix of positive and negative as Le Pen this year with extreme frustration mid July to early September with tr Puto square his Mars/Node midpoint; and both successful and tripping over setbacks September to late November this year.

 Much has been made of the supposed alliance between Le Pen and Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, 15 January 1977 6.30pm Rome. But Meloni’s Capricorn Sun clashes badly with Le Pen’s yod apex Saturn and her Mars in Cancer; and Meloni’s Saturn is conjunct Le Pen’s Sun. 2026/27 look splitting apart years.

 Le Pen’s relationship with Bardella has a super-successful (when pulling together) composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction. But their togetherness will hit a few bumps on the road ahead from July 8th on and off into early 2025; with moments of chill as tr Saturn opposes the composite Sun on and off into January 2025 – with considerable upheavals and maybe a parting of the ways come 2026/27.

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  1. Well, I spent time reading election results on BBC. Very happy that the FN/RN has been defeated. Many in that party are grumping that the election was stolen (unlike MAGA claiming “it was stoled!”) by undemocratic alliances.

    I wish the country well!

  2. France is in the runup to its Pluto Return. Louis XVI came to the throne in 1774, just two years before the US’s Declaration of Independence. Therefore the Pluto Return of his accession would have passed a few years ago. And the French Revolution happened (depending on what is considered the defining event) 15-18 years after his accession. So the Pluto Return for France would be due about a decade from now.

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