Hurricane Beryl – Neptune in ferocious form

Hurricane Beryl hit land on Monday as a category four hurricane, with sustained winds of 150mph (240km/h). It reduced Union Island in the St Vincent group to rubble with hardly any buildings left standing and almost all residents left homeless.

  St Vincent & Grenadines, 27 October 1979, Kingstown, Saint Vincent, has startlingly clear astro-indicators. The Solar Arc Sun is conjunct the St Vincent Neptune and SA Neptune is square the St Vincent Sun as the monster from the sea landed. Plus SA Pluto is square the St Vincent Jupiter and SA Jupiter conjunct the St Vincent Pluto to magnify the force.

  The St Vincent Pluto also caught an exact conjunction from the April Aries Solar Eclipse New Moon and Chiron, which was ominous.  And the 8 April Eclipse chart set for St Vincent had a disruptive Uranus on the Midheaven.

  It is not often the astrology is so precise – in this case tragically so.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Beryl – Neptune in ferocious form

  1. Thanks Marjorie. Very disturbing to see how precise the astrology is for this powerful, destructive hurricane. I’d forgotten that April’s eclipse was aligned with Chiron too, suggesting a catalyst at the least – along with the concept of ‘wounds’.

    St Vincent was the setting for the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. And wealthy private island, Mustique, is also located near St. Vincent. A number of celebrities have homes on Mustique, including Mick Jagger – perhaps they might like to contribute something meaningful to Union Island’s rebuilding fund?! The late Princess Margaret built a fairly modest home there years ago, since sold by her son. Last year a palatial property on Mustique was on the market for $200 million dollars…..

  2. 2024 has been such a horrible year (at least, it has been so far). I’m not surprised by the destruction Hurricane Beryl has caused. Speaking of Union Island, it’s believed that at least 4 people have been killed and 90% of the infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines depends heavily on hospitality and tourism and Union Island was known for its resorts. I hope my country (the U.S.) and Canada will help with the rebuilding process. As a Floridian, I feel a sense of commonality with the Caribbean nations.

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