Project 2025 – dismantling democracy

Project 2025, an American  conservative campaign, preparing for the possible election of Donald Trump in 2024, has issued a blueprint for the reshaping of the federal government closer to Trump’s vision. One insider said, “The president Day One will be a wrecking ball for the administrative state.” Politico on the other hand says “little of the Project 2025 agenda is likely — even remotely likely — to happen.”

  Behind the project is the Heritage Foundation, 16 February 1973, which over the years has become an increasingly influential think tank, central to the Reagan and GW Bush administrations, especially on foreign policy.

  It also appears to have been the initiator of “Affordable Health Care for All Americans” which turned into Obamacare. It has evidently become more politicized in recent years though flip flopped over Trump, describing him as “a clown” in 2015 and suggested he was unfit to serve another term in 2020. But they have form for shifting allegiances when opportunistic.

The Heritage Foundation chart has an Aquarius Sun Venus trine Uranus so will be reformist in outlook. There is a ‘wish for a better society’ from Saturn opposition Neptune and also a ruthless Mars square Pluto.

  It looks to be powering ahead through this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Jupiter but high hopes of success will be deflated by SA Neptune conjunct Jupiter, exact in late summer 2024. And it will run into a catastrophic phase of setbacks and disappointments come 2026/27 with tr Neptune Saturn opposition their Pluto and square Mars, at the same time as SA Pluto squares the Sun. Nothing that looks like progress with their project.

 Their blueprint document on Project 2025 was published on 21 April 2023 which has a Sun conjunct North Node in Taurus square Pluto. It is not too informative though like the Heritage Foundation it could forge ahead with high hopes this year with tr Pluto square the Sun/Jupiter midpoint and then run into an uphill battle in 2024/25.

6 thoughts on “Project 2025 – dismantling democracy

  1. I agree with your analysis, Marjorie. I think it’s highly unlikely such a ridiculous Reactionary overreach of a plot takes root at this late stage of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. In fact, with Pluto having already dipped into Aquarius, all of Capricorn’s Conservative projects have run out of runway to get off the ground. It’s a bit like Pluto being Void of Course, actually. Anything borne of Capricorn Pluto power at this stage—including Trump’s re-vengeance tour—will come to naught. With 3 outer planets changing signs that year, the world of 2025 will be of a very different energy than where we have been for the last several years.

  2. The Heritage Foundation used to be conventionally conservative, being the home of reasonable conservative writers like Norm Ornstein. But under GW Bush it moved hard right under the leadership of former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who left the Senate to take it over. Now it’s totally captive to the Trumpers and eager to reinstall him and authoritarianism. Quite a journey to the far right.

    It’s so encouraging to see that astrologically they look to have little future success in imposing their agenda on the country. Thanks, Marjorie!

  3. @marjorie.. Thanks very much for this post.
    it’s somewhat encouraging. It will be interesting to see what will happen
    when the USA Mars, in mid 2024, has the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Mars, which does suggest a considerable setback – or disaster/accident as mentioned in your post of August 2, which I suspect will have something to do with everything that is surrounding the 2024 election.

  4. Their rhetoric sounds not dissimilar to that of Liz Truss and her cohort.

    It is interesting that while the mood music in the EU is moving to the right, it is not the same kind of “right”.

    The swing is more social conservatism driven by immigration, while still remaining relatively middle of the road to even left (by American standards) in economic terms.

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