Jeffrey Epstein – fighting against the Goliaths ++ JP Morgan Chase and Virgin Islands

The sordid Epstein saga is now into season two with two of America’s biggest banks, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, accused of enabling Epstein’s years of abuse. The latest allegations focus on two titans of Wall Street, long-term friends and business associates of Epstein, Jes Staley (former JP Morgan, then CEO Barclays, resigned over Epstein associations in 2021) and Leon Black – denials all round. And nine months ago the US Virgin Islands launched a second legal case claiming $190 million in damages from JP Morgan on the basis that the bank “knowingly, negligently and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise”. The Virgin Islands’ attorney general who filed this last suit, Denise George, was summarily fired four days later.  Sigh.

  Epstein would entertain the rich and famous on his island, flying women and girls over from Florida on his plane, the “Lolita Express”. The girls who were brought here, many of them teenagers bought and trafficked from eastern Europe, were raped and assaulted; if they tried to escape, he took their passports away. Epstein moved his estate to the Virgin Islands before his death to shield the estate from financial claims from victims who were already lining up.

   The seamy underside of great wealth is a descent into the darker corners of Pluto’s underworld.

   The intriguing question is – will there be a season three, exposing the famous names who allegedly visited Epstein’s homes and were either willingly or honey-trapped into compromising situations.

  Epstein may have died four years ago but his malevolent spirit lives on haunting quite a few lives and not just his victims. Born 20 January 1953, NY, he had a zero degree Aquarius Sun which is being ground down by tr Pluto conjunct in 2023/24 and upended by tr Uranus square the Pluto now into early 2024 over the bank lawsuits. 

  Charts do live on including relationship charts, which need not be absolute proof in this instance of future turmoil, let alone exposure but it could very well be. So who is Epstein’s malevolent spirit going to be haunting – in private or in public?

  The Jes Staley (27 Dec 1956)/Epstein relationship chart has two fated yods indicating an association which would change both their lives irrevocably and then some! The focal point Mars in Pisces inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto is being undermined by tr Neptune in 2024/25 and this year does not look like fun either with devastating challenges from tr Pluto on the composite Venus and Neptune. The other with a focal point Pluto to Mars sextile Venus is on high emotional alert this year and worse in 2024/25.

  Bill Clinton looks uncertain and uptight this year with swampy Neptunian influences to his relationship chart with Epstein in 2023 to 2025 and beyond. Ditto his relationship with the imprisoned Ghislaine Maxwell – under grinding and discouraging pressure this year and through a turbulent 2024.

   Much the same timeline appears on Bill Gates/Epstein’s relationship chart with tr Neptune square the composite Mars and tr Uranus square the Pluto in 2024.

  Donald Trump has always looked more uneasy about Ghislaine Maxwell than with Epstein. The DT/Max relationship chart has an unpleasant yod of Pluto sextile Mars inconjunct Sun which  is being aggravated this year, with similar timelines to the above through 2024.

  Prince Andrew, who gets a passing mention in today’s Sunday Times piece about the Virgin Islands (fired) AG as having been seen in the Epstein residence with one of the girls, is facing more anxiety vis a vis his unsavoury Epstein relationship  with an upset exactly now, a devastating 2024/25 and more turmoil in 2025.  Ditto with Ghislaine Maxwell.

  None of them looks like escaping the toxic cloud anytime soon – with Uranus at 25 degrees Taurus and Neptune at 28 degrees Pisces – April/June 2024 onwards – being recurring hot spots on several of the above charts.

  Watch and hope for transparency.

 [What on earth is going through King Charles’ head in semi-rehabilitating his errant brother. There was always going to be more emerging financially and otherwise and it risks damaging the throne. He should listen to the Prince of Wales.]

ADD ON: This week JP Morgan Chase agreed to pay $75mn to settle claims from the US Virgin Islands that it had helped Epstein’s human-trafficking operation at his home in the territory. Tuesday’s settlement with the USVI is nowhere near as large, nor as damaging to the bank as it could have been. The $75mn is less than half the $190mn the island government sought. The deal comes after the bank fought back aggressively in court, claiming that “the entity that . . . most actively facilitated and benefited from Epstein’s continued criminal activity was . . . the USVI government itself”.

Hmm, wonder if there will be any justice on that latter score. Doubt it.

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  1. There have been past rumours that Epstein was in some way involved with Mossad. But it seems to extend to involvement with very rich and influential globalists who aren’t above putting pressure on ex presidents when it comes to presenting humanitarian awards to those that commit genocide.

  2. Apparently JP Morgan Chase is also in trouble now over not recording the mortgage they extended to Trump for his purchase of Mar-a-Lago. Banks are required by law to do so with the state agency. All because Trump wanted to brag that he paid cash for the property.

  3. There are some very powerful people alleged to have consorted with underage girls, very possibly covertly filmed by Epstein and Maxwell in what is widely believed to have been a kompromat operation. Good luck getting any of them in front of a judge and jury. If that’s not Plutocratic depravity at work I don’t know what is.

  4. Thanks Marjorie for these composites – yet another way of looking at the seemingly eternal nest of vipers. I read the Sunday Times magazine piece, and am very impressed by the Virgin Islands’ Denise George’s brave and meticulous work. The forensic accounting route may be the way to unravel some of this.

    One thing I thought about is the annular Solar Eclipse on 14th October at 21 legal Libra, plus the total Solar Eclipse on 8th April, 2024 at 19 warrior Aries. Both are so-called ‘American’ eclipses, visible right across N America. Their paths cross in Texas. The visibility of these eclipses in the US may mean they are more intense in their effects. They both aspect the US natal Chiron at 20 Aries. If Chiron is a catalyst, as well as being interpreted as a ‘wound’, then potentially these eclipses would activate that.

    Of possible eclipse activation interest is:

    Trump/Maxwell composite Nodes at 19 Cancer/Capricorn, and BML conjunct Neptune at 23-4 Libra, square Uranus 24 Cancer.
    Epstein’s natal Neptune 23 Libra square Mercury 21 Capricorn – slippery ambitions? – connects with that composite, or haunts it! I think both eclipses are relevant to those degrees.
    The Epstein/Staley composite has echoes too – with Jupiter 21 Cancer and Mercury 23 Capricorn.

    And in other ‘hauntings’ it’s interesting to see powerful financier J P Morgan himself, 17th April 1837, had Venus 18 Aries, conjunct Pluto 15 Aries. His Sun, 27 Aries with Mercury 29 Aries, also aspects the US natal Pluto/Mercury opposition that’s been so prominent in recent years. He was a firm believer in astrology.

    • And just to add – the October and April Solar Eclipses are visible from New Mexico, location of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, and alleged location for many other incidents of abuse. Prince Andrew stayed at the ranch at one point. His own natal MC is 22 Aries, so October and April’s eclipses activate his MC/IC axis which could be significant for his choices in the near future.

    • @Jane, oh …….! I have been so focussed reading about the US’ Pluto Return that I didn’t realise it is experiencing its Chiron Return too? Penny just dropped reading your comment. Excuse me for being slow… 🙂

  5. While Epstein (quite correctly) is at the centre of all this, I have often wondered if Ghislaine Maxwell will be the catalyst for some form of emerging truth. I’m not clear on how the US legal system ultimately works, but I am sure GM is entirely unsuited to being locked away for the rest of her life and will ultimately try to find a way out of her long sentence. I wonder, as well, whether deep down (being a daddy’s girl) she holds some of her father’s left wing political views. If she does, she might well decide to put the truth about Trump & Epstein into the public domain, in an attempt to finally derail his 2024 chances.

    • @Ken
      Maxwell won’t serve her full sentence.
      She was transferred from that horrible federal prison in either NY or DC to a lower security prison camp in Florida a few months into her imprisonment .
      I think she either works into the library or teaches yoga so she is biding her time until she released early.

      • @Roderick, unless she somehow gets a reduction in sentence, resentencing or clemency, my understanding is that federal sentencing allows a reduction of about 54 days per year served, if inmates are model prisoners.

  6. I’m angry. Why has the press not exposed the names of those that frequented Epsteins island yet C4 and The Times expose Brand in the blink of an eyelid. The press know but are either complicit or terrified. Spineless jellyfish!

    • They have dripped a couple if you have been paying attention:
      Bill Clinton
      Larry Summers (Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary)
      Bill Gates
      Prince Andrew

    • Si – this is a very different story, taking place at a very different level of society. It is international, and involves huge sums of money too. You might find an article “The Talented Mr Epstein” interesting. 1st March, 2003, in Vanity Fair – free to read online. You’ll see how it drops hints, as well as detailing some of the highly complex financial shenanigans, and high-level contacts involved in his life. Obviously, we cannot say that any of those people mentioned in this article were involved with his private life. It is likely, too, that the many trips to the island were designed for specific purposes, and some may have simply been intended for strictly financial business purposes.

  7. It is all such a murky swamp. Even if Pluto clears the drains with this lot (which is doubtful with their influence), the next generation of influential billionaires and politicians bring their own equally grim dealings. Can anyone lighten my mood by highlighting someone who uses their money/influence for good, or can these two things simply not be true at the same time? Power corrupts etc..

  8. I did wonder at Charles welcoming Andrew back into the fold – but wondered if the reason for this was Fergie’s breast cancer diagnosis. She does appear to be his only support system and (somewhat misguided) champion and will obviously have more urgent priorities during her period of treatment and rehabilitation than propping him up.

  9. Concerning the Jes Staley /Epstein relationship chart, what about the yod where Pluton is the focal point in Leo , inconjunct Mars sextile Venus? Won’t it be undermined by the transits of both Pluton (rather soon) and Neptune?

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