Libra Ingress – wreathed in a Neptunian smokescreen

   The Sun moves into Libra today, the third Cardinal Ingress of the year, regarded by some traditional astrologers as the key ingress of the year.

  How useful they are for guidance is disputed but for ingress fans here are three different locations to check out as events unfold.

  Set for Delhi, India the Libra Sun is at the midheaven, giving India prominence although the Sun opposes Neptune conjunct the IC, hinting that domestic issues may undermine their glittering moment. An ambitious 10th house Mars is sextile an 8th house Venus and inconjunct Jupiter so there will be no shortage of confidence or financial ambition. Pluto in the 2nd hints at a driving need to stay in control of money matters.

  Set for Washington, DC, it puts the Libra Sun in the communicative 3rd opposition a 9th house Neptune pointing to confusion in international affairs. Jupiter and Uranus in the 10th look successful with changes being pushed through. Arguments are likely with a 3rd house Mars and some financial restraints with an 8th house Saturn.

 Set for London, UK, a hidden 12th house Sun and a mutinous 4th house Pluto suggest that anchors will continue to drag despite a pro-active and noisy 1st house Mars.  And 8th house Jupiter Uranus could suggest better financial news and positive changes.

  But as I say hit and miss results from Ingress charts.  Eclipse charts are more descriptive usually – to follow in coming days.  

5 thoughts on “Libra Ingress – wreathed in a Neptunian smokescreen

  1. I agree, these are a bit hit or miss, but I see a major point of interest in this particular chart that’s not present on most: Libra Sun square Capricorn Moon. As a Libra Sun/Capricorn Moon native I know how “hardcore” the combination can be. Hotspots would probably have this combination on axis or maybe conjunct National “markers”.

  2. U.K. 12th House Sun suggests more collective national navel gazing, though possibly hidden matters coming to light under the Suns rays. The ascendant is in Libra ruled by Venus and that planet is in Leo in the 11th House so it is in mutual reception to the Sun. Neptune in Pisces in the 6th will be influencing the Sun by opposition so health matters involving 12th House institutions such as hospitals are involved. The Sun can indicate leaders and authority but also the national identity, self image and will. The 11th House rules masses and groups among other things in Mundane Astrology. Venus is about beauty and harmony which is also chimes in with the Libran Sun.

    The planets on the angles are Mars in Libra in the 1st House and Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th House. Mars indicates potential conflicts and tensions impacting the whole nation. It is in the sign opposite to Aries so prevarication and dithering rather than decisive action may be the order of the day. Pluto in the 4th House suggests the common man and the foundations of the national home is quite literally being ground down. The government (Capricorn) will be communicating (3rd House) with the people (Moon in Detriment) in some way that will be impacting this process.

    Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in the 8th House of death and taxes. Uranus has links with individual and communal rebellion, shocks, upsets and innovations. Jupiter indicates the involvement of judges, bankers, the national wealth etc. Public money or the lack of it will probably be the issue with arguments over spending cuts or taxes.

    Mercury is in domicile and exalted in the 11th House in Virgo.

    The ascendant at 9 Libra is conjunct the fixed star Viendamatrix. It is of the nature of Saturn and Mercury as is associated with folly, falsity, stealing and witch-hunts. Mars at 17 Libra is conjunct fixed star Seginus, the reaper or harvester. Jupiter is conjunct fixed star Menkar at 14 Taurus which is associated with deceit, dishonesty and impoverishment. The Moon is conjunct fixed star Kaus Borealis at 6 Capricorn associated with a desire for humane ideas and justice.Venus is with orb of star Merak at 19 Leo which is prudent, distrustful, generally restrained but inclined to exact vengeance when crossed.

    • Wow – Hugh so revealing. Explains so much about my life when living in London & how different it is living O/S. Especially. key planets on the angles. I’m still grappling with Locational astrology. Do you have a website?

    • “Neptune in Pisces in the 6th will be influencing the Sun by opposition so health matters involving 12th House institutions such as hospitals are involved.”
      When I saw Marjorie’s chart, my first (and only) thought for the UK was exactly this; the NHS will be driving the agenda. So perhaps the consultants’ and junior doctors strikes will be hitting the public mood and the government hard.
      My reading of the Sun in the 12th and Neptune in the sixth is the highlight will be on mental health (12th hidden house) and drugs (Neptune in the sixth).
      For those outside the UK, the NHS is administered by each of the four nations/regions of the UK separately. So the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish NHSs are administered separately, by their own governments. The English NHS, being the largest (England is 87% of the UK’s population), is administered by the Westminster/national government.
      The consultants and junior doctors in England are currently striking, demanding a 35% payrise, at a time when almost all the rest of the public service has gotten only a 5% payrise. Much of the rest of the NHS staff (nurses, GPs, etc) were on strike earlier, but they accepted the 5-7% payrise earlier this year.
      Looking at the cost of medical care across the Pond, we are grateful for the NHS (it has been joked that the NHS is the closest the UK has to a national religion), but a nationalised health care has its pitfalls too.

    • “”
      This story seems to touch all the areas you covered in your analysis Hugh. Thanks for that.

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