Murdoch – the baton passes with trouble ahead

Rupert Murdoch has resigned and allegedly retired (though maybe not from backseat driving) to hand over Fox and News Corp to his son, Lachlan, a ruthless promoter of the right-wing zealots who made Fox a consummate money-spinner until recently. Lachlan takes over with defamation lawsuits over reporting of Trump’s 2020 election conspiracy theories likely costing Fox toe-curling amounts of money. One is a damages claim pending for $2.7bn and the whole imbroglio has left Fox’s reputation severely dented.

  Onlookers are uncertain whether he can hold the empire together. Murdoch senior structured the ownership of his companies in a four-way split amongst his children so sibling rivalry could bring down the edifice at some point. ‘Lachlan is Right-wing, while James and Elisabeth are more liberal. James wants to hold onto Fox News and turn it into a centrist “force for good”, while Elisabeth wants to sell it.’ All three might sell off the Times and Sunday Times and The Sun which don’t appear to interest them.

Lachlan, 8 September 1971 9pm (rectified) London is not a chip of the old titanium-spined block having a Virgo Sun and Venus with a nervy and overly-hopeful Saturn opposition Neptune Jupiter conjunction. He has an ideologically-fixed Air Grand Trine of Mars in ornery Aquarius conjunct North Node trine Saturn trine Uranus, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Neptune Jupiter making Neptune Jupiter the driving planets. Jup Nep as well as being wildly optimistic can also be scandal-prone due to the bearer’s instability. He also has a fixed Taurus Moon.

  This October’s Lunar Eclipse will catch his Moon, creating a crisis or two, and next October the Solar Eclipse in Libra will rattle up his Uranus. Not a smooth run in, for sure.

  Fox News, 7 October 1996, is in turmoil with tr Pluto conjunct the Uranus in 2023/24 and the October 2024 Solar Eclipse hitting its Libra Sun exactly which will bring a fork in its road ahead.

  News Corp, 5 October 1979, amongst whose assets are the Dow Jones & Company (publisher of The Wall Street Journal), News UK (publisher of The Sun and The Times), News Corp Australia, and book publisher HarperCollins, will run into serious setbacks almost immediately with SA Mars conjunct the Saturn within a few months and SA Saturn square the Mars in 2025. Both Solar Eclipses in 2024 will catch the News Corp Libra Sun, Pluto, Venus for upsets, financial and otherwise, and forced changes.

  The fall out between the squabbling siblings will be a spectacle in itself. See previous post 14 April 2023. James and Lachlan are at daggers drawn at the best of times with a composite Mars square Pluto in their composite chart – this year looks unsettled but 2025/26 will be when the real tug of war sets in.

  Ditto Elisabeth who has a bad tempered Mars Saturn conjunction in her relationship chart with Lachlan and nothing looks settled on that front for several years ahead.  Mind you her relationship with brother James, if anything, is worse and that is moving into a hostile swamp for two or three years ahead.

  Families. Not a good business mix.

Also see previous posts – 24 February 2023 and 11 December 2022.

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  1. Murdoch has helped to poison my mother’s brain and unleash her vicious racism— to the point of no return. He is perhaps the worst thing that has ever happened to the USA, in my opinion.

    • Read Marjorie’s Poland blog from earlier this month. It’s all Electioneering. As Zelensky said, “pure political theatre”. The grain question is a thorny one but Poland knows that its security also depends on Ukraine’s success.Wouldn’t take too much notice of the hollow threats. After the election they’ll all be friends again.

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