David Duke – embarrassing cheerleader



David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, is one of more than 20 candidates seeking a Senate seat in Louisiana. He is a white nationalist, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier and has been an outspoken supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has finally distanced himself from Duke, after appearing to fudge the issue recently. Duke pleaded guilty to tax fraud in 2002 and spent a year in federal prison. According to The New York Times: “Mr. Duke was accused of telling supporters that he was in financial straits, then misusing the money they sent him from 1993 to 1999….. for personal investments and gambling trips….”

Born 1 July 1950 11.37am in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he’s a Sun Uranus in Cancer square Mars Neptune in Libra and trine Jupiter in Pisces, so a maverick, publicity-hungry and confident. With (probably) an Aquarius Moon in an Air Grand Trine to Venus in Gemini trine Mars – ideologues often have a heavy Air emphasis and in his case it is an Air Water chart, so he won’t find it easy to find psychological balance, since he fluctuates between feelings and thoughts.

Mercifully he looks to be sinking in 2017 with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn; with confusion this month and across Oct/Nov as tr Pluto squares his Neptune. With worse in 2018 as his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Saturn. Though tr Jupiter crossing his Ascendant from this August will no doubt give him a confidence lift to step out into the spotlight briefly.

Germany – an angry, gloomy population

GermanyGe UK compGE EU comp


Germany is reeling from an epidemic of shootings and knifings by immigrants – nothing like as destructive, in terms of lives lost, as Kabul or Baghdad etc – but being closer to home it resonates more. It will pile yet more pressure on Angela Merkel’s open door policy.

What is pertinent about the Germany 1 Jan 1871 12 am chart is the Solar Arc Moon now within less than a degree of being conjunct the 12th house Mars which suggests a shocked and angry population; and in a year’s time the Solar Arc Moon squares the Germany Saturn – so a longish run of metaphorical collisions and setbacks, sparking heated responses and despair.

Tr Pluto is moving through the Germany 4th for another decade, bringing internal domestic tension and resentment. In addition tr Pluto is trine the Germany 8th house Pluto in 2016/17 which is more difficult to interpret since it’s a very subterranean shift, pulling away from an old approach to power and influence.

What will be worth looking out for is tr Pluto square the Germany 7th house Neptune at 19 Aries from March 2017 for two years. With tr Uranus square the 10th house Uranus from May 2017 till early 2018. The latter will bring a sharp change of direction. But the former suggests a longish phase of total confusion, mis-judgements and agitated questioning about one close relationship; and indeed about Germany’s commitment to committed relationships in general with other countries. Certainly the UK/Germany relationship chart is very fraught over the next three years. There’s a disappointing tr Saturn square tr Neptune in hard aspect to the composite Moon this year, trailing into next; with an insecure, bad-tempered tr Uranus square the composite Mars in Feb 2017; with 2018 being even more stressed with a trapped/enraged tr Pluto opposition Mars and tr Uranus opposition Saturn – so it’s not going to be an amicable split, not remotely.

Even the Germany/France relationship which has never been as mutually supportive as it appeared, is on edge in 2017 and explosive in 2018.

The Germany/EU relationship will meet its sternest test by 2018/19 as tr Uranus in Taurus starts to square the composite Venus, and then in 2019/2020 square Uranus, oppose Mars and then conjunct the Moon. With tr Saturn crossing the conjunction to the composite Sun during this phase of extreme strain, jolts and multiple aggravations  – and perhaps a debate about whether it’s all worth it.

Lloyds of London and UK banks – the high cost of divorce

Lloyd’s insurance market, is likely to be an early loser from the UK’s Brexit vote as insurers prepare to shift some of their operations out of the country, if, as seems likely, the UK loses passporting rights of direct access to the EU. One insider described the vote as “seismic” for the insurance market and two-thirds of people who work there thought Brexit would hurt or severely damage Lloyd’s.

The Lloyds London chart, 28 May 1871, certainly shows a massive setback at the moment with Solar Arc Pluto square Saturn, Solar Arc Sun square Uranus and Solar Arc Sun opposition Neptune which is a perfect storm of negativity and shocks. Tr Uranus will square Uranus and conjunct Neptune until April 2017 so the high-wire, strained and edgy mood will run on. And there’ll be worse in 2019/20/21 when tr Pluto opposes Uranus for a massive upheaval and makes a frustrated, trapped trine to Mars.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, 31 May 1727 JC (OS), looks shocked this year and next; is facing a meltdown in 2018; and much worse in 2019/20 with tr Pluto trine Mars and tr Neptune square the Sun.

Barclays Bank, 20 July 1896, is exhibiting much the same pattern – panic now and in 2017 from tr Saturn hitting on the Pluto Neptune in 2016/17; and tr Neptune following behind right through till 2020. 2019/2020 look horrific with Solar Arc Mars square Pluto and Solar Arc Saturn square Pluto.

Lloyds Bank, 3 June 1765, ditto ditto and ditto. Undermined in 2016/17 with tr Saturn opposing and tr Neptune square the Sun Venus; with a major collision of sorts in 2019/2020 as Solar Arc Mars square Venus Sun; and tr Pluto squares the Uranus.

HSBC, 2 January 1990, is ploughing through thick mud and discouraged till late 2016 with tr Pluto conjunct Saturn; and tr Neptune square Mars till early 2017. With a coach-crash of Solar Arc Mars conjunct Sun in 2020.

That may not all be Brexit, since the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019 will bring a recession, so could be other factors, though it won’t help.

Armenia – post-Soviet conflicts still loom large

SS 2nd termSSArmenia 1918Armenia 1991



Anti-government forces in Armenia who seized a police station, demanding the release of their leader imprisoned for possessing weapons and allegedly planning a coup, have released their final hostages but remain inside. President Serzh Sargsyan has been criticised over his handling of a conflict involving the ethnic Armenian majority in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. A bloody war erupted after the end of Soviet rule in 1988, and there has been frequent unrest since.

Serzh Sargsyan, 30 June 1954, was elected for his second term and sworn in on 9 April 2013. His presidency chart is volatile and risky with a Sun Mars Venus in Aries picking up the tr Uranus (and Eris) conjunction until April 2017. It was always going to be a high-stress term with two Yods of Jupiter sextile Uranus inconjunct Saturn, and Saturn sextile Pluto inconjunct Jupiter – so requiring maturity, practicality and humility for it to work. Tr Neptune is also square the Presidency Jupiter through 2017 which will bring disappointment and perhaps financial problems.

He’s a Sun Jupiter (Moon) in Cancer opposition Mars in Capricorn and trine Saturn in Scorpio; with Uranus Mercury also in Cancer square Neptune – so a gambler, risk-taker, adventurous, stubborn and quite fanatical as well as evasive at times. Solar Arc Pluto is squaring his Uranus about now causing a significant upheaval in his life; with a highly strung and impulsive tr Uranus square Uranus and opposition Neptune through 2016 till almost mid 2017.

Armenia has had a complicated history but the two dates which seem sound are 28 May 1918 and 21 September 1991. The 1918 charts shows high uncertainty in 2017; and a panicky sense of failure in 2020 when tr Neptune opposes its Mars and squares Jupiter.

The 1991 chart for post-Soviet Armenia has been through a highly challenging few years with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on its Mars in Libra square Uranus Neptune Node in Capricorn – those influences are nearly coming to a finish, with the exception of tr Pluto conjunct the Node till late 2017 and tr Pluto trine Mercury and sextile Pluto till late 2018 – so pressures and conflicted discussions will continue; with a major jolt in 2018 from Solar Arc Uranus square Saturn. Though there should be good news in 2017 with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Sun.

Greg Louganis – a Neptunian victor



Greg Louganis has a life story that is a real triumph of determination over adversity. Born 29 January 1960 in California, to a Samoan father and American mother, he was adopted as a baby, ended up with a physically abusive, adoptive father, was bullied because of his mixed race, was raped as a teenager and became the greatest diver of all time, winning golds at two consecutive Olympics in ‘84 and ‘88. Just before Seoul in 1988 he was diagnosed with HIV, went onto heavy medication and still won despite banging and gashing his head on the board in the preliminary rounds. He came out as gay in the 1990s and lost all of his sponsorships apart from Speedo – and is still alive and fit nearly 30 years on.

He’s a Sun Aquarius in a close square to Neptune, which often turns up in athletes’ charts, belying Neptune’s reputation as vague and low energy. His Uranus is in an adventurous trine to Jupiter in enthusiastic Sagittarius; with Jupiter semi-square the Sun. He’s also got a truly difficult Pluto trine Venus Mars Saturn in Capricorn – a deprived, cruel childhood, which left its scars, but toughened him up.

His Sun is square his ultra-determined and ill-treated Mars/Pluto midpoint and his bleak/deprived Saturn/Pluto, both of which also aspect his Neptune and Jupiter. So quite a mix of hardship and luck.

When he was diagnosed with HIV in 1988, his Solar Arc Saturn Mars were conjunct his Sun Mercury, so a time of huge stress and shock, when he thought he was going to die. Tr Uranus was also conjunct his Sun and Mercury. But despite that six months later he went on to sweep the boards of medals.

Tim Kaine – a middle-of-the-road Hillary helpmate



TKHC TK synHC TK com elec



Tim Kaine, a centrist senator from Virginia, a fluent Spanish speaker who opposes abortion but supports abortion rights, is pro-trade and has never lost an election – has been chosen as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. He describes himself as boring and HC says he’s the eternal optimist.

Born Feb 26 1958 7.59am St Paul, in Minnesota, he has a 12th house Sun Mercury in Pisces opposition a hard-working 6th house Pluto and trine an upbeat, sociable 7th house Jupiter Neptune North Node in Scorpio – so controlled, enthusiastic, content to work behind the scenes but also good at diplomatic glad-handing. His Jupiter Neptune Node is on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to a friendly 11th house Venus in Aquarius opposition Uranus – so idealistic and upbeat. Such a Fixed Jupiter can be philanthropic and an enlightened political spokesman, though it can also suffer from Jupiter’s downside of impracticality especially tied into Neptune. His ambitious, pragmatic Mars in Capricorn is in his 10th, not much aspected.

His Gemini Moon is on the point of a Yod to Neptune sextile a Capricorn MC, which, at best, means he has the capacity to soothe others. His Pluto is on the focal point of another Yod to Venus sextile his Aries Asc which can bring high-level authority and organizational control. It’s downside is a tendency to manipulate.

His Jupiter Neptune is conjunct HC’s 12th house Scorpio Sun which makes for a good morale-boosting duo with his Venus square her Sun which is also sociable. There will be differences of approach since his Uranus squares her Sun and his Saturn in Sagittarius opposes her Uranus – so on some issues he’ll be more reformist and on others less so. His Pluto is conjunct her MC (8.01am birth time being sound) – which can make for an influential couple though it could descend into power-struggling along the way if he tries to exert control.

His Moon is in her 7th, his Sun conjunct her IC which should both be reassuring for HC.

HC’s Sun falls in his 7th, which is good for a partnership, her Pisces Moon falls in his 12th, in the same sign though not conjunct his Sun – good for behind-the-scenes contacts. Her MC is trine his MC – so supportive careers.

Their relationship chart has an emotionally close, complementary, composite Venus trine Pluto; with a pro-active Sun sextile Mars. There’s a more problematic Neptune Saturn maybe opposition Moon square Uranus but that could get soaked up in managing crises if they happen to get to the White House.

Barack Obama’s relationship chart with Joe Biden wasn’t ideal, though JB’s Sun Venus are conjunct BO’s MC with JB’s Jupiter trine BO’s MC as well.

There’s nothing much of help on Kaine’s birth chart apart from a mildly successful tr Jupiter sextile his Sun/Mars in the days before the election. He looks exceptionally pressured in December with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars in Capricorn, which runs on through 2017; and he’s less than delirious over coming months with the tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on his Mars/Node and Mars/Neptune midpoints right through till February 2017. But the relationship chart with HC does have a helpful, morale-boosting tr Pluto sextile Jupiter over the election which looks successful. Tr Saturn is heading upwards in his chart through his 9th, reaching his MC by 2018 when he’ll hit his peak for seven years thereafter. With tr Jupiter going through his 7th for the next year and his Progressed Moon going through his 5th for the next two plus years, he looks in for an enjoyable, sociable time. His Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct his MC by mid 2019, so he could be aiming for the next Presidential round in 2020.


Saturn Neptune plus Uranus Pluto plus Eris plus Algol – a toxic brew

When bad things happen – significant life-changing events – there are usually several different astrological influences in place all pointing in the same direction. So they build up a critical mass (so to speak) which forces/accompanies a radical shift.

At the moment, we are on the wearisome last lap of several years of the disruptive, collapsing-old-structures, Uranus Pluto. There’s also tr Uranus conjunct Eris in 2016/early 2017, bringing discord, vengefulness and melancholy; plus destructive Algol this month opposing Mars on one leg of an explosive Yod to Uranus (and Jupiter).

Just to add volatility to the mix this year, there is the Saturn Neptune square. At its most negative, Neptune dissolves Saturn’s yearning for security and stability. So common sense flies out of the window and conspiracy theories and paranoia take hold. What used to feel like solid ground, turns into a swamp, so there are no secure footholds. Boundaries and limits, which are Saturn’s building blocks and necessary to maintain functioning daily life, get blurred, eroded and in some cases disappear altogether. The crucial separation between sanity and madness, the unconscious and conscious mind begins to feel less clear cut.

From an observer point of view, it induces panic. And it also, more crucially, tips over the edge those whose mental balance was already fragile. Without the other influences, their psychological implosion could just turn out to be a personal tragedy, not one affecting the wider world. But their anger and sense of victimhood (which paranoia always brings), has been offered an outlet by previous atrocities. There’s a well-known psychological phenomenon of infectious mimicking of behaviours – mass hallucinations etc. In this case suicidal loners with an aggressive grievance against the world they blame for their woes (sometimes justifiably), act out their rage. Often what they hate most of all are the happy, seemingly have-it-all people – it makes their misery all the more unbearable.

Interestingly the 1999 Columbine school shootings also happened on a Neptune Saturn square – Sun Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio square Neptune.

So there’ll be no one astro-signature for what’s going on – more like a chemical mix of several volatile influences brewing up a toxic result.

What catches the headlines are the negative outcomes of these powerful influences. Like all energies they have a positive terminal as well.

Uranus Pluto is disruptive, revolutionary and rocks the status quo violently, but the impetus is towards putting better structures in place – if the transition can be managed from the old being uprooted to the new being planted. The phoenix can only arise from ashes.

Neptune Saturn, at best, is the hope for a better, fairer society with women and workers’ rights coming to the fore. It is also highly creative and artistic if Saturn’s work ethic and sense of structure is put behind Neptune’s vision. Inspiration needn’t stay as a dream. It can be made real.

Eris is clever, good at motivating the lazy and the hopeless into forward gear. If others have what you lack and want, then go get it for yourself.

Even Algol, the Demon star, has a purpose beyond nihilistic destruction. It forces us to face suffering and horror and not brush it aside, so it jolts us out of our comfort zone (first world problem). Algol was associated with Medusa’s decapitated head which turned anyone who looked at it to stone. But when she was beheaded, Pegasus, the spirit of creativity, was set free.

So however way-out it may sound, some things are struggling to be born. Instead of fragmenting in Uranus Pluto’s anarchic chaos or drowning in Saturn Neptune’s watery depths, it will be possible to use the influences as a springboard into a different future. Don’t ask me how. Hang on to Saturn’s down-to-earthness; Pluto’s influence and power; Neptune’s kindness and idealism; Uranus’s trail-blazing spirit.

Trump and Clinton Juniors – helping the family cause




The Trump juniors have been on display through their father’s convention and Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Democratic one.

Ivanka Trump, 30 Oct 1981, New York, is an intense Sun Scorpio sextile a hard-working, pro-active Mars in Virgo, with a super-confident and determined Jupiter Pluto Mercury Saturn in Libra sextile a lively Venus Neptune in Sagittarius, with a fiery Sagittarius Moon probably square Mars. With her Mars also square Uranus – definitely go-ahead, a risk-taker, attracted to excitement. She’s very much on the up and up in 2017 though not until April when tr Uranus opposes her Jupiter Pluto. She’s got a tough tr Pluto square her Saturn up to and across the election and some less than wonderful transits to midpoints right through to the end of January 2017.

Donald Trump Jnr, 31 Dec 1977, is a charming and ambitious Sun Venus in Capricorn trine Saturn in Virgo, with Sun square Pluto and inconjunct Mars in Leo – a controlling father, though proud of his family and its wealth, stressed with anger issues from Mars.

He has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Moon, exact in two months’ time, which looks like a shock and strain; and also Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Mars now, so a surge of confidence and exuberance as he steps onto centre stage. He looks less than cheerful in the run up late Sept/Oct (but then neither does Hillary). He’s more upbeat from late November.

Tiffany Trump, 13 Oct 1993, like her elder sister is a Libra Scorpio mix, with a Sun Jupiter in Libra trine Saturn, and Mars Mercury conjunct and Pluto, all in Scorpio. Her Sun Jupiter square onto a highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Capricorn. She’ll be alternately charming, then sensible, then vengeful and given to odd whims. Her life will be changing radically from December onwards with tr Uranus opposition her Sun, then her Sun/Jupiter midpoint and finally opposition her Jupiter from next April. So whatever happens she’ll be in for lucky breaks and a confidence surge. She looks disconsolate in late Oct to early Nov; and over-stressed with Solar Arc Uranus square her Mars in three months, but upbeat again come December.

Chelsea Clinton, 27 Feb 1980 11.24pm Little Rock, Arkansas, is a private 4th house Sun Pisces opposition a lively and ambitious Mars Jupiter in Virgo in her 10th. Her Mercury in Pisces in the performing 5th will make her a good speaker, though it opposes Saturn and squares onto Neptune so she will be a worrier and vague as well. Her 9th house Leo Moon suggests she’ll live abroad at some point during her life.

She also looks stressed in the run up to the election with tricky midpoints till mid October. From late Oct she has tr Uranus opposition her Pluto and conjunct her Venus – so her life will change radically at that point, win or lose. She also has tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from mid Oct till late Nov which is definitely good news from her point of view.

Melania Trump – rooted and enduring; a chalk & cheese match

MTDT MT synMT DT comp



Melania Trump, born 26 April 1970 in Slovenia (old Yugoslavia), is incredibly different from her husband Donald. He’s Air Fire and very Mutable – so like a hot air balloon and scattered. She very earthy and fixed – with a Sun Saturn in Taurus and Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, with Mercury Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo and a Capricorn Moon – a good business head probably, better than her husband’s. Her Venus in Taurus will suit her for her chosen career of jewellery design, especially since it is conjunct a lively Mars and opposition a showbizzy Neptune. Her Sun is on the focal point of a Yod, inconjunct Uranus and Neptune – so she’s highly strung and ambivalent about promoting herself, too much at times and too little at other, never feels she fits in.

Her Mercury Venus Mars are conjunct his Midheaven, so it’s a good career match and she’d be attracted to his status. Her Uranus is conjunct his Neptune so she’ll be more innovative about money and irritated by his vagueness/slipperiness on the topic.

Their relationship chart isn’t awash  with affection – a superficially sociable Venus trine Jupiter and maybe Venus opposition Moon; and a controlling composite Sun square Pluto. There is considerable pressure on their relationship in 2016/17 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, so stressful and argumentative. Though relief in September/early October with tr Uranus opposition the composite Jupiter. And some gloom over the election with tr Saturn opposition the composite Saturn –  that could be ‘a get-serious we’re in’ hint; or ‘a curses we lost’.

There’s nothing much on her chart which is helpful around election time, certainly high anxiety and tension in December; and some downers by 2018.  She seems quite happy to stay in seclusion so a First Lady role would probably give her a panic attack.