North Korea – the rhetoric ramps up again



After North Korea’s diplomatic triumph at the Winter Olympics, the jousting is back as the US administration redoubles its effort to starve Pyongyang of resources and force it to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Quite how Kim Jong Un will respond to Trump’s announcement of the “heaviest” ever set of U.S. sanctions against North Korea being imposed isn’t clear.

Observers say it may not make much difference, but Kim Jong Un’s leadership chart is showing significant upheaval over coming weeks as well as deadlock – with Solar Arc Uranus square the Pluto, exact in two months; and tr Saturn conjunct the 10th house Sun Pluto from this weekend to early March (returning twice again before the year end).

On the general astrology, mid March and April look the most fraught with tr Mars into Capricorn colliding with Saturn on April 2nd and Pluto in late April (on past experience perhaps triggering earlier). And the Aries Sun from late March makes hard aspects to Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus till mid April. It may not be North Korea but it will be edgy, risky and at least accident-prone.

The NK/USA relationship chart is on high alert in the final ten days of March and the first ten days of April with tr Uranus trine the composite Mars; and there’s a real battle of wills picking up at the same time running on and off till late 2019, so the pressure will stay on.

Mid April Kim Jong Un’s leadership chart will get a considerable jolt from tr Uranus opposition the Saturn, and that returns later in the year into early 2019.

On his astrocartography Trump does have his Mars Descendant line through western North Korea. If presidents go to war it is often around one of their Mars lines. GW Bush has his Mars MC through Afghanistan – and who’d have foreseen that as a war zone, pre 9/11?

Trump’s Mars MC line runs through Libya in North Africa and due south, as well as due north up through eastern Europe. And his Mars Ascendant runs through Washington, which will hopefully soak up most of his warrior spirit.

2 thoughts on “North Korea – the rhetoric ramps up again

  1. Should we (on the US west coast) start purchasing bottles of Potassium iodide…for phase 2 of the Trump “fire and fury” sanctions…which he insists would be “unfortunate for the world”? Nothing is ever his fault. This time, he may have gone too far.

    I’ve got my battery-operated vacuum tube radio…just in case.

  2. Trump is also being fueled from the gun control debate…all that patriotic nonsense has to vent onto someone or something.

    Pay the teachers to police the schools! It’s a damn shame.

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