Sridevi – Bollywood in mourning



Sridevi, the Bollywood superstar has died suddenly aged 54. She appeared in almost 300 films over five decades and was considered one of the few Indian female stars capable of box office success without the support of a male hero.

Born 13 August 1963 in Madras at 5,30am (unverified), she started acting aged four, working in five local languages. Her screen image was a glamorous one, but her private life, relentlessly exposed in gossip columns, ‘spoke of her lack of conversational abilities, her romantic liaisons and heartbreaks as well as her bouts of cosmetic surgery.’

She was a charming and flamboyant Sun, Venus, Ascendant in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune (Lilith) opposition MC with a 10th house Taurus Moon – so the birth time looks feasible. A 7th house Saturn does suggest a hard struggle to find a supportive partner in life; and a 10th house Moon is well-designed for a public career, with much nourishment from her audience. Her filmic Neptune was also heavily aspected. Her Sun Venus were in a high-fashion, glamourous trine to Jupiter in Aries.

She was exactly on a Progressed Moon Return when she died, pushing her back into the spotlight of publicity. Tr Pluto was already in her 6th house of health, with tr Saturn heading for the cusp. Her Solar Arc Mars was due to square her Uranus in 2019, which is often a heart signature, though usually in older people. Tr Neptune was undermining two of her midpoints as well this year – Sun/Mars and Mars/Saturn.

Her superstar 22nd harmonic was confident and successful; as well as her 11H. As were her 5H, 7H, 11H and 13H – so a talented lady.

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  1. Hi Majorie

    When you mention that she was “on a Progressed Moon Return” when she died what does that mean? Was it always going to be the case that she was to depart at 54? Or was it a case of the planets being re-aligned as they were, that hastened her departure? Some form of divine intervention?

  2. Do you see any foul play regarding her demise? Apparently, her husband showed up that day to surprise her and she was in the bathroom getting ready for her dinner/evening with her husband. The bathroom door was locked and her husband had to force it open when she did not come out after he knocked on the door? Why would she lock the bathroom door. Cecilia

    • The birth time is questionable. The only thing in addition to what’s above is that Lilith is exactly conjunct her natal Neptune, ruling her 8th house of death – so water might make sense, especially since her Neptune on this birth time is conjunct her IC and heavily aspected by Sun Venus and Saturn – so her strongest planet.

  3. I loved her. I grew up watching SriDevi. She was so talented and charismatic like no other. I feel like a part of my childhood died today. Do you think her stepson Arjun Kapoor will step up and take care of his half sisters?

  4. A beautiful woman. Venus-Neptune hard aspects can be taxing – a never ending cycle of disillusionment and disappointment when it comes to relationships.

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