Julian Assange – London his worst nightmare

Just a brief reprise on Julian Assange, since search is still not in place. His chart relocated to London has a trapped, powerless Pluto conjunct the IC in the 4th with restless Uranus also in the 4th; an enraged frustrated Mars in the 8th, which will stop him being pro-active; and a hidden Cancer Sun. Not the most sensible place to choose as an escape.

Matt LeBlanc – new speedfreak friend

Actor Matt LeBlanc of ‘Friends’ fame is to co-host Top Gear with Chris Evans when it returns in May. He says he’s amazed at the reaction.

Born 25 July 1967 4.18 am Newton, Massachusetts, he has a 1st house Leo Sun and Jupiter in Leo in the 2nd, so well-designed as an entertainer; lucky and extravagant with money.

He’s also got a Water Grand Trine of a Pisces Moon trine a 5th house Neptune trine Mercury on his Cancer Ascendant; formed into a Kite by Moon opposition Venus Pluto Uranus in Virgo – so creative, talented, self-protective; and very much of the chaotic and innovative Uranus Pluto generation.  He’s also got a well-organised Saturn in self-reliant Aries in his 10th so executive ability as well.

His relationship chart with Chris Evans, 1 April 1966 no birth time, is positive with probably a composite New Moon opposition Venus, sextile/trine Saturn – so good complementarity, friendliness and stability.  Plus an adventurous Mars opposition Jupiter.

Though their synastry does raise a few questions. Evans’ Sun Mars in Aries is conjunct LeBlanc’s Saturn so Evans’ impetuous approach may not sit that comfortably. But both are of the Uranus Pluto conjunction generation so will understand each other. L’s Jupiter is probably conjunct E’s Leo Moon which will help.

This year doesn’t look that easy for LeBlanc with his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Pluto, exact as the show launches which is very pressured. Another very challenging influence picks up from late March – tr Pluto trine his Sun/Mars; and there’s an accident prone tr Uranus square his Mars/Saturn in May, repeating on and off till 2017. Plus a career-loss tr Neptune square Jupiter/Saturn in June.

Roosh V – neo-masculine rants – Yod focal point Mars

Roosh V (Daryush Valizadeh), the neo-masculinist activist has cancelled meetings since he says he can no longer protect the safety or privacy of men who might attend.

An American-born Muslim of Armenian-Iranian parents he is for traditional masculine dominance, against female promiscuity and had some barmy idea about legalising rape (in order the stop it, he said ??) His website ReturnofKings bans homosexuals and women from commenting.

Born 14 June 1979 he’s a Sun Gemini opposition Neptune and trine Pluto and possibly trine an Aquarius Moon.  Both Aquarius and Gemini enjoy making outrageous statements to shock others and amuse themselves. Neptune and Pluto in aspect to the Sun gives power to a vision.

What really motivates him though is almost certainly a Yod onto Mars in Taurus from the Neptune Pluto sextile. An afflicted Mars in Taurus gives rise to sexual jealousy and possessive and an obsession for acquiring money.

A Yod focal point Mars is rash, reckless, self-defeating, aggressive and out of balance where sexual tensions are concerned. Very self-willed.

Heaven help any poor wife who got anchored to him.

Karen Carpenter remembered – the unloved child


Tragic singer Karen Carpenter died from anorexia 33 years ago today. She had a wonderfully lyrical voice which was really the success factor in the Carpenters, the duo with her brother Richard. They were one of the biggest selling musical acts in the 1970s and early 80s with middle-of-the-road melodies.

Her biographer said her problem was she felt unloved by her mother, whose favourite was Richard, and her self-esteem was low.

Born 2 March 1950 11.45am New Haven, Connecticut, she had a 10th house musical Pisces Sun conjunct MC, so her identity would be very wrapped up in her mother’s ambitions. Her Sun was also opposition Saturn in Virgo in the 10th, making for a chilly childhood. She also interestingly had Uranus on her Cancer Ascendant, so arguably her body/image was her one way of stamping her individuality. She also had a Moon Pluto in Leo opposition Jupiter Mercury in Aquarius – so a possessive mother, from whom she found it difficult to separate.

Her mother, Agnes, born 5 March 1915, was a Sun Jupiter in Pisces which fell in Karen’s 10th, so she no doubt revelled in her success at some level. But her tough, bleak Saturn in Gemini conjunct Pluto in Cancer sat on Karen’s Ascendant so the effect would be to crush K’s efforts to free herself. The mother’s Saturn Pluto is also trine Mars in Aquarius which is a pretty unpleasant combination.

Agnes’s relationship chart with Richard was affectionate, even joyous with a composite Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter conjunction. Whereas Agnes’s relationship chart with Karen had a composite Sun square Mars and Sun opposition Neptune – so argumentative and undermining; with a cold Saturn opposition Venus.  It’s always damaging when one child is favoured by – or has better chemistry with – a parent.

Julian Assange – questionmarks ahead

A UN panel, it is reported, will say the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is being “arbitrarily detained” in the UK. His passport was removed while he was out on bail facing extradition to Sweden for investigation on sexual assault charges. He escaped into asylum in the Ecuador embassy. What difference it will make isn’t clear, since it is unlikely to affect the UK legal position.

Born 3 July 1971 3pm Townsville, Australia, he does have tr Uranus moving to trine his MC soon (on this birth time) which does suggest a positive change of direction.

Tr Saturn is continuing down through his 1st house and indeed through his less successful first quadrant for almost six years ahead. So he will tend to sink out of sight.

There’s nothing much showing on his chart until his Solar Arc Jupiter opposes his Sun late 2016 which will buck up his morale. Then 2017/18 he has the upbeat, confident tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint and the lucky-break tr Uranus opposing his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from mid 2017 on.  It seems unlikely in the present climate that Sweden will let the investigation drop and his relationship chart with Sweden is immensely stressed this year.

The Dreyfus Affair – state corruption and injustice

The trial and conviction which became the byword for injustice was that of Alfred Dreyfus in France in the 1890s. Robert Harris has written a compelling novel about the military and state corruption and anti-semitism which brought about Dreyfus’s inhumane imprisonment on Devil’s Island for a treason he did not commit. What became known as The Affair, nearly tore France apart with novelist Emile Zola at one point exasperatedly writing his J’Accuse polemic, naming army chiefs and politicians who had lied and then lied further to cover up. Were it not for the efforts of an army intelligence chief Marie-Georges Picquart, who was sidelined for his whistleblowing and sent on a suicide mission to shut him up, Dreyfus would have died. It took 12 years to unravel the fiasco, which would not have happened but for newspaper and public pressure.

Dreyfus, 9 Oct 1859 3pm Mulhouse, France had an 8th house Sun Mercury Venus in Libra square Jupiter in Cancer; and an 8th house Mars in Virgo opposition Moon Neptune in Pisces – so very intense, quite fated, and designed to generate publicity with Mars Neptune. He also had Saturn in Leo opposition a North Node in Aquarius – so at odds with the conventional zeitgeist or at least the authoritarian custodians thereof.

The tr Neptune Pluto conjunction in Gemini, associated with scandal, deception and a tendency to megalomania amongst rulers, covered this period. It was going through Dreyfus’s 4th house during his five year on the unhealthy South American penal colony.

Picquart,6 Sept 1854 7pm Strasbourg, France, had a meticulous, hard-working Sun Mercury in Virgo opposition Moon Neptune in Pisces squaring onto Saturn in Gemini in the 3rd. So a worrier, fair-minded, keen on detail. Backing that up he had a relentlessly determined and courageous Mars in Scorpio opposition Pluto. The tr Neptune Pluto conjunction was moving through his 3rd house conjunct his Saturn as he embarked on his risky whistleblowing exercise.

Picquart didn’t especially like Dreyfus, but felt dragging the truth into the open was the only honourable course, no matter what it cost him.

Novelist and playwright, Emile Zola, 2 April 1840 11pm Paris, was a New Moon in Aries; with Moon Pluto Mars Mercury in Aries in his 5th – so intemperate, loved the spotlight and would be very go-ahead and impulsive. His J’Accuse earned him a libel suit.

Once the dust finally settled, after retrials, semi-apologies and obfuscations Dreyfus was pardoned, and fought in World War 1; Picquart became Minister for War.

Steven Avery – Making a Murderer – Mars Pluto

Making a Murderer is a Netflix TV series which is garnering praise and attention. It features the wrongful imprisonment of a Wisconsin man, Steven Avery, for sexual assault for which he served 19 years; and his subsequent incarceration for murder, which latter conviction is now up for appeal. If he is innocent of the murder, he is one unlucky man.

Born 9 July 1962 he’s a Sun Cancer in a Water Grand Trine to Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces; with possibly an Air Grand Trine as well of Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius maybe trine a Libra Moon. His Pluto opposes Jupiter and squares Mars.

A Water Air chart is a difficult balancing act between feelings and rational thinking. But what is significant is the Mars square Pluto which can bring intense frustrations in life. It can also bring a ruthless streak but it just as often operates on the submissive side, bringing situations where the individual feels totally powerless. His Saturn opposes a Leo North Node, which is the same aspect though reversed of Dreyfus (see D post).

His Sun oddly enough is the same degree of Cancer as Amanda Knox, accused and acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher who also has a Mars square Pluto.

Avery has a tough couple of years ahead with tr Pluto opposing his Sun; and some disappointments this year with tr Neptune conjunct and tr Saturn square his Jupiter.

Ted Cruz – stamina for the long haul

Ted Cruz, the junior Republican senator for Texas, a former lawyer and Tea Party favourite, though not popular amongst mainstream party members, beat Trump and Rubio in the Iowa caucuses, the first Hispanic ever to win there.

Born 22 December 1970 in Calgary, Canada, he has a zero degree Capricorn Sun square Pluto in last degree Virgo. He’s also got Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars Venus conjunct in Scorpio and opposition Jupiter in Scorpio as well. So controlling, hard-edged, stubborn, has endurance. His Pluto is in a successful sextile to Jupiter.  His Mercury in practical Capricorn is trine Saturn and square Uranus – so although realistic, he can be intemperate and outspoken as well.

No birth time doesn’t help. At the moment he has a tough-slog tr Pluto trine his Saturn which clearly isn’t doing him any harm. Then from late March a seductive and possibly popular tr Pluto sextile his Venus on and off through the rest of the year. He’ll have some downers, only to be expected in a marathon campaign as tr Saturn is conjunct his Sun/Jupiter and Sun/Neptune until the fall.

Mid March to early April sees a minor disaster with tr Uranus opposing his Mars/Pluto. But he’s had a couple of those last year so clearly not a terminal catastrophe. May also looks high risk and hugely pressured with tr Uranus square Saturn/Pluto. June will have its losses and moments of uncertainty as well.

His Solar Arc Jupiter is moving to the conjunction with his Mercury perhaps as soon as late this year which will be upbeat, though it could come through 2017, depending on birth time.

He declared his bid at midnight on 23 March 2015 with a usefully fiery chart – Sun Aries trine Saturn so well planned; Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus; which latter is widely conjunct Mars in Aries and both square Pluto. So a campaign which was always going to produce surprises, some ruthless manoeuvring, though is well planned and executed.

There’ll be a major jolt come late May when tr Uranus is exactly conjunct Mars.


Aung San Suu Kyi – Myanmar – a new, winding road ahead

Aung San Suu Kyi took her place in the swearing in session for the new Myanmar parliament after the first free elections in 50 years, in which her party scored a resounding 80% victory. It ends decades of military rule though the army still control key ministries and a quarter of the seats. So there’ll be concern about quite what follows.

She was born 19 June 1945 and is a Sun Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo; with a charming and highly determined Mars Venus in Taurus square Pluto.

She was a political prisoner on house arrest after winning the 1990 election until her release in 2010.

She’s had a tough, scary time in the past three years with the tr Pluto square tr Uranus in hard aspect to her Saturn in Cancer; as well as Solar Arc Mars conjunct her Saturn in 2014/15. So it would feel knife edge.

Even at the moment she has her Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Jupiter which will temper her enthusiasm with realism. Where she starts to forge ahead with more confidence and real success is from 2017 onwards as tr Pluto trines her Jupiter for two years.

The Burma 1 April 1937 12 am Rangoon chart definitely looks upbeat at the moment with Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct the Sun; and a relief-bringing tr Uranus square Jupiter from mid this year for twelve months.; and tr Uranus square Pluto in 2017 – so major changes.

But there is also anxiety, confusion, upheavals as the country attempts to make the transition away from a brutal and paternalistic junta into democracy. A panicky Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct Mars in 2017; a disruptive Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Pluto in 2018;and an uncertain Solar Arc Saturn square Neptune in 2019.

There are ongoing ethnic conflicts, especially with the marginalised Rohingya Muslims, described as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Thw new government chart, circa 9am 1 February 2016, is complicated. There a controlling Pluto sextile a ruthless Mars in Scorpio, and a confident trine to Jupiter. With Sun square Moon Mars; Saturn square Neptune on one side and square Jupiter on the other; plus the Uranus Pluto square. So argumentative, power blocs not giving way easily, will see saw between highs and lows.

Benoit Violier – world-class talent cut short

Chef Benoit Violier, whose Swiss restaurant was named the best in the world in December, has been found dead at his home in an apparent suicide. His death comes months after that of Philippe Rochat, his mentor and predecessor at the same restaurant, who fell ill while cycling. He seemed to have everything going for him though it is a hugely pressured world.

Born 22 August 1971, he was a charming Sun Venus in Leo square an enthusiastic Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. He also had an Air Grand Trine of Saturn in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra trine Mars North Node in Aquarius – so a thinker and communicator. His Moon and Mercury were in meticulous, anxiety-prone Virgo.

His Mercury was square his Mars/Pluto midpoint with Saturn square his Mercury and opposition Mars/Pluto – a good deal of mental strain from that.

His Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct his Sun, now which can be a shock. And his Solar Arc Mars was approaching an opposition to his Pluto as well as Solar Arc Pluto heading for a square to his Mars, not exactly now but the shadow would be looming. Both of these latter would be exceptionally challenging, putting him under enormous pressure.

What a waste and a shame.