Zuck’s dream universe – lost in the clouds ++ chief Twit ditto and ditto

Lost-in-cyberspace Mark Zuckerburg, so focused on the alternative Meta universe he forgot to pay attention to the economic realities of the here and now, has seen FB/Meta shares down 60% from the start of the year, wiping hundreds of billions off the company’s value. Profits have halved, investors and advertisers are pulling back but there’s no indication that Zuckerburg has woken up to face facts.  He’s writing it off as “near-term challenges” and looks to a strengthening in future though many investors fear the company has lost its way.

 The Eclipses are certainly trying to hammer home a message to Zuckerburg,  emphasising that changes need to be made. Whether his four Scorpio and two Taurus planets are capable of listening is another matter. The Solar Eclipse was conjunct his Pluto  which poses a choice between transformation on the one hand and decay/stagnation on the other. Continuing as before won’t be a good idea. The Lunar Eclipse in early November will rattle up his financial/acquisitive Venus in Taurus denting his image, making him feel unloved, and creating emotional upsets. Plus it also hits his congregation of Saturn, Moon and Mars in Scorpio – a bad- tempered time when mistakes boomerang and come home to roost. Plus the ratchety tr Saturn square tr Uranus is also moving across all his Fixed planets this year and throughout 2023 into early 2024.

  He’s tough and never going to be looking for tomorrow’s breakfast but seeing his dream crumble will hurt.

 The Meta rebrand was announced on 28 October 2021 with an early Scorpio Sun also catching this week’s Solar Eclipse for a wake-up crisis and tr Pluto is also in a frustrating, trapped square to the Mars through till late 2023. Heavy pressures will continue in the latter half of this decade with tr Pluto square the Sun and opposition the Saturn.

 Facebook, 4 February 2004, has Mars in Taurus also in line of this week’s eclipse for major conflagrations and arguments. And is on a nodal return.

  All the astro-indications are screaming a need for a radical rethink of future direction.

Add On: Twitter’s IPO chart is also under Eclipse pressure with tr Uranus adding its jolts and jangles as ‘Chief Twit’ Elon Musk steps in as new owner and sacks a raft of top executives. He has hinted at plans to turn Twitter into an “everything app”, perhaps similar to China’s WeChat, which has 1bn users and combines instant messaging, video calls and mobile payments.

 The IPO chart, 7 November 2013, with Mercury at 3 Scorpio and Saturn Sun at 14/15 degrees Scorpio is catching both Eclipses and tr Uranus opposition the Saturn Sun through from this December to March 2023 which will all add up to a high-stress few months.

  Both the IPO and the original Twitter chart, 21 March 2006, like Facebook show up the tr Neptune Saturn conjunction in 2025 as a financially crippling and potential game-changing time. The Brave New World ahead may not suit the social media giants of the past two decades.


3 thoughts on “Zuck’s dream universe – lost in the clouds ++ chief Twit ditto and ditto

  1. I’ve always thought that Twitter was just shouting in the wind. All of these SM platforms are becoming increasingly alike as they all adopt each other’s features, so I can well imagine a time when they will all merge into one great bubble with bots rounding us up to ‘join in with the fun’ and those who choose not to considered outcasts. Actually the plot of The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

    • @SuHu, Twitter has been incredibly useful in Ukraine War Reporting. But I suspect that if Musk starts limiting this content, people eventually migrate. One platform I hear mentioned a lot is Mastodon, it’s German based and allows people to choose, other than accounts to follow, arguments to follow. An additional plus for any EU based company coming to field is that they must comply to GDPR – the most progressive and useful EU wide legislation we have.

      • @Solaia: problem is that Musk – blowing hot and cold over Ukraine (with the question of who should pay for Ukraine’s continued use of Starlink and by allowing himself to be used by Putin as a messenger boy) has shown himself to be an unreliable partner. The EU is concerned and others too, I suspect. Alternatives are being sought, like the one you mention. How will that affect the future of Twitter, I wonder? I am not sure that I even care. But perhaps in Ukraine it is a more serious consideration.

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