Rishi Sunak into No 10 – storms and swamps ahead ++ Braverman

Rishi Sunak proclaimed integrity and unity as the only way forward after being sworn in by King Charles at around 11.15 am on the 25th. He took office less than an hour before the Solar Eclipse so it was a day of fevered anticipation and might be expected to be a singular term ahead.

  RS’s Term has a charming and friendly New Moon conjunct Venus in the 11th though with an assertive, argumentative, ideologically-rigid and chilly Air Grand Trine of Mars in the 7th trine Mercury trine Saturn in Aquarius; with a dogmatic, hostile-debate Mercury square a financial 2nd house Pluto. What helps marginally is Mars having moved out of the financial 8th as it was for the Truss Term as she tanked the economy. His PM chart is less weighed down by dirty-dealings-behind the-scenes as it was for BJ’s 2nd Term which had Saturn Pluto Venus in the 12th

  The Saturn square Uranus guarantees a bumpy ride and a constant tug of war between opposing political views. Panic about failed policies will set in around mid March into April 2023, again from the autumn right through till February 2024 as the Mars is undermined by tr Neptune in square.

  Although in contrast to BJ he seems sane and sensible there are questionmarks about his past judgement. A true believer in Brexit he failed to anticipate the costs and overrated the ease of making up the shortfall elsewhere. Covid fraud also occurred under his remit.

  He is also stepping into a mare’s nest of a mess and restoring economic stability, constitutional rectitude and national morale at a time of global austerity will take the shine off trouncing his peers for a win.

  On his personal chart, this December will rack up his woes with tr Saturn back to square his Mercury, Sun and then Uranus through till mid January. Plus a panicked, failed-plans tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint from early in December until mid January, followed by another similar through till mid February, both of which repeat from August 2023 to the New Year. Tr Uranus picks up the high-tension, sudden jolts conjunction to his Sun Mercury from June 2023 on and off till early 2025 – so it’ll be a stormy ride.

  He does have an enthusiastic, go-getting Jupiter Mars conjunction in early Virgo. His Solar Arc Pluto square the Jupiter now gave him a surge of luck to propel him into No 10, and his enthusiastic drive will see him through Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars/Jupiter midpoint in 2023. But what might be his undoing will be the Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars in 2024 which can bring progress to a halt.

  His Cabinet choices have pulled together left and right, friend and foe which makes a change from Truss and BJ’s fans-only selection. There are fewer Mutable scattergun types than before.  Hunt is a Scorpio; Rabb (Deputy PM) is a Pisces; Braverman (Home Secretary) an Aries; Cleverly (Foreign Secy) a Virgo; Wallace (Defence) a Taurus; Zahawi Gemini; Dowden Leo; Barclay (Health) a Taurus, Badenoch a Capricorn, Jenrick (Immigration) a Capricorn, Victoria Prentis (Attorney General) an Aries.

 Braverman is a mistake, having recently blotted her copybook over a personal email issue and only hauled in because of her right-wing ERG ties. Robert Jenrick is also deeply questionable because of past planning scandals. Though now that I look both have immigration on their plate so RS may hope to land the blame on them for failed attempts to crack the impossible problem ahead.

   One theory is he put together a ‘broad church’ to calm early dissension and may well reshuffle down the road.  

Add On: Understandably Suella Braverman’s appointment has caused ructions, taking the edge of Sunak’s proclamations about rectitude. She’s a Sun Aries opposition Pluto which is not quite as bad as Priti Patel’s Aries Sun opposition Pluto square Jupiter but heading that way. Her Solar Arc Sun is square her Mars, possibly still to come within months which can signal a considerable setback; and she is into a run of uncertain, panicky Neptune transits undermining her Saturn, then Mars/Pluto midpoint, then Pluto/Node and Jupiter/Pluto throughout 2023 into 2024 – all of which will dent her confidence and standing. Her relationship chart with Sunak shows up similar disappointments and losses from this coming January onwards.   

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  1. Rishi Sunak has a strong Leadership Scorpion chart, yet Pluto can also mean psychic ability. I am not going to underestimate Sunak’s Premiership. Both his planetary lights are in the eleventh house, which I see as the complete opposite to Boris Johnson’s leadership style. He is willing to work in partnership with others. The fifth house North Node and Uranus in the fifth may bear out to be a more creative approach to money. Chiron in the fourth in Aries is a tricky position for a leader, as it is does show that he needs to heal wound in our country. His Natal Sun/ Mercury in Taurus is opposite his Uranus in Scorpio, yet it may not be disruptive as it first appears. I was taught that Uranus is the higher mind, with Mercury’s communication working with the day to day work thinking. If this is true, then I think Rishi is going to bring a new type of political working platform to our Economy problem. His Sun/Mercury midpoint with Venus in Gemini is trine his Pluto in Libra. Both air signs involving communication and balance. Sunak has a lot of money themes involved in his Natal Chart and may be just the man for us right now, as Diwali ( his election of PM day) is associated with prosperity and the victory of light over darkness. Very plutonian.

  2. Thanks for this Marjorie. The Marsh family who did some very funny songs during the pandemic wrote one about Suella’s first resignation..hopefully they’ll get to do it again. Noting that she was nicknamed Cruella by one journalist and it seems to have stuck. Saturn going forward to rattle her 26 degree points, plus chiron on her sun and a shoogling of her taurus node…and that’s even before progressions.

  3. I suspect the full impact will be revealed and felt at the time of the lunar eclipse in Taurus. We are just over half time right now in this cosmic event. More brought to light, especially on Braverman, who surely needs to move on…..?

  4. Thanks for adding Suella Braverman Marjorie. There’s some earlier potential security breach/leak she was apparently involved with, before becoming Home Secretary. It involves MI5, and I’d guess they are not very happy with her.
    The current transit of Neptune and Mars to her natal Saturn/Neptune square does seem to bring themes of neglect, spies, and chaos. Plus deception of various kinds, from within her own psyche, and all around her I think. Transiting Chiron in Aries is approaching her Aries Sun too. It’s hard to see her lasting very long. I think this may have been the plan all along. In 2006 John Reid, then Home Secretary, said the Home Office was “not fit for purpose”. Very little has changed since then.

    • I agree, Jane I can’t see her lasting much longer either. It seems quite fateful that just as she takes office, Mars’s months long stay in Gemini will be triggering her Saturn/Neptune square but will also be square her Mercury in Pisces, and while a natal Piscean Mercury would be great for the visual arts, it’s not a particularly good placement when it comes to clear thinking, also Braverman’s Mercury squares her Neptune for added leakiness and distortion. Mercury/Neptune isn’t always straightforward when it comes to telling the truth. Like Liz Truss, Braverman has Mercury/Saturn, but in opposition rather than conjunction and as we saw with Truss, there can be real problems with communicating successfully with the public.

      • Yes, VF, she certainly does have difficulty communicating succesfully with the public! I’m also wondering about her spiritual beliefs – highlighted by the Mercury in Pisces with the added Neptune. She is a Buddhist, a member of a quite controversial branch of Buddhism – controversial because of a sex scandal involving its Western founder, not because of its Buddhist founding principles. Enlightenment involves:

        “that you aim to become someone who sees the nature of reality absolutely clearly, just as it is, and lives fully and naturally in accordance with that vision. This is the goal of the Buddhist spiritual life, representing the end of suffering for anyone who attains it.” (thebuddhistcentre.com)

        • I know about the group she is involved in – the Triratna buddhist group – they rebranded following the abuse allegations against the founder, Sangharakshita, otherwise known as Dennis Lingwood. Braverman attended the Bethnal Green Centre I believe. In fact my husband was involved in the group when it was known as the FWBO (friends of the western Buddhist organisation) many years ago but left because he couldn’t unsee the many red flags at the time – inexperienced but pretty young men ordained as monks over older men who had been there for years, the way in which misogyny crept into the organisation such as telling women members that because they weren’t born male, they would take longer to develop spiritually, women hold men back from the spiritual life, etc. I would say Sangharakshita himself was a misogynist and groomed and molested young males who joined the organisation, under the guise of their mentor. It was the usual tale of cult leaders, and in fact Sangharakshita’s astrology has a Cardinal T-square on Venus in Libra and a Jupiter/Pluto opposition in Cancer/Capricorn. One of his more revolting ideas was that 7 year-old boys should be taken away from the toxic influence of their mothers and placed in all-male Buddhist communities.

          The Triratna group actually owns a vast amount of property, including some grand old houses with land. It’s the FWBO, just with a different name.

          • Thanks VF. Always such a shame when spiritual organisations go bad, along with their gurus, priests, etc. With Suella B’s natal chart, she would clearly be drawn to some kind of spiritual practice, and seek out ideaologies in a political sense too. Interesting that she’s spoken out about what she calls the ‘tofu eating wokerati’ with such passion. That seems like a battle between Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune.

  5. Sunak was elected on Diwali. On another note,
    I have actually looked up the meaning of right wing.
    Essentially it says that if you are rich you are a better person than someone who is poor.
    Exactly as the bible says, each person to their estate in life.
    To them that has it shall be given.
    Or taken from the have not.
    I never truly understood that even though I knew that money is the only God.
    Sunak took the triple lock from pensions in April 2022 and I’m not expecting it this year either, I’m also expecting the state pension age will rise again.
    That will not affect the wealthy at all.
    Pluto in Capricorn for God’s sake be gone!

    • Part of the pension triple lock was suspended for 2022/23 because of the effect of people returning to full pay at work after furlough, which created an artificial inflation rate for the pay element. The other two elements were adhered to and pensions increased by the consumer price index rate. The state pension age is due to increase again to 67, which was announced a few years ago.

  6. It’s kind of weird that Giorgia Meloni took office on the 22nd, Xi Jinping’s third term started on the 23rd and Rishi Sunak became PM on the 24th.

    All term charts have the pleasant Sun conj Venus – for Rishi in the 11th house of groups, for Xi in the 7th house of friends/enemies, and for Meloni in the 12th house of secrets/backroom deals.

    All have the harsh Pluto quincunx Mars. Xi has the Pluto in the 10th. Meloni has the Mars in the 8th house of other people’s money. Rishi has the Pluto in the 2nd with Mars in the 7th house – his opponents will attack him through his wife’s money?

    Feels kind of fateful.

  7. I think this is a fair and helpful critique. Do you think he will last? A lot of people do not. Richard Medhurst’s couple of videos yesterday on his YT and on YT Left Lens were quite disappointing on moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Tax evading and his connection to Goldman Sachs and such characters that does not bode well for UK or Palestine or the working man. He also is going to make it a crime to criticise Britian or The British which harks back to Empire – when 700 years of Empire is just being exposed. It is uncanney how the British are attracted to this Taurus mien of ‘stability’ but Taurus can, and do, pull nasty stunts and can be very dishonest and extreme. Particularly in the workplace. They seem to ‘flip’ in a schizy way sometimes. Rishi seems like this. He talks well and presents well. But is reported to have turned up to a building site tour in £500 casual shoes showing this very twist in the Taurus nature.

    • People criticise Rishi Sunak for his wealth but remember his grandmother and parents worked hard for what they have and to educate their children. Sunak doesn’t come over as snug and for all intents and purposes seems fairly down to earth (who cares what make of shoes he buys or coffee mug he drinks from, providing he doesn’t claim them on his expenses!) His first speech seemed reasonable and he appears calm, efficient and organised which is what we need – Johnson and Truss were awful. His mis step seems to be in his appointments Braverman, Cleverley and Jenrick which are garnering considerable negative coverage; but I daresay that will get caught out and be booted out of cabinet.

      • Lots of people work hard – and pay their tax! A vote isn’t much to ask in return and not an unreasonable request considering everything

  8. I note that again a malefic – in this case Mars – is in the 7th house of open enemies in the term chart.
    Expect unrelenting, angry, focus and ferocious attacks on the Sunak administration.
    Expect damaging disclosures coming out at ‘opportune’ moments.

    • You might be right. I am wondering if Suella is that ‘Venus’ hidden by the eclipse that brought Sunak to power.

      Also to watch is the ‘India- UK trade deal’ on which Truss was relying heavily to save her premiership. That fell mainly due to opposition from Braverman.

      Will she oppose Sunak too or let him accomplish this deal?

    • You are probably right…looks very scripted for real events! Bringing back a tainted minister to the same office – what kind of accountability is that?? I am seriously worried about the morale of the nation. Also LizzTruss not calling NicolaS even once is quite shocking(naive?) Shorting of pound beneficiaries(RishiS personal hedge fund etc are all very pertinent questions).
      Regarding RishiS natal chart one striking feature is Saturn Retro!! Transit Saturn retro prevented his elevation in first round of leadership contest. And as soon as Saturn became direct the premiership fell in his lap!!!!!(very dramatic) all other things being equal!

  9. Thanks Marjorie. There was a tiny feeling of hope during the eclipse, but then the bubble burst later in the day when Sunak appointed his cabinet. Really poor appointments such as Coffey for environment, Braverman for Home Office etc, show clearly that not only does Sunak care little for the issues, he cares nothing for the reaction that Truss’ appalling policies provoked in the voting public.

    In the meantime, terrifying legislation such as the Public Order Bill (effectively making any public protest a criminal offence) and the REUL Bill (removing a swathe of laws on environmental protection, workers’ rights etc with no guarantee of any replacement) are quietly but speedily being progressed through the Commons as we write.

    Most of these initiatives and ideologies were put in place with Sunak as part of the Government – he holds responsibility and he is happily carrying on with the same far right agenda.

    I’m pleased to see the astrology says he won’t have an easy ride of it, but we do need a general election asap to get rid of these wretched Tories. they have done far too much damage to the country already, and we have a tough winter ahead with few public services left to be any kind of safety net.

    • Sunak as PM is in a weak position within his party. He was not picked by the members and was not a unity candidate either.

      I think he will compromise on several issues to somehow keep his highly divided party together till the next election.

    • He’ll say it’s for “stability” (‘cos they are so good at “strong and stable”) for the good of the country. It’s only for the good of the Tory party and it’s cronies. The best thing for the country is a general election. This from the party that brought us brexit – when the slim majority was the “will of the people” and must be carried out at all costs. Now the “will of the people” isn’t what’s needed, it’s their “stability” apparently.

      What we’ll find again is that some people will seem to get very rich out of the “crisis” of their own making and the “tough choices” can now justify any of their ideology.

      The best we can hope is that the tables are turned on them this time – Mars Rx and the eclipse, plus Sunak’s out of bounds Venus – all very unpredictable.

      • Yes, ‘all very unpredictable’ I agree. Much is being shaken up around the world. I think the coming Lunar Eclipse, and the Mars Rx, square to Neptune, is all part of further unraveling before Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time. Venus, ruler of that eclipse, is about to reappear in the evening sky, having been hidden from view by the superior conjunction with the Sun a few days ago. Evening star Venus is usually associated with her rulership of Libra. Perhaps a little balance or considered thought somewhere?

        As for Mars, drawing ever nearer to us, I hope this mostly means a war of words and rattling sabres, and doesn’t make things any worse than they already are. Here’s the Martian astronomy from EarthSky:

        “On November evenings, bright red Mars slides between the stars of the Horn of Taurus. Mars is well placed for observing all night since it rises in the early evening. By the way, Mars will be closest to Earth for this 2-year period on November 30, 2022. Then it will be 50.6 million miles (81.4 million km) away. Mars will continue to brighten between now and December 8, 2022, when it will reach its once-in-2-years opposition. Also, you’ll notice lovely Pleiades glowing higher in the sky. And the nearby red star Aldebaran can guide you to a “V” shape star cluster, known as , Hyades”

        • Jane. The Venus superior conjunction on October 23/24 apparently is the first superior Venus Sun since 1771 that did not conjunct in Scorpio.
          Libra is a machine, it’s weighs up or down. It is also square to Pluto coming to 28 Capricorn and being trained by Saturn forwards stitching all of us up!!!
          What a vile lot the Tories are.

  10. I watched some of the coverage yesterday and I thought his first speech as PM was decent – addressed many of the questions being asked. Of course, all new leaders say some version of “uniting the country” and “doing their best for everyone” so I will wait to see results rather than be swayed by what he said. It’s interesting that with so many new leaders in recent times, it has become even more obvious how much they cut&paste the same old stuff in.

    I’m intrigued by his personal chart as he really doesn’t come across as having an Aries moon. He took the backfoot during the summer leadership contest, he didn’t do any interviews for this one. He could be a Taurus moon with a post 10pm birth and that would also push Venus into Cancer which also seems to suit him. Mars/Jupiter maybe Saturn would then be in the economic 8th.

    It’s the two oppositions in his chart that have me wondering. The Libra Pluto dominating the Aries moon? Is the Uranus opposition Sun-Mercury simply his role in history as the first Asian PM? You can hide from your oppositions but they have to surface at some stage. Usually someone grabs hold of one end and forces you to take the other.

    Having looked at his Uranus, I was wondering whether he will start his half-return next year but transiting Uranus doesn’t come within half a degree. It starts in May 2024 and goes through to early 2025. Unless he calls one, that is when the next election is due and while two years is a long way off, it seems likely he might be seeing a change in life direction then.

    With 5 earth planets, he seems stable especially compared to Boris and Liz and that’s got to be a good thing. The question to me is whether he will be a stick-in-the-mud or too focused on judging everything by its economic impact. The problems in this country need people-centred solutions not just money ones. No amount of throwing money at the NHS, schools, police or whatever helps if there simply aren’t enough staff and they’re leaving in droves because of the conditions.

    • You don’t need an astrologer to tell you the only chance of an early GE is if things are on the up for the Tories and they stand a good chance of winning.

      For what it’s worth, I just wrote above that Rishi’s midlife Uranus half-return takes place in 2024-25 culminating around the time the next GE is scheduled to take place.

  11. “He took office less than an hour before the Solar Eclipse so it was a day of fevered anticipation and might be expected to be a singular term ahead.”

    Thanks Marjorie. It does indeed seem quite portentous. I notice that the fixed stars Antares and Aldebaran align with the Sagittarian ascendant and Gemini descendant in the term chart. So there’s red star Antares, Heart of the Scorpion (9 Sagittarius), and the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran (9 Gemini). These are two of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, and considered very powerful fixed stars.
    The Watcher of the East is said to be Aldebaran, the Watcher of the West, Antares. It suggests great energy that is not necessarily just about this particular government, but rippling out further into world affairs and events. Antares brings creativity, courage and honour, but warns of unforeseen events, and dangers – perhaps the nuclear threat?

    Mars turns direct at 8 Gemini on 12th January, also suggesting events connected with adversaries or possibly open enemies in the Term chart. At the same time, Aldebaran comes to the meridian (in the sky) on 10th January, underlining the significance of the obstinate Bull perhaps? Antares, in Sagittarius, is conjunct the Sun around 1st December. It rises with the Sun around the Winter Solstice. These dates could be worth watching anyway, for they could be extra sensitive.

    • Mars was at 9 Degrees Gemini when the Truss government was formed opposite her natal Neptune at 9 Sagittarius so that degree is getting triggered a lot recently.

      • Thanks Hugh – yes I was trying to remember that previous discussion. So much has happened since she formed that ill-fated government.
        8 Gemini is the USA Uranus, (and also the Uranus of the American civil war, 1861). 9 Sagittarius is the Sun in the Ukraine, December 1st 1991 chart, with Antares conjunct it. I’m sure there are many more examples, but this one strikes me as potentially quite significant at this point.

        • Something of a digression…. but Taurus/Orion has been a much observed patch of sky recently – Mars hanging just to the left of Aldebaran, gradually slowing to an eventual halt; and the Orionids meteor shower. Not as exciting as a couple of years ago when Betelguese dimmed and people thought it was going supernova – that weirdly coincided with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

          • Beetlejuice! Yes, I remember that, and the movie. 28 Gemini. Jupiter opposing it in November, 2019, when they now say Covid was already circulating. A star of fame, in the constellation of Orion the Mighty Hunter, and/or Osiris, god of the underworld for the Ancient Egyptians.

          • Tara, two active meteor showers at present. Southern Taurids and Orionids.

            Do active showers influence directly or indirectly…or not at all?

          • Thanks Jane, yes I remember the movie too

            It would’ve been cool to see a supernova. The constellation of Taurus is full supernovae remnants. One of the things I observed a couple of weeks ago was Mars hanging right on top of the Crab Nebula (not in Cancer but Taurus and astrologically in Gemini – very confusing!). This supernova was observed and recorded in 1054.

            Yes Larry the Taurids peak next month. The Orionids are better for viewing. Meteor showers are comet remnants which have certainly been talked about astrologically for centuries. The Orionids are produced from the remnants of the famous Halley’s comet that appeared in 1066 and featured in the Bayeux tapestry. It was not far off the “Bulls Eye” Aldebaran – not a great omen for poor Harold 😉

        • Jane – I watched Beetlejuice this evening on Channel 5. Missed it all those years ago and never seen it on TV before. Coincidence or what. (Although I think it was on because of Halloween)

          • Just seen this GD! Didn’t spot it was on. Yes, a very entertaining film, and a great name. I think the synchronicities of the Universe are much around at the moment.
            We’ve been discussing fixed star Antares on here, the Heart of the Scorpion, and Watcher of the West – currently at 9 Sagittarius. The archangel associated with Antares is Uriel or Auriel, the angel with a flaming sword who guards the gates of Eden. This weekend two women were attacked in Auriel Avenue, Dagenham. One has sadly died. A man was murdered in Wembley at a party, held at the Aura Bar in Sudbury. Really don’t know what to say, except I noticed the names of the locations of these awful crimes, and I wondered about the ‘coincidence’.

  12. Jupiter retrograde at 0 Aries in that Sunak government chart. It moves back into Pisces over the coming weekend and does return to this degree until 20th December 2022 just before the Capricorn ingress where it will square the Sun at 0 Capricorn. Jupiter originally retrograded to 0 Aries on 19 October 2022 which was just before Truss fall from office.

  13. I’m still pondering the astrological significance of Sunak’s assumption of office coinciding – almost to the degree! – with the culmination of a lunar eclipse.
    Surely, to all devotees of the science there is a deep, deep significance in that, and even the scoffers and sceptics might possibly be persuaded of something which happens to be more of a coincidence.

    Granted, the eclipse symbolizes passing of power in the Tory party, and the nation at large, but a stronger change and overturning of an order is signified.

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