Prince Harry’s truth – sold to the highest bidder ++ apres ‘I do’, le chaos

Prince Harry’s pact with the devil – media and money – is creaking towards a crescendo with every indication that he will regret selling his gripes for fame, fortune and vindication. Apart from anything else tedium is setting in and were it not for the damage his personal wrecking mission could cause to the monarchy few would care – in the UK at any rate.

 It is thought that hopes he would tone down the approaching Netflix documentary and his memoir aimed for January have been overblown. Commercial considerations will no doubt have dictated that sensationalism trumps decency. In titling his book ‘Spare’ he’s walking in Princess Margaret’s footsteps – born to immense wealth, privilege and status with an array of choices 99.99% of the population could not dream of, they whine about having to walk behind a sibling.

  His own chart has this week’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct his Pluto for a transform or stagnate choice; with his Solar Arc Sun also conjunct his Pluto now for a frozen-to-the-spot few months. The November Lunar Eclipse is also catching his Midheaven and Saturn in Scorpio for a sharp reality check and a crisis of direction.

  Late this October to early January tr Neptune will oppose his Sun for a discontented and discouraging run; with a separated-from-family and feeling under-supported tr Saturn square his Taurus Moon across this Christmas. Nothing that looks like a singing and dancing success.

 His father Charles is downbeat across the New Year with tr Saturn square his Sun and feeling devastated from January 12th onwards till mid February with tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint. His relationship chart with Harry also looks highly stressed in the second half of January.

  His relationship with Camilla is also under a cloud over the January 10th publication date, worsening through 2023 and more so in 2024.

 The deep freeze with brother William won’t thaw anytime soon. Princess Anne looks unamused by her nephew’s bleatings.

  King Charles looks the most affected and Camilla which will put additional pressure on them running into the coronation.

  Harry really is on a hiding to nothing since his only currency is trash-talking the family to whom he owes his status. Once the public tire of the incessant whining and/or the Royals finally remove his title, it’s difficult to see how he can stay afloat.   

Add On: This storm-in-a-teacup melodrama with tragic overtones sent me back to look at the wedding chart of 19 May 2018. The late Taurus Sun was at 28 degrees which in modern terms is wide of the orb for a conjunction to the destructive Fixed Star Algol, though it would have been acceptable in traditional astrology. More significantly there was an explosive, no-compromise Mars in Aquarius square Uranus.

   Tr Pluto moving into Aquarius from late March 2023 will light a fuse and cause major eruptions for the next three years – as it is square the Uranus and then conjunct the Mars. That could be rancorous either within the marriage or acted out on others or more likely both. It will bring to a head the pressures building up since tr Pluto opposed the Wedding Cancer Moon in 2019.

  Nothing that looks like peace breaking out anytime soon.   

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  1. Margaret could have married Townsend, she wasnt forbidden this. But it would have meant giving up her royal title and being plain Mrs Townsend in Australia. No way did that pampered young lady want that! Pity your Mum never realised the truth. How often we remain predjudiced in life through not knowing the real facts.

  2. Interesting astro note on their marriage date …

    Harry seemed to feel that he needed to be ‘saved/rescued’ from his family, but if he is as serious about psychology as he claims to be, no one can ‘save’ him, and he fell for the wrong woman (though perhaps the ‘right’ one in the short-term if his unconscious objective was to be forced to leave his family). But I imagine that he saw himself as her figurative as well as literal prince as well – she certainly did – and liked the way she would hang onto him, so that somehow theirs would be a marriage of ‘equals’ in power. Except now he no longer has the status she coveted. The death of Queen Elizabeth (whose good graces they obviously worked hardest to retain) ended whatever familial bonds remained.

    What’s truly sad is that he could have been one of the good guys, having already done so much for wonded veterans. Even now, with his many flaws, he seems more genuine than most other members of his family (except perhaps for Anne. I can’t abide William and even less Kate, tho they are certainly more suitable royal ‘performers’). If only he’d keep his mouth shut about his personal issues. Were it not for their children, I’d wish him an amicable divorce so he can find his way, with or without the royal family. Sometimes the only way out is to first learn to stand alone, but that takes real emotional courage.

  3. The feisty Lady C last night revealed on her channel that two reliable and well placed sources informed her that Harry & Meghan had reached a separation agreement through the English legal system, but will continue living together for a number of reasons. She did caution that it might be another media stunt, or a sort of safety valve should things around the book go wrong for either or both of them. From the astrology, it’s not surprising and probably the beginning of the end…which will be protracted and bitter if Pluto has a say in it. Another Heard/Depp, Joli/Pitt scene in the making?

  4. Helen, the name thing? It’s happened to me as well on this site; the Oct. 29 9:19 post is not mine. Of course, names are not exclusive, but it’s an odd feeling. My interest in H&M is truly waning, but I enjoyed Marjorie’s article and these are interesting posts on his book.

  5. See, the , always sell !!! How many reactions already about and over your astrological analysis ??
    How many articles written by the press; tv or even films. It always delivers ( unhealthy) attention. Money making beeing at the core of all kind of publications.
    Now, You will hear it from the horse’s mouth. And why not ? HIS version of HIS life. He is no part of the any more… it is going to be a “sale” success. Everybody a rejoycing in scandal
    Be kind to him. He might need the money

  6. Harry is a disgrace to the Royal family also to the people of United Kingdom .

    Best of luck to release book on a mercury retrograde. The wording spare makes me think of a derogatory saying
    Spare ***** at a whores wedding. Kinda sums him up.

  7. Harry is a troubled soul. Very interesting that the astrology is pointing to mid January as a tricky time for him and his father. It can’t be easy to live with meghan’s cancer Mars in the 12th though. It sounds to me like someone who is very passive aggressive and emotionally high maintenance. Harry’s exes don’t describe him as someone emotionally sophisticated. I think there are other aspects that point at excessive preoccupation with money on her chart. Maybe Harry is under tremendous pressure from her (the way she grabs his hand!) to transform all his underlying frustration, grief and grievances into hard cash. I’ve also noticed how the PR drive seems to be more about her than about “them”. It’s gone from Harry posing for a photo behind her in a power stance (mocked as the hairdresser) and him juggling in the background, to many features and podcasts where he is missing out of the picture. He is now “my husband”. I can’t help to think that Meghan needs an inordinate amount of favourable attention to know who she is and that she uses people and causes as spring boards for her self promotion. I hope that Harry remains useful for a long time, because I don’t see that Union thriving if he doesn’t.

  8. I’m glad the astrology looks awful for Prince Harry. I hope he crashes and burns. I can’t stand Harry.

    It’s better that he and Meghan Markle (a total Wallace Simpson knockoff) stay in California – because at they’ll both be surrounded by all of the uncultured B-rate celebrities (like the Kardashians and Kanye West) who are more their speed.

    Prince Harry deserves absolutely nothing from the British Royal Family. I wish his very title could be taken from him. He disrespected his family by breaking with centuries of tradition.

    The embarrassment he must have caused the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, and Prince William all of these years with his unconventional antics…and now this book just takes the cake.

    I remember my immense dislike for Harry began back in the 2000s when he dressed up like Nazi for costume party. Then he was caught using racial slurs against the South Asian community. I can’t believe he didn’t think twice act like that.

    Regardless of that gossip rag that Harry has coming out soon, I’m sure King Charles, Camilla, and Prince William will all persevere.

    I look forward to King Charles III’s coronation. I also wish him a successful reign.

    The current Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, said something in an article I read about a month ago that I found encouraging. I’m paraphrasing, but she said King Charles III was ahead of his time and she is delighted with his passion and commitment to climate change awareness, environmental conservation, and sustainability. As an environmental conservationist myself, I thought that was a very nice thing to read.

    I think many world leaders (in the Commonwealth and outside the Commonwealth) will eventually warm up to King Charles III.

    • Chris I agree with you 100%. Harry had forgotten his past antics, he’s no saint. His self righteous attitude is sickening. He deserves nothing from his family. In the Oprah interview ‘I was cut off’. You’re a grown man, you decided to leave all the privileges you had and they had it ‘all’ Did ‘they’ really think they were that important and wouldn’t be used in Hollywood not for their talent but because of his family connections. Ridiculous immature selfish brats.

  9. The book cover emphasises Harry’s close-set eyes.
    Face readers describe a person with eyes spaced a short distance apart as being very short on tolerance, who get mad at the slightest of things. This seems to describe Harry but let’s see what his book reveals.
    The astrology of appearace intrigues me I can immediately see that Kate (Princess of Wales) has Leo rising by her looks, but not her personality.

    • My first thought of that picture with the title in bold across the bottom reminded me of an arrest photograph, prisoner and all that.

      Interesting from an astrological perspective. He has Capricorn ascendant and Scorpio on the MC but with Saturn. His demeanour when not engaging with people seems to be one of unhappiness. I also have an earthy ascendant in Taurus and am exactly the same, I’m happy on the inside but no-one would know it without speaking to me! Very different to people, with say Libra, who are always flashing smiles to try and win over others.

      • Apart from his colouring Harry strongly resembles a younger Charles (particularly when he had a beard during his navy days). I first noticed it when Harry was pictured in a beanie on an Invictus expedition covering his red hair.
        In personality and impulsiveness he perhaps more resembles his mother? Diana put in the hard yards though with her charities especially with HIV and land mines.
        There is a video of Harry with William and Catherine in about 2016 when they are talking about mental health for their Heads Together charity. They seemed so supportive of Harry who said he was finding healing through his charity work. Helping others rather than over obsessing about his own difficulties? This all seemed to change when he met Meghan. Sad that his focus now seems to be entirely on past hurts and grievances.
        Perhaps in future years there will be a rapprochement with his family if only for the sake of his children. It won’t be anytime soon..

  10. It would be interesting to learn if anything in H&M’s charts address overexposure and public fatigue, or public skepticism about any claims they might make, as the Sussexes have lied and exaggerated so often. It would be interesting to read about their aspects on Coronation Day as well, as I devoutly hope Charles stands up to them for once. What a mess, and they seem to be reveling in it.

  11. Hope this book does well and goes against everyone who’s desperate to bring H and M down. Clawy catty Kate and hypocrite William are way worse. Less said about fraud idler Charles and Camilla the better…

  12. I’m rooting for Harry 100%. I trust the resilient and brave Virgo that he is will withstand all predictably negative headwinds coming his way. I found the title of the book gut-wrenching – it was so unexpected.

    • Out of curiosity, why did you find the title unexpected, the term heir and spare is nothing new. If I were his publisher it would have been exactly the title I would choose to grab attention.

    • Stiena – yes, its unexpected and really very sad he still labels himself ‘spare’ when he stopped being William’s spare nearly a decade ago, well before he met MM. Some of the RF cope with it better than others (obvs Anne and Andrew were both spares for a while as well), but I do hope that Charlotte as the current ‘spare’ is helped to navigate that status better than Harry was able to. It is good people are rooting for Harry – I think he will need the support once the book is published. I agree there will be negative headwinds, but as yet we don’t know if these are self created or not.

  13. Oh dear. These choices Harry has made don’t make much practical sense, which ties in with a Neptune transit to the Sun. “Discontented and discouraging” as Marjorie notes. We’ll see what happens, if revealed, when Mars Rx boosts that Neptune transit in November. Mars, Gemini word warrior, will turn direct in January opposite his Uranus at 9 Sagittarius. We’ve been talking about the potent fixed star, Antares, Heart of the Scorpion, in other threads. Here it is again, aligned with Uranus in Harry’s natal chart. Curious, too, that this opposes the USA Uranus in Gemini.

    Bernadette Brady writes:
    “As a Royal Star, Antares offers great success, worldly or otherwise. However, it also indicates that the person may well cause their own undoing….The natural desire of this star to generate success by going through a cleansing life and death experience can cause a person to seek this intensity even when it is not required.”

    Harry and Meghan still receive an income from the Royal Family, I don’t know how much. He also had a sizeable inheritance from the Queen Mother, and Princess Diana. Millions. Most of us would be set for a very comfortable life indeed, and with careful investment could make that money grow. And maybe even do something useful for others with it……Yes, what happened to him is very sad and damaging. He wants revenge, he wants to hit out and feel better. But really, this isn’t the way to find healing or peace of mind.

    • Surely, he will inherit from the Queen as well? May be that is why they are thinking of moving. Three years ago I read a post online by a Canadian Astrology, he stated that “Something big would happen to Harry in 2023”. It has been removed since I read it in 2017. Transiting Pluto squares Harry’s Pluto in the Spring of 2023, maybe this will be when his Title is removed, as it is in the ninth house, which natal ruler is Jupiter – the ruler. Given Harry’s Pluto I have always worked on intuition and have a foreboding about next year. By the way Jane. I think I may have to change my name as I was not the Helen who replied to you yesterday, there appears to be a new poster. I don’t know what to do now. .

      • Interesting re the Pluto, Helen. Although we all go through that one. He will probably inherit from the Queen, unless she left money to Charles with the understanding that he would distribute appropriate sums to his sons. Some people do that.

        Re your name twin – I’ve had that too, with another Jane suddenly appearing! I asked them what they wanted to do about it, and eventually they seemed to disappear or re-name themselves.

      • @Helen, Easy option is you can add the initial of your middle name or surname to differentiate? i.e. Helen x (formerly Helen) at first. As it settles down, people will realize it is you from your postings? I experienced the same situation some time ago. Just a thought to work with.

  14. 2 famous sons Prince Harry and Hunter Biden, will they each bring down the King and the ‘ big guy ‘ as Hunter calls Joe Biden ..interesting thought.

  15. Harry was always going to leave the UK with its appalling press and royal ‘feuds ’ they stoke for the price of some sales. But they will protect a prince like Andrew.Where is the outrage from the same press then
    Add in the racist element and there is no way a proud person like Meghan is going to put up with that.

    Now I don’t agree with publishing memoirs but I do think that he is now having to fund his family in a way that wouldn’t have been necessary if the ‘ firm’ surrounding the Queen were at all flexible. It seems they haven’t really moved on from the 1950s.
    And Harry very much views Meghan and his children as his main family just like the majority of people who marry and have children. That this should be his priority rather than be dictated by older generations whose job it is to support them and not try to control them.

    • Silver Darling—-Harry and his wife have no special skills or talents, whatsoever. It looks like he’s spent all of his inheritance from both his great grandmother and from his mother (that’s why he has to merchandise his mother’s death). Also, the upkeep on that mansion with 16 bathrooms is expensive. Are you suggesting, though, that the RF subsidize them (by being more “flexible?”) for the rest of their lives? He’s nearly 40.

    • Silver Darling. The Royal Family is probably one of the least racist around; one of Meghan’s big pluses was that she was of mixed race apparently (but they would not for the narrative) and likewise Harry and Meghan were told that they could do pretty much what they wanted after ‘the changing of the guard’. The main principals are the King (and Queen), Prince of Wales (and Princess) and Prince George and it is there reputations that are protected. It is the role of other members of the Royal Family to support them and not too embarrass the Crown. It is a very difficult concept for all those on the outside to grasp

      • The immediate royal family may not be racist. Some of the wider family and staff haven’t moved their attitudes on since the 50s when Britain was undoubtedly a racist country.
        It wouldn’t matter what they did people would be unhappy. Those who want them to earn their own living and not be dependent on the Royal Family seem to be the ones outraged when he does just that by publishing a memoir.
        It’s time the whole Royal family went away quietly rather than sit atop a pyramid of immense privilege and the snobbery that keeps it going.

  16. “with a separated-from-family and feeling under-supported tr Saturn square his Taurus Moon across this Christmas.”

    One presumes he will be spending it with Meghan and the kids. Raises an interesting philosophical question about who family are.

  17. My mom grew up on canada – same age as Princess Margaret – and she till she passed away – never liked the queen for not standing up for Margaret- and letting her marry the man she loved – Of course this was well reported at that time, bit it seems there is a problem within the family how to deal with things – Look at the other spares recently -It is sad for all

  18. I read a publishing date of 10 January for the book. I’d expect that to be a relative deadspot in the newscycle so they’re going to get the full attention of the media. Apparently publishers weren’t happy that the early drafts were about his psychological journey and wanted something more juicy. I guess at $35million, it’s got to be.

    If anyone has a chart for figuring out their inner psychology and growing as a person, it’s probably a moon in the 4th like Harry but he has to overcome the opposition from Saturn. And it is a Taurus moon so difficult to see beyond its next plate of food.

  19. When Meghan’s dad sold his story to the tabloids a couple years back, Meghan (rightfully) blacklisted him. So why the double-standard? It’s so hypocritical of them to continue disparaging the royals on any paying platform they can find, but when others do it to them, they’re suddenly the victim once again.

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