Zaporizhzhia nuclear worries – as rhetoric hardens ++ Fukushima chart

Concern that the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station will become a casualty of the unrelenting hostilities between Russia and Ukraine is rising. Ukraine has warned that Russia is planning to stage a false-flag attack on the plant which is controlled by President Putin’s troops. Video drone images showed Russian ammunition trucks being moved into the reactor turbine halls. If an accident does occur radioactive material could be showered over Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

   The European Nuclear Society says it is unlikely that missiles will penetrate the ten metres of concrete that shields the reactors. But the risk is the vulnerability of the cooling systems and the possibility of a reactor meltdown, a version of the 2011 Fukushima disaster rather than the cataclysm of Chernobyl. The Kremlin is getting wound up about any Ukrainian attempt to reclaim Crimea so the rhetoric – and risk of an accident – is becoming ever more apocalyptic.

 The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant started construction on 1 April 1980 and the first unit was commissioned on 25 December 1985.  The 1980 chart flags up great uncertainty from late October to early January; but there is nothing that looks cataclysmic.

  When The Fukushima meltdown occurred in 2011, tr Pluto was conjunct Mars on the plant chart with tr Uranus opposition the Pluto so it was flagged up clearly.

  The Ukraine country chart, 24 August 1991 2.31pm Kiev, is struggling forward with the undermining tr Neptune opposition Mars running on and off till early February 2024; and a jolting, disruptive tr Uranus opposition the 10th house Pluto now until April 2023.  Where it starts to gain heart and renewed vitality – and luck – is from mid 2024 onwards and for several years thereafter.

 Putin’s 4th term chart won’t be without enthusiasm, determination or moments of success over the next two years; but will start its period of greatest instability from February 2023 onwards till late 2024 with tr Pluto square the Uranus and be completely trapped with Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars, exact in July/August 2023. Which doesn’t mean he won’t take desperate measures if he feels his grip is crumbling. But it may be that 2024 sees the end of him.

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  1. It’s interesting that Ukraine appears to have great success by confusing Russia – as with the recent attacks on Crimea whose exact source remains unclear, intentionally so – and with a missile named, of all things, Neptune (on the infamous Moskva, and perhaps on Crimea as well). Just as Neptune can undermine the Sun, it can also be used to undermine its opposition.
    Moreover, from what I’ve noticed on Ukrainian culture from afar, there are a lot of Neptunian energies – love of the arts, esp music; humor amid the horrors of war; and most of all, Neptune’s trident symbol. Great compassion for animals, also despite wartime (Neptune-Virgo ?)

  2. Thanks so much Marjorie. Really appreciate it. And the Fukoshima information is so helpful too. As you say, clear astrological flags for that disaster.

    I looked at Chernobyl’s astro – they began building work on 15th August, 1972. Uranus was 15 Libra then. The first reactor was commissioned on 26 September, 1977. It had Pluto at 13 Libra, Nodes 15 Libra, square Mars in Cancer at 14. Jupiter in Pisces trined that in April 1986. Pluto at the very start of this project in 1972 was 0 Libra, conjunct the Sun of the First Reactor in 1977.

    The explosion, 26 April, 1986, had Mars 13 Capricorn. Pluto at 5 Scorpio was trining the reactor’s Jupiter at 4 Cancer, and opposing Chiron at 4 Taurus. Uranus in Sagittarius (22) trined the reactor’s Saturn at 25 Leo, and the construction date in 1972’s 22 Leo Sun. Uranus was conjunct the explosion’s 22 Sagittarius ascendant – pretty clear description there I think. Also, Pluto at 5 Scorpio was approaching the First Reactor’s Uranus, 9 Scorpio.

    Very much hope we see the end of this regime in 2024!

  3. It is so horrible that nuclear power plants have now become a weapon of terror… I think Putin should pay dearly for setting this precedent. It is truly a-moral… I have been worried on and off about this situation for the past few months. Thank Marjorie for analyzing the chart of the plant, a little bit of reassurance in dire times!

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