Ange and Brad – a cautionary tale from the dream factory ++ Maddox guns and knives

The never ending saga of the Jolie-Pitt split drags on into its sixth year with accusations and counter-accusations flying.  Earlier this year he sued her for selling her stake in their co-owned French vineyard to a Russian oligarch – a “vindictive and unlawful” move he says that was spurred by an unfavourable custody ruling she received last year. She has now dragged in the FBI to open the case files on the 2016 plane journey which precipitated the divorce after a noisy argument erupted. The investigation had previously found no case to answer against Pitt and his lawyers say she has already seen the files.

  What a tangled web is woven in Hollywood dream matches.

  Pluto figures heavily as the main culprit. She has an extraordinarily difficult chart with her Gemini Sun trine Pluto and opposition Neptune; with her Pluto in a compulsive, do-or-die-determined opposition to Mars Moon Jupiter in Aries widely square Saturn. She had a troubled childhood with self-harming and drug problems, an absent father and an over-permissive mother.

  Her Pluto falls in Pitt’s 10th house so she will feel compelled to control him – and with her Pluto opposition his Jupiter and square his Mars it will be an ongoing struggle for the upper hand.  His Pluto Uranus is also square her Sun which will make him not exactly detached either.

  Their relationship chart has a composite Sun opposition Pluto which will tie them together till the bitter end. Splitting Plutonic relationships is always messy and hostile. And this dragging-out-the-agony is likely to run until at least 2024 if not beyond.

  She had a tortured on-off on-again and off-again relationship with actor Jon Voight, her father. His Pluto falls on her Ascendant and squares her Uranus; with his Saturn in Aries sitting on her Moon, Mars, Jupiter and opposition her Pluto – so her relationships with men from square one have never been easy.

  Her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, just prior to Brad Pitt, produced a relationship chart with a composite Moon opposition Uranus, Saturn, Pluto square Mars Jupiter – and that is truly toe-curling in its strains and stresses.

  What has always intrigued me – since it is out in the public domain and he is now mature – is her first adopted child Maddox, who was involved in the 2016 plane argument.  In her late teens she had been struggling with an eating disorder, and began using drugs, including heroin. She had episodes of depression and planned twice to suicide; at 24 she had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Two years later, she adopted a toddler from a Cambodian orphanage. Later she said, “I knew once I committed to Maddox, I would never be self-destructive again.” Which is quite a burden to land on a young child from an already unstable and risky background.

  If his birth date is accurate at 5 August 2001 he is a Sun Leo opposition Neptune; but also has the bleak, deprived Saturn opposition Pluto of that year tied into Mars which makes sense of his early experiences. Saturn Pluto Mars is a tough set of aspects likely to engender deep-seated anger and hostility. That falls right across her Sun opposition Neptune – which is hardly coochy coo and nurturing. The date may be wrong, of course, but if it isn’t, then it is one aggravated interface. Though it does mirror the torment on her own chart.

  This year and next she has tr Pluto opposition her Venus and square her 4th house Uranus which will be emotionally intense and turn her domestic life upside down. Pluto then moves into her 7th making the next few years even more possessive and intense on the relationship front which is exhausting even to contemplate.

  Not sure why all this matters but it was littering up my Astro-inbox and is a matter of continuing amazement to me.

Add On: From early on Maddox has evidently had an interest in guns and knives, a passion that Jolie was happy to cultivate, repeating a pattern from her own childhood when her mother bought her daggers when she was 11 or 12. She also revealed in a 2017 interview with Entertainment Weekly that Maddox had drawn a machine-gun on his Mother’s Day card and it had been made into a necklace for her. She described it as “really sweet. It’s really cute.’   ??????? Yikes.

  The FBI report into the alleged altercation on the plane which ended the Jolie-Pitt marriage contains Brad Pitt’s remark that one child: ‘Looked like a f***ing Columbine kid.’ This is thought to refer to Maddox, whose chart with that horrifically difficult Mars Pluto Saturn aspect does mirror the Virginia Teck shooter Seung-Hui Cho’s chart which has Mars, Pluto and Saturn all together in Scorpio. Eric Harris, one of the Columbine school shooters has a Sun, Mars in Aries opposition Pluto and trine Neptune – so hints of the same.

The woman is diseased. Not that Brad Pitt is much better facilitating up to the point where he didn’t.

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  1. The add on information reminds me of a story in a book called “People of the Lie”
    In the story, a couple loses a son who was shot. They give the remaining son a gun.
    The author, a psychologist or psychiatrist, proposed that they wanted their son to use the gun–perhaps kill himself as well.

    As a teacher, I’d have had to report seeing a machine gun drawn on a Mother’s Day card. For certain.

  2. Angelina presented herself as Madonna and Whore at the same time.
    Brad couldn’t resist that, but in reality, it didn’t exist.

  3. Watched Angelina in a movie recently. Too much emphasis on her looks, beauty and physical attributes methought. Her performance was at best mediocre. Probably over-rated as an actress. Her father Jon Voigt well he’s something else, a beyond talented actor.

  4. Someone I knew once felt we get involved in relationships to learn stuff, it seems Brad,and angeline have alot to learn in this life,and if stuff like reincarnation is. real,then they might want to really watch Kenneth Branagh’s film dead again,that movie shows what happens when relationships repeat through time,and women become men,and men become women,and its also got Robin Williams in it,playing a depressed worker at grocery store in Los Angeles,California.

  5. Nobody mentions the fact that she basically stole one of her sons from an orphanage, knowing that the mums used it as a day care centre. Everyone knows that Asian families are rooted around the son being of utmost importance. They are the ones that look after their aged parents. Her insistence on on adopting broke up her then marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, because he insisted what she was doing was wrong. She has always put her own wants and needs ahead of everything in her life

    As an actor I have always liked Brad Pitt. But he has a habit of walking out on relationships, and then when the woman is starting to get over him, inserts himself back in, causing more disruption and confusion. You only have to look at how Gwyneth Paltrow publicly pined for him, right up to his wedding to Jennifer Aniston. It was really cringe-making stuff!

    • With Aries Moon, Mars, Jupiter she was always going to be self-centred. I mean that would be tough enough in most charts but when you give it to a Gemini Sun-Mercury who has no earth planets and a very depressed water function (only Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer); it’s going to take a lot of work to sort through.

      That said, she does have Uranus and Pluto in Libra which could give her the insight about relationships. but she probably sees other people as controlling. The Libra stuff could help her slow down and think before acting but she’s impulsive.

      As a couple they have so many placements in aspect. They either grow together or have to fight. When you’re rich, beautiful and famous; there’s not much reason to grow as an individual or to work at the relationship. And even if one of you is growing, you come to realise the other is stuck and it’s time to leave them to it.

  6. Is this an example of a parent who walked when the relationship became hostile and the custodial parent getting at them via the kids? Civil adults would have sorted this by now. I cannot help but think that Angelina has unresolved anger at Brad, maybe she still has strong conflicted feelings about him and she uses the kids. Many mothers realise it is damaging to cause a father to be separated from his children and for the children to hear negativity about the father. Children need their father. I realise that Brad Pitt is no angel and I suspect can be a pretty hard line man when it comes down to it..but it is not about them, it is about what is best for the children.

  7. So much vitriol towards Angelina, disregarding the information that Brad and Jennifers’ marriage was unravelling when she met him. Jen had her eye on big stardom, and not creating a family with Brad, which I feel is what drew him to Angelina. Don’t think it’s quite fair that Jennifer is seen as such a sweetheart, Angelina the home wrecker, Brad largely unaccountable. It’s their drama to play out, like most of us trying to make the best of the hand we are given (choose).

  8. Their Draconic charts in a biwheel shows why they were not meant to be together for long.
    Her Draconic Uranus is conjunct his Draconic descendant.
    His Draconic Uranus opposes her Draconic Venus-Asc.
    His Draconic Chiron sits on her Draconic Venus-Asc…a painful relationship.
    There is one “COOCHY COO” asepect….his draconic Moon-Venus conjuncts her Draconic Sun.
    She was her ideal woman…he was her ideal man…..but Uranus trumps all.
    shrink biwheel if too big.

  9. She always struck me as having a Borderline/Histrionic Personality Disorders. She had an excessive need for attention — the sensual kiss of her brother at one of the Oscars, the need to identify as a lesbian, at first. She went after Brad when he was married to Jennifer Aniston, who foolishly told her that Brad was excited about working with her. Then she became Saint Angelina, adopting all those kids. Seems that when you do obnoxious things like going after someone else’s husband, the chickens eventually come home to roost. But her marriage to Brad lasted for a relatively long time!

  10. Getting married in 2014 now looks like it was a last ditch attempt to save the relationship. I’ve met couple who move house for a fresh start, or have a baby to try and create some togetherness. Always split up within a year or so.

    It hints at an inability to address the deeper, emotional issues that underlie the marriage problems. She’s shown zero emotional intelligence in resolving her childhood issues around needing a father figure to teach her self-control. But Brad also has that very cold Capricorn stellium and is very earthy. I always suspect he’s very different to how his Sag Sun/Asc along with Jupiter Aries come across to the public. As per most, public spats – half a dozen of one; six of the other.

  11. ‘She had episodes of depression and planned twice to suicide; at 24 she had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Two years later, she adopted a toddler from a Cambodian orphanage. ‘

    Very interesting because I bet if she took normal route in the US adoption process, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been passed as being in any fit state and she knew this. So her intentions were ultimately selfish.
    Who knows what that young man is packing psychologically and how it will surface at some point.

  12. They looked so great together but alas it was just looks. What a nightmare and I can’t see anyone wanting to touch her with a barge pole cause she now reads as totally toxic. Even without astrology I can’t see anyone wanting to get into a relationship with her with this baggage. Such a shame. I really liked her before all this. Now she just looks sad and bitter. More money than sense.

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