Michael Collins – living on in legend

Michael Collins, lionized for his part in Ireland’s struggle for independence, as a revolutionary leader, soldier and politician, was assassinated at the tragically young age of 31 a century ago on August 22. He fought in the Easter Rising in 1916 and negotiated the  Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921 after the Civil War ended, in which he had been Irish commander in chief. It would establish the Irish Free State but depended on an oath of allegiance to the British Crown. He viewed the treaty as offering “the freedom to achieve freedom”. Months later he was killed in an ambush by anti-treaty forces, though there is a good deal of speculation about the whos and whys.

  He was born 16 October 1890 at 2.30 am Clonakilty, Ireland, when his father, a farmer and amateur mathematician was 75. He had a strongly Air chart, often the sign of a crusader and passionate believer in a cause. His Sun was in Libra conjunct rebellious Uranus.  But more significantly the Neptune Pluto in Gemini of that generation was on his Midheaven trine Jupiter and trine Mercury, formed into a Kite by Neptune Pluto opposition a patriotic Venus on his IC. The IC rules roots and family lineage, the foundations of his life – and that central configuration channelled its considerable energy and ambition towards his Venus. Neptune Pluto can engender stratospheric ambition and boosted by a confident Jupiter, it’s no surprise he made fast progress to prominence.

  His Saturn in hard-working Virgo trine his Mars in his flamboyant 5th house which help with his military career but really he was a politician, thinker and orator. His Moon was in passionate Scorpio.

  Despite being warned that it was risky to travel to Cork in 1922 which was an IRA stronghold he insisted on going. He died on the day of a Leo New Moon and a bleak Saturn square Pluto though there was remarkably little showing on his chart at that point.

  He did leave an enduring legacy so no surprises that his historical-footprint 17th Harmonic was strong as was his global-presence 22H.       

4 thoughts on “Michael Collins – living on in legend

  1. Here is Michael Collins triwheel on the day and hour when he was assassinated. Notice how the number 22 comes up in a famous person’s chart and how #22 comes up in murder charts. Even the #22 comes up
    in the date of death examples, John F. Kennedy, Nov 22, Michael Collins, August 22, 1922. Numerologically
    August is the 8th month, 8 representing death. Also 22 = 2 plus 2 = 4, end of life, 4th House.


  2. The influence he has had on intelligence and military tactics all over the World beyond extraordinary! Thank you for putting this up Marjorie.

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