Brad Pitt – repeating same old same old mistakes

Brad Pitt does make odd choices in romantic partners. Superficially his matches glow with the appearance of affection, deep attraction and the aura of an enviable perfection. Scratch the surface and what is revealed is not so much a can of worms as of writhing snakes.

 I’ve always been misled by his Jupiter in the 4th into assuming he had a charmed and supportive childhood, giving him a solid foundation for a settled adult home life, making his subsequent marital turmoil seem strange.

  However on closer examination his Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage significator, is conjunct his Mars and his South Node in Capricorn which will draw him towards fiery women and argumentative bonds as well as ones which appeal to his less evolved Capricornian side. He’ll put money and status above caring and compassion. Plus his North Node is in the 8th which tends to make for turmoil in sexual encounters, with a lack of self-control when it comes to need and greed and has a habit of dragging him into long-drawn out financial and emotional tussles. Letting go isn’t something that comes naturally to him.  

  His cool Capricorn Moon and Venus are both conjunct his Sun/Saturn midpoint, making him emotionally clamped down and all the more so with Saturn in chilly Aquarius.

  His marriage to Jennifer Aniston, supposedly the flawless fusion of love’s dream, in reality had a superficial sheen of bliss with an underlying streak of aggravation running through it. Her Moon was conjunct his Sun which is good, her Venus was conjunct his Jupiter for a veneer of good feelings and her Jupiter Uranus in his 10th would bring career benefits. But none of that could balance out her Aquarius Sun square Mars colliding with his Saturn with a continual grate of irritations and blockages. Her Pluto on his Midheaven would put her in the driving seat.

 Their relationship chart was impossibly bad which made all the fan-magazine gush a nonsense. There was a composite Saturn opposition Pluto Uranus square Mars with Uranus Pluto trine Sun – unfair, one-sided, unkind, never stable, volcanically angry underneath.

  His engagement to Gwyneth Paltrow was no more understandable except in career terms. Her controlling (and influential) Pluto Sun fell in his 10th. Her Moon did fall on his Descendant which is good though her chilly Saturn in Gemini also in his 7th house of relationships hinted at problems and both squared his chaotic Uranus Pluto. His Saturn blocked out her Venus in opposition; and her Uranus was in an argumentative volatile, needs-space square to his Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus.  That was never going to hold.

   Their relationship chart was focused on career and money but with an ego-clash writ large in the centre. Neither wanted the other to outshine them.

  After the Jolie split he evidently got a grip of his drug/drink issues and went into therapy to stop running from his feelings. That was when transiting Saturn was moving across his Sun and down through the middle of his First Quadrant, often a time when unresolved psychological issues surface to be sorted out. More recently tr Pluto has been moving across his Moon and Venus, again giving him a chance of a major clear out of old emotional patterns. So it is possible the chain has been broken and he’ll choose more sensibly ahead.   

4 thoughts on “Brad Pitt – repeating same old same old mistakes

    • Yes, I did, and I expect longterm readers of Marjories to get the astrological reference, given the many articles about Depp here and that Depp has moon in Capricorn too, and
      a heavily earth chart.
      As for your impertinence, take a hike.

  1. Brad Pitt has always struck me as someone who has struggled with some pretty disabling challenges. He recently revealed he suffers from face blindness, and he rarely leaves the house because of it. I remember many years ago when he was married to Aniston him mentioning something similar. As someone with a similar condition, it can be pretty crippling.

    Pluto transiting the moon is a BIG and long transit, most people will never have that transit due to how slow moving the planet it. When it hits the moon, I have seen people have very dramatic outer and inner changes. You are not the same after it.

  2. In my view much like Depp, he is a social climber, both through sexual relationships and particularly in his buddy groups, and those he percieves as ‘cool’, rebellious but simultaneously part of his establishment .
    Rather than develope his talent or acknowledge his limitations he seeks respect through those he cultivates.

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