Scott Morrison – only hand on the tiller

Scott Morrison, deposed PM of Australia, has attracted outrage and derision in equal measure as it transpires during the pandemic he made himself overlord of everything without bothering to inform his ministers he had taken over their portfolio.  Anthony Albanese, the present PM, accused him of an “unprecedented trashing of our democracy” by becoming  minister of health, finance, resources, home affairs and the treasury to add to his prime ministerial duties.

  Born 13 May 1968 he is a stalwart Sun Taurus – one of the favoured signs for dictators – and it opposes a slippery Neptune and trines Pluto Uranus giving him added layers of stratospheric ambition. Neptune Pluto is associated with megalomaniac power. As if that wasn’t enough his Sun opposition Neptune squares a grandiose and self-aggrandising Jupiter in Leo – which is Boris Johnson on steroids.

  He is refusing to resign as of this moment and is blustering a self-justifying and admit-no-guilt defence. But he does look boxed into a corner until early December and fairly frozen; with career losses in late September through October and again into 2023.  He will be slipping and sliding and discouraged with tr Saturn hitting his Sun this year and Jupiter, Neptune early next year. Followed by jolts and jangles bringing sudden change from tr Uranus conjunct his Sun from mid 2023  onwards.

4 thoughts on “Scott Morrison – only hand on the tiller

  1. Thank you for looking into this Marjorie, we Australians are gobsmacked- words can’t describe. I hope Mr Albanese can hold his own as PM. Quite sure S.M. will have a contingency plan, which will focus on derailing new government.

  2. Twice this year Morrison has faced a storm of criticism, on the first occasion over flood response and misdirection of grant money, this time over secret ministries – both times tr. Saturn has been within one degree of a square to his Sun when he has been found out – classic. He was never up to being PM. A man of limited intellect and vision whose chief attribute is overbearing self-confidence.

  3. My goodness, his appearance is so very Taurean in that photo! The neck!
    Mars in Gemini may be interesting – squaring his Pluto and Uranus this autumn. And turning retrograde at 25 Gemini in October, exactly square his Uranus. Coincidentally, Mercury turns direct at 24 Virgo at the beginning of October, square Neptune. Perhaps more comes to light then? Or just a war of words?

  4. Thanks Marjorie. Can see the dictatorial stuff with the fixed signs and his Taurus Sun trine Pluto very easily. The missing leg of his t-square is Aquarius – he needs to learn that what he does needs to be for other people/everybody not just himself. Transiting Saturn will be showing him this over the next year.

    There’s a very wide yod there too between Aries Saturn and Virgo Pluto/Uranus – Scorpio Neptune. The Saturn in Aries people I’ve met can find it very difficult to ask for help – so I think those placements may play into the delegation struggles.

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