Yevgeny Prigozhin – stepping away from the party line

Yevgeny Prigozhin, oligarch, close ally of Putin and founder of the Wagner mercenary group, has stepped away from the Kremlin line to praise Zelensky as a strong leader. He and the Chechen Kadyrov have both been critic s of the Russian military tactics in Ukraine.

  Born 1 June 1961 he is a Sun Gemini square Pluto, maybe on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Neptune sextile a Capricorn Moon – controlling, ego-centric. He also has a volatile, no-compromise Mars conjunct Uranus in Leo and Saturn in final degree Capricorn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius.

  He looks rattled in January 2023 with tr Uranus square his Mars and before then with tr Saturn opposition his Uranus.  He looks stuck in 2023 and facing a discouraging slog with tr Saturn opposition his Pluto and tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn into 2024.

  He will have some successes but looks nerve-stretched for the next two years.

The Wagner group first saw action in 2014 in Crimea which kicked off with a pushy Jupiter opposition Pluto square Uranus.  

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  1. Wishes for a Happy move!

    Like the murderous Kadyrov, ‘critical’ of the Kremlin unfortunately means that he doesn’t think Russia has been tough enough on Ukraine, despite all the horrors already inflicted, not that the war is a bad idea. Nor does it mean necessarily criticizing Putin, but rather the poorly managed and ill-equipped Russian military.
    He also admitted to a side project of influencing US elections (again).

  2. Thanks for kind comments. Am in, whacked but with great relief got the PC up and running. V slow broadband -rural bliss. But I am promised fibre soon-ish.

    • Congrats on the move, Marjorie. “Rural” sounds wonderful. Will you garden?

      We’ve done the opposite… now in a condo in the city!!
      Husband says that if we move again.. it’s just me!! He is staying put.

      Nesting is always a fun thing to do in a new place.
      All the best,

      • I always garden even if its a window box – but here there is a reasonable (not too large) front and back. Always good to get away from the office.

  3. Good luck with move, and thank you for looking at Prigozhin!

    I have been following Wagner related news since they emerged in Donbas over 8 years ago. The group seemed to be part of a whole ecosystem of far right dark money and disturbing internet influence aimed to destabilize the West. For instance, some admins of a briefly popular Finnish altright “newssite” “MV” visited Donbas and one of the, who later became the owner, even moved there. It started to make sense when it was revealed largely by Bellincat that Prigozhin is the founder BOTH of Wagner Group and Internet Research Agency, known also as Putin’s “troll factory”.

    Prigozhin himself has quite a backstory, he was a youth criminal during Soviet times and imprisoned for 9 years for robbery and running prostitute ring. When he came out in 1990, he opened a hotdog stand with his stepfather. He was officially noted by Putin while a restaurant owner in St. Petersburg during his first presidency, but I think they were connected through St. Pete underworld in the 1990’s. He then went to gain fortune by public procurement deals for school and office lunch cantines.

    The way I’ve seen him is that unlike most siloviks, who are mostly former KGB guys, he isn’t driven by ideology or disillusionment. He was officially labelled “antisocial element” in the USSR. While late-Soviet prison world was almost a country in country and had a strict hierarchy, he essentially comes from “school of hard knocks”. I’ve always felt many of Putin’s men, and maybe even Putin himself, are intimidated by him. And, since he officially ran restaurants and casinos, and likely prostitution in St. Pete and later all over Russia, he must have tons of dirt, or kompromat, on everybody.

    I think his chart fits too, this is nothing but a chart of a street smart survivor. Capricorn Moon/ Cancer Mercury opposition catches my eye. This is a good fit for a restaurant keeper, and maybe the reason Wagner guys have proper shoes and rations! Also, that “flashy” Leo Mars. Natives usually are quite athletic, even Donald Trump was a promising baseball player and isn’t actually all bad in golf, even if he cheats. Prigozhin himself was a promising cross-country skiier, and his most famous astro twin seems to be Paul Coffey, the second greatest NHL defender of all times, only preceeded by Bobby Orr.

  4. Hope the move is going well Marjorie! And thanks so much for posting – this is fascinating on many levels.

    The Pluto transit to Prigozhin’s natal Saturn just reeks of secrecy, military, and restricted power. Or does Prighozhin act as the person attempting to restrict/undermine power, and maybe limiting Putin himself? As a military strategist he will have thought this through carefully (Mercury sextile Pluto). But perhaps he’s made his move too soon. Hence the ‘discouraging slog’.

    Of interest – the chart for the end of the USSR, 5 September, 1991, has Saturn 0 Aquarius. Moon 29 Cancer – the legislation and the people both at turning point degrees there I think. The ascendant is 29 Libra too. Tr Pluto is resonating with both Prigozhin and a huge moment in Russian history. The collapse of the Soviet Union had taken some years to unfold before reaching a tipping point. The 1991 chart also has Pluto at 17 Scorpio. The difficult Lunar Eclipse in a few days’ time will be there, and the “energy of change” Mars/Uranus/Nodes chord of the summer opposed it. It seems possible that memories of that collapse are being stirred up.

    • @Jane, as mentioned in my post, our Yevgeny probably has little something on everyone at Putin’s inner circle.

      Truly someone who popped into my head as a reference was Sam Giacana. Incidently, Giacana was a Gemini Sun.

      • Solaia – thank you for your post, and all the information. I had a quick look at Giancana’s planets, and see Pluto conjunct Sun in Gemini. Yevgeny has Sun square Pluto. Maybe Giancana was involved in the Kennedy asassination, maybe not. Makes me wonder if there is some idea floating around to ‘dispose’ of Putin.
        Also, as you say, the likelihood of ‘kompromat’ is very high. With that backstory, nothing much would surprise me!

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