Xi & Vlad – crowing for top dog status

Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow brings together two autocrats keen to establish a post-American world order where the east rises and the west declines – while trade continues to flow. Xi in typically inscrutable fashion is presenting himself as a peace broker over Ukraine, though his plan says nothing about Russian withdrawal, in an attempt to maintain some credibility in Europe. He is basking in the success of his recent efforts to restore relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and keen to establish credibility as a power-broker. It’s a difficult balancing act since he also needs Russia for alternative energy supply routes in the event of a China/US clash over Taiwan.  

  The Washington Post remarks ‘the world is at a dangerous crossroads’ and there could indeed be a significant shift in the global power balance with China, Russia and Iran lining up against the United States, Britain and other NATO allies.

  All of which might fit in with the history-changing Uranus North Node (and Mars) conjunction of last August. (See post 17 June 2022). Previous occurrences oversaw:

1961 – the start of the Berlin Wall build.

1946 – the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by Jewish terrorists which led to a hasty British withdrawal, the set-up of Israel two years later which led to decades of trouble in the Middle East.

1976 – the death of Mao Tse Tung.

1870 – German unification with France supplanted as the dominant European land power.

1939 – the first Anglo-Afghan War, one of the first major conflicts during the Great Game, the 19th century competition for power and influence in Central Asia between Britain and Russia. Also the First Opium War between UK and China. Twentieth century nationalists considered 1839 the start of a century of Chinese humiliation, and many historians considered it the beginning of modern Chinese history.

  The final exact aspect of Uranus to that 18 degree point comes late April/early May this year and will trigger Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term chart and Putin’s 4th Term chart – both with fixed planets at 18 degrees. It also rattles up the Xi/Putin relationship chart (assuming Putin is born 1952)which has a composite Sun at 18 degrees Leo.

 If that relationship chart between Xi and Putin holds good they are likely to encourage each other on to unwise, overly confident actions, some of which will fail through 2024.

  The Russia 1917/China 1912 relationship chart indicates confusion/delusion through 2023/24 with the composite Neptune catching the tr Pluto opposition; with an uncertain and panicky tr Neptune square the composite Saturn in 2024.

  It is all too easy to catastrophise in these troubled times and I hesitate to pile worry on top of woe. But it was always true that a) The USA’s Pluto Return could shift its status as top dog. Pluto Returns tend to accompany rise and falls; and b) Joe Biden’s Term chart indicated that the greatest and riskiest problems would come late in 2023 into 2024 when the Inauguration’s Solar Arc Sun would close the conjunction to  Saturn to exact; and the SA Saturn would close to the disruptive and perhaps violent square to the Mars and Uranus.

   China’s relationship chart with the USA looks discouraging but not necessarily combustible over the next two years. Ditto China with the EU, though 2025 could throw a few firecrackers into the mix.

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  1. Late thanks for looking at this visit, Marjorie! Xi’s response to Putin now seems to be: China isn’t going to risk its trade with the West (and therefore its Covid-battered economy) to bail out Russia.

    Commentators are now using the term “vassalage” to describe Russia’s relationship with China going forward — even comparing Putin’s relationship with Xi as that of Piglet to Winnie the Pooh! What an own goal, Vladimir Putin!

    So your writing about the Russia/China relationship chart indicating “confusion/delusion through 2023/24… (and) an uncertain and panicky tr Neptune square the composite Saturn in 2024” could have to do with Putin and the Russian people not quite understanding their country’s now subservient relationship with China because that is such a hard pill for them to swallow.

  2. Hello – An article on the BBC lists the 12-points accumulated for China’s proposed “peace plan” recipe. “https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-65030929”

    The plan resides at – “https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/zxxx_662805/202302/t20230224_11030713.html” Dated 02-24-2023 in Beijing at 0900 (assumed local Beijing time).

    Would there be any astro value of this document given the time, date, and location? Thanks.

  3. OT

    Any astro insight into the current meltdown in London’s Metropolitan Police?

    Surely, the time and date of the founding of the Met. is well known and recorded – it was well within the modern bureaucratic era – and relevant transits etc would be a good test and insight into astrology.

    • Without wanting to derail the thread, the Met was founded 29/9/1829 and with Mercury at 0 degrees of Scorpio currently being squared by the Pluto ingress into Aquarius. Plus the Met has Uranus at 2 degrees of Aquarius so transit Pluto will be conjunct that Uranus for the next couple of years. Transit Neptune is approaching the Met’s South Node at 28 degrees of Pisces, which is interesting in the light of recent talk of possibly disbanding the Met.

  4. I am still trying to get my head around why an 18 degree planet has become significant. Could it be related to creation of some sort, as there are “5” eighteen degrees in a 90 degree square? Therefore could a monumental change begin with a planet squaring another 18 degree planet in a chart, or country’s chart and complete a profound change when it conjuncts by transit that planet it first squared? Also are mid-points at 18 degrees more powerful that just one planet.

    • Interesting analysis. The founder of degree theory stressed that 18th degree is evil as it falls in Virgo(sixth house) of natural zodiac. Perhaps astro-logic is intuitive and i am perplexed at one particular degree being more important than the others – so much so that planets start giving “evil” results as compared to 15th or 29th degree! As you have come up with a mathematical explanation it seems you are on the right track! Hope you can finally crack the code on this one!

  5. Thanks Marjorie, you always make things clearer! The mid Fixed Sign degrees are really having their moment it seems. The history of the dissolution of the Soviet Union is complicated (for me, anyway), stretching from 1989 to 1991. What I picked out to look at were:

    *The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 9th November, 1989: Sun 16 Scorpio, Mercury 17 Scorpio, Pluto 15 Scorpio, Nodes 21 Aquarius. May’s Lunar Eclipse – 15 Scorpio, highlighting that Pluto, Sun and Mercury.

    *The formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, 8th December 1991: Pluto 21 Scorpio, Saturn 3 Aquarius. There had been a Lunar Eclipse 3 Aquarius in August 1991. By the end of May, Jupiter will square that Saturn, while Uranus squares Pluto. The transiting Nodes in Taurus/Scorpio also happen to be at 3 degrees in May.

    What interested me about this is that during the turbulent September and October of 1991, Saturn moved to 0 Aquarius, while Pluto was at 18 Scorpio. Since Pluto approaches 0 Aquarius in a couple of days, and Uranus opposes that 1991 Pluto 18 Scorpio, it’s thought provoking. As you say:

    “The final exact aspect of Uranus to that 18 degree point comes late April/early May this year and will trigger Xi Jinping’s 3rd Term chart and Putin’s 4th Term chart – both with fixed planets at 18 degrees. It also rattles up the Xi/Putin relationship chart (assuming Putin is born 1952)which has a composite Sun at 18 degrees Leo.”

    Re Xi, who knows what he is really up to? Looking at the Uranus/Nodes conjunction at the death of Mao Tse Tung in September 1976 it was 4 Scorpio. Interesting that the Nodes will be 4 Taurus/Scorpio for this May’s Lunar Eclipse. Some fateful Scorpio South Node resonances there? Lessons from history? The Solar Eclipse of October, 1976, was 29 Libra – opposing our upcoming 29 Aries one this April. The Lunar Eclipse of November, 1976 was 14 Taurus, opposing May’s eclipse in Scorpio……

  6. One degree astrologer (don’t remember his name) said 18 degrees is “diabolical.” I have 18 Virgo Moon and I can be quite calm. But a Virgo moon is no picnic, in general.

  7. Marjorie,

    Thanks for a great post! What is so special about 18th degree as I have noticed you keep pointing it in your various posts?
    Thank you in advance for clarifying!

    • 18 degrees in a fixed sign I think Marjorie is saying.
      Mind Pluto and Saturn South node linked to Earth Capricorn 18 degrees.
      I’ve got Mars in mutable Pisces 18 degrees, been about as much good as a chocolate teapot. Bought a load of pathetic drunken bums though!

  8. Your late April/early May date also coincides with the May 5 eclipse. I have wondered, for some time, whether this might be Putin’s final, but doomed, ‘big push’.

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