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  1. I’d be interested in the charts of Gordon and Mary Cook who undertook a 3 year sailing journey around the world which ended up being 17 years. The daughter, Suzanne Heywood has just written a book about it ‘wavewalker, breaking free’, which is fairly critical of her childhood.
    The dad now 80 did another round the world trip…

  2. Marjorie could you pls look at Jacob Rees Mogg’s chart. Some chatter of him challenging Sunak in Nov/Dec if May elections are a meltdown.

    • Eugh what a ghastly thought. Think the failure of any credible resistance to the N Ireland vote might indicate that rabid bunch are heading for the exit. Saturn is heading to square his Gemini Sun soon and repeating later and he’s lost his successful tr Pluto trine Jupiter – he won’t be entirely down and out but the wind is not blowing in his direction.

  3. Apologies for absence of website last night. Snafu migrating to new server.

    Met chart is flagging up huge alarm at the moment – whether that gets translated into a clean up?? Will look tomorrow.

    The two greased piglets – Johnson and Trump – may face their fate this week or not. There is no justice in this rotten world for some so I am not holding my breath. Though BJ and the Tory Party look at odds at the moment into April. And the Tory Party 1912 has an 18 degree Taurus Sun – buffeted over the council election
    Trump looks to be in calamity country at that late April/early May patch with tr Uranus hitting his disastrous Mars/Pluto midpoint.

    More tomorrow.

    • Hi Marjorie
      Phew!! Glad to see you back up and running. I was almost having withdrawal symptoms lol

      I know you referred to a June post about 18 degrees fixed signed recently, but wonder if you can give a summary of why 18 degrees fixed sign is such that is seems to come across quite. What about those of us who have it in natal chart, i.e. my Jupiter is 18 Taurus?

      Would love some insight if possible. Much thanks always for what you share with us.

      One love

        • Me too! Natal Sun 18 Aquarius, Venus 19 Aquarius, plus Ascendant Taurus. Just when I was just beginning to feel settled after recent years’ shenanigans.
          Perhaps I’ll dive under the duvet until it’s all over or
          perhaps it doesn’t matter because of progressions?

      • Panic not, some of it may be coincidence and some of it more connected to worldly events. More tomorrow when my brain clears.

    • Another greased piglet, surviving scandal after scandal, Canadian PM Trudeau.

      Will the recent revelations of Chinese election interference from the last two federal elections have a lasting impact?

      David Johnston accepted the position of independent special rapporteur investigating foreign election interference.

      “Trudeau has described Johnston as a “family friend” and as a friend of Trudeau’s father. Johnston is involved with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, as a “member” who advises and helps select the board of directors. The foundation is, of course, implicated in allegations the Chinese government tried to use it to influence Justin Trudeau ahead of the 2015 election.”

      Carson Jerema
      Published Mar 15, 2023 National Post

      • Not quite the squealer as Drompf. Wondering if he felt ignored on the world stage with the chinese and russian presidents knocking around Putin’s house. Something insideous will come from that meeting.

    • Thank you for clarifying. I was concerned “the man” may have tried to silence you (a potentially otiose endeavour I suspect!).

    • The Partygate Inquiry begins, and the Cosmos offers a wry comment: Tr Mars 28 Gemini, conjunct asteroid Chaos, 28 Gemini. Boris Johnson’s Sun and Venus – 28 Gemini.

        • It’s imminent – 24th March, this Friday. Sunak’s Northern Ireland Brexit plan just passed by 515 votes to 29 by MPs while Johnson was being grilled.

        • Ann – yes indeed it is! My comment was simply noticing Asteroid Chaos hand in hand with tr Mars today, visiting BJ’s Sun and Venus – which are, partly, I think why he’s got away with so much. That Sun/Venus Gemini charm.

  4. “The Met is running into a total gridlock by late 2023/early 2024 as its Solar Arc Mars is conjunct Pluto. Indeed its woes are in place now with Solar Arc Mars opposing the Sun. Though, looking on the bright side, that could be because of the reputational damage caused by corruption being exposed. Gets worse before it gets better is the hopeful interpretation.” September 2022

    Marjorie – Baroness Casey’s damning report on the Met is released today. It’s as if the equally critical Macpherson Report (24 February 1999) never happened. It had Uranus 14 Aquarius, Saturn 29 Aries, Black Moon Lilith 18 Scorpio so is being triggered by upcoming eclipses. Met Saturn is 14 Leo. I wondered what you think? Also, how would we look at policing as a whole across the UK? Is that even possible? These problems are not unique to the Met. Very unsettling.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    What’s in store for Boris Johnson this week? He claimed that he would come out innocent in the Privileges committee hearing.

    I think this is the only sure shot chance of getting rid of him from politics forever.


  6. Just a thought … Donald Trump is raising the alert that he’s going to be arrested on Tuesday. The analysis is that it’s probably going to be later in the week. Could this be the Pluto in Aqua ingress? The ‘beheading’ of a leader who acted like royalty – no regard for the rules.

    Also that the charges probably relate to the Stormy Daniels case seems appropriate that his undoing would relate to money and a woman given his Saturn-Venus in Cancer.

    I won’t hold my breath but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    On a lesser note, Boris Johnson is coming up before the committee for his Partygate indiscretions.

    • Building up the drama and asking for his “followers” to protest. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if no one showed up for his beheading.

    • Could you do a birth chart analysis for south korea because the country have the lowest birth rate and highest suicide in the world. Because the country is really competitive and conservative

    • Further to my comments on Trump and Johnson, also remembering that Vladimir Putin had an arrest warrant issued for last Friday by the international court. I don’t see how he ever gets brought to justice though.

      It occurred to me today that if justice is ever to be done, maybe it is by Pluto in Aquarius. The sign that has a vision of how to build a better society and which has no care about the feelings of individuals or their status. I think it could be very cold and merciless in hitting the reset button.

      Let see what happens …

  7. Cathy – even if Xi will openly aid Putin with arms, clandestine support – then what can the rest if the world do about it? Other than wringing collectively our hands together? T here does have to be a certain “balance of terror” in the world. Consider: Assad still rules in Syria…yet the void left by his removal could be so much worse for the region than the disease.

  8. Chairman Xi is visiting Vladimir Putin next week. Pundits are endlessly speculating WHY. The critical question is whether Xi will secretly lend support to Putin with armaments etc. (even though China had more invested in Ukraine than Russia before the beginning of the conflict). If so, this will be very bad news for the world but at least astrology can give us a strong head’s up, if you would be so kind?

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