Gwyneth Paltrow – counting the cost of fame

Gwyneth Paltrow was looking nervy and uptight in court as she faced a $300,000 claim over a ski-ing accident which both parties claim was the other’s fault. According to the complainant, who has a sole eye witness, she carelessly crashed into him breaking his ribs and causing brain damage. She has dismissed his lawsuit as an attempt to ‘exploit her celebrity and wealth’ and counter-sued seeking $1 in ‘symbolic damages’ but also payment of her lawyers’ fees. This is the culmination of seven years of legal claims and counter-claims, during which dozens of motions have been filed. It all depends on who the jury believes and if she loses it could tarnish her image.  Though on the facts as the DM has them it does sound iffy with a starstruck claimant.

  She was born 27 September 1972 5.25pm Los Angeles, into a wealthy family with an actress mother and film producer father. She has a fearsome collection of a Libra Sun conjunct Pluto conjunct Mars in late Virgo in her 7th house. Not a lady who does anything by halves and she will attract herself to determined partners in life.  Her Sun Pluto Mars also square a lucky, successful 10th house Jupiter in Capricorn. Her Mars is also in a hard-edged square to Saturn. Her restless Gemini Moon is conjunct a 4th house Saturn and she has Uranus in her 8th. Her emotional life won’t be settled or easy, continuing on from a challenging childhood, maybe the reason why she is a go-getter professionally.

  Both her husbands, Chris Martin and now Brad Falchuk, have complicated charts. Chris Martin, 2 March 1977, has a Pisces Sun on the focal point of a yod to Saturn sextile Pluto, Mars opposition Saturn; and possibly his Moon conjunct Saturn in Leo.  Brad Falchuk, 1 March 1971, has a yod as well onto Uranus from Sun sextile Saturn; Mars square Pluto and Moon conjunct Saturn. Neither are straightforward or relaxed by temperament and she clearly is drawn to their struggles since they match her own.

  Tr Saturn is about to descend into her lower profile First Quadrant after this year which may not have an immediate effect but she will find her ambitions sagging and her success rate slumping as well in coming years.

  This trial is due to take eight days and her influences are incredibly mixed. She has two upbeat, lucky Jupiterian midpoints triggered mid March to late April. Those run alongside two tr Pluto horrors picking up from later this week until mid June and again in 2024 – squaring her Mars/Neptune midpoint which is crisis, weakness, plans not progressing plus acute frustration from her Mars/Pluto midpoint being leant on as well.

  2024 sees tr Neptune opposition her Mars in Virgo from April, on and off into 2025 – which will feel like failure and evoke panic.  Tr Neptune will continue to oppose her Mars/Pluto and Mars/Sun midpoints until 2027 with tr Saturn chipping into its tuppence worth of woe which won’t be a barrel of laughs and will dent her confidence.

  It’ll be a rocky ride though money will hardly be an issue.

  Her brand name GOOP website flogging beauty products and questionable health cures started as a newsletter in 2008 as Pluto moved into Capricorn and is now value around $250 million. It might be the beginning of the end as Pluto changes sign.

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  1. Update – Paltrow won her case with a unanimous jury decision. For all her faults, it seems she was doing it to fight the injustice of his version of events. The guy really seemed like a chancer from the bits I watched. He dramatised the collision claiming she’d let out a blood curdling scream. I suspect this is the sort of embellished storytelling which has gained sympathy from family members in the past.

  2. Lady C has pointed out that the skier behind is supposed to give way to the skier in front. The poor chap did end up upside down in the snow unconscious and with I believe 4 broken ribs. Given that she wasn’t really injured, I rather think she was at fault.

    Perhaps besides having to take a competency test, skiers should be required to take out insurance. Just because her alleged victim only had one witness, doesn’t mean he was lying. Indeed she, herself seems to be packed with family members, friends and her personal skiing instructor. Let us hope they understand the implications of perjury. And I sincerely hope that the judge understands it too.

    • Article just up on BBC.Com: Man suing Paltrow thought it cool to be in the news.


      Indeed, who is fooling whom?

      • I just watched a few minutes of Gwyneth sat giving her testimony. While the rule of the piste is for the skier behind to give way, both parties are claiming they were the one in front who was skied into! The court proceedings and attorneys seem rather lacking compared to the days of the OJ trial.

        GP did a lot of pouting and wide-eyed stuff along with the occasional smile of charm. The sense I got from watching her testify is she plays the “little girl” which is a very Gemini moon thing. And may even be accurate given it’s wide conjunction to Saturn which suggested arrested emotional development.

        Even so, I tend to believe her version of events. Albeit not having seen any thing of him. I suspect if she had skied into him, she would have been somewhat guilt racked and quick to pay him.

        • If I was unsure before, I’m decided now.

          Apparently the plaintiff suing GP sent his own daughter (and other family and friends) an email titled “I’m famous … at what cost” with what seems to be a link to footage of the crash on an eye witness’s GoPro. The footage is no longer available and the daughter says she can’t remember anything about it.

  3. Some Goop postings are so ludicrous. I’m surprised that that hasn’t gotten more attention within the news media. There’s a doc, Jennifer Gunter, who goes on the record about how awful and unsafe some of the Goop products are. I disagree that Gwyneth choosing motherhood over acting. I think she was savvy enough to know that as she aged she would have fewer roles. And I think she absolutely knew that young, impressionable starstruck fans would fork over BIG bucks for her products. She knew Goop was going to be more lucrative than acting, plain and simple.
    I think she’s an insufferable narcissist.

    • When Pluto opposes your 4th house / moon – it’s not so much a choice but something you get pushed into or feel a compulsive need to do.

    • She has consistently been in trouble for promoting products for which there is zero evidence of effectiveness and which could do actual harm, including by the NHS who warned against following any of her recommendations. The wellness industry in general is just another revival of the snake oil pedlar.

      The latest mind boggling fad she promotes is something called Rectal Ozone Therapy, which she claimes cleanses and stimulates the colon. The ever repeating theme in these ‘cure-alls’ is the obsessive concern with cleansing and improving the function of her own body cavities – vaginal eggs, vaginal steaming, coffee enemas, rectal insertions of varying kinds along with the Spartan diet of vegetables and bone broth. I certainly see that Mars/Pluto/Sun conjunction playing a role in these rigorous regimens. In any magazine interviews, she concocts meaningless word salads and comes across as incredibly hollow and self-absorbed.

  4. Interesting that both husbands were Pisces, with suns conjunct her ASC.

    Neptune does seem to factor into all her business interests, whether in film or her often questionable health advice & products.

    Perhaps it is only suitable that the trial appears as murky.

    For a woman so wealthy (access to all the best care) and obsessed with health (to sell or for herself), she does not look all that good in the photo. Too much sunbathing below the face, and wrinkles around the eyes.

  5. The Paltrow Pout is driving me crazy.

    That she can’t contain her displeasure with proceedings she insisted upon having is galling.

    They collided, his ribs broke – even if he is fully at fault she HAD to be advised proving that would a dull time spend.

    Is the other guy greedy? Probably. He seems a bit unpleasant, too. ( I wonder if his chart mirror hers on control and cash factors)..but she is far more fortunate in age, wealth, condition, and love than he. She c o u l d have settled for a tenth of the 3million he originally asked for. That’s a small fee for the fame that has afforded her the luxuries she so endorses.

    The only justice I see thus far is that a woman of grand privilege has to sit amoung her perceived lessers for hours on end. No monetizing of eyeballs. No custom food-spa-shopping. No Working Hard (!) for goopey profits. Just a bunch of so-so dudes and one creased Libra huffing as the scales of justice weigh a bunch of snow and bones.

    • I too was thinking that celebrities normally settle to avoid this stuff. The $3million was probably too much to settle for, and he then came back with the $300K because it’s large enough for him and should have been small enough for her to just pay him off.

      I suspect her Mars/Pluto/Sun combo is riled and now won’t let go. Perhaps the Libra stuff doesn’t see it as fair, or perhaps it’s the Mars-Pluto wanting a fight. Add in that her Gemini moon-saturn might be emotionally projecting something as saturn-moon people tend to do and therefore unable to let go – or perhaps had been looking forward to the verbal sparring in court.

      • Hi Gnarly ~ Some expert said lawyering up would be a smart business move to deter future litigants from going after her goop gold. I originally thought Libra fairness was driving her, but after two days of seeing The Puss in court I think it’s that Sun Pluto Mars you cite flaring against a grandiose push from her ambitious Jupiter.

        As for YOU VFlake ( – who is the fairest of them all – ) where’d that moniker come from!?!

        If anyone can lmk what the glyph between GP’s Mercury and Uranus stands for I would appreciate it ~~~

        Oh yeah:
        wondering if Moon+Saturn denotes a tightwad. Because I’ve added that to my list of TINDAG ( things I now dislike abt Gwyneth). Because she should have spent more for better attorneys.

        • Ceres (goddess of the harvest – a scythe) at 12Libra
          Black moon lilith at 26Libra
          Lot of fortune at 13Scorpio

          The Libra Sun-Pluto, Virgo Mars conjunction are inextricably linked in how they blend. They will be driving her to what she believes is the ‘fair’ resolution. Doesn’t matter if it’s true, people with that much air live in their heads – it’s about what she thinks is fair. Her chart has a very logical feel to it with no water.

          Good point about the moon-saturn being a tightwad.

    • Did she win it for Shakespeare in Love in 1999? She would having a bunch of Neptune transits to her Libra / Gemini planets.

      Then circa 2002-03 Pluto would have gone across her MC taking her to reconsider her career* It can cause a lot of searching. Maybe that is the Goop thing as. Marjorie notes it started in 2008 as Pluto moved into Capricorn where it immediately contacted her Jupiter and that fits with Goop starting as a newsletter and all the experimental stuff she promotes.

      * Around those years it would also have opposed her Gemini Moon/IC/Saturn and maybe that pushed her to focus on motherhood rather than career

  6. The sole eye-witness was highlighted by her lawyer as “color blind”, rendering the testimony “iffy”. What a mess.

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