Boris & Donald – the turbo-fibbers versus the truth

Howls of derision from columnists greeted Boris Johnson’s claims that he wasn’t lying in his assurances to the House of Commons about lockdown parties at No 10. Even the Telegraph have joined the Guardian in picking holes in the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ his lawyers produced at great expense (to the taxpayer) which turned itself in serpentine convulsions to proclaim his shining innocence.

  Marina Hyde in the Guardian is as ever worth a chuckle, as is John Crace.  ‘How can you tell if Boris is lying? Because he’s breathing and his lips are moving.’

  He may get let off in a technicality but in Hyde-speak he ‘feels inescapably yesterday’s man’ and even the Times remarks ‘he has lost the crowd –  Johnson has dazzled and amazed. But he is a magician whose trick won’t work anymore. The spell has been broken.’

  He does have tr Saturn exactly square his focal point Mars as he steps up to strutt his staff in front of the inquiry – that usually indicates a setback; and it repeats later in the year as he moves through his Second Saturn Return (grow up and face reality time).

  The key Astro-fascinator is what happens when tr Pluto squares his Scorpio Moon from this Thursday onwards till mid June. Pluto tends to pull up intense emotional reactions, sometimes destructive ones, churning up old childhood issues with accompanying pain and hurt. The Moon usually connects to domestic or family relationships but in politician’s it is also intimately connected to the general public. The Scorpio Moon rarely exposes vulnerability but self-control won’t be easy with Pluto in play.

  Moving into 2024 tr Neptune will make an undermining square to his Sun Venus with a career-blocking his Solar Arc MC conjunct his Pluto for a career – though that latter could come earlier if his birth time is marginally out. Tr Jupiter through his 8th from this July for a year could bring money his way so he may be off on a commercial jaunt at that point. But Jupiter then heads towards his midheaven from mid 2025 for a successful career year thereafter. He’s not only a greased piglet he has a rubber-ball karma that will bounce him back from experiences that would obliterate others from public view.

  His relationship chart with the Tory Party 1912 is on a sharp downhill slide this year from this month onwards; and the UK won’t be overly enamoured of him either.

  Another Gemini with cockroach powers to withstand repeated blasting is heading for a fractious court appearance over the Stormy Daniels payoff. Trump would be the first US president to face criminal charges. Paying off the porn star to keep quiet about their affair was not illegal but recording it as legal fees amounted to falsifying business records and covering it up to fool voters is another kind of crime. It is not a clear-cut case with little precedent. A touch of the Al Capone’s about it.

 He still leads the polls of primary voters, way in front of De Santis with all other contenders nowhere. But some senior Republicans are speaking out against him. John Bolton, former National Security Adviser, said “The Republican Party has to cleanse itself of the damage Trump has done to it.” He didn’t want to see him win the Republican candidacy “not just for the good of the Republican Party, but for the good of the country”.

  In typical fashion he has calamities and lucky escapes alternating through the year. April looks nerve-stretched until the 24th when a catastrophic crisis blows up and runs on till May 9th as tr Uranus squares his Mars/Pluto midpoint at 18 Leo. Then his lucky jinni pops up from late May till mid June and mid November to early April 2024 as two Jupiter midpoints are sparked into life.  Though he also has a discouraging tr Pluto opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint picking up early February and running into 2025.

  If his birth time is accurate then from May 2024 he has tr Jupiter moving across his 10th house until mid 2025, which looks worryingly upbeat and successful. Plus tr Uranus crossing his MC from June 2024 onwards suggesting a change of direction. And tr Uranus square his Mars from July can produce shocks and ego-dents as well as put stress on health in older types.

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  1. That marriage was never built to last. He’s sexually incontinent and restless to move on to something new and different. America! I don’t see Boris Johnson in US politics but I can certainly see him involved in the media – hosting a current events type show – maybe for Fox, maybe CNN (given its current tilt rightwards). Big money in televised bullshxt in the US. And I say that as an American.

    • The wedding chart is pretty horrible – a fearsome and bitterly argumentative, power-struggling Mars opposition Pluto with Moon tied in. A disappointing illusions/delusions from Neptune square Venus and a high-tension, prone-to-outbursts Saturn square Uranus. Carrie has tr Neptune conjunct her Pisces Sun all this year – not her shining moment.

      • Well, they say actions speak louder than words. An image of Boris which stuck in my mind, is of him leaving No 10 Downing Street, having been thrown out as Prime Minister, with Carrie very firmly dragged along behind him by the hand, as they said goodbye to the waiting staff outside with Carrie trying to be polite and say goodbye properly whilst Boris just wanted to get away as she was all but dragged into a lamp post in his haste to leave. Controlling or what – Neptune tr over her natal Pisces Sun all this year – illusions and delusions with a bitter reality check for her at the end.

  2. I think there is a good chance Trump will again be successful in the primaries and become Republican nominee indicating his success or as Marjorie wrote in a previous post “a period of grandstanding” however also remember her May 29, 2022 post with a long list of Republican enablers i.e McConnell, Meadows, Cruz etc as well as in a previous post on Bannon all being very unhappy around election 2024. Hopefully Pluto will be full transformational force by then in it’s US return.

  3. With Pluto squaring his Moon Johnson is in for a tough few years emotionally which may certainly make him “yesterday’s man” in political terms. Those with the transit can become involved in power struggles and conflicts where they can be the victim as well as the perpetrator. Johnson has some troublesome fixed stars such as Neptune conjunct Zubenelgenubi at 15 Scorpio which is a particularly melancholy aspect and Pluto conjunct Zosma which can indicate problems of egotism and selfishness. Needless to say those aspects are shared by a lot of people born in the same year as him. On a personal level he has Mercury within a degree of fixed star Bellatrix which brings both honour and sudden ruin. At same time his Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct Betelgeuse which is generally a fortunate aspect in terms of prestige and material wealth while his mid heaven conjunct Sirius which is normally beneficial. Like most people his chart is a mixed bag. He might actually fare a lot better outside politics.

    On the wider sphere whether the public are anywhere near as interested in Partygate as MPs and the media seem to think is a moot point. I suspect they are rather more worried about today’s U.K. inflation figures, whether the banking system will stay afloat and if they have a job in 12 months time.

    The way to keep troublesome political opportunists like Johnson and Trump out of office is for the mainstream political and financial establishment to make a better job of dealing with real world issues that impact voters. At the moment they don’t seem to be to showing much interest in seriously addressing those problems. As a consequence there may be further trouble down the road. Moreover, for all their faults Trump and Johnson have been thrown up by existing party political structures. The fact that they have largely disillusioned their ordinary supporters outside Congress or Parliament does necessarily mean these voters are happy with the return to the former status quo either.

  4. The thing about Trump & Republicans is there is no Republican Party anymore (not that I ever thought much of them.) Also, Marjorie, no one–NO ONE, Republican or Democrat–likes or listens to John Bolton. I listen to lots of podcasts hosted by former Republican operatives. There are very, very few Republicans left that are considered of any honor (because they stick with Trump.) Their sticking with Trump is understandable because they are threatened by armed mobs–they get scary threats and their families are also threatened so stepping out of line is dangerous. It’s very mafia-esque (or Putin-esque, take your pick.)

    I’ve been thinking about the Republicans that are manipulating Kevin McCarthy–the Speaker of the House of Representatives. What I’m thinking is: these people are amazingly low-IQ, but exquisite bullies. This particular group (Jim Jordan, Marge Greene, a few others are not threatened, they are true believers.) Many of that group of Republicans participated in the January 6th coup attempt and even asked for pardons. My country is very strange–even if the Democrats controlled the legislature they still would probably not investigate those folk. (They might be part of the Department of Justice investigation into 1/6–that would be great as the constitution prohibits those who’ve participated in sedition or treason or insurrections from holding office.)

    I do find this endless stupidity tiresome. The climate crisis should be #1 priority for all nations right now. Without a livable home planet we are done. All of these “strong” men are too dumb to understand that. That includes business leaders as well.

    • @ Jackie,

      How can you be sure of that? My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease in 2009 and she wasn’t really showing any of signs we generally associate with Alzheimers. It took some years before she really started going down hill and was unable to drive and live on her own.

      Also, I have a cousin who is an RN and she too used to work with Alzheimers and dementia patients. They don’t always exhibit extreme behaviors – especially when they’re in the early stages.

      I don’t k know whether or not if Trump has Alzheimers. However, it’s highly possible that he has some form of dementia. His behavior is anything but ordinary and he seems to be getting worse with time.

      Trump’s diet is also atrocious – eating fried and fattening processed foods and various types of meats. Studies have shown that horrible diets (like Trump’s) could possibly be linked to Alzheimers and dementia in some people.

  5. I Saw a headline earlier saying he was being sworn in prior to speaking with the committee and I assumed that was an oath to tell the truth. What is the point?

    I fully expect, given his past and it’s his moon, that when transiting Pluto hits it he will go off and have another affair and begin to destroy his marriage with the current Mrs Johnson. What won’t happen is any decent introspection – you don’t change at his age with all that emotional baggage and worldly success.

    • I notice that in late 1983, when Johnson was at Oxford and transit Pluto was on his Moon he 1) met Cameron, Gove, Hague and Hunt and joined the infamous’Bullington Club’ which specialised in inebriation and wanton vandalism, and 2) began a relationship with Allegra Mostyn-Owen who he later cheated on with Marina Warner who became his next wife. Interesting in the light of what you say about his current marriage.

      • GD and VF – very interesting re Boris’ Moon and Pluto. It might even work out the other way around, with Carrie breaking things up this time. She has Mercury 1 Pisces, Jupiter 1 Taurus. Neptune will be aspecting her Pisces Sun, and his Gemini Sun/Venus around the same time.
        Back in May 2021, Marjorie posted this:

        “I’d see 2025 or thereabouts as being the danger point – with tr Uranus in hard aspect to Boris’s Sun/Moon midpoint and tr Saturn conjunct Carrie’s Sun/Moon. Also Boris’s Moon catches the tr Pluto square in 2023/24. And the relationship chart will be under severe pressure from tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn and square Uranus.”

          • It’s intriguing timing VF, I agree! A Pluto transit to his 29 Capricorn Sun isn’t quite finished. Uranus square his Venus/Mercury finishes in April. And the April Aries eclipse is square to his Sun and might be on his Aries Moon, but no birth time so cannot say for sure. But a lot is going on for him.

          • Apropos of nothing much, I’ve always felt that Carrie was his nemesis. For a supposedly politically astute woman, buying £800 rolls of handpainted wallpaper was definitely a defiant gesture to somebody about something.
            Some time ago, she left him, taking up with Zac Goldsmith again – either romantically or not. Anyway, Boris was bereft. In exchange for political influence, she agreed to return. No wonder Dominic Cummings was fed up.
            Somehow or other, she seems to have the upper hand.

        • Pluto not only activates Boris’s Moon this year and the next few years, but also his North Node in Cancer/South in Capricorn. First of all I had a feeling her wife may go into Politics – she may do so. However, whilst writing this I realise the Nodal axis is in his 9th/3rd house. Johnson was born in America and could be eligible to enter politics in the USA or invest in ventures there. As the 9th house is other countries, he certainly will be travelling. I am beginning to think he may move to America, if all else fails, as the Moon in his 1st house, which often can manifest in self preservation and cutting ties when placed in Scorpio.

          • Good points all round.

            In 1983, transiting Saturn would also have been hitting Johnson’s Scorpio moon – Pluto-Saturn conjunction occured at 27Libra in Nov 82. Joining a raucous drinking club is very much a negative manifestation of being unable to deal with difficult feelings. I think Scorpio moons either learn to introspect and deal with stuff, or it becomes the ultimate pit which is why moon is traditionally in its fall in Scorpio.

            Helen’s point about a move to the U.S. Definitely another possible manifestation given that moon=home. I bought my house many years ago when Pluto squared mine

            Jane’s point about the possibility of Carrie cutting the cords with him. I think that’s quite a good possibility. People, like Boris, who are used to doing the abandoning and lining someone else up (which is what the affairs are all about) are always devastated when it’s done to them.

          • Something I noticed that could be worth watching – in and around May 20-21st there’s Mars entering Leo, opposing Pluto in Aquarius, squaring onto Jupiter 0 Taurus. Sun enters Gemini 21st May too. Anyway, what looks like quite a powerful chord is struck at 0 degrees then. It may manifest in a much wider way of course, and have significance for the “progress” of the war in Ukraine.

          • Jane – an interesting period because the Taurus full moon falls on May 19th at 28degs with Mars at 29Cancer and Neptune at 27Pisces. Looks like the exact Tau Jupiter square Aqua Pluto falls just before it on the 18th.

            Maybe something happens, maybe it doesn’t on that date. But something will come of it. Remember last summer when we all stared at the Taurus Mars/Uranus/NN conjunct at start of August. You look back now and see it started over a month earlier with Boris being forced out. Truss taking over and uranusing things before Rishi took over. And in amongst it, The Queen died! But little of note spot on the date.

          • @Helen, Johnson renounced his US citizenship around the time he became PM, rendering him ineligible for US political office. But he could still love to the US.

          • GD – yes it is so interesting watching the Uranus Mars Nodes degree unfold. And the 0 degrees t-square in May seems significant but may take time as you say. It makes a fixed grand cross with Boris’ Moon. Not much wriggle room in one of those!

  6. Forget his myriad legal battles. All those Big Macs and fries have to catch up with him sooner or later. Wonder what his sixth house looks like.

  7. Recall reading that Jupiter transits can ironically be present around the death of the subject. Whether that’s dependent on the house it transits (8th, 12th?) I’m not sure.

    Apropos of nothing, of course.

    • I recall someone noting that when astrologer Alan Oken passed away last year, transiting Jupiter and Sun were conjunct his natal 4th house Venus in Pisces. Neptune was also in trine to Scorpio on his ASC. The person’s interpretation was that “The Mother [Goddess] called him home.” I can see how Jupiter might symbolize such a transition. Rather like throwing open the theatre doors after seeing a movie and stepping out into a sunlit afternoon.

      • 4th house in astrology being said by some to symbolize “the end of the matter.” My own 4th house features Pluto tight to the IC, so Jupiter might not be such a sweet.presence for myself at such a time, though!

        • I’ve been curious about this for quite a few years. I’ve noticed Jupiter transits at the time of death in a number of charts – quite often a trine aspect. Makes me think of all the cultures where death is seen as a journey – the ancient Egyptians and the soul in a boat, the ancient Greeks and crossing the River Styx, and so on. And Jupiter expands things – perhaps expanding the soul as it leaves the body, and bringing a sense of freedom and release?

          • Jupiter transits do occur at the time of death. I think if an individual has been ill for some time, perhaps having suffered a stroke and living in a restricted way as a result of illness and disease, a Jupiter transit in that person’s chart can be a great release from the constriction and pain of being in the body.

            Grateful for Sagittarius on my 4th house cusp.

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