Women’s Football Final – England on tenterhooks ++ Spain add

Much excitement amongst football fans about the Women’s World Cup Final in Sydney, Australia tomorrow as England face Spain.

  With a publicity-attracting Mars opposition Neptune across the axis of the start it was always going to be a hyped-event. There’s also an Earth Grand Trine of Pluto trine Uranus (Jupiter) trine Mars Mercury – so it should evoke strong feelings and pack quite a punch. Though that Trine is formed into a Kite with Mars opposition Neptune making Neptune the driving planet – it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

 Sarina Wiegman, 26 October 1969, The Hague, the highly competent and high-vitality coach, is a Sun Taurus in a determined opposition to Saturn in Taurus; with an even more implacable Mars in Virgo trine Pluto. Her chart certainly suits the Final chart though there is not much of an indication either way from transits of anything that looks like a triumph.

  Other players’ charts are not much more informative.  Millie Bright, 21 August 1993, Chesterfield, Eng, is a formidable Sun Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio with only a couple of downbeat midpoints showing.

  Mary Earps, 7 March 1993 Nottingham, Eng, is a Sun Pisces trine Mars on one side and trine Pluto on the other with a quirky Uranus Neptune square Jupiter opposition Venus. Again short of specifics without a birth time.

 Rachel Daly, 6 December 1991 Harrogate, Eng, a lively  quadruple Sagittarius – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury square Jupiter. She does have one upbeat transit assuming her birth time is not late in the evening and one less useful.

  Who would know?  Sports prediction is worse than political.

Add On. Jorge Vilda, the Spain coach and Ivana Andres, the captain, are both Cancerians (charts above) and each does have an upbeat Jupiterian midpoint over this weekend so will be feeling cheerful.

9 thoughts on “Women’s Football Final – England on tenterhooks ++ Spain add

  1. What happened between Wednesday and Sunday? When they walked onto the pitch I thought oh no, here we go again.
    They looked deflated and tired, whereas Spain looked alive and punchy. What happens to England teams that they can’t handle big occasions? It’s obviously psychological because these Lionesses haven’t looked or played like this before. Even Sarena looked washed out. Was there an astrological shift between the semis and the final?
    So depressing.

  2. Olga Carmona, the Spanish captain and scorer of the winning goal learned of her father’s death from longterm illness after the game. Apparently he had died two days before but the family had kept this secret for perhaps understandable reasons. Any insight on her chart given these are peak events in life – born 12 June 2000 in Seville

  3. Thanks Marjorie for doing this chart! Be interesting to see how it looks once we have the result tomorrow. Certainly an historic moment. The ascendant for this Final is conjunct Saturn, 29 Pisces, for 30th July, 1966 – the legendary World Cup win for England’s men against Germany. 1966’s Nodes at 22 Taurus have tr Uranus there now.

    • Thanks Jane – the 1966 planets being triggered right now is encouraging. The success of the England team is probably one of the few things right now which we as a nation can be proud of. My husband must be one of the Lioness’s biggest fans, he is even more fired up about the women’s game than I am, saying how refreshing watchng the women’s game is compared to the diva-like dramatics of the men.

      • Ha! Yes, I agree with your husband VF. I also think the women play better as a whole team. That has improved with England’s men, but the women’s team do demonstrate more cohesion I think. Of course, I am undoubtedly biased.

  4. Maybe the astrology is ambivalent because both teams are great? Also curious about what looks – at least from the US – like a dearth of upper-level UK Govt officials and royal family members? Were any sent to Australia to watch this critical match? If not, it’s quite strange.

    • @Leslie – the UK Foreign Secretary is attending the Final. Prince William (President of the FA) isn’t going, citing, I think, environmental issues with such a very long flight for such a very short time. James Cleverley, Foreign Secretary, may be able to combine this trip with other useful meetings in Australia.

        • How interesting, and strange. Whether the Lionesses win or lose, there’ll be a reception for them all back in the UK, and I’m sure Prince William will be there. They’ve got to the Final, and that’s terrific for many reasons, not all of them football related. Spain are also a great team, as you say.

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