War charts – Saturn Pluto – destructive power + Gaza Mars Pluto

Saturn Pluto is always the main astro-indicator for war – which is not in influence at the moment. World War One started on a Saturn in late Gemini conjunct Pluto in Cancer. WW11 on Pluto just into Leo square Saturn. The Vietnam War on Saturn square Pluto. The Afghan and Iraq Wars on Saturn opposition Plutos.

The murderous clashes at the partition of India coincided with the late 1940s Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo; the Falklands War started on a Saturn Pluto conjunction as well.

  It doesn’t mean there are not skirmishes and other deadly clashes which erupt without it being in place. Nor does it mean there always has to be a war every time a hard Saturn Pluto aspect comes round. The 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was mopped up by the deprivation, hardship and death of the pandemic.

What does seem to be another theme is the outer planets being at the point of transition into a new sign – which is certainly a factor in the next four years. Though there won’t be a Saturn Pluto hard aspect again until 2028.

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  1. “Though there won’t be a Saturn Pluto hard aspect again until 2028”
    oh, that’s really interesting. i heard that top u.s. and chinese officials believe a war between the u.s. and china over taiwan (or better said, an invasion of taiwan) could happen after 2025, especially in 2027!

  2. I’m not an astrologer, so I can’t figure this on my own, but I’m curious. How does the current planetary scenario compare to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the start of the United States 2003 invasion of Iraq? Thanks

  3. In a previous post a lady called Martha was talking about 22 degrees and the number being the harbinger of something not particularly good. I think it was on a Johnson post about his shenigans.
    I knew she was correct.
    President Kennedy was a memorable 22nd day, so, it’s not just degrees. I think I’ve already said that 22 leo is it’s own worst enemy, apparently.
    Always enjoyable trying to fit the pieces together.

  4. Speaking of saturn and pluto transiting saturn is in the process of opposing Putin’s pluto and will be exact in April. I don’t think this will be a very helpful situation for him to say the least.

    • Urbanista, Yes, he might be moving into a house of chaos. Always amazed at the total insanity of world supposed leaders.
      It will not work out well at all for him or anyone else.

  5. Yes, Mars was at 22 Cap when the invasion started in Ukraine; it had just transited the Putin 4th term Pluto (21 Cap). Mars has aspected 22 degrees of cardinal signs several times since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of Jan 2020. Either by conjunction, square in Aries or Libra over the last 2 years and opposition. In fact it stayed in Aries for months in 2020 as it went retrograde. Does this mean that the energy has built up at this point and triggered current events, or is it now irrelevant as nothing happened in terms of a World War in 2020 despite all the transits? As Marjorie has said, the planets are now no longer in orb; or even in the same signs. We had the pandemic as a result of the Saturn/Pluto (and Jupiter) conjunction.

    • Well, Pluto is still within 5 degrees of its position then and we are only 2 years into a new 33-34 year Pluto-Saturn cycle. And if it is true Putin went a bit mad in COVID-19 isolation leading to his actions now it might be more evidence of a connection. But I suppose this is something that will be debated by astrologers for a long time to come.

  6. Yes, interesting about planets in transition. I struggle with the details of the terrible conflict of the Crimean War 1853 – 1856, which event could be relevant in some ways now. There do seem to be some astrological echoes, as well as geographic ones.
    Anyway, when Turkey declared war on Russia in October 1853 Pluto had recently entered Taurus (2 degrees), and Saturn was at 1 Gemini.
    What’s also interesting is that the October 1853 Uranus at 11 Taurus squared Mars at 7 Leo. Uranus happens to be at 11 Taurus this month too, conjunct the UK 1801 Mars.
    By the time the allies – France, Britain, and Sardinia – were fighting the Battle of the Alma in September, 1854, Mars was at 15 Scorpio opposing 16 Taurus Uranus. Saturn in Gemini (15) squared Neptune in Pisces (14) – that seems to describe what’s called “the fog of war” quite well.
    The September 1854 Moon’s Nodes were 23 Taurus – they will reach this degree of Taurus in March 2022.

    • By way of a PS to my earlier remarks. When Russia went into Hungary on 4th November, 1956, Saturn was 2 Sagittarius, square Pluto 0 Virgo. Neptune was at 0 Scorpio – three planets in transition. The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio squared Uranus in Leo.
      For the Prague Spring, which began on 16 May 1968, Russian troops invaded to crush it on 20th August, 1968. There was a Virgo stellium. Pluto and Uranus in Virgo were quincunx Saturn at 25 Aries. These invasions were not wars, but are being mentioned now because of the (still unbelievable) invasion of Ukraine.

  7. Looking at info from the actual Chernobyl explosion (26.4.86) – they say early hours, so I used 2.00 a.m. ….there are no air planets – what significance does everyone think that means? I have no idea – but it puts Pluto smack on the MC opposite the Taurus Sun IC….The chart ruler could be late Sag or early degrees of Cap…..preferred by top astrologers…

    Does no air mean it is contained, localised, I have no idea as that is how it was spread! Does the lack of air accentuate the dangers (that’s the question)…it can hardly minimise them! Pr. Node approaching conjunction with Venus (hope!) and pr Sun almost conjunct Chiron, so there IS a way out with a softly softly approach….from which side, its difficult to see…..I had forgotten Chernobyl is still active.
    Very pleased that Ben Wallace has put the brakes on, we can only pray.

    • In a personal chart, someone without air, would be seen as lacking thinking or strategical skills, unable to be detached and objective, to lack the skills of socialising. (That said, when you lack an element in your chart you often seek it out and become very adept at the skills it requires albeit in a forced or robotic manner rather than it coming naturally).

      How this applies to Chernobyl, I’m not sure as the disaster seems to have been a build-up of steam (“fire” overpowering “water”) pressure resulting in explosion. I’d have said steam is very air and of course the radioactivity then spread on the wind. I’m sure someone else can tease out the symbology better than me.

      • You’re right on the nail, GD, with no air and the build up of steam, very apt. Does there seem now to be a diminishing assault already, its a clever strategy to leave him to it (though think of the people going through utter hell.) His own people have risen up against him…..surely it can’t last much longer….?

  8. I’m glad I am not the only one blaming Saturn-Pluto for this (https://astrologyeh.ca/astroblog/russia-invades-ukraine). I too noticed Mars in Cap was conjunct the degree of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I was also musing about Uranus’s current position which matches where it was during the Spanish Civil War which was described as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for WWII. Very scary indeed. Thanks for compiling all these charts together in this post, Marjorie. The developments are chilling.

    • Sorry, went off half-cocked before my morning coffee and overlooked your point that Saturn-Pluto is no longer in orb right now. But I do think the conjunction is still having an effect along with the November 2021 eclipse that was conjunct Algol.

  9. Pluto was only ‘discovered’ as recently as the early 1930s.

    Does the effect hold retrospectively for wars fought before 1930?, were astrologers of previous ages missing a vital clue in their work, and was their work therefore deficient?, or does Pluto only manifest itself after 1930?

    These are interesting philosophical questions.

      • But, surely, astrologers working before the discovery of Pluto were missing a factor – an extremely potent one at that – from their predictions, but the theory would have it that Pluto was having its influence all the same.

    • One simple way to look at this is to compare it to a woven, complex tapestry. Many colours in the warp and weft, but not noticeable. Suddenly, one colour is “pulled out” to become the bright blue of a jacket, or the red of a dress. It’s always been there in the background but now it’s time for a reveal.

      The “discovery” of Pluto just brought it’s energy forward and out in plain sight.
      Lucky us!…. sigh.
      (I have Pluto in the 8th!)

      Orson Scott Card wrote a fantasy book, Seventh son of a Seventh son. One scene has the protagonist visit the Weaver in a cabin in a forest. Inside are bolts and bolts of woven fabric.. some elegant, some sort of knotted and garbled. Then he sees that it is all ONE endless piece of weaving. The Weaver is weaving all of us and our stories. Each thread that is introduced is a birth, each that leaves is a death.

      I’ve always been touched by this.

    • This is concerning, particularly for Americans like me. The prior U.S. Uranus returns (tropical) occurred at the start of the Civil War and during the thick of WW II. The U.S. Civil War started under separating Saturn square Uranus and Saturn trine Pluto. The U.S. was of course born during a revolutionary/civil war.

      • That’s why I flagged it up, being conscious of the proximity of Pearl Harbour and the Civil War to the last two returns. That said, will be interesting to see if “some of the best astrology of the century” happening then in the outer planets, as Barbault puts it, will change the direction of our expectations.

    • The Saturn Pluto synod at 22 Capricorn was inconjunct Putin’s natal Pluto 22. Mars has inconjunct Putins natal Pluto at 22 Leo on both 20 March 2020 and 24 March 2022. That signature can indicate someone feeling the weight of responsibilities and being isolated/lonely which is apparently a reasonably accurate description of the Russian leader during the pandemic. In that period it rumoured that he spent much of his time planning the current occupation of the Ukraine. Mars and Saturn will be moving to 22 Aquarius oppose Putin’s Pluto at 22 Leo on the 5th April 2022. By that time he may “feel frustrated that work and effort does not appear to be bringing the external success that one aspired to achieve.”

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