Volodymyr Zelensky – cometh the hour

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukraine president, has exceeded expectations by standing  courageously against the Russian onslaught. A former comedian and actor, he did not seem a natural war-time leader but in an impassioned and defiant video he said: “ ‘I am here. We will not lay down any weapons. We will defend our state, because our weapons are our truth. Our truth is that this is our land, our country, our children and we will protect all of this. This is what I wanted to tell you. Glory to Ukraine!’

  He was born 25 January 1978 2pm Krivoj Rog, Ukraine to Jewish parents with an academic father (Cybernetics and Computing Hardware) and an engineer mother and grew up in a Russian-speaking part of Ukraine. His grandfather, served in the Red Army in World War II and several relatives were killed in the Holocaust. Zelensky took a law degree but opted to go into showbusiness, and created his own production company. During the Donbas crisis of 2014 his company donated to the Ukrainian army. He was voted president on an anti-corruption ticket in 2019 after starring for four years in a popular TV drama series where he played the role of president.

  He has a charming, communicative and stubborn 9th house Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition a flamboyant and outspoken Mars in Leo in his 3rd house. He has an attention-commanding Pluto in the 5th trine his Midheaven with Neptune sextile. His intense Mercury in Capricorn in the 8th is in a dogmatic square to Pluto. And his reforming Uranus is on the focal point of a T square to a Leo Moon opposition his Midheaven. It’s a Fixed chart so he is designed to persevere and not bend in the breeze. Jupiter in Gemini below his Ascendant will give him the ability to motivate and encourage.

  It’s not the chart of an individual who is a natural in crises but his Sun Venus sit on the Midheaven of the Ukraine 22 January 2018 9.54pm Kharkov chart; and his Midheaven is conjunct the Aquarius Moon on the Ukraine 24 August 1991 2.31 pm chart – so he does key into his country in a unique way to promote leadership. On the 1991 chart his emphasized Uranus is also conjunct the country’s 10th house controlling Pluto, which will give him the urge to free Ukraine from the shackles of dictators.

His personal chart is understandably stressed at the moment with tr Neptune opposition his Saturn/|Pluto midpoint until mid March, and again later in the year; with losses and glitches through this month; high risk after mid April till early May (returning Jan/Feb 2023). Tr Uranus will oppose his Uranus and square his Moon from late May, on and off into 2023 bringing emotional upsets, forced changes, and sudden decisions. There will be a  glimmering of light mid June to early July alongside high tensions and confusion which also returns mid Oct/Nov and April 2023. In many ways his greatest challenges come in 2023 to 2026 when tr Pluto opposes his Mars and is then conjunct his Sun Venus, which will be infuriating frustrated, trapped.

  Mid this June to early July this year shows up as a significant upheaval point in many of the neighbouring country charts (and Germany) so there may be key events around then.   

  Zelensky’s Term chart, 20 May 2019 at 10am Kiev, has the warlike, tough-conditions Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in the 6th house trine a 10th house Mercury Sun Algol in Taurus – all harbingers of a crisis-ridden administration.  It’s under massive pressure at the moment from the Solar Arc Saturn moving to close the conjunction to Pluto to exact as of now; and the rest of the year looks swampy, uncertain and confused; though with an upbeat tr Pluto trine the Mars/Jupiter midpoint now till early March which clearly coincides with his brave effort to face down Putin’s domination. That does return late June/July and across the New Year but there’s no saying the administration will be around much longer if Kiev falls.

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  1. Zelensky has Pars Frt in 5 degrees Capricorn, which is conjunct Ukraine’s Twelve House cusp in 5 degrees Capricorn.
    Sabian symbol: Capricorn 5: Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance.

    Putin ‘has already declared May 9 as the “END” of the war in Ukraine – matching the SAME date as Russia defeated the Nazis in WW2’, Kyiv official claims.

    Vladimir Putin has already declared the ‘end’ of the war in Ukraine, officials in Kyiv have claimed, matching the same date Russia celebrates defeating the Nazis in World War Two.
    The general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said Russian propaganda ‘imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022’.
    Russia holds an extravagant victory day parade in Moscow’s Red Square on that date every year to mark Nazi Germany’s surrender and the end of the Second World War.
    In a Facebook post, the general staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: ‘According to the available information, among the personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, propaganda work is constantly being carried out, which imposes the idea that the war must be completed before the 9th of May 2022.’
    They also claimed Russia’s medical institutions, set up in territory close to the border with Ukraine, are ‘occupied by wounded servicemen of the Russian Federation who took part in the war against Ukraine and encountered units of the defence forces in combat’.
    The Ukrainian armed forces post added: ‘As a matter of urgency, the enemy is taking measures to renew the combat capability of the air units of the airborne troops, which had suffered critical losses both in manpower and military equipment.’
    The Ukrainian armed forces said Russian occupants are facing ‘enormous difficulties’ in Ukrainian towns and cities and ‘do not have the support from the local population’.
    They claimed that, in Crimea, a Russian brigade held a ceremony for 100 deceased members of the unit. They said similar scenes have been seen in the city of Sevastopol where they claimed marines in the Black Sea fleet have been killed.
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces update said Russian troops had set up a ‘filtration camp’ in Dokuchaivsk, in the Donetsk region, for civilians who attempt to flee the besieged city of Mariupol.
    They claimed people have been forced to evacuate Kreminna and Rubizhne before being deported to the Voronezh region and that tractors are being seized from farmers in the Chernihiv region, while Ukrainian troops carried out artillery fire on a Russian tank regiment in the Kharviv region.

    Vladimir Putin.

    Progressive aspect.

    9-May-2022 024°,08’16 Scorpio Moon 90 AR11
    AR11 = arabic point of illness.


    7-May-2022 -06°,45’41 Mars // Nep
    7-May-2022 -06°,44’19 Mars // C-12
    9-May-2022 018°,11’55 Pisces Mars 135 Asc
    9-May-2022 018°,23’56 Pisces Mars 120 Ura
    9-May-2022 029°,43’05 Pisces Jup 120 C—2
    C-2 = 30 degrees Scorpio = Sabian symbol Halloween.

  2. A Leo Moon explains a lot – his popularity, acting, passionate emotional connection to others/the people, and his courage. Praying for his safety, and for Ukraine.

  3. Just noting that a new article in The Economist has the headline: “How Volodymyr Zelensky found his roar” – so apropos his Leo Moon. (Couldn’t read the article as it’s behind a paywall.) I also saw on Twitter this morning a lovely photo of him and his family all laughing, enjoying much happier times, with the comment: “During his inaugural address in 2019, Zelensky told lawmakers: “I do not want my picture in your offices: the President is not an icon, an idol or a portrait. Hang your kids’ photos instead, and look at them each time you are making a decision.”” Also seems quite appropriate to a happy Leo Moon conjunct his IC. Alas, as Marjorie has reported, that roaring Leo Moon is going to be challenged by transiting Uranus square within a few months, which wouldn’t be surprising given the circumstances, and among other challenges. One can only hope for his safety throughout.

  4. His 8th house Mercury conjunct fixed star Vega is interesting. Vega the bright star of the constellation Lyra and it’s connection to Orpheus. A musician/poet (actor/comedian?), with the power to bring the even Gods to tears with his song.

    This is reflected outwardly of course by the current unusual Venus/Mars transit through Lyre. Venus and Mars moving like Orpheus and Eurydice, only bravely toward Hades (Pluto) this time.

    The 8th house – bringing the powerful to assist. Pluto at the end of the Venus/Mars before Venus pulls free – the weaponisation of financial systems (also very Pluto in Capricorn)

  5. This site is wonderful. People who give a damn, plus intellect plus heart. Glory to Ukraine – thank you for these amazing wartime posts Marjorie.

    • I’d like to second that. This astrological ignoramus is learning so much from you, Marjorie, and all the insightful, knowledgeable commenters. Thank you so much.

  6. There are many so called ….. but so few who could call it like he has done.. love his guts, honour, principle and determination. The show of love for his country ❤ through his actions and not just a bag of words. Love his response to the US!! Keeping it 100.

    I completely misread this situation previously. Obviously wasn’t really paying careful enough attention. So apologies from me to whom I may have offended. It didn’t occur to me that person not operating from right mind.

  7. I think looking at Germany’s various charts is key to understanding this conflict. There’s a lot of karma from the 1940s still hanging over all these peoples and nations. Furthermore it is Germany and other central european nations that will have to adapt the most to economic actions to isolate Russia, particularly in energy security, let alone any escalation of conflict. So also Poland, Hungary, the former Czechsolvakia etc. Charts for Belarus and its sclerotic leader too likely to be telling? Would love to see your thoughts Marjorie…?

    Huge, defining, challenging but potentially positive moment for Germany’s new coalition, if they can seize it: great case for abrupt decarbonisation. Something big was always going to be required to snap the hold of deeply established concentrated industrial/corporate vested interests in the fossil fuel status quo there. This is the best chance yet.

    Important to note (for example) VW has been going through a big internal power struggle over electrification with forward looking pro-change ceo Herbert Diess narrowly surviving an attempt to sack him. Luckily for the conglomerate his vision won out. Now the rest of of europe’s industrial engine is getting a very very un-ignorable message that the 20thC certanties of hydrocarbon power as the critical metric is passing, that europe is only a loser and beholden to violent autocrats by clinging to the combustion economy.

  8. If Zelensky survives the next week, rest of his life will be essentially a picnic, no matter what the stars say. He has, in few short days, established himself as not just a “hero”, but an example of the 21st century leadership.

    Putin really has ONLY bad options when it comes to dealing with Zelensky and Ukraine in general. They have exposed him for what he is: a chauvinist (original meaning of the word) poser ripping off his country. Others will be inspired and follow.

    • @Anita, this is just me trying to do what ever I can not to freak out completely. I feel so helpless otherwise. But, as I look at Ukrainian women like me preparing Molotov Cocktails, I think I’m going to take a National Defence course for civilians as soon as possible.

      To answer the question, I don’t think anything is beyond Putin. But I suspect that if he tried, Russian General would mutiny.

      • Yes I hear you. My cousin adopted 2 toddlers from an orphanage while living in Kyiv for a while. They all moved back to the Netherlands years ago and the toddlers are teenagers now. The family still has friends in Ukraine who are freaking out.

  9. As you indicate, the outlook is bleak. Suggests regime change this summer followed by imprisonment for Zelensky. A pity the West won’t do more to support him.German car industry gets a lot of its parts from Ukraine, so understandable that it too will be fazed if the supply is then permanently shut down.

    • @Susan, what ever there is in the stars this Summer for Zelensky, I doubt it’s this, because there is no-bloody-way Russia is able to install an effective puppet regime to Ukraine.

      Also, re. German leadership, they have made a very sharp turn in matter of hours: They support closing Russia from SWIFT (since yesterday) and are sending anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine that should arrive fast, it’s a 15 hour drive from Berlin to Kiev, considerably quicker to Western Ukraine.

      In the mean while, Russians are running out of their missiles, and, it appears fuel for tanks.

      • You are an inspiration Solaia! I wish I had your optimism. Things are never cut and dried, of course. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. My concern is that even if Putin “falls off his perch” what replaces him won’t be any better for the free world.

        • @Susan, this is not optimism, just realistic view of Russian Military “might”. That said, ex-chief of Finnish Military Intelligence who retired just in the end of 2020, Pekka Toveri, has been telling Russians have apparently emptied their military bases facing Finnish Boarder, you can tell from tags on equipment (these are visible on film footage). And this has been a well kept boarder even after the end of Cold War, thanks to route from Saint Petersburgh to Murmansk cutting through Karelia.

          Other signs for optimism from last few hours:

          – Orbàn of Hungary joined EU resolution for closing Russia from SWIFT after long discussion with Polish leadership.

          – Erdogan says Turkey closes Bosphore from Russian vessels. There have still been quite a few on Mediterranean, due fo Putin’s backup to Assad (might need to see Assad’s/Syria chart, because I feel he will fall soon if Russia needs to bring assets there back).

          – No-fly zone for Russian owned aircrafts is working: They just banned leader of the Duma lower house trying to get to Finland and Sweden. Wonder why?

          • Solaia, Thanks for your comments, very helpful. Good to have insight from someone who is closer. In fact Assad’s admin chart is showing a severe wobble this year, having survived a poleaxing last three years or so. His own personal chart is being rattled, bring high insecurity and uncertainty from late Aoril in particular onwards.

  10. He is a brave and courageous man. I think he also understands the power of social media as a motivating force and as a way of communicating that force beyond his own country. Putin may reduce the country to rubble but I doubt he will subdue that spirit.

    • @Barbara, yes, he has Aquarius/Gemini, so probably a natural, deep understanding of communications and tech.

      But this goes deeper. The number of American tech “founders” who have Ukrainian roots is astonishing. I think Kyiv University had some of the best faculties for science even in Imperial Russian times, so it has been a tech hub for a long time.

      Ukraine’s Twitter game, has been fierce for quite a while, their official account trolling Russia.

      I think this is a reason Zelensky’s message has resonated.

      • Glory to Ukraine – beautiful and undeniable message from a true leader. That he is newly minted is remarkable and thrilling. It feels like the whole world is rooting for him.

  11. Thank you very much, Marjorie. My greatest concern is that Russia will unleash a devastating, never-before-used, extremely hi-tech weapon on Ukraine, virtually reducing the whole country to rubble, whereupon Zelensky would have no choice but to surrender. All that fixed energy in his chart speaks volumes. Just wish his astrology for the coming years was more upbeat.

    • @Julie, as someone who has followed Mil Tech accounts on Twitter and elsewhere for quite a while (I have an ex-coworker, now a friend who I’d call a “Navy Nerd” who got me hooked on this back in 2010) I can assure you the idea of Russia having some kind of “extremely hi-tech” super weapon sounds pretty farfetch. Despite their large military budget, they “somehow” (really, we know it’s because of the rampant corruption) can only keep one, extremely outdated aircraft carrier floating. In comparison, the UK has two carriers, as does China, and the US 11, all more modern than Russia’s.

      They have tanks and obviously still enviable military production capacity, but supply of parts for anything more high-tech has ended with this attack (interestingly, they seem to have purchased a lot from Finland).

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