Viktor Orban – far-right hopes may be dashed

Viktor Orban has caved in, allowing all 27 European leaders to agree to an aid package for Ukraine. There had been fears that Hungary’s Prime Minister would block the aid package as he had done already last December. He is known to be pro-Putin and pro-Trump and he is seeking to shift the balance of power within the EU to member states and away from Brussels, as he continues to clamp down on democratic procedures in Hungary.

 “Our plan is not to leave the EU,” he said recently. “Our plan is to conquer it.” A more immediate motive will be to release money for Hungary that remains frozen over concerns about the country’s rule of law and anti-corruption measures.     “This is primarily about blackmail, leverage and unblocking his money,” says a senior EU diplomat. In particular he appears to be waging a war against president, Ursula von der Leyen which is hardly surprising given that his controlling Gemini Sun square Pluto collides with her ultra-determined Mars in Gemini square Pluto.

  At the moment he appears to be enlivened by the prospect of a Trump triumph and far-right victories in other European countries after this year’s election.  But his future does not look too assured with tr Saturn square his Sun and opposition his Pluto this year and tr Uranus rattling up and seriously disrupting his Saturn opposition Mars throughout this year and next. He looks thoroughly aggravated.

  Saturn’s swan song in Pisces running through 2025 could be crucial since it undermines his relationship with both Hungary charts (1989, 1872). It also along with tr Neptune undermines his original prime ministerial chart from 2010 suggesting his grip on power may not be as secure as he would like.

  The Hungary 23 October 1989 chart has Pluto in the 10th, which is why they attracted an autocratic ruler. But having being born around the triple conjunction in Capricorn modern Hungary will be unusually susceptible to the swampy currents of transiting Neptune square their Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter from 2025 to the end of the decade.  They need EU funds so pragmatism may win.  

5 thoughts on “Viktor Orban – far-right hopes may be dashed

  1. Who would have thought it’s likely a his President and Minister of Justice giving amnesty to a vice director of a children’s home covering pedophilia to do him in?

  2. Was reading online family details. For someone born in only 1963, he looks absolutely terrible. My 100-year-old aunt (who passed away this morning) looked far better on her deathbed than he does alive. 😉

    At least, funding has been approved.

    What are his options should Drompf not succeed into his american “dictatership”?

  3. Marjorie, I have read your articles for years and never said thank you. My deepest appreciation for your insights for people and places around the World. Love, blessings, Carolyn

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