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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting marriages of 26 years, are appearing on stage together is London in a Neil Simon play Plaza Suite. Reviews are generally good though focus on the stratospheric ticket price. She has had an award-strewn career with Sex and the City the highlight. Matthew Broderick has worked constantly on stage and in musicals as well as in movies.

 What is intriguing about their connection is that both are Sun Venus in Aries. Traditional wisdom has it that while certain signs get on with themselves not all of them do. But Gunter Sachs in his study of birth charts found that many more pick their own sign for a partner than you would expect.

 Sarah Jessica Parker 25 March 1965 9am Nelsonville, Ohio has her Sun Venus and Mercury in Aries in her friendly 11th house with a hard-working Saturn in her 10th (good for her TV production business) opposition Uranus, Mars, Pluto in Virgo in her 4/5th; trine an 8th house Capricorn Moon and an ever hopeful Jupiter in Taurus in her 12th opposition Neptune.  She did have a fractured childhood though she speaks well of it and it is probably as well she picked a career that is constantly changing and exciting since she would not suit a sedate life. She was previously in a relationship with Robert Downey Jnr through his drug problem years.

  Matthew Broderick, 21 March 1962, no time, New York, also has a Sun and Venus in Aries and a (probably) Libra Moon; with his Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius falling in Jessica’s 10th house of career to help in her career. Though his Mars in Pisces conjunct her Saturn may not always be as idyllic as the press releases sound.

  Their relationship chart has a composite affectionate Sun Venus in a sparky trine to Mars.  With a fated yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct a successful, enthusiastic Jupiter. Plus a less helpful composite Mars square Pluto and Uranus – so there will be an undertow about who is in control.

  The conventional wisdom has it that Scorpios get in with other Scorpios since they need the emotional intensity that only one of their own can provide. Aquarians get on with Aquarians for the opposite reason – they both appreciate space.

Leos together was always deemed a definite no-no since both will fight to grab all the attention. Not something that Jennifer Lopez appears to have grasped having hooked up with two Leos in a row – Alex Rodriguez and Ben Affleck.

 Some other examples gleaned from the net some of which worked and some didn’t.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres (Aquarius)

Patrick Harris and David Burtka (Gemini)

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff (Libra)

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd (Virgo)

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal (Sagittarius)

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker (Scorpio)

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  1. I know a number of same-sign couples, tho some are separated by as much as 12 years (ie Jupiter in the same sign). I recall reading ages ago that same signs could either bring out the worst in each other, since they can remind each other of their own faults, or become the best possible relationship for both, regardless of the sun sign.

    (Personally, I’ve finally come to the conclusion, decades later, that the opposite sign seems to work best for me, because it happens that their Sun Sign is in my first house – so it’s almost like a same-sign and opposite-sign combined 🙂

  2. My middle brother and my mother both shared the same birthday. They were both Cancer. He was very much a mummy’s boy and she was a nightmare!

  3. Aquarius and Aquarius are a good match. A faithful and independent sign, Aquarians both understannd how freedom and loyalty can co-exist.
    But when it ends it is usually for good. Examples include Shakira and Gerard Pique and Josh Brolin and Diane Lane.

  4. My grandparents on mother’s side were both Cancer Suns. Actually my grandma was born just a few days after the chart Marjorie put up for Boeing the other day so she had a Pisces moon and very Cancer-heavy chart. She was a classic housewife. My grandfather, I think had Gemini moon and would have been in the Pluto Gemini generation – he was into trains having both worked on the railways and into the model Hornbys. I can’t say how good/bad their relationship was as he died before I was a teenager.

    My old housemate’s parents were both Aries Suns – born 14 days apart in the early 40s, which likely would have given them similar planets but opposing moons. I only met them a couple of times but always thought it was interesting that they only ever went abroad once which was because my friend worked overseas.

  5. Let us just pause for a moment.

    I am sure there are many schools of how to do synastry.

    I am a believer in Hamakeriansim.

    Pulling it out from a Dutch article by one of Hamaker’s students, you would have to look for the following steps.

    1. Type of relationship. Parent–child? Romantic couple? Friendship? Relationship with a colleague or co-worker?
    2. Look into what each of the partners is looking for in a specific relationship.
    3. See if the needs connect.
    4. Make a synastry of both horoscopes.
    5. Make a composite.

    If a person is just in love, then we look at the 5th house, house of romance, flirting, and short romantic relationships.

    I’m not sure exactly yet what the astrologer in question, a student of Hamaker meant by this, but she says if there is a strong connection between the 5th and the 7th house, then the short relationship (5) develops into a fixed one (7th).

    Then we need to make another list from a person’s chart:

    1. For a man, we look at Venus and the Moon for his “female image”
    2. For a woman, we look at Sun and Mars for her “male image”
    3. For starting a relationship, we look at planets in the 5th, sign background, their aspects and rulership. Then we look at the ruler of the 5th, house placement, and aspects.
    4. In a marriage or permanent relationship, already developed, we look at planets in the 7th, their sign background, aspects and rulership, and then study ruler of the 7th in the same way.
    5. Find additional information looking at Venus, a planet which reflects our way of giving and wanting to receive love.

    This is complex stuff, could last days from what I’ve seen some astrologists offer as a consultation (for mother–child relationship), and could cost a pretty penny.

    Being born in the same sign, or even on the same day in the same year, is just scratching the surface.

  6. I was married to a fellow Aries. His birthday was the day before mine; he was five years older. We did not get along at all. Both of us were to blame for the demise of our brief marriage. Looking back, I can now see my faults re our dysfunctional relationship. I once thought it was all his fault! A new perspective after all these years. I think I’ve finally grown up.

  7. Not only are my partner & I same sun sign (Virgo), we’re same rising sign (Sagittarius). I know this because I was thinking about leaving him 20 years ago, and went for an astro consultation. The guy said our charts were very compatible, we should stay together. Then I got pregnant, and stay together we have, with our fiercely Taurean son. We rub along. There are undercurrents, but neither of us likes to rock the boat. We’re both quite independent-minded (the sag?) and do our own things; but work well together keeping house and home a safe space. Something like that!

  8. My Dad’s sister, a Cancer, was married to another Cancer man.
    I AM a Cancer and I found their home a kind of weird “perfect”, nurturing.. but cloying place!!!

    She was all love and cuddles, he was placid and happy to be looked after by her. But oh my goodness, a LOT of undercurrents in that house! As the years went by that family fractured more and more.

    Uncle died relatively young and she (a Cancer/Rooster btw), went to the dark side… so much anger and resentment just twisted her into a nasty, unhappy woman.

    Too much Cancer!!
    Even I know that is possible!!!! 🙂

    • What is probably not pc to say in these non-binary times is that certain signs differ depending whether female or male – Cancer and Libra being the two key examples. And Cancerian women in particular become stronger the older they get and turn into matriarchs (for good or ill) while Cancer men (generalising wildly) stay tied to mama’s apron strings.

  9. Being a scorpio, I find life is easier simply to live alone. Less wear and tear on the woman trying to “fix” me or let alone trying to understand me. Even less wear and tear on my emotions. I get on well with cats, and often with confident married straight/lesbian women. They have nothing to prove.

    Worst matches are gemini, aries, cancer, libra, leo. Kinda OK with Sag and the very rare Scorp who isn;t trying to kill me – let alone focused on hunting me down in retaliation for some imagined sleight.

    Managers cannot understand me when I walk away from a bad personality, like the barking rabid dog on the Boeing shop floor.

  10. Tara sounds a bit like me and my husband. We have political disagreements at 11 pm which last about five minutes but much loud shouting, than it is all over. He is a Pisces and I am Sagittarius. The rest of the time we have an harmonious relationship and are a very good working pair with our children etc.

  11. There’s also Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Same day birthdays but probably no similar outer planets given their age difference.

    • I was just going to flag these two. Michael has cap moon square their libra sun. And Catherine late degrees Pisces moon opposite their libra suns. Catherines mars conjunct Michaels moon Saturn opposition. And her Jupiter is near his Venus /mars in Libra. Despite being born 25 years apart, they have a lot of Astro connections.

  12. When I was growing up we lived next door to a Gemini couple who were born on the same day. They were really nice, great with us kids, but they would have epic fights! You would hear them shouting at each other, hurling plates kind of stuff. A couple of days later you’d see them together, all smiles again. In our company they were so chilled and laid back.

  13. What I’m intrigued by is people born only days apart the same year. For example, Rishi and Akshata. How does having “the same chart” work?

    • Maybe like being in a relationship with yourself? 🙂
      But on a serious note the Moon will be different if days apart and the birth time would change the houses the planets fall in.

      • That’s what I thought too. The other person is like an externalization of yourself? A mirror image? Like looking at your projection?

        But good call. Moon for sure. But houses I am more intrigued by. How much they change.

        • I had a feeling of Simpatico! with two friends from my teenage years born the day before and the day after my own birthdate.

          In my teen years I would often sense if someone new to my orbit (haha) shared my sign. It always felt like a happy thing.

          Nearing my forties I met a lady and a gentleman w my Exact birthdate. I was dismayed that I disliked the fellow. And amused that the gal’s hubs liked Me!

  14. I was in a long term relationship with a man that also had his sun at 0 degrees Aquarius. The only problem is that you are both going through difficult transits at the same time. We split when Uranus hit both our suns: mine on the IC so I had to move and his in the 7th house. Traumatic.

      • As I’m now going through Pluto transiting my sun, I wonder if he is also going through some difficult times. (I hope so. He was an utter shit. Never paid maintenance for our daughter, never sent birthday or christmas presents, never tried to visit her. Lesson: you never know a man until you have a kid with him.)

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