Taylor Swift – the carnival of love keeps spinning

Taylor Swift’s fans and the celeb media continue to be obsessed by the ever changing conveyor belt of her love interests. Her five year stint with actor Joe Alwyn fell to bits last year as he was replaced by a former heroin addict rock singer and now a top American footballer Travis Kelce.   

   She was born 13 December 1989 5.17am Reading, PA, USA  and is a Sagittarius Sun with an 8th house Cancer Moon Jupiter opposition the triple conjunction in Capricorn so adventurous, highly strung, fairly chaotic as well as ultra-determined with Mars in Scorpio on her Ascendant conjunct a 12th house Pluto. Her Sun/Moon midpoint, the close relationship significator, has been undermined by tr Neptune throughout last year until March this year – so she won’t be quite as deliriously happy as she looks in the PR pics. Plus the late September 2024 Lunar Eclipse will oppose her Sun/Moon midpoint which could make for a significant turning point.

  Her relationship with Travis Kelce, 5 October 1989, has its good points with his Sagittarius Moon chiming with her Sun; and his seductive Venus in Scorpio exactly conjunct her Mars for a sparky attraction. He is a Sun Mars in Libra square Jupiter, so confident and go-ahead. Though he is also of the triple conjunction generation so will be changeable.

  Their relationship chart is close and possessive with a composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury suggesting they have come together to transform each other. Such relationships are intense, not always easy with a tussle for control or the last word – if and when they split it can get tricky and tends to be a long drawn out and contentious affair. 2025 could bring a few aggravations with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and disappointments with tr Saturn Neptune square the composite Venus – but it may hang together for a while. Though tr Uranus moving into her 7th house from this year onwards demanding freedom may cause a problem.

13 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – the carnival of love keeps spinning

  1. Hi Marjorie,
    Afraid I’m very late to the party in a couple of respects, but I’m curious about Taylor Swift’s birth time.
    Your post on 24 November 2021 shows 8:36 AM; others show 5:17 AM.
    Astrodatabank gives a date without time — Rodden Rating X.
    Do we know what the sources of the two given times are?
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Their relationship has become such a target for the anti-women MAGA (to the point where the US Department of Defense had to issue a statement that Swift is not one of their ‘psy ops’) that I can only root for her and Kelce’s KC Chiefs for the Super Bowl even though I am not a fan of either. MAGA has tried to accuse her of distracting or ‘weakening’ him (as if she were Delilah to his Samson), so I really hope this relationship will work for both, personally and professionally.

  3. A libra and a sag, they go well together. I also agree with those who think she might marry and have kids with this one. Can you blame her? Libras are irresistible!

  4. I think she may marry him, I hope it works out. I don’t know how she bears being constantly filmed by the press, etc. As a Sag myself I would find it pretty wearing.

  5. Travis looks like a typical high-testosterone athlete to me, even a bit dangerous. No relationship material for an artist. I may be wrong though.

  6. Not only does she have transiting Uranus moving into her 7th house in late JUNE and out again in mid-November…

    … she also has transit Pluto going over her Aqua Venus in late March, early JUNE and next year.

    Interesting to see how those play out with the Aqua/Uranus theme involved.

  7. I’m not sure how to interpret Sag (and her Sun being on the cusp of her 2nd) but the house being dominated by Capricorn and the triple conjunction especially Saturn.

    As a Saturn in 2nd native myself, for all the extensive healing work I’ve done there is still some kind of deep-seated lack of self-esteem present. And like Taylor, though I have planets in the 8th which have always left me feeling better about myself when I have a relationship. I imagine she really feels a need to connect with someone who makes her feel safe.

    At least in her case, she has succeeded in the Capricorn realm of material wealth and successful acclaim which might boost her esteem. That said, I suspect she always hear those critical voices who say she is just bubble gum pop or whatever.

    • I have Sun in the 2nd square Saturn in the 5th, so have some experience of how that feels, GD. Developing self worth has been a life’s work and I’m still working on it. It becomes easier with all those Saturn-ruled things – time, maturity and experience. The second Saturn return was quite rewarding in many respects. As you say, with Saturn the inner critic is persistent and hard to silence when one has these kinds of aspects as it seems to want to scupper any spontaneity/creativity. That’s what the myth of Saturn eating his own children means to me.

      • Hey VF – spot on with the Saturn eating his children myth. Saturn in 5th would def be difficult for your spontaneity / creativity. With your Sun in 2nd you probably felt quite good about yourself on some level but then, like a kid asked to stand up in front of class and present their show&tell you’d probably crumble with an audience. The teacher and 29 of those kids could be laughing along, you’d notice the one who wasn’t and dwell on it.

        My mid-40s saturn opp saturn was a notable improvement for me. Actually just done the separating square recently, which as it’s in the 11th is convincing me to be a little less expressive of my thoughts.

        • The Dutch astrologers say

          first Saturn return is the end of youth and beginning of middle age


          the second is the end of middle age and beginning of the old one.

          At every turn, probably, a person reaps what he or she has sown in years past.

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