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  1. We talked a while back about how Uranus in Pisces / Pluto in Capricorn were creating a Yod and difficulties for people with planets around 26Leo.

    It occurs to me that perhaps this is why things are finally piling up on Donald Trump via the courts. He has his mars at something like 27 Leo and Ascendant at 29. Transit Neptune is in the early stages of his 8th house which begins at 23Neptune and will make an inconjunct to the Ascendant later this year. Transiting Pluto is already doing it.

    To this point, he’s survived every awful transit I’ve ever seen – transit neptune square his gemini sun/sag moon; pluto opposite his cancer saturn-venus and while it can’t be pleasant being impeached or losing an election, it doesn’t feel to the rest of us like life is paying him back.

    He also has Uranus transiting over his 24 Tau MC this year. As Jane pointed out below, that will be gettiing an interesting mars-uranus transit in July.

    • Hi GD, I have Uranus in Leo at 26 degrees in House 1 retrograde natal. I have been feeling pretty good lately, so I hope this isn’t a harbinger for trouble for me! Thanks 🙂

  2. Apparently Tucker Carlson is to interview none other than his hero, Vladimir Putin. He is the first Western journalist to do so. It would be interesting to see their synastry and composite chart.

  3. Is there anything in the Lib Dems chart as to why so many people never think of them as a genuine 3rd option?

    It feels like many of the population feel stymied by the Tories and Labour and complain there’s no alternative.

    • These Lib Dems?? I don’t think so…
      1. Tuition Fees
      Nick Clegg campaigned on a promise to scrap tuition fees if they got into power, and every Liberal Democrat MP pledged to vote against future tuition fee increases. But once in government, Nick Clegg and his MPs voted to treble tuition fees to £9,000,
      2. VAT
      Nick Clegg campaigned against what he called a “TORY VAT BOMBSHELL” during the election. But it was a bombshell he helped the Tories drop – voting to increase VAT to 20%.
      3. Tax Cut for Millionaires
      Nick Clegg promised “fairer taxes in tough times”, but he didn’t deliver them. Instead, he backed a Tory cut in the top rate of tax, giving 13,000 millionaires a tax cut worth an average £100,000 while millions are paying more.
      4. Living Standards
      Nick Clegg says that “thanks to the Liberal Democrats, the government has been helping people get through these difficult times with measures to make life fairer and easier”. The reality is that, with Liberal Democrats in government, things are getting harder – with wages down £1,500 since the election and a million young people out of work.
      5. NHS
      Nick Clegg and his party backed David Cameron’s top-down NHS reorganisation from the start. It was passed thanks to Lib Dem votes, and they share responsibility for wasting £3billion on a top-down NHS reorganisation while more people wait longer in A&Es and over 5,000 nurses are cut.
      6. Mansion Tax
      In opposition, the Liberal Democrats said they backed a mansion tax. Even after they went into coalition with the Tories, Nick Clegg said “The Mansion Tax is right, it makes sense and the Liberal Democrats will continue to make the case for it. We’re going to stick to our guns”. Did he stick to his guns? Of course not. When given the chance to stand up for their own principles and vote for a mansion tax, Liberal Democrat MPs voted against it.
      7. Constitutional Reform
      Nick Clegg said his constitutional reform programme would be “the biggest shake-up of our democracy since the Great Reform Act of 1832”. It wasn’t. He abandoned Lords reform after Conservative MPs refused to back it, and he failed to deliver reform of the voting system.
      8. Sure Start
      In May 2010, Nick Clegg promised to protect Sure Start and told voters that “Difficult decisions are going to have to be made in public spending, but Sure Start is one of the best things the last government has done and I want all these centres to stay open”. But in Government, the Liberal Democrats have backed cuts to Sure Start – and 558 centres have shut so far.
      9. Police
      In the Liberal Democrat manifesto, Nick Clegg promised to put 3,000 more police on the beat. But in Government they backed Tory plans to cut more than 15,000 police officers.
      10. Special Advisers
      In opposition, the Liberal Democrats said that special advisers “are political jobs, and should, therefore, be funded by political parties”. They changed their tune when they got into Government. Nick Clegg alone has sixteen Special Advisers – paid for at the taxpayers’ expense.
      So whatever Nick Clegg says this weekend, the truth is the Liberal Democrats have not been a brake on the Tories during their time in Coalition. They have voted for the Government’s policies in Parliament and must be held to account for these decisions

    • Just looked at the LibDem 7 March 1988 chart – It has Mars conjunct Pluto at 9 Capricorn (!), which would sit on the UK Sun. It’s Libran Moon is sextile UK Saturn, but at 23 Libra squares the UK population’s Moon in Cancer. Also its Uranus 0 Capricorn conjunct Saturn 1 Capricorn agitates the UK 1801 yod. Currently, the 0 Taurus Venus will be under pressure from tr Pluto, and so let’s see what else emerges with the Mars/Pluto conjunction next week.

      Of interest maybe – Labour 1900 has Mars 28 Aquarius. Labour 1906 has Sun 22 Aquarius, Mercury 22 Aquarius, Jupiter 27 Taurus. The Jupiter/Uranus alignment in April, and the Uranus/Mars/Algol trio in July hit those degrees. Tory Saturn is 22 Taurus, conjunct 1066’s Neptune and House of Commons Saturn 21 Taurus, Mars 23 Taurus. July’s Taurean punch aspects the old Edgar UK chart as well.

      More chaos brews I fear. And I mull over the Churchill War Coalition, 10 May 1940 – Uranus 21 Taurus, Pluto 0 Leo, and wonder about all of that too. Bulls, labyrinths, and so on……

      • Very good, thanks Jane. I think the Libran moon square UK Cancer moon must be a big part of it. The fairness and justness of Libra which wants to treat all the minorities fairly, while the Cancer moon being fearful of anything outside of its inner circle. Logic vs emotion is such a point of conflict between these two otherwise seemingly amiable placements.

        Transiting Pluto was rolling over all those early Capricorn planets when it gave them the opportunity to be part of the coalition but they rolled over backwards which I suppose is the Mars/Neptune trying to get along but actually set them back with many.

        • Yes, I think the pressure on the protective, home and tribal Cancer Moon is interesting.

          And re the Taurus theme, there’s the Taurus stellium of spring 1941 – Uranus 24 Taurus, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (23 Taurus), Saturn and BML in Taurus. And, as I’ve mentioned below, the May 2000 one which had Uranus 20 Aquarius, and Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus. I was interested to see a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction for that time in Taurus, seeing as we are so close to another one this spring.

          • JB – I’ve been thinking about this for similar reasons! But remember the Uranus/Mars/Nodes of 2022 at 18 Taurus? Or even long ago and far away – the Taurus stellium of April and May 2000? That one had Uranus 20 Aquarius squaring some of it. At its height it had 7 planets there, with Jupiter and Saturn close to a conjunction in Taurus.
            The 2022 Uranus/Mars/Nodes impacted my personal chart. No accidents or anything, but a very stressful time for me and my safety, involving much effort to ‘be heard’ as they say. It’s been a long haul, but as the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction approaches, I can finally see the end of it at last and begin to feel free.
            The May 2000 stellium also impacted my chart in various ways, and coincided exactly with a huge project involving insane working hours. Eventually, that project was really successful, and bore Taurean fruits!
            I think these line-ups are significant as marker points, or the opening chords of a symphony or something like that. Perhaps more significant in the wider world than for us personally? I’m still digging around, looking at it all.

  4. Glad to note that the launch of Liz Truss’ new Pop Con faction (Popular Conservatives) occurred this morning and therefore under a VOC moon. (Sag moon VOC until 12:09pm – just after midday)

    While I wouldn’t expect any thing she touches to succeed, you can never be sure these days. And with Pluto just into Aqua and her having an early Leo sun, it’s possible to fear the worst that this would create some kind of revolutionary fresh start. I think I wondered previously whether Pluto in Aqua will lead to more political parties as groups splinter. Everything is so consolidated and gummed up at the moment with seemingly so little choice.

    That she is hanging around, still believing anyone thinks she has any thing important to say suggests she is completely detached from reality. That seems to be the trend with the right these days – detached from reality and projecting it onto whoever they can find to blame. The sadder part is there are a good many people in the country who can’t see this as problematic.

    • I see her T-square on Neptune in Sagittarius involving Moon and Venus. That has the potential to be incredibly deluded regarding how you see your own popularity and a compensatory fantasy of everyone loving you. Seen the same configuration but in Fixed where the individual had a whole history of being in relationships with people who had a drug problem and/or been in prison, a grandiose rescuer who simply refused to see the red flags. There’s something of the hopeless, doomed quest about Venus/Neptune, but most of all I wouldn’t find it easy to trust a Venus/Neptune square with money, since it flows through their fingers like water. If Truss wasn’t so godawful it would be a bit sad really.

      Marina Hyde has a piece in The Grauniad today regarding Liz’s PopCorn Conservatism and she says of Kwasi Kwarteng;

      ‘Someone who went to university with Kwarteng told me of the night he slept on their student house sofa after a party, vomited on it, then simply got up and left in the morning without cleaning it up. In many ways the country now lives on that sofa.’

      • Yes – the mutable t-square was my first thought about her delusion. Rather like the individual you mention, she can’t see that any popularity she has, is because of what she as their puppet, is willing to do for those people rather than due to inherent talent or likeability. Thinking about that has given me a new view on the sacrificial quality of neptune/pisces – just being used by less scrupulous others but not getting back something in return.

        I’m going on memory, but I think her Sag Neptune/Virgo Venus were at 9degs but we didn’t know the degree of her Pisces moon (range 2-16degs). Seems like there’s a transiting Saturn deflation coming up for her.

        I’d read Marina’s article yesterday. Currently working my way through her book which is a compilation of her columns from 2016-2023. Reading them in the cold light of day, it is incredible what a complete back-stabbing mess the Tories have been at governing. Not that it was news but it’s just laughable disaster after disaster in a way you could never have imagined say a decade ago. Pluto in Capricorn has exposed something terrible.

        • Yes, Saturn is opposing her Venus currently. Pluto opposing that Merc/Saturn in Cancer for the last couple of years may explain her embracing of the far right. The Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Cancer is squared by a Jupiter/Uranus opposition which can be quite lucky, but her speaking voice is very Merc/Saturn in that it’s utterly charmless, monotone, irksome and hard to listen to. She has given her full support to Trump, Farage and far right populism, so has painted herself into a rather nasty little corner. When Trumpism eventually has its day, as like all things it inevitably will, I doubt history will show her in a good light.

          • I suspect history will deliver the biggest insult to her Leo Sun by reducing her to a trivia question “Which Prime Minister had the shortest tenure?” … and described as “the one who crashed the economy”. Nothing much else to say about her because ultimately there isn’t anything – she’s empty and soulless.

          • Indeed, she’s like a withered husk. Looking at her astrology I see among other things her Sun squares my Moon. That is probably why I react so badly to her and she brings out my inherent Scorpionic bile.

  5. Trump and his request to be absolutely immune…”Judges say no president “has carte blanche to violate the rights of individual citizens to vote” ”

    “Throughout their opinion, Judges J. Michelle Childs, Florence Pan and Karen LeCraft Henderson repeatedly eviscerated former President Donald Trump’s behavior after the 2020 presidential election as unpresidential and constituting an assault on an American institutions.”

    “The appeals court has set up a very fast schedule for Trump to ask Supreme Court to block the immunity ruling, giving him until Monday to file an emergency stay request with the court.”

    “In its ruling that former President Donald Trump does not have presidential immunity in the January 6 case, a federal appeals court said his immunity claims would reject “the most fundamental check on executive power.””

    I’m laughing my head off. Goes great with morning coffee! Yet even more donations will flow into his hands!

  6. Regarding the 1927 chart… I googled a bit.

    On Skyscript, there is a thread titled Current 1927 UK Horoscope.

    In it there is this: “I have raised this issue on other forums, and someone made the interesting point that the official change of nomenclature can be compared to a woman marrying – her name changes, but her horoscope does not change at this moment as a consequence. However, in 1927 when the UK became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it was much more than a mere change, it was the official consolidation of a change in geographical borders. The countries and borders which currently constitute the UK are not the same countries and borders they were then; it fundamentally changed as a state, not merely in name.”

    • Then there is also the PDF of a discussion on Astrodienst titled UK of 1927 discussion, Google says from 24 January 2023. I presume the PDF is from then or something. Take a look. I should, but haven’t yet got to opening it.

      • The 1927 horoscope may be of interest, but I don’t think its a primary contender for a UK chart.

        “The Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927[a] (17 & 18 Geo. 5. c. 4) was an act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that authorised the alteration of the British monarch’s royal style and titles, and altered the formal name of the British Parliament and hence of the state, in recognition of most of Ireland separating from the United Kingdom as the Irish Free State. It received royal assent on 12 April 1927.” Wikipedia

        Before that, in 1922, ‘the greater part of Ireland became independent and the UK was renamed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It has been argued that the horoscope for this moment should supersede that for the union of 1801, and former Astrological Association Vice-President James Russell investigated this possibility.’ (Book of World Horoscopes). The 1922 chart is dated 7th December, at 03.28 pm GMT. You can set it for Westminster, or Belfast.

        However, the Act of Union 1801 chart works very well, as Marjorie has often demonstrated. The chart for the coronation of William 1 in 1066 also works well, and shares a Capricorn Sun and an early Pisces Pluto with 1801. A unified England dates from 927 (Athelstan), and the so-called ‘first king of England’ was Edgar – 11 May, 973 – Wales, Scotland, and England together there. That chart often throws up some interesting clues – for me anyway. Currently it awaits a Uranus in Taurus transit to its Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Leo. July’s Mars/Uranus/Algol conjunction could be a test of that, since it will conjunct the Mercury exactly, and be one degree off the Sun and Mars. We’ll see.

        • Do we know when did the royal assent occur or has the royal assent started having effect at midnight on 12 April 1927?

          I do, however, think that the midnight chart works.

    • Do you mean the chart for the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927 (12th April 1927)? Or is it some other 1927 chart that you have in mind?

      • Yes, I mean that chart. Some consider that to be the chart of the Kingdom, because it is then that it became United Kingdom. The 1800s chart, preferred by Marjorie, is for some other country, though undeniably resonates. As does the 1927 chart.

        • It has been the United Kingdom since 1st January 1801.

          On that date, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland came into existence.

          In 1920-22, the southern part of Ireland left the United Kingdom, but the title remained in use.

          In 1927, the definition of the “United Kingdom” for legal purposes was changed.

          “Section 2(2) – In every Act passed and public document issued after the passing of this Act the expression “United Kingdom” shall, unless the context otherwise requires, mean Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

          But the “United Kingdom” itself has existed since 1801.

          If a person changes their name after marriage (or for any other reason, such as them having transitioned their gender), would/should you use their birth chart or the chart of their date of change of name? (genuine astrological question)

          • I do not speak without good reason, because I saw a German astrologer on Astro.com check the 1927 chart against events. E.g. Brexit, and it really did speak about it very vividly. Perhaps I could dig out the postings.

          • Nailing down a start date for a country is often not easy when they have a long history. If the original unification date can be found that usually works well. The older charts usually are most helpful. If newer dates seem to half work it is because they occurred at significant points in the history of a country so they will have key astro-similarities.
            What is hopeless is to argue – as some astrologers tend to – that a subsequent date makes sense because of the value they put on the events around that time. South African astrologers wanted a start date of 1994, Russian astrologers 1991 dates etc.
            The only way to test out charts it to see which is more illuminating about events. And endless arguments about this date and that date are a waste of time and life is too short. China for instance during the pandemic was not resonating to the 1949 chart but did show it up clearly on the 1912. So use the 1912. Use what works best.

  7. Formula 1 boss Christian Horner (aka Mr Ginger Spice) is allegedly facing allegations of ‘incredibly controlling behaviour’ by a female colleague,
    He is not someone I especially warm to and comes across a little wooden during interviews.
    Any astro analysis would be welcome.

    • Not sure it adds much but I’d commented on your request below about Jonnie Irwin. Born 2 days apart. Quick glance suggested transit Uranus hitting their suns as well as Aries chiron returns with north node transit taking place.

      • Now that is interesting. Chiron and the nodes are chillingly fated aspects.
        Jonnie seemed a very different kettle of fish to Horner.

        • Looked at both their charts – they have natal Saturn square Pluto.
          Planets of restriction, power struggles and responsibility but ultimately, transformation and release. Heavy stuff.

          • King Charles, Jonnie Irwin and Christian Horner were all born within days of each other.
            Significant life events happened under a last quarter moon in Scorpio.

  8. Boeing’s chances to recover are not looking good… couple of recent articles support its continued fall from the sky.

    Boeing is in the ‘last chance saloon,’ says Emirates head. “https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/05/business/boeing-last-chance-emirates-tim-clark/index.html”

    New problem found on Boeing 737 Max planes “https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/04/business/boeing-737-max-holes-hnk-intl/index.html”

    Please ensure your tray is in its upright and locked position.

  9. BBC claims the King has been diagnosed with cancer.

    “King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, says Buckingham Palace. It is not prostate cancer, but was discovered during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate. The type of cancer has not been revealed, but according to a palace statement the King began “regular treatments” on Monday.”


    Perhaps a change in the scenery sooner than later?

    • Once again Marjorie flagged up that it’s a difficult time for Charles (moon at 0Taurus25 ruling the body), William with Jupiter at 0Scorpio conjunct his MC, Harry with his Pluto at 0Scorpio.

      Transiting Pluto was exactly square Charles moon on Saturday.


    • Poor man. Just as Pluto enters Aquarius, squaring his moon. I remember Marjorie saying that the Pluto shift had ramifications for quite a number of family members. I hope his treatment is successful.

      • Yes, wishing him well. I suspect leukemia is the “form of cancer”, like the late Queen – the Moon is involved, symbolising Mother. Tr Mercury (news) entered Aquarius today, conjunct Pluto. Then Mars joins Pluto 13-14 February, followed by Venus on 16 February. Cosmic dominoes – they seem to be saying ‘here’s Pluto’ to all of us in some way.
        Today’s tr Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct his natal Mars. The 9th February New Moon in Aquarius (20) is square Uranus in Taurus, and I wonder whether that has an impact on his Scorpio Sun too? It will also aspect the UK Saturn in Leo, which somehow symbolises an older king to me. April’s Jupiter/Uranus conjunction has positive potential for him though. And maybe a surprise?

        • Great observations. Pluto will retro over the same point again before turning direct for one final time I think later this year. Hope he’ll be alright. He looked unwell and thin in the recent photos at church.

        • If it is leukaemia I have a friend now in his mid 80s who has had it for years since it progresses very slowly. But it may not be. However nowadays treatments can be effective depending on which kind.

          • Thanks Marjorie. Yes, I agree I’ve also known someone who’s had it for years. There is a more rapid kind too, which I’ve also witnessed, sadly. The King didn’t look well at the weekend, but nobody would look great after such recent surgery.
            In terms of family patterns, it is curious to see that the late Queen’s Sun is 0 Taurus, and her Mars 20 Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter 22 Aquarius. Never ceases to amaze me how interlocked our family groups can be. And makes me wonder again about transits to the charts of deceased individuals, and what these might mean – particularly when a person is also some kind of figurehead or symbol.

          • Acute leukemia can progress very quickly. Just last week I lost an old friend and former colleague to this devastating disease. Diagnosed early last December. Had multiple blood transfusions and chemo. Was a keen hiker like Charles and convinced that we should all not be concerned as he was going to beat it. Yet just a few short weeks later he succumbed. I am still in shock. His birthday was 1 August, not sure which year but was only in early to mid 70s. Probably Sun conj Pluto (like me) but he was not interested in astrology so I could never get any info from him. Last person I would’ve expected this to happen to. We shared a love of theatre.

  10. Hi.

    I read today that Brad Pitt will join the apparently last Quentin Tarantino film, The Movie Critic.

    Since these two have collaborated so well in the past, and Pitt even got a supporting-role Oscar, I was wondering if you could tell us how these two get along astrologically.

    And perhaps dive into the past, when Tarantino and Roger Avary parted ways, what kind of collaborators they were.

  11. For some reason, Capote was again on the front pages of The Daily Mail. And his treason of the Swans. I haven’t entered into the detail why, but perhaps it would be edifying to see what his synastry was with Babe Paley or Marella Agnelli. What current were flowing under the glistening surface. I think Lee Radziwill was also in the picture. Which brings us to Callista Flockhart as another possible topic.

  12. Any thoughts on the extraordinary case of Linzi Smith a gay woman who has been banned from the Newcastle United football ground for posting on social media comments criticising the Stonewall etc position on transgender ideology. This has occurred despite the police confirming that no offence took place. The Free Speech Union has uncovered that the case against her was largely drawn up by an investigation branch of the EPL which appeared to have been virtually stalking her online not only reading her social media posts by also gathering photos of her address and even of her walking her dog. The FSU are currently taking her case against the EPL to law for breaches of the GDPR and under the Equality Act. I note the EPL chart dated 20 February 1992 has Venus and Mars conjunct at 1 Aquarius that is going to be hit exactly by transiting Pluto in February and March so it obviously going to be experiencing some major stress. Echoes of the Post Office Enquiry here with Pluto in Aquarius exposing some decidedly dodgy behaviour by institutions.

  13. Billy Joel has a new song out. His first in 30yrs.

    Amazing that he gave up in his prime but then picked up a Saturn cycle or so later.

    Would be interested by what the astro pointers for it all are.

  14. Sir Lewis Hamilton in the news again. A reading on how this big surprise move affects him and his arch rival Max over the next 3 years would be nice.

  15. Could you take a look at cryptographer Elizebeth Smith Friedman? She had such a fascinating career along with her husband William Friedman.

  16. Marjorie, the very likable TV presenter Jonnie Irwin (scorpio) has very sadly died from terminal lung cancer. The last quarter moon is currently transiting scorpio.

      • Indeed. The way he soldiered on for his beloved family, working right up to the end to secure their future, was remarkable. He seemed an honorable and extraordinary man. The very best of scorpio.

    • Jonnie was born 18Nov1973.

      I knew I’d come across that birthdate recently.

      Today the news is reporting Christian Horner, born two days earlier 16Nov73, is the subject of serious allegations. He is the principal of F1’s Red Bull motoring race team who have appointed ‘independent’ investigation. FWIW he is married to Geri Halliwell

  17. Hi Marjorie,

    I normally don’t pay much attention to what’s happening in the state of Texas. However, latest reporting has it that Republican Senator Ted Cruz is running scared. Cruz is up for reelection this year and he’s appearing on various conservative podcasts begging voters to donate money to his reelection campaign. Ted Cruz has been lashing out at Mitch McConnell and the RNC – excusing all of them of “abandoning him.” Cruz claims he’s facing a “tough reelection” and that he’s only ahead of the Democratic challengers by 1 point in latest polling.

    Since Texas is still considered a heavily Republican state, I remain skeptical about Democrats’ chances of flipping Cruz’s Senate seat. However, Ted Cruz is extremely unpopular and Democratic candidates have been running on abortion and reproductive rights issues. Texas has some of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the U.S. – you can even be prosecuted if you leave the state to have an abortion.

    Plus, there is the ongoing case of Kate Cox, a Texas woman who was recently denied emergency abortion care in her state…so, she left Texas to have her abortion and then faced legal threats and troubles as a result. Women and pro-choice advocates all over the United States were furious and have rallied behind Kate Cox. I’m wondering if this case will have an impact on Ted Cruz’s election.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you would take a look at Ted Cruz. Does the astrology suggest he’s destined to win reelection…or is there a chance a Democrat might just prevail.

    • Absolutely dreadful circumastances surround this case. Kate Cox would have had to have been within an inch of death before she could get an abortion despite the beyond absolutely awful, terminal prognosis for her foetus.Paxton’s term does not come up till 2026 -not sure if AG’s can be recalled. It’s just state enforced sadism at this point.

      • @ Anna,

        I know what you mean. In fact, it was actually the awful Kate Cox case that compelled me to look into what was going on in Texas. When I saw that Ted Cruz (who is a fanatical Southern Baptist who vehemently opposes a woman’s right to choose) could be in trouble, that caught my attention. It’s not just polls and op-eds suggesting Cruz is in trouble, it’s Ted Cruz himself who is suggesting it.

        I don’t want to get my hopes up, but if Ted Cruz were to lose his bid for reelection, I do think it would be a huge win for women and to other “Kate Coxes” around the country. It infuriates me to think anyone could be ok with supporting policies that would endanger someone’s life literally just to make a religious and “ethical” point.

  18. There is a feature today about Dua Lipa’s boyfriend Callum Turner, who used to date Vanessa Kirby before Dua, so perhaps if you would like, I’d love to read his profile and how he went along with these two famous women. Thank you!

  19. I was reading the r/astrology edit post by ViviVoxNox about Justin Timberlake, and here’s what it said:

    “an exact Uranus (unexpected, sudden and shocking changes) + MC (public, reputation, career) conjunction can be found.

    Also, Mercury, his ruler of the 11th House (community, internet, popularity / public support) is smack conjunct Saturn (restrictions, karma, hard lessons) as we speak.

    Astrology you did it again!

    EDIT: And for those who don’t know, this is a once in a life time transit (Uranus/MC) because Uranus takes 84 years to go around the zodiac so it only conjunct the MC once. So it’s a major one!

    EDIT 2: I do think all these allegations and accusations of celebrities as of recent are part of Pluto‘s last and final act in Cap because Pluto (darkness, secrets, trauma) reveals what’s going wrong (Pluto) in society (Cap) … it was more the politicians before at the mid and beginning of said transits because politicians are archetypical Cap („head of society“).

    Also, I think it’s a prelude to Pluto (transformation, releasing secrets/the dirt etc) transiting Aqua for the next round about 20 years soon.

    Aqua = internet, popular people like celebrities, social justice movements etc”


    I just wish it was more direct and explicit about what exactly will Pluto clean up in Aquarius.

  20. “Michigan school shooter’s mother blames her husband in trial testimony”

    Only in America. The BBC article details the soap-slick testimony and dialogue of the mother.

    This begs for a pay-for-TV-only show.


    Next week, we review the article “Girl, 10, charged with threatening to shoot classmates”.

    It goes on and on in this country.

  21. Photos of Bob Geldof and his family (including adopted daughter Tiger Lily Hutchence) appeared in the tabloids today.
    Both have anaretic 29′ sun’s impacted by transiting pluto. Bob 29′ Libra and Tiger lily 29′ Cancer. Any insight into either of them would be welcome Marjorie.

  22. The April solar eclipse triggers Princess of wales Kate’s chart – Sun, Moon, AC, DC. The NN and SN already triggering the eclipse point. Looks very significant for Kate.

    What do you say Marjorie?

  23. I was wondering if you could read on Patrick Macnee and his mother. The reason that I ask is that I know in the past he touched on the subject of his mother who insisted on dressing him as a girl until he balked at the idea, and said that he would only wear a kilt.

    Her lover evidently said, ‘Never mind dear, we’ll make a woman of him yet.’ He called this woman Uncle Evelyn . She paid for him to go to Eton.

  24. The main challenger to Trump, Nikki Haley, has her Sun at 29 Capricorn 44.

    The main challenger to Biden, Dean Philips, has his Sun at 0 Aquarius 31.

    Both are getting a conjunction from transiting Pluto.

    What does this mean?

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