Northern Ireland – eclipses pose challenges ++Sinn Fein First Minister

Northern Ireland appears to be on track to resume their power-sharing government after two years of stalemate. A new agreement has been reached over goods moving through the UK’s internal market which has apparently overcome the border problem caused by Brexit, though details have not yet been published. The Democratic Unionist party (DUP) collapsed the government at Stormont in protest at post-Brexit trading arrangements, despite having agreed to a hard Brexit themselves. As a consequence of the stoppage Northern Ireland’s public services are even worse than elsewhere. With the restoration of Stormont comes a large financial package from Westminster which would not have been needed if the DUP boycott hadn’t happened.

  Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Fein president and leader of the opposition in the south is triumphant, declaring it would mean Irish unity was “within touching distance”. It is possible by 2025 that  Sinn Fein will soon be in government north and south of the border. Though whether the South would be keen to amalgamate is not at all clear and is anyway awash with its own immigration problems at the moment.

The Northern Ireland chart, 7 December 1922 will be susceptible to this year’s eclipses. The April Solar Eclipse will oppose the NI Saturn which suggests a heavy cost will come with the new situation and the September Pisces Lunar Eclipse will tug on the NI Virgo North Node – for a moment of destiny. Plus emotional upsets and aggravation from tr Uranus opposition the Venus and square the Mars from mid this year on into 2025.

 The DUP, 30 September 1971, won’t be immune either with both Solar Eclipses rattling up their Venus  Uranus in Libra in spring and then Libra Sun later in the autumn. Plus the September Lunar Eclipse will be conjunct their Pluto which is one of those ‘transform or stagnate (sink into decay)’ influences.  They will be facing a few existential choices this year and in 2025.

  Sinn Fein, 28 November 1905,  will be upbeat with tr Jupiter in Gemini from mid year starting with a Jupiter Return and then opposing the Sun.  But there will be tensions and eruptions from tr Uranus square the Saturn from July this year onwards into 2025; heated discussions and accusation through September and on and through 2025 as their Mercury opposition Pluto is triggered by the eclipses.

 Nothing too settled in terms of happy cooperation by the looks of it.

 Sigh. And more money for Westminster to shoal out because of the Boris Brexit screw-up with the creationist delights of the DUP thrown in for good measure.  


Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill was sworn in as First Minister of Northern Ireland at around 2.24pm 3 February 2024 Belfast. This puts an argumentative Mars, Mercury Pluto in the 7th pointing to a combative relationship – maybe with the DUP opposition or with the UK, with tensions mounting to a peak towards mid 2025. There is an indecisive Neptune in the 10th which does not augur well though there is also a lucky/successful/confident Jupiter in the 10th as well.  Plus a reforming, rebellious 8th house Sun square Uranus which suggests that cooperation won’t be easy. The Neptune is trine a 5th house Scorpio Moon, sextiling onto Mars Mercury, highlighting the argumentative streak.

  Her own chart, 10 January 1977, is both self-assured with a Capricorn Sun trine Jupiter in Taurus and tough-minded with Mars in Capricorn square Pluto. She’ll be upbeat through this April with tr Uranus conjunct her Jupiter but will face a disaster or two along with high risk mid June to early July, November and April 2025 as tr Uranus opposes her Mars/Pluto midpoint. Nonetheless she’ll plough on with determined confidence with tr Pluto opposition her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint through 2024/25.  

2 thoughts on “Northern Ireland – eclipses pose challenges ++Sinn Fein First Minister

  1. As good as you are with predictions Marjorie … today’s Feb 3rd !!

    I’d reckon that puts the moon in Scorpio directly opposite the Taurus Uranus and O’Neill’s Jupiter.

    Interesting that with only Saturn and Neptune in Pisces – there is little mutable in the FM chart … so perhaps not much willingness to bend and adapt to make improve things. Especially with 6 planets across Taurus/Scorpio/Cap.

    Even so hints of the ground-breaking nature of this appointment with Pluto just in Aqua.

    And if I recall Good Friday Agreement was signed April 1998 which would have had an early Aqua Neptune. Transiting Pluto will surely have something to say about that over the next year or so?

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