USA – on the long, winding road towards a new start

Pluto Returns are not a passing distraction but a crossroads that comes around every 250 years. A country’s move away from the past into what comes next takes years to settle.

  Looking ahead through the USA 2024 and 2028 elections they coincide with the turmoil of the massive outer planet shift into new signs. And the 2028 election will be in the midst of the directionless, disappointing transiting Neptune in Aries square the USA Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Cancer. It’ll be 2032 before anything looks back to relative stability.  

 The present extreme divisiveness won’t disappear in a puff of smoke so it isn’t surprising it’ll take that long. Roe v Wade came in on early Pluto in Libra so maybe Pluto’s entry into Aquarius might restore its security. Other liberal legislation, for instance for same-sex marriage, was only enacted in individual states since 2012 – when tr Pluto in Capricorn was around the opposition to the USA Sun.  

  [Just as an aside I always wondered about that late 2012 period which coincided with Obama’s re-election, as well as same-sex marriage progress and oddly the devastating Sandy Hook shooting. Not only was tr Pluto heading for the USA Sun opposition. But there was a poleaxing and confidence-destroying Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the USA Neptune and square Mars – which at the time I couldn’t quite nail down an event or mood significant enough to explain it. But it did shaft a spear through USA morale and the sense of national identity, for sure.]

  This Biden Term was always going to be fractious, explosive and aggravated with the worst of the jolts coming in 2023/2024.

  The 2024 election will be held on a do-or-die-determined Mars opposition Pluto for extreme rhetoric, bile and venom – with a Sun opposition Uranus in place which could suggest a swing in a different direction. Neptune lingers in the final stages of Pisces.

  The 2025 Inauguration chart has a controlling Sun Pluto conjunct the Midheaven opposition Mars on the IC – so a discontented population and power-hungry administration. Three planets in directionless Pisces in the 11th don’t suggest a solid future strategy. Uranus in the 1st will be defiant and unconventional. [To be noted the Biden Term has Pluto conjunct the MC so it doesn’t necessarily point in either political direction.]

  The 2028 election will be even more fraught than the 2024 with a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars on the focal point, with a downbeat Sun opposition Saturn; and a hope-for-change Uranus Trine Pluto.  The USA will have just undergone a Uranus Return, the first since 1943/44.

The 2029 Inauguration again has controlling Sun Pluto in the 10th with an edgy, disruptive and ruthless Sun Pluto square Saturn and trine Uranus trine Mars – either hardship and tough conditions, or a war somewhere out in the globe to contend with.

  The 2032 election will be tense with a Sun square Pluto and Pluto trine Mars around election day. Tr Uranus Saturn conjunct in early Cancer will be starting to conjunct the USA Venus, Jupiter in Cancer. By this election tr Neptune in Aries has finally cleared the square to the USA Sun and opposition to the USA Saturn which brings to an end a discontented and undermining few years since 2025.

  The 2033 Inauguration is the first to look upbeat with the Sun, Mercury and a confident/successful Jupiter Pluto in the 10th. That’s reminiscent of Obama’s First Term with Sun Jupiter in the 10th.

  On similarities to the USA Civil War (1861 – 1865) see previous post May 6 2022. There are some repeat influences around 2027/28 when there is a Uranus Return on the USA chart and tr Pluto in hard aspect to the Leo North Node.

  The late decade period also looks challenging on the USA First President chart, 30 April 1789 12.45pm New York. Tr Pluto in Aquarius will square the Taurus Sun in 2027/28. Even before then tr Pluto will be opposition to the Uranus as it enters Aquarius in 2023/2024 – so a highly-changeable phase of several years.

   Pluto in Aquarius had best get its act together to bring back the age of enlightenment and kick loony-tunes Neptune in Pisces into the kerb.   

22 thoughts on “USA – on the long, winding road towards a new start

  1. Looking at the given dates America, the “land of the setting sun” was conceived as a modern nation on 21st Dec (Pilgrim Fathers) under Capricorn, a slow developer, and born as an independent nation on 4th July (Cancer) perhaps a little prematurely. The malefic Lord Francis Bacon, chancellor under James I had a vision of a “New Atlantis” a land ruled by scientists, business men etc, concentrating on the material world neglecting art and culture which enable spiritual growth, with “religion” as a tool to control the people.
    It shares a land mass with Canada and Mexico in North America yet it seems to be developing differently.

  2. Here’s something that the ingress of Neptune into Aries might see manifest:
    The climate crisis may also be something that soak up the starkness in those election and inaugural charts. Just because the GOP doesn’t want to deal with it (or perhaps they ARE preparing for it by flooding guns into the streets and forcing unwanted births–someone(s) has to repopulate after the great die off–you might think I’m joking, but….), it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop happening.

  3. Thanks Marjoree for you wonderful insights.
    Looking at Clarence Thomas’s chart,_Clarence
    Tr Pluto conjunct his moon Aq and Asc Cap
    Tr Uranus opposition Uranus
    Tr Saturn conjunct his lilith
    Jan next year Tr Uranus will opposition his MC as in Oct 2021 his speech at Heritage foundation
    There’s the ongoning dillema of his wife’s open support for the big Lie and Jan 6th.

  4. Marjorie:
    “the directionless, disappointing transiting Neptune in Aries”

    Is this specific to the U.S. square? Or will Neptune in Aries suck for everyone, everywhere?

      • Thank you. Sure is some crab like trait in the nation’s character. Grabbing to hold onto what’s mine, sliding in sideways to snatch some more from someone else! And also Home, Homeland, What About The Children etc. as such big themes.

  5. The Republican Party was founded as an anti- slavery party. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican till 1864 when he founded the National Party as an attempt to form a coalition between the Republicans and the Democrats.

    I seem to remember Hilary Clinton saying that it was illegal for the US government to form a coalition. I guess that the rules are different if a new Party is formed to serve that purpose.

  6. If I’m reading the charts correctly, I think I’m seeing a mid-strength sextile between Neptune and Uranus in the 2025 and 2029 charts. This could potentially be read as individuals (1st house) being shocked (Uranus) out of a collective (11th house) illusion or delusion (Neptune). The kids like to say “yeeted” nowadays to signify being unceremoniously catapulted out of the existing environment, usually falling upon a person who is behaving badly. So… hmmmmm.

  7. @Troy, the astrologer/psychic Jessica Adams has looked at the founding charts of both the D and R U.S. parties. A little different take on things, but you may find the info of interest.

  8. marjorie,
    Good Sunday Morning to you
    will you please elaborate on which chart fits best for perpetual union of USA ; which one fits best at present what we going through in our country
    seems like Democrats are party of extinction and nothing is going right for them at present and Republicans even though every one knows that they all are crooks and siding with the Biggest crook in the country but every body believes and follows him
    please write which chart to pick usa scorpio or usa cancer or usa capricon and or usa in gemini
    thanks as always,

  9. Abraham Lincoln was the exemplary Neptune in Pisces President, the compassionate martyr, during a US Uranus return, a time of existential peril for the American Republic. He lost his life and won the Civil War when Neptune entered Aries (warfare for a higher cause). He was killed by a bullet to the head (Aries). Uranus in Gemini has brought the three greatest American Presidents in times of war: Washington, Lincoln and FDR. These wars peak when transiting Uranus conjuncts US Mars square US Neptune. Let us hope there will be a fourth great President in 2024.

  10. Aquarius is all about friends and groups. However being the opposite to Leo , it appears to be about me and my self interest groups. I am not sure that the age of enlightenment is upon us. If also depends on which planet rules Aquarius. Some astrologers argue it is Uranus and some argue it is both Saturn and Uranus. I actually am beginning to think along the lines that the transfer from Planetary rule sign to another is a very long process. As if each sign is ruled for over two thousands years, it doesn’t happen over night. It may take a quarter of each rule to truly embed the energy. Therefore, the individual groups may segregate at first and fight their corner and only after a long protraction of infighting in their country learn to compromise. Pluto is in Aquarius for the next twenty years. It may be quite a challenging time and divide the world not unite it.

    • Apologies for being negative. Yet the Universe if built on opposites. The Ying and Yang, positive and negative and so on. Each sign as an opposite. Perhaps we need to look at both in tandem, not just a positive or a negative?

    • Helen, I completely agree that astrology and history both show that a big pendulum swing can take a while. Pointing that out isn’t negativity. There was almost a century of American colonists dismayed at rules from the UK, before the Declaration of Independence. Better part of a decade of outright open warfare until the peace treaty, another decade til all states ratified the Constitution. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It could take as long to get things onto a sounder track now.

      From Marjorie’s essay, it looks like Americans with the resources to GTFO might prefer to be out of the country for a decade. But from another point of view, these are exactly the people needed to help craft the new solution, rather than throwing up their hands in despair and exiting to “enjoy the decline” (a cynical “black pill” view increasingly popular among younger Americans lately).

    • Last time round there were some leading enlightenment thinkers – Thomas Paine – The Rights of Man etc. New ideas flooded in.

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