USA 2023 – a long and winding road ahead

 The USA’s Pluto Return rolls on until October 2023, heightening some tensions and bitter divisions because of the Mercury opposition but nothing more than in recent years. What is not clear since epochal changes don’t always/usually happen in a blinding flash is the trajectory for the USA in the next historical phase. Pluto Returns often bring a fall from superpower status though occasionally they usher in a revival. Pluto deconstructs and reconstructs. See post 17 October 2020.

  In the immediate future on the USA 4 July 1776 chart there will be high anxiety and a few disastrous setbacks this coming April. But the real mishaps and significant misfortune come when Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct the USA Mars and squares the Neptune which won’t kick in till early through mid 2024.

  What does flag up earlier is Pluto putting a toe into into Aquarius in late March till mid June 2023. That opposes the USA Uranus/Neptune midpoint, described by Ebertin as: “losses, calamities, inability to make a firm stand and at the mercy of circumstances.” Ebertin can be overly dramatic but it looks like a worrisome time.

  Pluto into Aquarius shows up in starker form in Joe Biden’s Term chart and the USA Federal Reserve chart. The Sun was at zero degrees Aquarius for the 2021 Inauguration and that will be under considerable pressure on and off till late 2024. Tr Pluto square Sun usually brings major challenges, can feel blocked or disastrous as old structures are pulled down. The past two years may seem easy in comparison for Biden as Pluto bulldozes on.

  The high-risk nature of Biden’s term of office, indicated by the Sun Saturn Jupiter square Mars Uranus, (20 January 2021 11.48am), when he was inaugurated will come to boiling point with the Solar Arc Saturn closing the explosive square to Mars to exact in 8 months and square Uranus in 10 months, though could be in effect sooner.  By 2024 Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct the Jupiter exactly for a downbeat, enthusiasm-denting time.  

   The US Federal Reserve, 16 November 1914 9am chart, has an 8th house Neptune at zero degrees Leo which will catch the tr Pluto opposition exactly later March to mid June 2023, and again through 2024. This usually coincides with a sense of devastation and loss, at the very least massive confusion. Late August 2023 tr Uranus opposes the FedRes Scorpio Sun for a jolt and a forced change of direction, continuing into 2024.  By 2025 tr Neptune Saturn in Aries will square the FedRes Saturn Pluto in Cancer which will see more financial worries and grave uncertainty.

  No country will escape unscathed over the next three years so this can’t be seen as a solely USA time of trial. But the outer planet changeover will undoubtedly make its presence felt stateside.

  Joe Biden personally will have his sinking moments mid February to mid March and late November through December 2023 when he will be facing a run of catastrophes with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint. He’ll also be knocked sideways July to October by his Mars/Uranus midpoint. And be having a fairly bad-tempered year in general with outbursts as he gets triggered. He’ll have moments of confusion March to June 2023. But it is 2024 when his problems mount. He’ll face them head on with bullish confidence but tr Pluto in an undermining trine to his 10th house Neptune and an emotionally-conflicted square to his Taurus Moon will be hard to overcome.

  Poor Kamala Harris is still – indeed more so than before – labouring under tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and Aries Moon till late 2023 which is tough going, with the additional weight of her Solar Arc Saturn sitting on top of her Moon and opposition her Sun for nine months into 2023. Nothing easy and 2024 looks hugely uncertain and undermining for her.

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  1. Except that July 2, 1776 is when Congress approved breaking ties with England. That is the true US birthday, not July 4, when the Declaration was read out in public.

  2. “but tr Pluto in an undermining trine to his 10th house Neptune”

    Marjorie, why would a Pluto trine to Neptune be undermining? I would think it would bring opportunities for positive transformations, i.e., dreams become reality with Neptune in the mix.

  3. “but tr Pluto in an undermining trine to his 10th house Neptune and an emotionally-conflicted square to his Taurus Moon will be hard to overcome.”

    Marjorie, why would a Pluto trine be undermining? I would think it would bring opportunities for positive transformations.

  4. I have been watching Simon Schama’s newest series about the USA and he has drawn some thought provoking comments as to how the USA has developed since WW2, he mentions the input from Ayn Rand who formed her opinions from her experience in Bolshevic Russia and veered to the other extreme, the rugged individualism, also the campaign to keep Charles Chaplin out of the USA due to his social democratic views altogether more in keeping how a society can look after those less able to look after themselves, but the real nugget came when referring Rachel Carson, IMO one of the most important Americans of all time, who quite correctly stated that industry and science had moved away from nature and were there to exploit it instead of working in harmony with nature. She was influential in so many ways to bring forth artists such Margaret Attwood, who has painted a dystopian society. Maybe the great changes in the next few years are meant to bring us to our sense that we cannot live without the planet and all the creatures therein, we need to develop systems that support life on earth.

  5. I don’t think things are going to be smooth sailing for the next few years. After all, extreme polarization is still an issue here in the U.S. However, I wouldn’t underestimate President Joe Biden; even our media has admitted that they’ve grossly underestimated him from his policy in Ukraine to the economy and he’s prevailed every time.

    That being said, if Biden doesn’t run again in 2024, then I’m looking to Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, or Eric Swalwell.

    Helping Ukraine, foreign policy, promoting environmental conservation, improving education, and protecting Social Security, Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and voting rights are my top issues as a Millennial and as a voter. These issues are becoming increasingly just as important to Generation Z voters as well. So, I highly doubt the Republicans retake the White House in 2024.

    Anyway, time will tell.

  6. As usual, your reading is revelatory in its detail; and it does look like some event(s) of great force will shake the foundations of American society – the world, in fact – over the next, two years. Frankly, I think this is a good time to take up meditation. Thank you for yet another prescient astro-analysis!

  7. Joe is fighting Irish. That helps.
    Rupert Murdoch is responsible for so much of the division and lies – Fox News. CNN had a hand in getting Trump elected – eyeballs and advertising. Poor Kamala – but they do say Diamonds are created under heat and pressure – so I am sure there is a lot of that.
    I have been worried for a long time about Corporate Interests and the Media – so who knows. I just hope the center holds. If Sununu runs from NH – that would be ok. I lived in Massachusetts during Mitt Romney’s time as governor and in Maryland during Larry Hogans time as governor – and it was both ok. Very ok. They were republicans but centrists and no crazy. We forget that the Independents are now the largest voting block and they gravitate toward the middle of the crazy. My prayer is the center holds. I am actually reading a lot about Lincoln now, as well as the Great Triumvirate – Calhoun, Clay and Webster. Great post – thank you.

  8. Some Pluto returns are positive.

    The 1801 union between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland took place on the Pluto return of the England 1066 chart.

    We were under existential threat from Napoleon and responded by unifying and transforming into a superpower. Within a few years of the 1801 union, the global reserve currency switched from the Dutch guilder to the pound sterling; the American invasion of Canada was defeated (with White House burnt down) and the Americans never again attacked Britain and Canada, turning instead to poor Mexico; and of course Napoleon was defeated.

    There followed a century of domestic peace (though there were revolutions abroad).

    The nadir for the UK was the suez crisis, as Pluto approached opposition to it’s natal position. When the opposition became exact in the early 60’s, a whole bunch of colonies were abruptly given independence.

  9. It’s reported that Jill has given her blessing for Joe to run again. I was hoping she wouldn’t have. And judging by this and other Astro readings, Joe and Jill may regret it. But then if not Biden, who? Certainly not Harris. Newsom as a west coast lib is risky. Likewise Buttigieg with his sexuality. No Dem Senator that breeds confidence at this time; though Warnock has potential but I don’t see him going for another gruelling campaign anytime soon. Shapiro and Moore are ones to watch but they’re newly minted as Govs. so not viable yet. Landrieu doesn’t seem the slightest interested. And any woman nominee is risky.
    My last resort is hoping Trump is the GOP nominee again, but I suspect he’ll be indicted before then. What a conundrum.

    • I was hoping for a Harris/Buttigieg ticket for 2024 but I don’t think it is going to matter since it looks as DeSantis is going to walk away with the presidency according to his astrology.

        • The problem is that the Democrats are still focused on/obsessed with Trump and DeSantis is slithering under the radar and he’s leading Trump by a lot in GOP polls.

          The only hope is that Trump exposes some secret about DeSantis that renders him unelectable.

  10. The 4th July 1776 Chart also has Pluto/South Node midpoint at 1 1/2 degrees Aquarius, opposing the North Node in Leo. Pluto entering Aquarius may start to trigger an eruption culminating in 2024. As the North Node is 11th house – people, crowds, there could be significant opposition to something. Pluto’s return energy, could be a power struggle between the old order and new order fighting for the leadership in America?

    • It could be Trump will become the GOP nominee apparently the 2024 RNC convention will be held in Milwaukee ….Could be the legal cases of DOJ and Trump will come to a head or no charges are filed against him ….either way it will cause outrage on the right and/or the left.… could be major revelations by the lawsuit of dominion vs Fox News etc…taking down major players…could be the US house of Rep will try to impeach Biden…hold hearings and other nonsense etc etc…there is just a myriad of possibilities.

      • It could also be another insurrection, more widespread and organized than January 6, with multiple attacks similar to the assault on Congress and the attempt on the Governor of Michigan.

        But who is Moore? Governor of which state?

        • Do you mean Wes Moore?
          If so, he is a Democrat and the governor-elect of Maryland, after defeating Republican Dan Cox in the 2022 Maryland gubernatorial election, and is set to become the first Black governor of the state and the third Black person elected as governor of a U.S. state.

          • Thanks, Anita! Yes, of course. I totally blanked on Wes Moore in Maryland — bad for me because we used to spend lots of time in Maryland!

            I suspect he needs more seasoning before running for President.

    • This is a really interesting observation Helen. The Pluto return is culminating, Roe vs. Wade, the obscene amounts of money that are being printed for wars and the pandemic, all the while people are left suffering while having to pay back that printed money through taxes and inflation.

      I think we will see new and unexpected leaders arise during this shift of Pluto going into Aquarius and the opposition will be the old vs the new. I think this will create a lot of excitement in the collective, and of course chaos and we change into new times.

      Marjorie, can you give us your take on what these next few years will be like for our collective consciousness, as Pluto enters Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries? These are huge and one in a lifetime changes so we are all here to experience an incredible shift. I wonder what events will manifest as a result? I think our world will look completely different by 2026, particularly government structures. What do you guys think?

  11. Well great. I’m concerned about the rise of racist violence & attacks on infrastructure and the monetary system. Guess creepy Musk is right—time to go live on Mars.

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