Henry Cavill – a Kyptonite fail

Henry Cavill who soared as Superman for nearly a decade has been dropped from the role after a shake-up at Warner Bros. And just to show troubles don’t come singly, The Witcher sequel he allegedly turned down of to prepare for another Clark Kent outing won’t have him back either.

  He won’t be on the breadline or grounded for ever but from his birth details, he is into a slow-down phase in his career. Born 5 May 1983 2.30am St Helier, Jersey, he met Russell Crowe when he was still at school and has had a luckier-than-usual run of starry roles from The Tudors onwards and was short-listed for James Bond.

  He has a quick-witted, lively and physically robust 3rd house Sun and Mars Mercury in Taurus with a creative Venus in Gemini in the entertainment 5th opposition a creative Neptune.

  What marks his chart out as lucky and successful is an adventurous Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius on his Midheaven plus an ultra-determined Saturn Pluto conjunction – both of which are under severe pressure at the moment. His Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct his Jupiter Uranus exactly now for an enthusiasm-dampener on the career front; with tr Pluto squaring his Pluto and in 2023/24 his Saturn for a tedious and discouraging slog.

  Tr Saturn is also heading downhill through his lower profile First Quadrant at the moment and for some years ahead so he won’t be cresting on the same waves as before for a while. Though being a regular on the gamer-movie and comic-con circuit he won’t be left idle for ever.   

3 thoughts on “Henry Cavill – a Kyptonite fail

  1. But as one door closes, it’s announced that Warhammer (miniature fantasy figures) will be turned into a film and TV series which he’ll star in and he has described as a “dream come true”.

    While I didn’t play Warhammer, did do D&D for a while as a teenager. These things all now seem so much more popular and mainstream than in my day. Feel like I was ahead of the curve but exited before it all took off.

  2. Having just come out of Pluto square Mars, Sun, Pluto and Venus (all overlapping), all coinciding with Saturn moving through my first quadrant… I sympathise.

  3. Cavill got replaced from “The Witcher” too, so I’d think this is a big hit for a Taurean selfworth, as well as material security. But he is not 40 yet, and might well start a new phase not as dependant to his noteworthy physical attributes as the one thus far.

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