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  1. Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year Marjorie!

    Thank you again for providing us with a wonderful platform to express our thoughts on astrology and the rest.

  2. Hi Marjorie,

    President Joe Biden recently met with 49 leaders from African nations and the African Union in Washington, D.C. for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. Biden has expressed a strong interest in strengthening U.S.-African relations and wants the U.S. to invest more in African countries. Biden is particularly interested in pushing for clean industry in Africa and I believe a few African nations such as Equatorial Guinea are already on board.

    Personally, I think this would be wonderful. I do think it’s important that then United States invest more in Africa and build positive, solid working relationships with all 54 nations in the continent.

    For years, China and the Russian Federation have been the only major superpowers to invest in Africa. For example, some countries like Angola depend heavily on China as their largest trade and export partner. Angola also depends heavily on China for their infrastructure.

    The Russian Federation is still the largest supplier of arms to Africa. Russia has also been able to pay for their brutal war in Ukraine by plundering the gold mines of Sudan. And then there is BRICS – where South Africa is a member.

    I would think if the United States (and other Western nations) were to invest more in Africa, then this could help counteract China and Russia’s strong influence in the continent. That would be a good thing.

    Anyway, anything you could share, astrologically speaking, regarding relations between the United States and the African Union would be much appreciated. I really would like to see the U.S. develop stronger ties with the Global South.

  3. Just finished a gift wrapping marathon! And feeling festive, I wanted to wish Marjorie and everyone here a very Merry Christmas. I hope our new years will be happy and peaceful. If not, we can always come here to this wonderful site to discuss the infinite insanity of our world. As the Marx Brothers once remarked “there ain’t no Sanity Clause”…..never mind. We can but hope!

  4. Hi Marjorie,

    Can you look at the birth chart of one of the surviving roommates from a college murder scene on Nov 13 in Moscow, Idaho? Four students were slain and no suspects yet. Per the survivers instagram, Dylan Mortensen, her birthday is September 26, 1992 born in Boise, Idaho.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Marjorie
    Any thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson. He seems to be a deeply unpleasant person yet he remains popular in the UK and has done very well with The Grand Tour.

    • Clarkson always goes too far – he’s fuelled by rage and thinks it is funny. But he’s like Piers Morgan he always bounces back.

  6. Hi Marjorie

    Would you be able to look at the future of the NHS please?

    It feels to me it’s finally reached the point where it’s going to properly collapse – giving the government the perfect excuse to privatise it, this ideology, I feel is driving the governments current stance against the nurses strike.

    I feel like these evil ministers are sitting their rubbing their hands gleefully at the opportunity coming their way, regardless of the suffering of the public along the way.

    Like most I agree that the NHS does need reform, however, what I feel will happen is privatisation tacked on to the existing system. So we end up with a rubbish mixed private and public system – with no long term plan or thought.

    Can you give us any hope or we on the way to an awful slippery road?

    Many thanks, Bal

    • It looks to be in gentle or faster decline over the next three years. But not imploding. I think we should shift to a European model though it brings howls of outrage but it works OK in France. Everyone has a health insurance which covers a bit and the state covers the rest. And for emergency major stuff it is all covered – and it isn’t Americanised.

      • You definitely do not want an “Americanized” system, where only the rich can really afford good healthcare. Even those with good high-priced insurance often can’t afford healthcare because of high co-pays. Been there!

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    As it is that time of end of year, can I request you to have a look at the chart(s) for Iran, given the political turmoil there.
    Firstly, I would like to see which chart(s) you use, the 1979 chart or earlier charts in addition.
    Secondly, given that this kicked off just as Pluto is entering Aquarius, I wonder if there is a co-relation. As an aside, from mathematical calculations, tr Pluto will be almost exactly sextile natal Pluto on the 1979 chart.
    Without looking at any charts, I have a theory about Pluto either entering or impacting the ninth House (the House of religion among other things), or possibly the first House (of appearances. The Islamic Republic has a very prominent appearance of Islam across it) and Venus (these protests were kicked off by the death of a woman-Venus-in police custody-Pluto?).

    On a different note, as others were commenting on Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, I glanced around Wikipedia for other events that happened in Pluto in Aquarius.
    One pattern popped out to me. In two of the last three Pluto-in-Aquarius periods, Wales’s relationship with England was redefined and brought closer.
    The Statute of Rhuddlan was issued in 1284 by Edward I, which introduced English law to Wales.
    The Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542 officially extended the English legal jurisdiction and administration to Wales.
    Conversely noting noteworthy seems to have happened to this relationship in the last Pluto-in-Aquarius period.
    Do you see any change in Wales’s relationship with England in the coming Pluto-in-Aquarius period?

  8. hi Marjorie
    could you look at Feb-March for Ukraine and/or Russia? Just read the Ukrainians are expecting a new attack from the North/Belarus territory around that time

    • @ Sterling,

      I think if Belarus invades Ukraine from the north, then will likely be another world war.

      Poland, a NATO member, will likely see this as an act of provocation since they border Belarus and the Kaliningrad exclave.

      I can’t imagine the European Union and NATO allowing this to happen to Ukraine…because if Ukraine falls, so will other nations in Central and Eastern Europe. Putin will go after Moldova and perhaps head for the Balkans next.

  9. Just thinking about the transiting nodes which go backwards through the signs and houses of our charts. There’s a well-established set of interpretations/ideas about how going transiting planets going forwards allows one to grow and build on things previously learned. Do you have any thoughts about how the backwards transit of the nodes plays out and maybe even helps us?

    • That’s a really interesting question. My personal nodes are in Direct motion which is slightly less common and I do wonder about it.

  10. Hi Marjorie,

    Could you look at China and Covid, Since they have given up on lockdowns etc . This past week especially since the retreat from zero covid has seen a huge increase in cases and people seeking medical assistance. Panic buying and shortages also reported. How does astrology see this playing out? and or its impact on the rest of the world? I know there have been other astrologists that have mentioned March 2023 as a concern for Covid . I would be interested to know your opinion. Thank you

  11. Hi Marjorie,
    Thanks for your post on the US and its Pluto Return.
    Am actually more concerned about the Uranus Return coming up in a few years when Uranus transits into Gemini.
    Unfortunately, US Uranus Returns seem to coincide with domestic (Civil) and international (WWII) wars.
    As the US and world politics become extremely divisive, do you have any thoughts?

  12. US civil war casualties were huge due to battlefield tactics used. (Frontal attacks on massed gun defensive positions). WWI trench warfare was the continuation of that.

    “No one” today would contemplate doing that. Even ISIS prefers small scale attacks.

    Only Putin in Ukraine throws their troops into battle to be savaged like that.

    Major difficulties ahead are likelier to be economic woes with lost savings and starvation breeding mass discontent.

    The democratic (non-authoritarian) governments will follow the public’s will and eke through the mess ahead.

    • Kosovo, Rawanda–even looking at Ukraine and Syria. These aren’t little strategical things. In addition to the actual physical brutality of WAR, there is the psychological fall-out which lasts generations.

      David Letterman interviewed Zelensky (in an underground subway terminal) and Zelensky talked about the Russians attitude that Ukrainians weren’t “real.” Isn’t that the whole thing when it comes to war and murder and killing? The inability to recognize life in others (including all other living things–Gaia.)

      This has always been a truth. It’s taught in religions. We all learn to love and respect others–but we don’t do it.

      I realize that animals fight and kill for territory and survival, but we, with our big brains seem to want to rise above those impulses. It sure would be an interesting thing if it’s something we actually did. (“…I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one…”)

  13. If you haven’t already, could you please take a look at the chart of the disruptive former Democrst Senator Kyrsten Sinema? I found a birthdate of July 12, 1976, but no time.


  14. Ngozi Fulani and her charity Sistah space have been in the public eye a fair bit lately. Is there an interesting correlation in her chart I wonder?

    • Net sources have her as 27 February 1965 London which, if sound, makes her a Sun, Saturn, Mercury in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo with Pluto conjunct Mars in Virgo – so a volatile, erratic chart, depressed and angry. With a Boris Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune which has a tendency to over reach. Her chart looks panicked and undermined at the moment – will wait to see the results of the Charity Commission investigation before commenting further.

  15. The arrests in Germany, the rise of Neo-Nazism really concerns me. I don’t see how you could create a chart for such a movement–some of it is old and never died off, some of it is new. When you did your article about the US I made my super concerned comment (it’s scary and depressing to think things could go bad–the Civil War had more deaths of Americans than any of the other wars.) I’ve seen information from Richard Tarnus about this being a challenging era. What do you see? What can we look for in ourselves (our own charts) that might help us through this era.?

    • Germany has tr Uranus detonating their 8th house Pluto which will erupt a fairly primitive lava flow from the past. Will get round to it for the year aheads.

      • TY Marjorie. I follow some other astrologers. In particular Richard Tarnus (author of Psyche and Cosmos) speaks of this being an era similar to the 1930s. He focuses on the need to become strong people, brave..etc.

        I’ve had nightmares recently – around the rise of militias and other hyped up groups here in the U.S.–in my liberal California! My international Los Angeles! I rarely get nightmares so it’s something I’m paying attention to – but I was paying attention before–starting when Trump first ran for office because my family is made up of “mutts” and immigrants as are the children I taught & their families who all greatly enriched my life.

        • @KG, I’m in now-liberal San Diego, concerned about the crazies, but less concerned about SoCal and the presence of militias here.

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