EU – a moment of truth over financial dirty dealings

Police have seized more than €1 million in cash in sixteen raids as part of an inquiry into alleged corruption in the European Union. The scandal, described as one of the biggest corruption investigations in the history of the European parliament is linked, said sources, to World Cup host Qatar, before a key vote on a deal for fast track travel and visa liberalisation with the Arab emirate.

  Roberta Metsola, president of the European parliament, told a meeting of MEPs in Strasbourg that “malign actors linked to autocratic third countries had allegedly weaponised” a series of entities including unions, NGOs and MEPs in their efforts to undermine democracy”.

  Greek MEP Eva Kaili, one of 14 vice-presidents at the parliament with responsibilities for the Middle East, has not been named but she has been stripped of her position. As a socialist she raised eyebrows by calling Qatar a “front-runner in labour rights” amid concerns over deaths and poor working conditions for construction workers.

  Michiel van Hulten, a former Dutch Socialist MEP, now director of the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International in Brussels, warned that the new scandal “is not an isolated incident”. “Over many decades, the parliament has allowed a culture of impunity to develop, with a combination of lax financial rules and controls and a complete lack of independent — or indeed any — ethics oversight. “In many ways it has become a law unto itself.”

  Doha has rejected any allegations of misconduct.

  The EU chart is slanted towards money which is understandable for what is in large part a trading entity. But an overly-optimistic, slap-happy, none-too-rigorous Jupiter Neptune in the 2nd house of finances, Venus in the speculative 5th and a hidden (secret dealings) Pluto in the 8th trine another hidden planet, the financial 8th house Moon in Taurus, might suggest there was an opportunity for clandestine financial goings-on and a laxity in oversight.

   The October Scorpio Solar Eclipse was conjunct the EU 2nd house Neptune to drag underhand activities into the open with tr Uranus squaring the 5th house Venus exactly now till mid January and returning Feb/March 2023 for financial jolts.  Plus tr Saturn opposing the 12th house Pluto from late March 2023 on and off throughout the rest of the year which might arguably put a block on behind-the-scenes and out-of-sight trickery. There’s also an undermining Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the EU Sun exactly now – which may have additional causes in the general global mayhem than this scandal but it won’t help morale.

 Eva Kaili, 26 October 1978, Thessaloniki, Greece, is a Sun Scorpio (conjunct the EU’s 2nd house Neptune) square Jupiter in flamboyant Leo, with Uranus Mercury as well as Venus Mars in Scorpio – an overdose of determined, can-be-acquisitive and can-be-less-than-straightforward Scorpio, whose natural home is the financial 8th. The October Solar Eclipse was conjunct her Sun for a crisis point; and Uranus was opposition the November Lunar Eclipse turning her life upside down. If she was an early morning birth her Solar Arc Sun is also conjunct her Neptune at the moment for a downward slide.

  Her relationship chart with the EU has a power-couple composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction which can be successful but can also go badly wrong when power and money become the driving issues on one side.  Her relationship chart with Qatar is even more intriguing with a super-successful composite Jupiter, Sun, Pluto, Mercury square Mars – producing a tendency to egg each other on to unwise and overly-ambitious schemes.  

12 thoughts on “EU – a moment of truth over financial dirty dealings

  1. In the coming months, I am hoping we get the truth about Covid, the vaccines and the case of the “deleted” texts of VdL , and the audacity of the Pfizer CEO to coolly skip the EU parliaments’s Covid Committee meetings more than once. And we are being encouraged to take booster after booster.

    • Perhaps it would be worth to study some of the studies regarding virus containment such UV222 which is a technique which destroys covid and other virus, machines using ultra violet light that are placed at entrance halls and so on destroy many viruses within seconds, whether this goes against pharma profits by making vaccines redundant is a point to consider.

      • I too have read about UV-C light eliminating covid and other viruses. Indeed, how that will work with big pharma is anyone’s guess. I wonder what 2023 will bring regarding this. Interesting times!

  2. ‘MEPs generally enjoy immunity from prosecution, but not in cases where “a member is found in the act of committing an offence”, the parliament says.’ Which adds to the sense of impunity.
    So how were they caught, I wonder? A tip off, a set up? Who knew where the money was? Where has the evidence come from because I seriously doubt that the Belgian police would have instigated this of their own accord.
    It is good, however, that this kind of “influence” (corruption disguised as lobbying) is finally being put under a spotlight.

  3. Thanks for looking at this tangled web Marjorie! I’d been trying to make sense of it all. As you write:

    ‘Michiel van Hulten, a former Dutch Socialist MEP, now director of the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International in Brussels, warned that the new scandal “is not an isolated incident”.’ Have to wonder what else may emerge now that this thread has been pulled.

    The eclipses are doing their work it seems. I’m also wondering about Jupiter’s transit in Pisces over the EU December 57 descendant. It’s also transiting Venus, 29 Pisces, in the March 1957 Treaty of Rome chart. Jupiter’s justice, foreign investments, foreign partners or adversaries…..In the Treaty of Rome chart, Venus is in the 6th house, ruling the Taurus 8th, and the Libran ascendant. Perhaps Jupiter is asking for a big Piscean sacrifice linked to finances and that ‘peaceful’ Libran ascendant’s image?

    29 Pisces is the current degree of fixed star Scheat, in the constellation of the winged horse, Pegasus. Lots of mental creativity with this star, but it is also much linked with losing and gaining friends rapidly, turbulence, and crashing from the sky – symbolically, and, I have noticed, sometimes literally. There was a solar eclipse on Scheat on 20 March, 2015, and a terrible Airbus crash in the Alps at that time, for example.

  4. Independent news journalist Victoria Mironivsca was assassinated by murder and mutilation investigating EU + Bulgarian corporate corruption not long ago. Another independent journalist was Daphne Galizia exposing Maltese government corruption. She was assassinated by car bmb outside of her home. EU has a lot of criminals.

    • @Shamus: Not sure that the death of these journalists who were investigating the corruption of politicians in their own countries who steal EU funds intended for their country for self enrichment can be laid at the door of the EU.

      • Fair point. But if EU turned a blind eye to these corruptions and killing, and no investigation (unless the country’s government is anti-EU ..think Hungary) on these, then how can we say that EU is not a party of the scandals.

        And we have to remember, that these governments and government heads(and their accomplices) who are instrumental in the mishandling of EU funds are also in the places of power within the EU.

        • @Sounh: the EU is an administrative and legislative body. It has no power to investigate criminal behaviour in member states. MEPs are elected and proposed commissioners are rigorously screened. Some have been refused because of perceived lack of impartiality or links to corruption. So I still don’t see how the institution that is the EU can be implicated in extrajudicial killings in Malta and Bulgaria. The EU deplores and condemns such action but has no powers to investigate or intervene in sovereign matters.

          • @SuHu But EU can look into how the EU funds assigned to the particular country, can’t it ?

            There are issues of misuse of funds(not saying specifically about EU funds) in most countries , some are borderline legal and some illegal … And, EU is no different. But, saying EU is innocent is not correct, in my opinion.

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