US Republicans – heading for a hot-button MidTerms ++ Cheney + Trump

Mitch McConnell, head honcho of the Republicans in the Senate, is going through his usual tap dance over gun control which means no change. So the US is heading for the MidTerm elections in November, when all 435 House of Congress seats and 34 of the 100 Senate seats are on the ballot, with abortion and mass shootings thrust centre stage as the flashpoint issues.

  The election falls on the same day as the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus with the Moon closely conjunct Uranus opposition Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio square Saturn so tensions will be running extra high as the Uranian urge for progress and change runs into the rigid, emotionally cold Saturnine imperative to maintain the status quo. Below is a quick skip down the prominent Republicans, almost all without birth time, so only a rough guide.

 McConnell, 20 February 1942, is sensing the tectonic plates shifting under his feet as tr Pluto trines his Uranus over the election and he also has an unpopular tr Saturn squelching his Sun/Venus midpoint. And that is a forerunner to a catastrophic 2023 with his beyond-obstinate Mars Saturn in Taurus catching the tr Uranus conjunction. Possibly worse or a double/triple whammy is his Solar Arc Sun (a Yod focal point) conjunct his Mars in 2023 and his Saturn in 2024 – which will accompany a life-changing series of crises. Given his age that may not all be political and could involve health or other issues also. And he’s looking devastated by the 2024 elections.  

  Kevin McCarthy, the GOP Minority House leader, 26 January 1965, has a hint of confidence/good news running through this November but is generally in a year when he comes down to earth with a bump to face uncomfortable realities. With no birth time his Mars and Mars midpoints could be one degree or the next. If an early morning birth then his 2023 is a panicky failure which extends into 2024 and that could even cover the Presidential election.

 Ron DeSantis, 14 September 1978, is blocked, powerless and furious over the Midterms with tr Pluto square his Mars and dismayed before then with a series of Neptunian swamps. He’s in better shape in 2024 though facing a few disasters as well.

 Ted Cruz, 22 December 1970, is all-systems-go at points this year and next with tr Pluto square his successful/confident Jupiter/Pluto midpoint but across the MidTerms he’s aggravated and taking losses to heart.

Mitt Romney, 12 March 1947, in better spirits than some of his colleagues this year and next, though discouraged over the Mid Terms, seriously rattled in 2023; facing losses in 2024.

 Rand Paul, 7 January 1963, is having a dispiriting 2022/23 and an uphill struggle over the MidTerms to keep his morale high; jangled and nervy in 2023; but recovering his mojo in 2024/25.

Greg Abbott, 13 November 1957, is in better shape than most over the MidTerms with Jupiterian lift from two directions; and this despite the Eclipses jangling his Mars Neptune in Scorpio as well as his Sun. His 2023 is less progressive with more sinkholes and disruptions.

Ben Carson, 18 September 1951, is in a Neptunian funk from 2022 to 2024 with some cheer this year and next but is generally in a slipping and sliding phase until 2025.

Liz Cheney, 28 July 1966, is in good spirits across the Midterms from two Jupiter boosts though with some setbacks this year along the way. Less encouraged by events of 2024 with tr Neptune conjunct her Saturn into 2025. By 2026 she’s back on sparkling top form and winning or at least making significant progress.    

Donald Trump has the undermining tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun across the MidTerms and a logjammed and acutely frustrating Solar Arc Mars square Pluto so he will be exceptionally displeased with life in general.

21 thoughts on “US Republicans – heading for a hot-button MidTerms ++ Cheney + Trump

  1. Being a Floridian, I can tell you the majority of people are over “Moron DeVirus” (Ron DeSantis). He is looked upon as a two year old throwing a temper tantrum, pretending to be a little dictator. You also have to note he only won by a very razor slim margin against Andrew Gillum. The problem was the Broward County Ballot (Ft Lauderdale) which is highly Democratic; they threw out tons of ballots, Senator Nelson (D) also lost by razor thin margins due to the way his name was placed on the ballot. Therefore, the hypocrite Rick Scott got in. Rick Scott paid millions in fines so he wouldn’t be prosecuted for his illegal pharmaceuticals and Medicare fraud. DeSantis is trying to eliminate the Black vote in North Florida around Jacksonville area, fighting with Disney is very unpopular, (Floridians know what side of the bread the butter is on = Disney and the Cruise Ships), abortions, guns, Don’t Say Gay is infuriating the LGBTQ population (they vote in high numbers), and DeSantis killed off many of the elderly who still voted Republican with Covid, many Puerto Ricans have come to Florida after the hurricane increasing the Dem’s voters and then there are the Parkland kids, their families, all of these things point to DeSantis downfall! Halleluiahs!! We can’t wait.

  2. Kevin McCarthy is under subpoena by the January 6th Committee. But even though the GOP is favored to take back the House in the midterms, it’s very possible that (unrelated to the subpoena) he loses the Speakership to someone more extreme like Jim Jordan who’s part of the House Freedom Caucus. So his chart is interesting in that regard.

    • Rumor has it that Trump wants to be Speaker. If the Republicans do take back the HOR I believe that they won’t get much done because there will be so much infighting among the various factions.

  3. I suspect McCarthy is a Scorpio moon with Capricorn rising which would be an early morning birth. His character and life fits the description.

  4. It’s a fallacy to continue to call them Republicans, they’re American Fascists. Will democracy survive in the USA is the question.

  5. I suspect Cheney will run for a Senate seat in another more friendly State in 2026, where she likely wins and uses it as a stepping stone for a Presidential bid in 2028 or 2032. Similar to what Obama did. She stands the strongest chance of becoming the first woman POTUS.

  6. Was hoping Abbott would get trounced by O’Rourke, but the former looks to be in pretty good shape over the midterms–unless of course his birth time would paint a different picture. I do think abortion and gun control will figure prominently, giving the edge to Dems. For O’Rourke to triumph over gun-loving Abbott in deep-red, gun-loving Texas–well, I guess that’s sheer fantasy on my part.

    • Abbott could call a black person the ‘N’ word on live TV and still wouldn’t lose to Beto. It’s not how strong Abbott is, but how poor Beto is as a candidate. There’s just something off putting and goofy about him that would turnoff potential swing voters. Not to mention the foolish gaffe he made about guns during the presidential primaries last time.

  7. The fact that Romney looks the least perturbed speaks volumes. He may be somewhat disappointed that it had to come to this, but more satisfied that his party got a kick in the ass for embracing extremism/Trumpism.
    Liz Cheney would’ve been a better addition than non factor Ben Carson though.

    • Interestingly, Romney is the top money receiver from the NRA.
      I have no idea how to read the predictions about Dictator DeSantis.
      Maybe his issues have to do with his wife’s health and not being defeated in November although that would be sweet.
      I remember someone mentioning that DeSantis was good friends with Matt Gaetz during his single term in the HOR. Maybe he gets entangled in that scandal during the summer.

      • @Roderick. I doubt DeSantis will lose unless some extreme scandal or event takes place. Not even a school mass shooting there would knock him off his perch, I think. Those white retirees and socialism paranoid Latinos are firmly in GOP corner. DeSantis strikes me as a big picture fella, not solely focused on Florida as he has POTUS ambitions. So if the Dems hold both chambers of Congress after elections, then I suspect that would be somewhat shocking and infuriating for him.
        But we’ll see.

        • I agree that DeSantis is ambitious but he is also selfish so I don’t know why he could care about what happens to anyone else but himself.

          I am still curious about why DeSantis would be happy about 2024 if the rest of the Republicans are unhappy.

          Maybe DeSantis is re-elected but loses the presidential nomination in 2024 and whoever get the nomination loses.

          That would fit DeSantis’s petty vindictive personality.

          • As it stands now, Trump will be the nominee of the Republican party in 2024. Maybe if his health fails that would change things. DeSantis, Cruz, Abbott, Romney and Cheney are afterthoughts in the Republican party. Neither Cheney nor Romney nor Cruz are popular amongst the party faithful. Paul and Carson(as well as Romney) are past failed candidates of the hard right. Thus non-entities for the nomination. Sadly we will probably have to survive Trump’s blithering idiocy.

          • Technically you answered your own question. Why is DeSantis happy in 2024….because he gets the presidential nomination. You said it yourself that he’s selfish, so being his party’s standard bearer would make him happy. Although Tom Cotton is one to watch aswell.
            For one reason or the other, I highly doubt it will be Trump.

        • Florida politics can best be understood by this statement….
          Being young is defined as under 70 years of age. All FL legislation is premised on that.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath because if it is one thing that Democrats excel at is grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

      • The fanatical conservative wing of the Republicans have bit off more than can be chewed. Eliminating Abortion is not popular amongst the public,, especially among women voters who constitute about 55% of the electorate. (Even if these women don’t have any need to utilize abortion, they still want it available to their female friends and relatives if needed). Making Abortion the primary issue of the Republican party will be their undoing.

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