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  1. Carrie Bourassa, who claimed to be Indigenous without evidence, has just resigned from U of Saskatchewan.

    She is in the company of Joseph Boyden, filmmaker Michelle Latimer and too many others who claim aboriginal ancestry for their own gain.

  2. Turkey has rebranded itself…”Turkey rebrands as ‘Türkiye,’ changing name at the United Nations”

    Does numerology give a more positive light with the country’s new name?

  3. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any astrological insights regarding the rising tensions between Greece and Turkey. As if the ongoing war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine isn’t distressing enough, it now appears that the rift is brewing between Greece and Turkey over some airspace disputes in the Aegean Sea.

    Also, Turkish President (Dictator) Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now refusing to have any further talks with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis due to Erdogan’s belief that Mitsotakis asked the United States not sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

    Greece and Turkey both have a long and contentious history with one another – a history of animosity and mistrust that goes back for many centuries. Astrologically speaking, do you see any indication of these recent flareups escalating further or being resolved in the near future?

    Anything you could share on this topic would be greatly appreciated. As always, thank you and I look forward to reading your daily posts.

    – Chris Romero

  4. Marjorie and I am not sure whether you have done Angel Rayner’s chart with the Unions. She has backed their strikes and it would be interesting to see the interaction.

  5. “Ron DeSantis, 14 September 1978, is blocked, powerless and furious over the Midterms with tr Pluto square his Mars and dismayed before then with a series of Neptunian swamps. He’s in better shape in 2024 though facing a few disasters as well.”

    – This would be when he’s up for re-election, so does that mean he loses? He possibly faces Charlie Crist or Nikki Fried. Crist was formerly governor of Florida.

    I’ve often wondered if the elections in Florida are rigged. I don’t believe the state is as stupid as the Republicans it elects.

      • John Fetterman isn’t a great candidate in my opinion, and I’m a voter in his state. But the PA Senate race goes to the balance of the senate. The potential Republican opponents are both awful – Dr. Oz and a hedge fund guy David McCormick, no one has clearly run the GOP race, there’s a recount underway and a dispute about whether to county undated mail-in ballots. The mail-in ballot dispute is a GOP voter suppression issue. So that’s important for the Commonwealth of PA where US democracy was born.

  6. Where are we headed in terms of globalisation? Everything is expensive, where the general population already risking bankruptcy of various types — ex: utilities bill, travel, etc.

    Some sun-sign astrologers are predicting the end of globalisation, end of travel across the world as we know of and reliant on local produce. For example, a single return ticket to India costs £3K-£3.5K. Who can afford?

    Marjoirie, Could you look into some of these please? Thx

    • Some sun-sign astrologers are predicting the end of globalisation, end of travel across the world as we know of and reliant on local produce

      I was thinking that the metaverse will replace physical travel with ‘virtual travel’. Also everyone seems to believe there will be a military conflict involving nuclear bombs which would make sense since we are headed toward Pluto in Aquarius and probably a virtual world.

  7. Thanks.
    The World Astrology?
    A lot of astrologer said,Putin will fail,will he?
    2023, will tell.His time will come,for sure.
    NATO,stand still…. Or?
    Now coming up,fire.. Time of the year,drinking lots of water
    Erdogan wants to show his muscles .
    He is a pathetic one.just like Putin.
    Jens Stoltenberg,the horoscope of him?
    Up here? Might have missed it .
    His power?For the moment find him,weak
    Might be,wrong

    • @Leo, this is interesting, but NATO actually looks stronger right now than it did, let’s say, 5 or even 3 years ago. Especially the original North Atlantic front. It seems NATO is especially popular in the UK, maybe because this is truly where the country is still very relevant. It’s also kind of amazing how welcoming BOTH parties in the US are of Finland and I would say also Sweden to NATO. Says a lot on how cherished the idea of having all Nordic Countries there is at Pentagon.

  8. I’ve read that Mars Uranus and the NN meeting up in 18 Taurus this July/August is extremely rare. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A newly formed continent.” Some astrologers are headlining this conjunction to “change life as we know it.”
    What do you think?

    • Interesting. Seems like there’s a chance of it happening every 15 years…
      – April 2007 Mar-Uranus-NN met up around 15-17 Pisces.
      – Jan 1992 Mars/NN at 9Cap, Uranus at 14Cap.
      – Sep/Oct 1976 Uranus conjunct Node at 6Scorpio, Mars conjunct Node at 3Sco a month later.
      The triple conjunction doesn’t seem to have been as exact as this before.

      Halfway between you get a potential Mars-Uranus conjunct the SN (eg Feb-Mar 2015 6-10 Aries… months apart in 1999).

    • My first reply disappeared! Anyway, this line up is very interesting, and not sure what to make of it apart from great energy affecting masses of people in some way. The history of the Mars/Uranus/Nodes at this degree of Taurus before (324BCE) offers Alexander the Great, and this, in India – which sounded very Taurean to me.

      “The Mauryan Empire (324–185 BCE), based in the Gangetic plains of India and with its capital city at Pataliputra (modern Patna), was one of many small political dynasties of the early historic period whose development included the original growth of urban centers, coinage, writing, and eventually, Buddhism. Under the leadership of Ashoka, the Mauryan Dynasty expanded to include most of the Indian subcontinent, the first empire to do so.”

      So let’s hope for something dynamic and abundant. Otherwise, my only other thought was some massive volcanic eruption that changes the weather. Like the one that preceded to the French Revolution, for instance.

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