Uranus + North Node – momentous moments in history ++

Thunderbolt Uranus conjunct the North Node, ruler of the spirit of the age, is a rare occurrence, only a handful last century. It returns this August in Taurus with Mars throwing an additional firecracker into the mix.

  I was inclined to dismiss it as just another tempestuous few days in a stormy year until I looked back on previous instances.

  In particular – the August/September 1961 conjunction in Leo oversaw the start of the construction of the Berlin Wall which symbolised the worsening Cold War, overshadowing several decades. Dag Hammarskjöld, Secretary General of the UN was killed in a plane crash and Barack Obama was born.

The July 1946 Uranus Node conjunction in Gemini square Mars was exact when the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, HQ of the British authority in Palestine, was bombed by militant Zionists with many killed. It was followed by a hasty UK withdrawal and the set-up of the state Israel two years later, sending the Middle East into turmoil for decades. There was also the last mass lynching in the USA of two Africa-American couples in Georgia.

  Both these conjunctions pointed to moments which changed history.

As did the death of Mao Tse Tung, the founder of the People’s Republic of China on the exact Uranus Node conjunction in September 1976, bringing to an end a three decade long, brutal regime which killed between 40 and 80 million people.

 The Aquarius Uranus North Node conjunction in November 1915  opposition Mars saw World War 1 at its height with naval losses on both side and Serbia and Bulgaria dragged into the conflict. Just before it – July to September 1915 – the ‘Great Retreat’ saw the Russian army, under-equipped and outnumbered, withdraw from the Eastern Front severely denting Russian morale. Shackleton’s ship Endurance broke up in ice, forcing the crew to disembark and after much privation they were rescued in 1916.

  The most recent occurrence in 2007 in Pisces occurred close to the Virginia Tech killings and Madeline McCann’s disappearance. With all manner of bombings in Iraq and tensions elsewhere. Not quite as history-changing as the previous.  

 The Cancer conjunction of Uranus North Node in 1870 certainly did shift the balance of power since it saw a victory in the Franco-Prussian War which led to German unification and significantly altered the balance of power on the continent as the new German nation state supplanted France as the dominant European land power.

  The August 1839 Uranus North Node conjunction in Pisces oversaw the first Anglo-Afghan War, one of the first major conflicts during the Great Game, the 19th century competition for power and influence in Central Asia between Britain and Russia. Also the First Opium War between UK and China. Twentieth century nationalists considered 1839 the start of a century of Chinese humiliation, and many historians considered it the beginning of modern Chinese history. The conflict eventually led to the Taiping Rebellion some years after, one of the bloodiest civil wars in world history, with over 20 million dead.

The last time Mars, Uranus and the North Node were together near 19 degrees Taurus, according to the Wellbeing astrological website, was in 324 BC, when Alexander the Great’s legendary victories established the  Hellenistic era which lasted three centuries until the emergence of the Roman Empire.

  These conjunctions do seem to be markers of some significance.

  For ordinary mortals the first half of August will be uncomfortable, disruptive, accident-prone, bad-tempered as the explosive, overly-excitable, no-compromise Mars Uranus conjunction is catching the Saturn square with the Leo Sun adding its weight to the irritations until mid month.

  It will catch the UK’s 2nd house Neptune in Scorpio so will have financial repercussions. And won’t be far from Russia’s 1917 Scorpio Sun either.    

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  1. First time on this blog. Marjorie this is very interesting. Read this last night. Minutes ago I saw news there are sirens sounding in Kosovo Serbia border. They are arguing again, from 1.8. Kosovo stops accepting cars with Serbian made car plates for North Kosovo Serbs’ cars… Same as Serbia has been doing to them for some time. Anyway, I hope we will not witness some “Gavrilo Princip” killing some “Franz Ferdinand” and his pregnant wife “Sophie” again these days… Note: that is how World War I. started…

  2. May I just say that Venus in Cancer almost sextile to the North node conjunction August 1st.
    That is not a bad thing except Gemini Mars will go over the midpoint 3? times. Bless. ! And square Neptune in Piscesas a mega bonus, which in turn is trine to 18 Taurus/18 Scorpion..
    But…look at Johnsons Chiron at 18 Pisces and Covid. Neptune over and over it, 2019 and 2020. Don’t do as I do, do as I say.
    That Taurus number is completely Trine to Saturn and Pluto South horrible node and I expect crackdowns by Western enlightened, supposedly, governments against us. With 18 Pisces on the midpoint ish.
    Neptune square Mars and Johnson telling ever more ludicrous bull. Very Taurus.

  3. Yes, the first week of August has always stood out to me as one of the stormiest periods of the year. Watch Ukraine during that period: Putin’s Jupiter in Taurus closely conjoins that transiting Mars/Uranus/NN. Expect crackdowns and acts of brutality from him. His actions during that time will have an effect on the course of the war and might even impact global events. Financial market panics or acts of violence of all sorts are indicated with this transit too. With interest rates on the increase and inflation remaining persistent, the potential for a significant market shock this year is high.

  4. In reference to the Uranus Node conjunction in Pisces in 2007 not being historically interesting, it was that year that saw the British military officially end their counterinsurgency Operation Banner (1969-2007) in Northern Ireland. Their key strategy was to create a controlled two way conflict by the use of psyops and infiltration in order to maintain absolute political power. The knowledge gained by the political and emotional manipulations of this 40 year miltary experiment was later deployed by those behind Brexit and much aided by the use of Northern Ireland’s Operation Banner political party the DUP (est. 1971) and its Operation Banner trained paramilitary and miltary intelligence stakeholders and grandees.

    • March 2007, when Uranus conjuncted the NN, also marked the starting point of the financial crisis of 2008. The first major lender that specialized in subprime lending, New Century, collapsed within two weeks of the conjunction. The next year Saturn in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces, which set the stage for the broader crisis.

      Looking at the historical events correlated to that transit, it likely represents a historical pivot point.

  5. The wonderful athlete, Dame Kelly Holmes, has just come out as gay. She said “I’m finally free”, after hiding her sexuality for 34 years. Born April 19th, 1970, she has Mercury at 18 Taurus, conjunct Venus at 19 Taurus. Uranus is now at 17 Taurus, Nodes 22 Taurus. Looks as if this could be the Uranus/Nodes transit to her Venus/Mercury manifesting a little early. The April 30th eclipse in Taurus (conjunct Uranus) was conjunct her Saturn too – her phrase ‘finally free’ fits well with this. Anyway, a positive manifestation of Uranus/Nodes, and the eclipse, I thought.

    • Wonderful Jane!
      Yes, yes…. Uranus on north node can be soooooo freeing!

      As a kid I thought I would live and die in the prairies and NEVER see anything of the world. Trapped. At age 16 my parents unexpected bought a jewellery store so we suddenly moved to a new city, new school. My dad said he “had the perfect job for me”… the Engraver!! of charms, trophies ,etc. My N. Node is on my MC… so a surprising new vocation!

      Zing. Zoom. Bam… everything changed in a few months!
      Although the move also brought challenges it was most definitely Freeing.

      • Thanks Sandra – exciting to hear your Uranus/Nodes rapid transformation! There’s been so much upheaval in our world in recent years, it’s easy to forget the freedom and freshness a Uranus transit can bring.

  6. Marjorie, thanks for pointing out this timely August emphasis. I wonder if, using President Zelensky’s chart as an indicator, we may anticipate a sudden change or turning point in the war in Ukraine then.

    He has a natal Leo Moon-Aquarius MC opposition (at 18 Leo and 20 Aquarius) being squared by natal Uranus at 16 Scorpio, and all have been-are under significant developmental pressure with Saturn transiting his MC. The Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction in August will trigger these points in his chart, potentially intensifying (accelerating or upsetting) his leadership of others.

  7. Wondering what this will bring for my mother – her natal Sun is conjunct Uranus at 17-18 Taurus – so this is all part of her Uranus return. You’d never know there’s a Sun-Uranus conjunction as she is so conventional but there is one thing that is out of the ordinary, she has a unique first name.

  8. The August Ur/NN will also conjunct the Putin 4th Term 10th house Sun opposite Jupiter square Asc. That sounds like it might be good for them? but hopefully the complete opposite….

  9. Omg. I have the Uranus / North Node conjunction in Leo in the 6th house.

    A lot of tension with my 0-degree naively, endlessly, perfectly, serving Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury in the 7th whole-sign house / 6th quadrant (Koch / Placidus etc.) house. Not to mention nurturing Venus in Cancer.

    No matter how much I work on myself, grow, do the Virgo thing of swallowing Leo pride (someone with more masculine and less Virgo energy wouldn’t necessarily handle things this way), what tends to happen is that as a female in Western white-male patriarchally dominated society, I do whatever job it is beyond perfectly, take things to the next level (the Leo part, not to mention a fair amount of Capricorn), grow the business, and then am told someone else (usually a man or in one case, a female with strong male / competitive energy) is getting the promotion, profits, reward, credit, etc.

    Historically, I then occasionally upset the apple cart (Uranus).

    As astrologer Austin Coppock says, Uranus doesn’t just change the rules, he upends the whole game table.

    I am proud to say that there is Wall Street firm that currently employs and pays lots of women tens — if not hundreds — really the amounts are unimaginable to the ordinary human, including me — of millions of dollars per year directly because I finally sued them for employment discrimination. Over the course of the 8 years prior to the suit, they made approximately 60 male partners. Zero females. That was my “enough” point.

    As Marjorie wisely counsels, however, do not be a whistleblower unless you are ready for a life of poverty and adversity.

    That same firm scandalously breached our settlement agreement before the ink was dry and effectively ended my then-career.

    • thanks for sharing. I have a life of adversity and poverty except for mom leaving $.
      My family politics were unpopular to start.
      My daughter started out with that same bitter experience you talk of credit to male.
      She went for her Masters and got hired by female heads of Universities as in U. Of California and of Victoria BC and finally in the Yukon University as PR and other posts and gave out her all there including their work with helping aboriginals establish their own Universities.
      She retired at 60 . Loves the North and traps, hunts, builds, and has money to fly around and comes twice a year to see family as she’s cancer aries moon aquarius rising.
      Her mate is a professional photographer and the North has welcomed her. Capricorn for me ninth and in my 70 vision came of dove. Danish war hero taught me her yoga in 70 s.
      It’s only now after fighting to overcome childhood Power struggles does it occur to me about Economic POWER especially after Gates said we need more women with eco powers.
      I was stuck on word Work. But the other issue is progress with Godly Powers. Hard to come by.

  10. Uranus was conjunct the North Node at 18 Taurus in June 324 BCE. The North Node was also conjunct Pluto in that year at 19 Taurus. This was the year Alexander the Great abandoned his attempt to conquer the known world and returned with his army to Susa where he died a year later in June 323 at the time of a Pluto Uranus Conjunction at 21 Taurus. After his death his Empire was divided among his Generals, the Diadochi with the Ptolemies getting Egypt, the Seleucids getting Syria and Persia and the Antigonids Greece and Macedonia. Essentially the attempts to unite these areas started by the Achaemenid Persian kings such as Cyrus the Great and Darius and taken over by Alexander fell apart and the ancient Eastern Mediterranean civilisations reverted to more or less the power centres that had existed previously.

  11. The August 22 chart has Uranus/Mars/North North square the Venus/Moon conjunction in the 10th house. Not precise- just one degree off. I wonder if something will happen to the Queen? Or our financial problem is brought out into the open, with mortgages and homes being affected? Parliament will be in recess and it could be recalled?

  12. This conjunction will be on my Mercury and Mars/ MC midpoint in the 11th. Will not see friends (11th) for lunch ( Taurus/food) that day, just in case I blurt something out and offend someone.

  13. The majority of your examples from history are quite negative. The Uranus-North conjunction at Taurus 18 will be square my natal Aquarius 15 Sun and opposite my Mars at Scorpio 20. But will also precisely trine my Moon-Pluto midpoint at Virgo 18. Perhaps I should start worrying in advance.

    Where will the conjunction be closest to directly overhead? Or does that not make a difference for this kind of event?

    • I often look at the astrocartography maps for exact astrological events and yes, I do think they matter. The Uranus-NN-Mars exact conjunction runs along the west coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, down to the Solomon Islands, and off the east coast of Australia. We’ll have to see if that area is in the news then!

      • That’s intriguing, Laurien. The Kamchatka Peninsula region is prone to earthquakes. There was a huge, magnitude 9, earthquake there on 4-5th November, 1952. It caused a tsunami, and 10-15,000 people died.
        Looking at the planets for that day – Uranus in Cancer opposes Mars in Capricorn, squaring Saturn and Neptune in Libra. An interesting 1952 line-up is Jupiter is at 16 Taurus, opposing the Scorpio Sun (12), and square the Moon’s Nodes at 17 Aquarius/Leo. Pluto and BML also sit in the Leo corner, at 23 and 24 degrees.
        In July, we’ll see Saturn at 22 Aquarius, opposing Mercury at 22 Leo. Some resonances with the 1952 event there, but probably just echoes rather than a repeat performance I very much hope.

        • That’s a good thought, Jane, and thank you for looking at the charts and sharing. I also wondered if it might relate to Australia’s concerns about China’s security agreement with the Solomon Islands. More diplomatic fallout, perhaps. We’ll have to follow up when the aspect perfects! Thanks Jane!

    • I hope it’s not too early to report back on this thread as the Mars-Uranus conjunction happens later today. One thing I realized redrawing the chart is that I had created an astrocartography map for the exact moment of Uranus conjunct the NN, which may yet prove to be meaningful. But I should have been looking at the map for the exact moment of the Mars-Uranus conjunction, which puts Mars-Uranus-NN on the MC over troubled Myanmar, which just extended its military rule into 2023. The exact Mars-Uranus conjunction was on the IC over eastern Kentucky and the southwest corner of Virginia where deadly flooding has been occurring. Clearly this is the map I should have been using, sorry about that!

  14. Well, this is interesting Marjorie, thank you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for early August that something unexpected and positive comes along in Ukraine’s favour in the awful situation in that country. On August 24 it will be exactly 6 months since Russian invasion forces crossed the border. One can but hope.

    On a personal level it so happens that my natal Mars return (Taurus 18 degrees 6 minutes) is added to the Uranus/North Node conjunction on the 8th/9th house cusp. Mars is also my own North Node ruler. I am both apprehensive and excited. Who knows what’s in store? Anyway, with Uranus involved there’s no point in speculating. One day at a time.

  15. Belle: LOL–thanks for that. I needed a laugh!
    Solaia: I’m interpreting your interesting post as “it might not be so bad after all.” Hope that’s the case….and thanks.
    I have natal NN in Gemini in my fourth house. I have a vague idea of what that means. Cannot wait for uranus to get the H out of there. For me, it’s been nothing but home-related calamity and expenses.

    • That’s interesting about the domestic mayhem Julie. I had something similar with Neptune conjunct MC, square Moon. Hilariously, for someone, the roof sprang a leak, the dishwasher sprang a leak, the loo leaked, the pipes in the house next door leaked into my hallway, the boiler went mad, and a drug dealer took up residence next door as well. It’s all gone away now, but was so ridiculously symbolic at the time. Various Pluto transits (6th house) brought a wasps’ nest next door, and one here as well.
      If Uranus ‘awakens’ then I hope to see some unusual inspiration for us all, along with what’s probably more inevitable chaos of some kind. And maybe a spectacular thunder and lightning display too.

  16. Thanks so much Marjorie. I’ve been puzzling away at this for some time. It’s fascinating to see the historical examples, and influential leaders who’ve come and gone on this conjunction. In Taurus, there’s finances as you say. The US Defence Department, July 26th, 1947, has Jupiter 17 Scorpio and Moon 22 Scorpio which could be relevant too. And the original Treaty of Rome chart, which I quite like for the EU, (25 March 1957), has it’s Nodes at 20 Scorpio/Taurus. Otherwise, I’d hope for something revolutionary connected with the Earth and our collective handling of the climate crisis.

    It’s interesting, too, that there seems to be a renewed ‘official’ interest in extra terrestrial life forms and UFO’s – as recent news from NASA and the Pentagon suggests. Outer space Uranus in an Earth sign – a new Earth or something like that which changes our perceptions or even our alliances (Nodes)?!

  17. OMG–I have it in my fourth house. I’m envisioning all kinds of nightmare scenarios: hurricane, falling trees, roof caving in,
    electrical fire, etc., etc. Last year when the saturn-uranus square was hitting my fourth, it was one horror after another with home-repair contractors. Botched jobs, accidents, scams, no-shows, theft, expletives flying back and forth…..I think I’ll go live in a cave.

    • @Julie, for what it’s worth, the 2007 Uranus/NN (7th house) seems to have been exact just a couple of days after I signed a permanent contract with a company I’d been a temp for 10 months. The co-worker and I were literally the last new temps to get a contract at that department in the town – they actually started planning a restructure not long after. But I stayed with the company for other 9 years and 9 months.

      Might be courtesy of my Natal Uranus/NN conjunction, I’ve learnt that, professionally, I’m often brought in at some sort of “breaking points”, and don’t feel the pressure the way many coworkers. Also, Pisces Uranus/NN was conjunct my DC on 7th house side, sextiling my Moon, oppose Mercury. Now, August Taurean one will be trining my Moon and Ascendant, at my 9th house. I’m already working at an International environment, and on a field I love, but would love to expand my role to certain direction, so one never knows… However, I’m happy I’ll be back from my vacations 2 weeks before the exact conjunction.

      • “Might be courtesy of my Natal Uranus/NN conjunction, I’ve learnt that, professionally, I’m often brought in at some sort of “breaking points”, and don’t feel the pressure the way many coworkers.” That’s very interesting. I have Natal Uranus (Libra 3) to North Node (Aries 0) opposition, and my best jobs have often been where the message is, “We’ve wound up with such a mess that we’re even willing to bring in someone as weird as you to help us get it sorted!” You and I might be great colleagues!

  18. Thank you for this very interesting Uranus/NN publication….can we have some predictions for August…Ukraine/Russia …for that matter the World.

  19. Thanks for this Marjorie. Earlier this month I had transit Uranus conjunct North Node exact with solar arc Uranus conjunct South Node within 1 minute. With Uranus any clue helps! (I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens)

  20. Wow, I didn’t realize this conjunction was so rare! I was born a couple of weeks after the exact 1976 conjunction in Scorpio, and obviously had to check what happened the days it was exact. I think it would have been exact afternoon/evening of September 8th, 1976, GMT/UT. Mao Zedong is reported to have died Septembet 9th, 00:10, Bejing time. I remember he’d been ailing for a long time, and essentially China had been ruled by Gang of Four. But I didn’t remember one of the speculated diseases Mao may have had was Parkinson’s. Sets an interesting precedent, I’d say.

    • This got me so interested that I had to draw the chart for the death, and it’s remarkable. Uranus/NN is at 0’03 orb, 5th house Placidus, but 4th house (making more sense) equal. Moreover, it was a Full Moon night, Sun/Moon opposition almost exact at Virgo/Pisces sitting obviously close to IC/MC.

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