Ukraine – whither Putin? Can Xi step in?

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine gets bogged down in logistical failures with the military convoy heading for Kyiv stuck and Ukrainian resistance proving more effective than Putin expected, the question is what comes next? Longer range missiles are being hauled in with destructive potential but even Putin must see he doesn’t have the manpower for a post-attack occupation force able to suppress a hostile population. Will he be toppled? 70% of Russians evidently (unbelievably) support the Ukraine War, though that might change as body bags come home and sanctions bite – which won’t happen quickly. His security coterie and oligarchs are unlikely to rise up and he has unpicked the old system of balances, becoming a solo autocrat.

  William Hague suggests today in The Times that Xi Jinping is the only one with any leverage and it would be in to China’s benefit to do so. “A long war is going to rejuvenate the West, strengthen Taiwan and cause Russia to implode. China’s interests lie in shortening it dramatically.”

   Xi Jinping’s 2nd Term chart, 24 October 2017 12.30pm Beijing, is generally lucky with a Sun Jupiter conjunction – but is in a year of considerable unrest as the Uranus opposition to the Sun closes to exact this year; tr Pluto is in a destabilizing square to the Uranus and tr Neptune is in a confused, uncertain square to the Saturn from March 19th (this month) onwards, on and off till early 2023. March 13th to April 2nd, and again in January 2023, there’s a car-crash setback, maybe involving military decisions. 2024 will be successful as well as littered with calamities, considerable mishaps and road blocks. Nothing too clear about any of that except it will be a time of churning change.

  Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am Moscow, has the same irksome mix of some undeserved luck alongside disappointments and losses. Mid this month to early April looks jittered, uncertain, not coping; and later in the year, as mentioned previously, from August the frustrating, trapped tr Pluto conjunct Mars followed by a maybe topple-off-perch tr Pluto square Uranus in 2023/2024.

 What is eye-catching is tr Uranus conjunct the Putin Term 16 degree Taurus Sun May 28th to June 17, and again November and March 2023 – that suggests a sharp change of direction, perhaps forced. But it also coincides with tr Uranus square the 10th house NATO Pluto, pointing to a turnaround in policy and disruption. There may even be military skirmish late April into May with tr Uranus square the NATO Mars/Saturn midpoint, with hints of minor losses following.

  A good many of the charts of countries and entities in the area also have key Fixed planets around 15 to 17 degrees which are all being rattled from now onwards by tr Uranus in hard aspect into 2023, suggesting an escalation rather than a decrease in tension and reactions.

 Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Russia all look on high alert in varying stages at the moment or in the weeks ahead. As does the Ukraine 1991 chart.

 Some of his inner circle are also in the line of fire of Uranus in mid Taurus – Lavrov, Patrushev, Shoigu, Gerasimov and clearly Zelensky.  

  As well as the EU with Venus at 15 Aquarius, Germany with Pluto at 17 Taurus and the UK with Venus at 16 Aquarius and Neptune at 18 Scorpio (part of that will be the financial knock on.) The China 1912 and 1949 charts equally are being knocked around by tr Uranus conjunct Saturn on one and square the Mars Pluto on the other from now through into early 2023.

   None of which gives much clarity or any definitive answers except the unrest will drag on.

   Of minor astrological interest is Putin’s initial Presidency chart, 31 December 1999, which kicked off his reign of terror on a Saturn in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius. He’s being jolted into fulfilling his earlier authoritarian zeal. If one assume this chart represents his presidential reign – then this year is jangled and sagging, with a few triumphs, and the dissolution comes in 16 months with two Neptunian Solar Arcs. Though that could trigger earlier. But best guesses is he won’t go until 2023.

  Why is the world in such turmoil with not only Eastern Europe on the edge but a global food shortage looming as well as a global energy and financial crisis?  Saturn square Uranus can’t be all of it since it rattles round every so often. Gearing up for a Pluto shift into a new sign must be a major part of it as it heads for Aquarius in 2023? A momentous event, only occurring every fifteen to twenty years.

The change-of-sign years do tend to be turbulent as they pull down the old established order and oversee significant changes of political alignment, sometimes war. The tectonic plates shift. Previous Pluto changes were in 2008, 1984, 1971/72, 1957, and 1939, 1914 as well as the Crimea War of 1853.  

What can be said to keep anxiety levels down? Anything sounds trite in the face of the danger and deprivation the Ukrainians are facing. But Britain survived the blitz and the IRA, and Europe survived the nazis. Though the poor Iraqis hardly survived the US/UK assault, ditto Palestinians, Tibetans, Uighurs, Rohingyans etc etc, never mind the Syrians or Yemenis. The world and humankind never seems to learn.  

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  1. I don’t believe Putin will be killed, I believe he will go before The Hague. He will be abandoned, run to the Crimea and be arrested to go before the International War Crimes court. I do not believe the Chinese President has much time for him either. Putin is to hot headed and China relies on many countries for trade.

    • @Delia, TBH, The Hague would be amazing. This would probably do more for how Russian leaders see themselves than any revolution. There hasn’t really been one leader in Russian history who would have truly been held accountable by International Community.

    • I think it unlikely that Putin will go to The Hague. The Hague has become toothless for one. And secondly, Putin’s fear of ending up like Ghadaffi is telling. Fear is a powerful emotion that acts as an attracant (if that’s the right word). The last thought I will add here is that some time ago (long before this present crisis erupted) I came across a Russian astrologer’s interpretation of Putin’s 1952 chart and her ‘prediction’ was that he would be targeted by an assassin but die in hospital as a result of the bullet. However she put a date of 2026 on it. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find that page anymore. I won’t be holding my breath but I will keep my fingers crossed. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long.

      • I agree, I don’t think he’ll go to the Hague. It Putin loses the war or is overthrown he will either be killed immediately, or taken discreetly into the forest and despatched quietly to an unmarked grave. The next regime in Russia will not want the trouble/embarrassment of ICC hearings. A similar fate will probably await his henchmen which in itself will keep Putin in power for a while yet, unless there is another surprise around the corner.

      • The alternative I forgot to mention is that he is medically retired if one of the various reports of his failing health are true

  2. William Hague’s argument sounds like the best one so far for China to do anything other than support – directly or not – Russia. The war has to threaten Xi’s own interests – particularly if Russia were to implode and, can we ask for a true miracle, become, however slowly, a democracy (tho that means getting rid of all that corruption and oligarchs as well). The other way the US is currently trying to build pressure on China is to extend sanctions to third parties using American products, esp. tech, but I’m not sure how effective that can be; China is also witnessing how dramatically an economy can fall with sanctions and other types of financial actions, but Western corporations have a lot more already invested in China than in Russia, with much manufacturing based there, so it’s hard to see that sanctions would work well. However, Japan, like Germany, is now interested in re-arming itself as well as protecting Taiwan, and of course Australia, tho not part of NATO, being in the Commonwealth, is very much an ally, so Xi has to consider how many enemies he wants. Xi cares more than Putin about being an international pariah.

    But so far, and as recently as yesterday’s press conference, Xi remains in lock-step with Putin.

  3. Here’s another reflection: In a previous post, Marjorie pointed out that the last Pluto in Capricorn coincided with Catherine II’s reign in Russia. Incidently, I just read a novel in which fictionalized Grigory Potemkin was a prominent character a couple of months ago. Potemkin, of course, was first Catherine’s young lover, then a confidant and minister, who was put in charge of newly conquired areas in Southern Ukraine and Crimea in 1775. In 1785 – so yes, under Aquarius Pluto -, he create Potemkin’s Villages, floating fake settlements to impress Catherina II on her visit.

    I can’t but think about how nothing has really changed – there isn’t transparency in Governance in Russia, and now it seems rampant corruption and wanting to please the Czar have contributed to Russian Army’s performance in Ukraine.

  4. My biggest concern is Marjorie’s earlier view with tr Neptune square the Pluto opposition Venus Mars, worsening from this late May onwards for a year; with tr Uranus conjunct the Sun North Node now and square the Neptune from May onwards. It looks in complete meltdown so the EU responses may prove to be a disappointment or won’t be sufficient.
    Sadly it is starting to look like EU will not step up enough while Ukraine is flattened & its population freezes and starves to death.

    • @Anita, Laurien sums it up nicely as she speaks on Algol below

      ‘…. in todays day and age there is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of nuclear war. It has literally paralyzed NATO and the EU’s response to the Ukrainian crisis. ‘

      May explain why as you say, ‘Sadly it is starting to look like EU will not step up enough …..’ , dependent on what ‘enough’ represents? Unfortunately it probably takes time Ukraine doesn’t have for the sanctions to bite hard meanwhile we watch in horror, but the quick solution is a very scary prospect and doesn’t bear thinking about.

    • @ Anita,

      Actually, I think you might be assuming the worst about Ukraine. I assumed the worst a few days ago until I decided to focus more of the positive stories instead. For example, Newsweek just reported that since the invasion, over 4,311 Ukrainian babies have been born and 3,973 Ukrainian couples have married. In other words, that’s a positive sign that Ukrainians are not going to allow Vladimir Putin and Russian fascists to destroy their ethnic group / race or nation. “Baby Booms” have historically been associated with nations engulfed in conflict and war.

      Also, I was happy to read that over 2 million Ukrainians have been able to leave the country – sources expect the number to reach as high as possibly 10 million if these war continues. I want Ukrainians (especially the children, elderly, and the disabled) to leave Ukraine for the time being….and luckily, it appears majority of the refugees who’ve been able to evacuate are Ukrainian children (and children always come first).

      It’s also very encouraging to read that Ukrainians have been getting a lot of humanitarian aid and donations from concerned people all over the world. For example, I read an article from the English-language Kurdistan 24 newspaper that a Kurdish volunteer launched a joint bank account with his friends to raise money and donations for Ukrainian refugees. They’ve also gathered other essentials for them too. The Caspian News reported that Azerbaijan has been sending a lot humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. Focus Taiwan reported that Taiwan is also sending a lot of humanitarian aid. Even the United Arab Emirates, according to Khaleej Times, has sent over 30 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

      Various news sources are reporting that virtually every country in Europe including small nations such as: Kosovo, North Macedonia, Iceland, Ireland, Albania, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, and so on are committed to taking in thousands of Ukrainian refugees. The only country in Europe that has been somewhat restrictive has been the United Kingdom with their “visa” requirements (but I think the Conservative Party will eventually give in).

      Even nations outside of Europe such as Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, and Mexico have said they are more than willing to accept Ukrainian refugees if they choose to settle in their countries. For example, according to the Daily Sabah, Turkey has already accepted 20,000 Ukrainian refugees (both Slavic Ukrainians and ethnic Crimean Tatars).

      Art museums and galleries in Ukraine are locking away their amazing art collections in vaults. And when the Ivankiv Historical-Cultural Museum was struck by Russian forces and caught on fire, one local rushed into the museum and was able to save 10 works of Maria Prymachenko (a celebrated Ukrainian visual folk artist). So, I was glad to hear how dedicated Ukrainians have been to protect their national cultural heritage.

      Anyway, despite the ongoing war in Ukraine (which infuriates and distresses me), I’m at least happy to read about the resilience of the Ukrainian people. They’re still determined to have children, preserve their ethnic and cultural identity, and they’re militant as ever (which is a good thing).

      If Vladimir Putin does succeed in taking over Ukraine through military force, the Ukrainian people will simply resort to terrorism and underground activity to usurp his rule – they said they would. And with an enormous and nationalistic Ukrainian diaspora (which includes ethnic Slavic Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars, Ukrainian Jews, Romani, etc.), they will be able to organize abroad.

      In other words, I am more optimistic that Ukrainian people and their culture will persevere – even if they have to endure occupation for some time to come. The occupation will only encourage them to have MORE children and to become MORE nationalistic. Take a look at the Kurds – their birth rate has recently exploded in Eastern Turkey and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in recent years. Many of them have said they are deliberately having more children so they can’t be erased.

      • @Chris Romero, thank you for this! I’m personally a bit tired of Western media and some politicians pushing the “poor little Ukraine” narrative. They are the second largest country by area in Europe after Russia. Before the war, they were just behind Spain and above Poland in population size before the war, despite loosing people in czarist oppression, pogroms, immigration, Holodomor, Holocaust, WWII German occupation in general, gulags, again immigration. Among the random facts I’ve learnt during the war is that they produce 12 per cent of World’s all grain and 9 per cent of all commercial sailors have Ukrainian passports. If they are a “small nation” that could perish, what are we then in Finland, Norway, Denmark or even Sweden?

        • Well … note that the CIA director disclosed today that Russia will likely use illegal Chemical Weapons in Ukraine and is currently using propaganda/justification in the form of a false flag operation. It already started with Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova — without evidence — who accused Ukraine of running chemical and biological weapons labs with U.S. support.
          It is clearly an attempt by Russia to lay the groundwork for its own use of such weapons of mass destruction against Ukraine. The slaughter in Ukraine has only just begun. Remember what Russia did in Syria.

          • Unfortunately I think you are right Anita. That could be what is coming next. Eventually the USA (under Trump), France and the UK did launch a missile strike in April 2018 under humanitarian grounds to take out the Syrian facilities believed connected to the production of chemical weapons. It took a long time for any action to be taken though. Hopefully this is just propaganda, but it is a concerning development.

        • Problem is that Syria may have been an easier choice for the US to get involved in 2018, but now we’re looking at NATO, unless a country outside of NATO like Israel or whomever, gets involved which is highly unlikely. That said, the political pressure in the US to do more is mounting.

  5. Hi Marjorie, and thanks for all your great posts on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I have been asking myself the same question, what is it astrologically that has led to such a serious crisis if Saturn-Pluto is truly past its best before date and Saturn-Uranus isn’t unique enough or in a close enough orb? I think you are right that Pluto preparing to change signs is important but I also found myself taking another look at Andre Barbault’s cyclic index which shows a deep low from 2020-2021, which are times that he associated with pandemics, wars, or natural catastrophes. And although we are on the ascending arc, we are still very low on the graph. I wonder if at these times hard aspects between malefic planets might function even more negatively or we might even be able to stretch some orbs between them? I was also reminded by astrologer Ema Kurent’s monthly YouTube video that Pluto was at its most northern declination during WWII and it will be at its most southern declination in 2023-2024 i.e. out of bounds which it is getting close to now at 22°22’S. So I wondered if as astrologers we needed to use a few more tools like these to provide a context or backdrop for our interpretations. In other words know when to expect the worst from an eclipse or a Mars-Pluto conjunction or a wide Saturn-Uranus square. Anyway those are my thoughts for what they are worth! Prediction is a tricky business but you do it so well, thanks Marjorie!

    • Laurien – very interesting observation about Barbault’s cyclic index, and it does make sense that aspects could be intensified at this point.

      I’ve also been thinking about the Moon’s Nodes being aligned with Algol, aspecting Pluto, and Mars and Venus recently too. November’s Lunar Eclipse aligned with Algol, pointing the way towards a potentially dangerous time. Pluto trine the Nodes does suggest crime, violence, and secretive plots connected to/influencing masses of people. In Taurus and Capricorn it also suggests land, money, security and power.

      And thank you so much Marjorie for all these amazing posts, and everyone for their comments. It’s very helpful. We can contribute to charities for Ukraine, but as an ordinary citizen I feel so helpless to make any difference and can only watch the horrifying news.

      • Thank you, Jane. I too have thought about Algol a lot as well as the other aspects you mention. The Gorgon’s head was so terrifying that it turned men to stone and in today’s day and age there is nothing more terrifying than the prospect of nuclear war. It has literally paralyzed NATO and the EU’s response to the Ukrainian crisis. So I feel there is some apt symbolism there. I also really enjoy people’s comments on this website. There are some very thoughtful astrologers out there whether they practice professionally or not and a lot of them seem to gather on this site to chat! Thanks everyone!

        • One other thought on Algol – The UN Security Council Resolution re Iraq was passed on 8th November, 2002. On 20th November, there was a lunar eclipse at 28 Taurus. The Iraq War began on 20th March, 2003. In May 2003 there was a lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio. These eclipses mirror the ones we have now.

          I think it could be worth keeping an eye on Antares (9 Sagittarius) and Aldebaran (9 Gemini) too. Antares is, traditionally, known as the rival or enemy of Mars. It is known as the Heart of the Scorpion, and called the Watcher of the West, while Aldebaran is the Watcher of the East – these bright, potent stars are two of the four Royal Stars of Persia.
          Antares has been associated with nuclear events too. Mars will retrograde in Gemini from October – January 2023. It turns direct at 8 Gemini, aligning with Aldebaran, in the constellation Taurus. Aldebaran is similarly associated with Mars, power and glory – but also overcoming nemesis.

          • That’s a really great point, Jane, with all the hysteria about weapons of mass destruction at the time which turned out to be a mirage or worst still a big lie courtesy of Jupiter opposite Neptune. I do think these Royal Stars bear watching and I’ll be paying close attention to the Mars station in January 2023 which is conjunct my MC (yikes!). Thanks for this.

    • Re: Barbault’s cyclic observation. Is it not the case that where Saturn is involved things are often delayed or have a longer lasting effect (slower burning fuse) than we expect? This isn’t always the case, but in the past I’ve notice Saturn “go quiet” and act when we have forgotten about him.

      • That’s a really interesting idea about Saturn, LB. I’m going to keep it in my mind as I continue to learn more about how the cyclic index works. I found a really great site with articles by Robert Doolaard at His research on the index is very detailed and technical and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but I’ll pay special attention to ‘Saturn waves’ and how long it takes for their effects to appear!

  6. What’s so incredible about 70% of Russian citizens supporting this? According to their Federation – and many, many Western political professionals and thinkers over the past 15 years – this was inevitable as NATO expanded and US intervened in Ukrainian politics.

    Anyway, yes old institutions will crumble with new ones taking their place. From what I can see, that’s going to be a stronger Russian/Chinese/ME alliance with trade, banking and weapons while the West begs for oil and a new fertilizer supplier, further crippling the food supply chain.

    These sanctimonious sanctions are going to come back to bite the West in the butt, especially America.

  7. Here is my maybe crazy theory on Putin, with precedents in Russian history, though. I actually think he is NOT fully power anymore. Those closest to him – most likely Shoigu at least- are not closing Russian airwaves to keep only Russian citizens at dark of Military losses and atrocities Russian army commits, but Putin too? I think both former Minister of Foreign Affairs Kozyrev and anonymous FSB agent suggest this. Putin is an old man by Russian standards and doesn’t use internet. What makes us think he gets vital information from the very people who seem to have been pocketing his Military budget for 20 years? Maybe his nights in Black Sea datcha have been akin to Stalin’s, who would get everybody in his circle drunk and watch Westerns.

  8. @IanS, Xi is absolutely using numerology. This is too much in Chinese culture. Putin on the other hand is likelier than not a true Atheist, he is only kissing cross held by his buddy Kirill, because it suits him.

  9. Personally, I think the tensions and troubles will carry on for much of Eastern Europe and Ukraine. However, I don’t actually see the war itself carrying on for too much longer. The sanctions against the Russian Federation are starting to kick in – hard. And more restrictions are coming daily.

    Putin won’t be able to afford this war much longer. It’s very possible (perhaps even likely) that Putin and his forces to win the battle (taking over Ukraine), but he won’t win the war. What does he think the end game will be? The Ukrainians will simply reject whomever he installs as the next “puppet.”

    Also, the Ukrainians will simply go underground and resort to guerrilla tactics and domestic terrorism (similar to what the Tamil Tigers did in Sri Lanka and the Palestinians have done in Levant). I can picture car bombings, assassinations of Russian officials, etc.

    There is a huge Ukrainian diaspora – every single former Soviet Republic has an ethnic Ukrainian minority. The Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan alone have large Ukrainian minorities (the Russian Federation has anywhere between 3 and 5 million Ukrainians). And Canada, the U.S., Brazil, and Argentina as well as much of Europe now have large Ukrainian communities. They would likely network and bring terrorist activity to the Russian Federation and to other nations where Russians reside.

    In other words, that seems to be the most likely scenario. Frankly, if the Ukrainians go underground and resort to terrorist activity, then I think it would be perfectly justified. As long as they target Russian oligarchs and Putin himself…but not civilians….then they have my blessing.

    CNN has been reporting that the weather is making things very difficult for Russian troops in Ukraine. They’re getting lost and disoriented. They’re leaving their equipment behind too. Putin (who is basically a relic of the past) is still engaging in the old playbook which is proving to be less effective than the savvier tactics Ukrainians are engaging in. And CNN also went on to explain that Russians tend to be very ineffective when they’re being faced with guerrilla war tactics (remember the Soviets in Afghanistan?)

    Anyway, my main concern is for the civilians and the children of Ukraine at the moment. If the international community can help them safely evacuate, then that would be great. Since then Russian Federation continues to violate these temporary ceasefires, perhaps more airlift programs should be put into place – kind of like what Israel did between the 1950s and 1990s to help Ethiopian, Iraqi, and Yemenite Jews safely evacuate to Israel.

    All in all, I do admire Zelenskyy (Hebrew name: Vladimir ben Rima) and his wife Olena for being such great leaders. I think it infuriates Vladimir Putin (who is a total antisemitic pig) that a predominately Slavic nation like Ukraine would democratically elect an Ashkenazi Jewish man and rally so strongly behind him.

    Zelenskyy has successfully been able to unify Ukrainians of all ethnic groups. I’ve read numerous stories about Slavic Ukrainians, Ukrainian Jews (even the Orthodox Haredi), Romani Gypsy, and Crimean Tatars joining the Ukrainian military to resist Putin.

    My great-great maternal grandmother (who lived to be 100) was born in Belarus – she was an ethnic Ashkenazi Jew born into the Hasidic Klausenburg Dynasty and settled in Baltimore, Maryland as a child. She left the sect and Judaism altogether and assimilated into Anglo-American society. By the time I got to know her, a series of strokes left her unable to speak…so, I never really got to have a conversation with her despite the fact she was still sound mind until she died.

    I’ve always been curious to learn more about my distant Hasidic roots…but since they’re such an insular community, that wasn’t an option for me. I have no idea if my ancestors even survived WWII or the Holocaust. I literally have no connection to that distant part of my family other than genetics.

    Seeing Zelenskyy, who is Jewish, leading an Eastern European Orthodox Christian nation feels very significant to me. It debunks the negative stereotype that antisemitism is as commonplace in Eastern Europe as it was in the past. The Ukrainian Jews I’ve been reading about (some of whom have taken up arms to become resistance fighters) say they love Ukraine and that Ukraine belongs to them as much as it belongs to the Slavs. They’re furious with Putin calling Ukraine and their President “Nazis.”

    I really hope Vladimir Putin doesn’t last until 2023 or beyond. I hope the Russian people (who I don’t have any contempt for) revolt against him at some point…or that someone takes him out. Putin has caused so much misery for all of the former Soviet Union as well as the world. It’s horrific to read stories of civilians being targeted for shelling – especially children.

    • @Chris Romero, Morgan Stanley published sometime in past 24 hours their prediction of Russia defaulting with sanctions in force THEN Russia would default by April. I absolutely wish they’d fullfil Putin’s threat and actually cut gas supply from Europe. Then it would be “ciao ciao” even sooner.

      • Biden just announced the US will ban imports of oil and natural gas from Russia. Russian represents only about 3% of US imports, but it’s a major statement especially given record high prices and inflation.

        • It has to be done and received bi-partisan support. However, you can count on Republicans to turn coat & blame Biden for high fuel costs in the 2022 midterms & 2024 presidential elections.

          • Agree, Anita- each passing day the door is opening wider to political opportunism- not just in Russia.

  10. Marjorie, this is one of your more important posts. Pluto in Capricorn is about breaking down the decayed world political order, as it did when the US became independent in the 18th century, and when Henry VIII launched the Reformation in the UK in the 16th. Long-lasting political institutions are also in trouble, such as the British monarchy and the Vatican. Although the latter have been there before, Pluto may begin the process of dispensing with them because they have outlived their purpose. Pluto in Aquarius will create a new set of global institutions just as Pluto in Leo did after WWII under American leadership. This time, global power will be more diffuse with the US playing a supporting role in defense of allies. War with China is in my view inevitable but will likely come at the 2027-28 US Uranus return. In my view, the big winner of the conflict with China will be India, but it is also the most likely to suffer a nuclear attack. I suppose China will help Putin survive this year, but I believe he will be killed by his own people in the near future like Mussolini, Saddam Hussein and Khaddaffi. Finally, add Canada to your list of destabilized countries; transiting Uranus will soon be conjunct natal Pluto in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio; as you know, the only precedent for this transit is 1939.

    • @ Andre: I have read that Putin’s greatest fear is that he will suffer the same fate as Khaddaffi. Apparently he has footage that he plays over and over of Khaddaffi being pulled from a sewage pipe and murdered. It haunts him, so you may well be right. What has happened in Libya since however also serves as a warning that what comes after may not be any better. Chaos, most certainly.

  11. Hi Marjorie, thanks for your posts they are fantastic along with all the comments which I read with interest. I wonder if Putin & Xi Jinping are using astrology or numerology to help in decisions. Because its strange that the metal tiger year 1950 Russia and China signed a mutual defence treaty. I just read an article by Archie Dunlop who points out the link with the numerology of 68. 28/07/1914 & 01/09/1939 add up to 68 along with 24/02/2022? Did Putin wait until the numerology was the same ignoring the logistics or generals advice?

    • Maybe the Chinese, but I find the idea of Putin using numerology too far fetched. The timeline is spread over a few days, he didn’t just declare war on the 24th. Putin’s timeline seemed to have a lot more to do with China relations and its Olympics thus waiting for the closing ceremony on Feb 20. The next day On 21 Feb, Putin recognised the Donetsk andLuhansk Republics in Donbas. Feb 22, Russia’s Federation Council unanimously authorised use of military force, and Russian soldiers entered both territories. On 24 Feb Putin announced a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine on TV, however operations were already well on their way.

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