Antony Blinken – walking a diplomatic tightrope

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State said yesterday that NATO members have the go-ahead to send fighter jets to Ukraine. “That gets a green-light,” he said in an interview with “Face the Nation” when asked whether the Polish government, a member of NATO, could send fighter planes to Ukraine. And the US is in discussions to “backfill the planes that are handed over” if Poland decides on such a transfer.

  Blinken, born 16 April 1962 with an unverified time of 2.56 am New York, has an extensive background in National Security and State Department having held senior positions over the past two decades under Bush, Clinton and Obama and he worked on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. He supported the Iraq invasion, supported military intervention in Libya and weapons to Syrian rebels, and voiced support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen.

   He has a go-ahead Aries Sun Mercury in an innovative trine to Uranus; with a confident Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto  (and Moon) in Virgo. And has a charming, diplomatic Venus in Taurus (maybe in the 3rd house) opposition Neptune square Saturn in Aquarius – he’s enduring, good executive material, doesn’t give way easily, doesn’t like sharing the driving seat, can be a tower of strength for others, though irritatingly stubborn at times. His Mars in Pisces is sparsely aspected being only quincunx Uranus. An unaspected Mars  tends to be uncompromising and has a non-stop-go approach to life. Though it will be mellowed being in Pisces with his Saturn square Neptune also adding a softening layer.

  He’s not that easy a mix with Joe Biden since his Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune clashes with and at times undercuts Biden’s Mars in Scorpio square Pluto. His Mars also opposes Biden’s 10th house Neptune and his Pluto squares Biden’s Saturn Uranus. But his Moon may be conjunct Biden’s midheaven and his Sun is close to Biden’s Moon – both of which will help.

  Their relationship chart has a lucky, supportive composite Sun square Jupiter which will smooth a few rough edges; and a close-friendship Venus opposition Pluto. But there’s also a volatile, argumentative composite Mars opposition Uranus in a not-entirely in-agreement square to Neptune and a high-tension square to Saturn on the other side. There will be an underlying ego-clash where one winning will feel like the other losing.  So while it has its good points, it’s a fraught connection. Where it starts to get rocky is after mid 2023 when the Biden Admin chart indicates major trouble brewing.

  If Blinken’s birth time is accurate (and it is only on one Astro-site), then one of his assertive/aggressive Mars lines runs through Ukraine, another through Moscow and a third through Beijing.

  He’s not surprisingly on edge this year with his Fixed T Square of Neptune, Venus and Saturn being jangled by tr Uranus at the moment and into early 2023; and from May 2023 tr Neptune is conjunct his Mars for a sinking sense of failure running into 2024. Though 2023/24 will also bring luck and success – so mixed blessings. That need not necessarily reflect global events. He could, for instance, not stay through the Biden term and disappear into a lucrative private sector job. There are many possible scenarios. And with his Solar Arc Uranus opposing his Sun by late 2023; and the Venus Pluto on his relationship chart with Biden also being turned upside down by tr Uranus in square he could be facing a significant life change.

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  1. Remember that it was the invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 by that other messianic monster Hitler that triggered World War II. Poland has not forgotten and that is also why it has rushed to the aid of its neighbour by offering military aircraft and space in people’s homes. It is a fine line but I fear that Putin will have to be directly confronted at some point, especially if Ukraine capitulates and he moves on to his next imperial ambition. He threatens nuclear but will his Generals comply? The astrology shows the potential developments but much is still up in the air (literally and figuratively). There will be a moment when we will all be called upon because there is no reasoning with a delusional maniac. We have allowed ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security and now we have been rudely awakened. Outside action will be necessary to contain this monster (IMO). I have a feeling that elite units are already inside UA but have been told by their governments that if caught they are on their own. Why else the stern warnings to adventurers not to go?

    • I hope we do not repeat that model because it won’t turn out well. How many times are we gonna do the same thing to get a different result? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

      Our governments talk their way here so they need to talk us out with all these triggers around. Find a way other than that resort. IMHO

  2. Hi and thank you Marjorie.

    Wouldn’t NATO members sending fighter jets be feeding into Putin’s threat that directly assisting in the fighting (i.e. Poland supported by US) will be seen by him as the West declaring War (to paraphrase what I read on BBC News report)?

    This now getting more scary as he has already hinted he has his finger on the nuclear trigger, but for whom. Didn’t more and more countries entering the conflict due to invasion start WW2?

    • Jennifer, I agree….if they ‘man up’ with jets, it is a decision to enter the war zone…I think this week is the most precarious but the rhetoric has to be cautious – as in all the old films, USA gets into it (with good hearts, of course) a la John Wayne, but the world has changed and more subtlety, or slowly, slowly catchee monkee, must be the priority now…’s far too dangerous to even think it… be honest, I am surprised that there are talks again, but action would be a tipping point – we must not go there!

    • No, not really. Although Britain and France declared war on Germany in September 1939, most other countries did not get directly involved to any great extent until they were invaded by The Nazis. Poor old Poland had the dubious distinction of being invaded by both the Nazis and the Russians (due to a pact between the Russians and Nazis). America certainly didn’t rush in. They only declared war on Germany until December 1941 – over two years after fighting had started in Europe. They wouldn’t have joined in then if the Japanese hadn’t bombed the American fleet at Pearl Harbour. In short, then as now, countries were reluctant to get involved unless they were actually invaded. But I agree that the current situation is both fragile and scary…

  3. Thank you Marjorie. If you have time can you do an updated chart on Ron DeSantis? You did one in 2020 but his viral video last week and this “don’t say gay” has to affect his ability to get re elected this year?

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