Shane Warne – lived like a god and burnt out

Shane Warne, the Australian cricketer considered as one of the greatest bowlers in the sport’s history, who lived in the fast lane, has died at the young age of 52 of a heart attack.

 His friend Piers Morgan described him as a “hyperactive Labrador” and a “complete one-off, a blond-haired blokey bundle of restless, mischievous, ferociously competitive, massive-hearted, cigar-chomping, pizza-loving, larrikin fun.” Warne himself admitted he never really grew up, always aiming for fun, drinking vodka Red Bulls, smoking, partying endlessly, while running a multi-million business as an international commentator, entrepreneur and professional poker player – and collector of property and a fleet of expensive cars.

 He retired from international cricket in 2007 after a starry sporting career which was also marked by scandals off field – testing positive for a prohibited substance, accepting money from bookmakers and sexual indiscretions. For all his flaws he appeared to be a loving father to his three children, a caring son to his parents, and a loyal generous friend.

 He died after going on a 14 day ‘extreme’ liquid-only diet in an attempt to crash diet. A friend said he was  ‘a bit all or nothing. It was either white buns with butter and lasagne stuffed in the middle, or he would be having black and green juices.,’ His family reportedly told authorities he was suffering health problems before travelling, including troubles with his asthma and chest pains.

  He was born 13 September 1969 Sydney, Australia (no birth time) and had a super-intense and driven Sun Pluto conjunction in Virgo conjunct the South Node square Mars in sporting Sagittarius. A turbo-charged Mars in a Mutable sign makes for a high-wire temperament, extreme restlessness, and a risk of burnout if rest and recharge periods aren’t scheduled in. He also had an adventurous and lucky Uranus Jupiter in Libra probably conjunct a Libra Moon with a flamboyant Venus in Leo.

  If his birth time was around 11 pm, it would put Jupiter on his Midheaven at the moment, oddly common when public figures die. It would put Jupiter in his sporting 5th and house of children; an uncommitted Neptune on his Descendant and his revved-up Mars in his financial 8th. It’s feasible.

  He had been slumping under tr Neptune opposition his Sun last year, now opposing the Sun/Pluto midpoint and moving rapidly next month to oppose his Pluto – under-cutting the demons which drove him to keep up an all-or-nothing, frantic lifestyle.

  He hooked up with Liz Hurley, 10 June 1965, for two years before splitting in 2013. She is also hyper-active with her Sun, Mercury, North Node, Jupiter in Gemini square Uranus, Pluto, Mars in Virgo so it was too much to expect that two jitterbugs would survive together long term. His Sun Pluto square Mars collides with her Gemini/Virgo planets for an initially heady mix that would rapidly turn to aggravation. His Venus was square her Neptune and her Venus square his Uranus – so emotional needs would be mismatched as well.

   However their relationship chart does have an affectionate and mutually supportive composite Sun conjunct Venus and Sun conjunct Jupiter, so it survived in later years as a strong friendship.   

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  1. Liz Hurley’s son Damian posted a tribute to him on his Instagram @damianhurley1

    “I’m still trying to wrap my head around this… SW was a father figure to me for most of my formative years and was truly one the best men I’ve ever known. My heart is broken. Thinking of and sending love to all SW’s family”

  2. I rectified his chart to 6:32:34 AM, Ascendant 22Virgo00.
    In his biwheel at death, shown below, 2 heart attack indicators angular. Trans d’Arrest, heart attack on his Asc, while trans
    Herrick, heart attack, on his IC. Trans RIP was on his MC while
    trans Neptune was on his DSC.
    Click on the link below for his biwheel, and click on the magnifying glass for enlargement of same.

  3. Thank you, Marjorie. Can’t believe that a man so full of life, with such a huge personality can be gone so suddenly. RIP.

  4. Another great writeup Marjorie. His life just jumps into that chart.

    The mars in Sag really did give everything a try and of course with its square to Pluto was always trying to dig out something deeper from the experience. Libra moon always to be searching for happiness from other things and experiences.

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