Ukraine – the endless tragedy

A dam in South Ukraine has been sabotaged flooding nearby towns and potentially jeopardising the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, which depends on cooling water to run emergency diesel generators. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russian troops of blowing up the plant “from inside” at 02:50 local time, while Moscow claims it was a “deliberate act of sabotage” by Kyiv. The BBC said it has not been able to verify either claim.

  The EU described it as a war crime and “a new sign of escalation, bringing the horrific and barbaric nature of Russian aggression against Ukraine to unprecedented levels.”

  The Ukraine 1991 chart, 24 August 1991 2.31pm Kiev, has the panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition Mars running throughout this year until February 2024. And the tough-slog, discouraging tr Pluto conjunct Saturn throughout 2023/24. There is a sign of cheer from June 2024 onwards which might bring some relief. Though the hostility with Russia will run on till late 2025 – which is hardly surprising, but whether that means the battle goes on or is the aftermath is not clear.

  Volodoymyr Zelensky, 25 January 1978 2pm Krivoj Rog,  never looked to be contented or in a progressive phase this year or next with tr Pluto in Aquarius opposition his Mars until December 2024 – which is high-risk, trapped, frustrating. Over-hopeful plans look undermined this year with tr Neptune square his Jupiter – and in many ways 2025 looks undermined as well and blocked with immense challenges running into 2026.  Which could mean a variety of outcomes – one of which is, when it all shakes down somehow, he may collapse in a heap or face a Churchill moment after WW11.

  Putin is facing an even more critical point in his destiny with his 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018, now entering its most dangerous and most unstable phase as the Solar Arc Pluto closes the conjunction to the Mars to exact within weeks and in effect for several months – which could coincide with desperate, brutal retaliation; as well as tr Pluto square the Midheaven which can damage reputation and bring the house of cards tumbling down if not immediately then within the next eighteen months. Plus the topple-off-perch tr Pluto returning to square the Uranus from the middle of this month, on and off into and through 2024. Somewhere along that trajectory he will go – though there is no saying he won’t be replaced by a hardliner.

 Zelensky’s Term chart, 20 May 2019 10am Kiev, with its Mercury Sun in Taurus conjunct Algol is facing some disappointment this year and most pressure come 2025.

  The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, 1 April 1980, will face its greatest period of turbulence in 2024/25.

And so it goes on.

7 thoughts on “Ukraine – the endless tragedy

  1. I actually don’t see Vladimir Putin and his regime lasting much longer. The destruction of the dam is certainly a sign of desperation on Russia’s part. I’ve been following this story from a number of war experts and geopolitical experts all day today and they’ve explained there was very little strategic value in this horrible act.

    The Guardian has reported that Ukrainian civilians living near the dam are being evacuated to Kyiv and nearby towns. Much of the flooding is already entering Russian-controlled areas and it’s jeopardizing Russian military units in the area (many Russian soldiers are currently at risk of drowning and there have yet to be any rescue missions to help retrieve them).

    Sadly, many animals in local zoos, family pets, and indigenous wildlife are enduring the brunt of the flooding – it’s been reported that many animals have already died as a result of this tragedy.

    There’s something else I’d like to add: things don’t appear to be going all that smoothly (internally) for Putin and the Russian Federation either. Various reputable sources have reported that the Wagner Group and the Russian Military have been fighting against each other in certain regions. A Russian Army colonel was even taken hostage by Wagner.

    To make matters worse for Russia, there are now pro-Ukrainian insurgent groups (Russian citizens I believe) who are now engaging in attacks in the Belgorod Oblast of the Russian Federation. Russian propagandists have tried to downplay this, but war experts believe this is more serious than many think. For example, the Russian Military has been having a very difficult time containing these pro-Ukrainian insurgencies within their own country and they’re now having to evacuate their own citizens from many of the towns in the Belgorod Oblast.

    All in all, I think this is truly the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin and his regime. There is the possibility of another hardliner coming into power….but there’s a much likelier possibility of the Russian Federation sinking into a power vacuum after Vladimir Putin is ousted or meets his demise.

  2. I’d like to see interpretations of a Ukraine/Israel chart, since Zelenskyy is Jewish, and so much of Ukraine claims that religion. Curious to see what that might reveal. Wouldn’t one naturally expect support for the Ukrainian cause from that quarter?

    • “so much of Ukraine claims that religion.”

      0.4% of the Ukrainian population claims to be Jewish according to the Wikipedia article on “Religion in Ukraine”. Hardly “so much”.

      The vast majority (85%+) of the Ukrainian population is unsurprisingly Eastern Orthodox, though the war has also caused ructions in the Orthodox churches there (there used to be three just a few years ago). There is also an Eastern Catholic presence in the westernmost areas of Ukraine, which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire about 110 years ago.

  3. Putin, not having managed to overrun and occupy Ukraine, now seeks to destroy it. I think we can expect to see more of these sorts of acts of extreme infrastructure vandalism to create as much chaos and confusion as possible. There are several soviet era dams in UA and this is just one, if they were all to be destroyed the chaos would be complete. So even if the war ends in the foreseeable future I can imagine it will take a good many years, if not decades, to rebuild the country. We can only hope that Putin goes sooner rather than later and his successor has little appetite for further aggression. I also think Zelensky is at risk of burn out and might be replaced (against his will) as the hostilities drag on and support for his cause starts to wane as the US gets a new President and the EU has its own problems to deal with. Zelensky assumes that once the fighting is over Ukraine can join NATO but I fear that the gate will not open that easily for him also causing huge disappointment. I feel for the poor Ukranians who do not deserve all this brutality.

  4. Certainly not what Ukraine or Zelinsky needed to happen. It is difficult to conceive why Russia hates Ukr so deeply. If this activity occurs inside Ukr, what is to stop Putin from lashing out at other countries in scorched Earth? Or, to eliminate prisoners and civilians captured?

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