Princess Eugenie – a high-octane, super-charged baby

Princess Eugenie has announced the birth of her second child, another boy, named Ernest. who arrived on 30 May at 8.49am in London. He is going to be a mover and shaker with a power-packed chart with a flamboyant Mars in Leo in his 1st house in an ultra-determined opposition to Pluto in his 7th making his relationships and social interactions intense, all squaring onto a lucky, indulgent and acquisitive Jupiter conjunct North Node in Taurus in his 10th. He won’t fail for want of trying.  His friendly 11th house Gemini Sun does square an 8th house Saturn, hinting at a discouraging and disheartening grandfather.

  His 4th house Libra Moon is highlighted and not all in an easy way. It is trine his Sun and Pluto, forming an Air Grand Trine, making him emotionally detached and that forms onto a Kite with Pluto opposition Mars – putting his loud and colourful  Mars in Leo in the driving seat. His Moon is also on the point of a Yod inconjunct Saturn and Jupiter North Node – so he will be fairly disorganised emotionally, needing through life to build himself stronger emotional foundations.

  His Gemini Sun chimes with his father’s Venus in Gemini and his mother’s Moon, Venus, Mars in Aquarius and Aries Sun.

  His brother August, 9 February 2021 8.55am, has an Aquarius stellium in his 11th house of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn with a rebellious Mars Uranus in Taurus in his 1st plus a secretive and intense Moon Pluto in Capricorn.

  They will be a fair handful.

[I don’t understand the Royal pecking order. I read that his birth pushes Prince Edward further down the list of succession. Not that it matters. But why Andrew’s children’s children should have a higher rating than Edward seems odd. ]

4 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie – a high-octane, super-charged baby

  1. They have the higher rating because Andrew is the third born, Edward the fourth. Andrew’s children have seniority by being his off spring. It does seem odd, but it is how it goes. Anne the Princess Royal the last time I read was 13th to the throne.

  2. Hi,
    Andrew is older than Edward, so Andrew and his descendants take precedence. If they run out it’s Edward and his descendants, and if they all disappear it’s Anne and her descendants.
    At least that is my understanding.
    If all that happens I doubt there will be any of us left to care.

  3. Primogeniture, if I understand it goes down Williams line, then Harry’s then Andrews and then Edwards and then Anne’s. It seems odd that because they changed the idea of females being in line (Charlotte is heir ahead of Louis) Anne doesn’t respectively get bumped up but that’s why Eugenie’s children will have a negative effect on Edward.

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