India – a train disaster hints at a coming upheaval

India’s worst train crash this century, with three trains colliding due to signal failure, has left nearly 300 dead and almost 1000 injured. This kind of tragedy is not as commonplace as it once was with heavy government investment in modernization in recent years which cut rails deaths to zero in the two years up to 2021, a staggering improvement on what went before.

  The crash happened on 2 June 2023 at 7pm in Odisha state when the massively strong and can-be-high-risk Mars opposition Pluto square Jupiter North Node was still in place. Jupiter on the point of the T square to that fairly brutal opposition was clearly in its expand-the-negative mode. There was a Water Grand Trine of Neptune in Pisces on the IC trine a hidden Venus in Cancer in the 8th trine a Scorpio Moon on the cusp of the 12th – bringing an upswelling of intense emotion.  

 And the recent May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse located to this region has Mars conjunct the Descendant hinting at a shock or accident of sorts. The 20 April 2023 Solar Eclipse had an undermining/confused Neptune on the Midheaven.

  Often when there is a major natural or man-made disaster it is a precursor or a parallel to a significant shift in the country’s destiny. A synchronous happening.

  The India independence chart for 15 August 1947 does have tr Uranus aiming to square the 4th house Leo Sun within a few days, on and off into 2024 which does suggest a shake-up phase of forced change ahead. Not that India will be the exception to the rule since everywhere else globally is creaking and groaning through the next three years.

  What always intrigues me is the earlier India chart of 1 January 1877 which is of the first unified India when Victoria took over as Empress, a reminder of the old colonial Raj that India would prefer to forget. That chart flagged up the disastrous Gujarat earthquake of 26 January 2001 which killed 20,000 and the Bhopal chemical disaster of 1984 more clearly than the later 1947 independence chart. Why that should be the case I have no idea, given the 1947 partition. The 1984 Bhopal disaster came hot on the heels of Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the Sikh massacre which followed.  

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  1. India’s railways were built by Britain.
    Perhaps that’s why the recent train accident resonates with the 1877 chart.

    • Further, the concept of ‘India’ is a unified, centrally controlled nation state, a national entity as it were, is purely a British colonialist invention.
      Lest we forget, the sub continent was composed of warring fiefdoms and kingdoms before centralized British colonial government.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. Very interesting what you say about disasters and a shift in destiny. This awful train disaster also seems symbolic to me because it involves travel, movement, and direction.

    India’s history is as complicated as it’s numerous languages and dialects. However, I think it might be worth looking at the start of the huge, powerful and wealthy Mughal Empire in India – 16th – 19th centuries. I took the Battle of Panipat, 21 April, 1526 as the starting point (JC). It has Mars 21 Taurus conjunct Jupiter 23 Taurus, trine Pluto at 21 Capricorn – big message of earthly power and wealth, connecting with the 1877 chart Pluto in Taurus etc you’ve posted here. As far as trade and wealth go, these also connect with the British East India Company, 31 December, 1600 which has Mars 19 Capricorn, trine Jupiter 22 Virgo, with a Scorpio Moon and Saturn.

    The 1877 Nodes in 11 Pisces/Virgo could have spiritual or religious connections. They also aspect the Uranus 10 Gemini square Neptune 14 Pisces, plus BML 9 Gemini and Chiron 11 Pisces of the Mughal Empire’s beginnings. The Nodes for the Gujerat Earthquake are exactly conjunct the Mughal Nodes, 15 Capricorn/Cancer.

    • Indeed.

      Eerily the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 oddly mirrors the destruction and disillusion of the USSR under the Gorbachev regime.

  3. If the 1877 India chart is correct then the second week of November this year will be significant, as it has Mars return at 20 deg Scorpio opposite transiting Uranus and natal Pluto 22deg Taurus Fingers crossed it will just be a political thing and people are spared.
    Thanks Marjorie for your excellent analysis of horoscopes of diverse people and places. Much appreciated.

  4. This happened at the same time that some classrooms in India pulled the periodic table of elements and evolution from schools.

    It seems to me they need to invest in more science education not less.

    • To set the record straight, the periodic table has been shifted from Class 10 to Class 11 to make it “age appropriate”, not pulled—ditto evolution.

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