Ukraine – Surovikin’s scorched earth reprisals

A vengeful retaliation on Ukraine for blowing up Putin’s gateway bridge to Crimea unleashed a hail of missiles on major cities, striking children’s playgrounds and public parks. What was described as a terrorist act left at least 14 killed and nearly 100 wounded, and cut electricity and water in much of the country.

 It came less than 48 hours after Putin appointed a notoriously brutal military commander Sergei Surovikin known as General Armageddon.  He is the first overall commander for the war, giving him total control. He  oversaw the destruction of Aleppo in 2016 and human rights groups accused him of using banned cluster munitions and incendiary weapons. 600 civilians were killed, including dozens of children. He also took part in the savage war in Chechnya and earned his nickname for “his ability to act unconventionally and cruelly.” He now appears to have been given carte blanche to act as he sees fit in Ukraine.

  Unlike Aleppo, Ukraine does have a missile defence system, with Germany belatedly sending their contribution.  

 Surovikin, 11 October 1966 in Siberia (qiki), is a Sun and Venus in Libra with Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn and sextile/trine Neptune. His Mars in final degree Leo isn’t well integrated in his chart and if unaspected would tend to make him uncompromising and unrestrained. Houses from a birth time would make all the difference. His 9th and 18th harmonic highlight the destructive, brutal Mars Pluto combo.

  His fortunes ahead are mixed with lucky breaks from a Jupiter midpoint this December to mid March but he’s also got a raft of undermining Neptune transits especially to his Saturn which will sag badly from February onwards.

  The Ukraine 1991 chart never looked that cheerful ahead given that their army was and is making courageous progress. Tr Uranus will upend the 10th house Pluto from November 13th onwards, on and off into early 2023; with a panicky, undermining tr Neptune opposition their Mars right through till early 2024.  

  It’s difficult to see where a solution will come since Ukraine won’t budge on giving away territory and Putin is getting increasingly erratic and desperate to shore up his legacy and clearly has no scruples about inflicting a scorched earth policy .   

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  1. I noticed that Surovikin’s Uranus/Saturn opposition in 21 Virgo and 24 Pisces connects with a number of charts from Russian history, so does that indicate he plays a key role in the changes that lie ahead. An agent of “fate” in a way? I’m bearing in mind the ongoing square between Mars and Neptune, which is exact in November at 22 of Gemini/Pisces, in the month of the lunar eclipse, 16 Taurus, on Surovikin’s Nodes. Neptune was at 22 Pisces in February, when the invasion of Ukraine began.

    The Romanof Dynasty, 1613, has Mars 19 Gemini conjunct Uranus 22 Gemini. They square Saturn 19 Pisces, and Jupiter 22 Virgo, with Neptune 25 Virgo. The Moon’s Nodes are 15 Taurus. You might even speculate on the beginning of a new Russian ‘dynasty’ with this, or the beginning of the end of this current leadership?

    The abdication of the last Czar, 15th March, 1917, has Sun 24 Pisces, conjunct Mars 21 Pisces – Surovikin’s mutable Uranus/Saturn degrees. I’m interested in this, and wondering about the ‘abdication’ of Putin.

    The 8th November 1917 chart for the Revolution has Sun 16 Scorpio, Mercury 19 Scorpio, square Uranus 19 Aquarius – all chiming with Surovikin’s natal Nodes, and his life path.

    USSR chart for December 1922 has Nodes at 24 Virgo/Pisces. It’s MC is 18 Taurus, where the Uranus/Mars/Nodes powerhouse conjunction sat in the summer.

    Anyway, there are quite a few more examples of these curious ties between charts. And probably worth noting that the USA 1776 Mars is 21 Gemini, square Neptune 22 Virgo. Perhaps this hints at actions behind the scenes?

  2. The intel I have picked up from various channels is that Putin is micromanaging the war effort, calling his generals day and night with instructions. He’s anxious that they could start to rebel especially as resources are dwindling. Many have had little or no rest since the start. As I understand it Surovikin was most likely picked for his absolute and unwavering loyalty to Putin rather than his military strategy skills.
    We’re entering a dangerous period now. Winter will be hard for all concerned but the Ukrainian will seems to get stronger by the day with roads hit by missiles repaired overnight and power plants back to 70% capacity within 24 hours.
    I just wish the astrological outlook offered more positive signs of hope.

    • @ SuHu,

      I have a lot of hope for Ukraine. It’s apparent that the Russian Federation is in self-destructive mode. Granted, it might take awhile before all of this madness ends….but I don’t see Putin benefiting in the end.

      I just read that President Biden has agreed to send more HIMARS to Ukraine which is I’m very happy about. That will help a lot.

      • Hi Chris, I don’t doubt that Ukraine will eventually prevail, but at what cost? And will the West still stand by her after hostilities cease or will Ukraine be left to pick up the pieces alone? I imagine it could take 40 years. I was hoping that the astrology would give some clues but it all still seems very murky and protracted.

        • Solaia always provides useful and timely foresight into the situation. See her post below dated 11th October 2022 at 6:45 pm. Breaking free from Putin’s war will certainly have a cost. We’re all in the dark as to the final cost. Ukraine will have to totally rebuild – joining the EU/NATO will certainly ease the burden and cost…but not the loss from those murdered or transported to the Soviet Far East.

        • @ SuHu,

          I’m just hypothesizing here but if the U.S. and the E.U. eventually lose interest in Ukraine and leave that country to defend for itself, I think Ukraine will turn her support to the Global South.

          Granted, that may sound inconceivable at the moment, but geopolitical alliances can and sometimes do change.

          If Ukraine feels like the West has betrayed them (by not helping them rebuild), they could turn to China or India….two of the world’s largest economic superpowers now.

          China, in particular, would love to expand her influence in Central and Eastern Europe.

          None of this would be good for the rest of Europe though.

          So, it would behoove the West to just suck it up and continue supporting and helping Ukraine. Otherwise, the Global North and the West could lose more ground to the likes of China, India, and Russia.

    • The last months of Putin (if these are indeed the last months) remind me a little of the last months of Hitler – a deluded, paranoid recluse, probably deranged due to illness or medication or both, surrounded my acolytes who know he must be brought down to stop this madness but too scared to do what must be done. Hitler brought forward the end of the war in Europe by incompetent micromanagement; Putin may be defeating himself in exactly the same way. The Allies in WWII decided not to attempt Hitler’s assasination because they realised the greater good was better served with the Axis being led by an incompetent. This begs the question what happens when Putin is gone?

      • I believe Marjorie has touched on this already. Tho, a strongman would likely step into the role, guiding the Russian sheeple to their dutiful places. Then, resuming scorched earthing of Ukraine.

  3. Vladimir Putin certainly didn’t do himself any favors yesterday by conducting a series of airstrikes around various cities in Ukraine.

    Now, I read President Biden has agreed to send more advanced missiles and weaponry to Ukraine.

    Also, this is just a side note, but still somewhat related – House Democrats are also proposing that the U.S. strip Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of U.S. military protection after their disgusting betrayal of the West with that OPEC stunt. Biden is also working to reestablish better relations with Venezuela (a nation also floating on oil)…which I fully support.

    We know Putin was instrumental in the OPEC decision because he wants revenge for the sanctions against him and the West’s support for Ukraine.

    The support the West has for Ukraine isn’t showing any signs of wavering either. For example, a recent Reuters Ispos poll showed that the vast majority of Americans still support sending humanitarian aid, weaponry, and intelligence to Ukraine.

    I read that British Minister Liz Truss is also committed to continuing support to Ukraine.

    In other words, I really do see Ukraine prevailing through this mess.

  4. “It’s difficult to see where a solution will come since Ukraine won’t budge on giving away territory and Putin is getting increasingly erratic and desperate to shore up his legacy and clearly has no scruples about inflicting a scorched earth policy .”

    It will come from Russia dilapidating their resources. Much like with Afgan War in the 1980’s, but quicker, because Russian Industry was never rebuilt to meet any serious demand.

    For instance, it’s been reported today that Russian schools are near collapse due to many teachers having been called to serve due to mobilization. And why teachers? Because in Russian Universities, once men enroll, they get a ridiculous amount of military training and become reservists with a rank. These men have now either been called to “serve” or left the country. This may also have been the reason anyone with serious money in Russia enrolled their children to schools abroad – academic standards for elites or even simply gifted in Soviet Union always were high.

    We are already seeing cracks in ranks, most interesting being “Putin’s Cook”, now admitted Wagner founder Yevgeni Prigozin going after Ministry of Defense in Telegram. I think this will be vital in what’s going to happen in the next 4-6 months. Prigozin, BTW, is another Gemini Sun, born June 1st, 1961. I think he will go through some tough times soon.

    • Thank you very much Solaia, for giving us some perspective. You sharing your knowledge about the inner workings of Russia is much appreciated

      • @J, I really can’t claim to have much knowledge on “inner workings” of Russia or Russians. But we are close by, so certain influence is inevitable, and there are obviously many really good experts on Russia and ex-Soviet States. I think I read the tidbit on missing teachers from an international outlet, though.

  5. There was a meme I saw a couple of days on serial killer Sun signs, and one Sun sign that was visibly missing was Libra. And this stroke me, since I’ve certainly come across Libra psychopath or two in personal life. But it occurs to me that Librans, having some sort of social eye, likely find a way to act within social norms. And, in certain sort of societies, they might even thrive, as is the case of Sorokin and would be Libran Putin.

    Side note on Sorokin: He was appointed before Kerch Bridge incident. A prominent war historian here, who happens to be a long time poster on a board I read for their Far Right watch, immediately, on hearing Putin had appointed Sorokin said Putin was planning a bombing campaign. I think this gives credence to Ukrainian Intelligence claim the campaign was planned before October 8th.

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