Kanye West – wild smears backfire ++ Carlson & KimK

 The tiresome, attention-grabbing and mystifyingly successful Kanye West has been locked out of his Instagram and Twitter accounts over antisemitic posts and has also drawn criticism for donning a ‘white lives matter’ T-shirt – a slogan promoted by white supremacists – during Paris fashion week. He told Fox News host Tucker Carlson he thought the shirt was “funny” and “the obvious thing to do”.

  He has spoken of his mental health problems but being a provocateur is clearly a deliberate policy and good for his brand in keeping him in the headlines.

  Born 8 June 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, maybe 8.45am, he’s a scattered Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune square a Pisces Moon, making him less than realistic, contradictory, emotionally on a hair-trigger, touchy and over-reactive. What will ramp him up even more than usual is this month’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse which opposes his Mars Venus conjunction in Taurus.

 Mars opposed by an Eclipse triggers arguments and a combative mood so conflicts will be stirred up. An Eclipse opposition Venus will bring a feeling that he isn’t as loved any more. What is demanded but will be in short supply are tolerance, compromise and calm. Tr Pluto is also trine his Mercury in Taurus now until early December which tends to accompany dogmatic arguments and that will magnify through the next 18 months as his Solar Arc Pluto approaches the opposition to his Mercury.

 Sadly he’s unlikely to stay muffled for long.

  Tucker Carlson, 16 May 1969 10.07am San Francisco, is also in the line of fire of the Solar Eclipse which falls opposite his Saturn in Taurus, which could just coincide with a period of extremely hard work with the Midterms approaching. He’s on a confident roll until early this December with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter. His 2023 is littered with disappointments and banana skins and his 2024 is worse.

Kim Kardashian, 21 October 1980 10.46 am Los Angeles, mother of West’s four children – North West, Chicago West, Psalm West, Saint West – now divorced but still in his orbit is on a business high with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter Midheaven until late 2023 although she’s also labouring under tr Pluto square her Libra Sun at the same time. Her relationship with West which has a quarrelsome and impatient composite Sun opposition Mars square Uranus is moving through an exceptionally disruptive, not to say explosive period, sparking a flare-up this November, and worse from May 2023 onwards into 2024. She’s running into considerable headaches and setbacks in late 2024 into 2025, which may not be West connected but more career-related.    

See previous Kardashian post 15 March 2022.

16 thoughts on “Kanye West – wild smears backfire ++ Carlson & KimK

  1. Donning a “White lives matter” t-shirt for Paris fashion week – where it will be photographed and distributed worldwide – seems a pretty smart move – totally ridicules the movement because it implies anyone can join.
    My generation Z daughter has no interest in either of them and despises the mysogyny perpetuated by RAP and so ended up following K-pop, same music different lyrics.
    On the subject of plastic surgery: Jane Fonda once remarked that it was always women (actresses in her circle) who had been abused who had it done.

  2. KK couldn’t interest me less but on the beauty discussion, for me the real curiosity is that facial beauty seems to now be everyone having the same pillowy face, from 25 to 70 years old. Identikit female faces. Would make a game of a Guess Who impossible. Does your person have big lips? Oh yes all of them do. You’d be there forever. And yet we hear a lot about diversity in beauty. Another modern paradox of conformity and individuality.

  3. So what if they’re unintelligent . Are our leaders intelligent I don’t think so , the mess they’ve created in the world today they all need their heads testing

  4. Astrologically speaking, I think they *can* be interesting and certainly post worthy. Because their nonsense is usually reflected in their charts and transits.

    But how will their kids be able to truly individualise in the circus Kanye and Kim have created? They’re both selfish, shallow people.

    • Agreed. Kim chose to have four children with a man who has genetic mental illness. Whatever she thought she was getting rid of, in him, she might have to deal with in her own offspring. From experience I can say, scary.

      • Kim and Kanye possess marketing intelligence and have mastered and manipulated it to amassed a fortune. Maybe you are not their demographic but their influence is real whether you care for the duo or not. There is a little semantics at play by stating Kim hasn’t defined beauty. Do you mean “classical beauty” or beauty as defined by a multi-billion industry? If the latter, than Kim fits right in.

  5. @Brigitte, what ever you think of his character, Kanye is one of the most critically acclaimed rap artists and producers, with 21 (!) Grammys awards. And while I personally prefer gansta rap sounds from the 1980’s and 1990’s – because that’s what I heard when I finally got access to MTV – to Jay-Z and Kanye style, I feel that his music WAS very relevant to many Americans, and that’s why he has been hurting them.

    Kim K. is, obviously more famous for being famous, but to define her “uninteresting” for most Americans – or people living almost anywhere reached with modern media – is pure denial, because there certainly isn’t a person who’s been more influential on beauty standards of the early 21st century than her. In fact, I would argue there has NEVER been a single person as influential to beauty standard in the history, since even movie stars or super models of the 1980’s had a more limited reach. People are affected by her hairstyle, eyebrows (notice how eyebrows even weren’t a thing for 30 something years before 2012 or so…), even body shape (lesser influencers first wanted to have her butt, and now that she has apparently removed the implants, want a skinnier look too). So, while people may not remember a single thing she said, they are, undoubtably affected by the phenomenon.

    • I repeat, they are an unintelligent spectacle. I’m on American but was raised by European parents and grand-parents. Kim & Kanye are embarrassing, regardless of how much they sell or influence America’s sugary-sweet consumer culture. You’re certainly entitled to your view of them and I’m entitled to mine. Kim has not influenced BEAUTY. She has influenced and created an entire empire based on an ARTIFICIAL BEAUTY IMAGE via plastic surgery. Women who have had plastic surgery don’t look younger or more beautiful, they look like they’ve have had plastic surgery. Period.

      I don’t like rap or Kanye. That’s my personal preference. Vulgar rap music had degraded certain sectors of American society beyond repair.

      • My Gen Z nephew is a big Kanye fan, but neither he or my Gen Z nieces have any respect for the Ks, and that’s putting it mildly plus they regard Kim as a bit of a has been.

    • Hello Solaia – I’m baby boomer…and couldn’t have less interest in either of them. If they have amassed billions, what social good have they channeled this moolah into…other than self beautification? I cannot relate and cannot appreciate. My bad.

    • Solaia, two words: Marilyn Monroe. She has been in eternal sleep for sixty years, yet she is still discussed.
      Her glamourous spectre hasn’t dimmed since her tragic premature departure in August 1962, but books and
      films are always made about her. “Blonde” is a recent example.

      MM had it all: looks, humour, wit, and a very sharp mind. She also had charisma. Her legacy is immersable.

      Kim and her ilk won’t be talked about after they eventually fade from public viewing. There is less to them than
      meets the eye. Sixty years from now, they will be forgotten. MM is immortal.

      • Exactly-

        Kim’s “beauty” is not organic like Marylin’s. Kim is completely artificial.
        She will most certainly be forgotten.
        I’m glad I’m 43 and lived part of my life before social media, cell phones and hyped up celebrity “culture”. I know what real beauty, talent and culture actually are.

  6. Kim & Kanye have four children together, not just two. They are uninteresting to most of us Americans. He may sell records and she may sell shapewear, but neither of them are adored by the masses. They are an unintelligent spectacle.

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